CP1525n: background color of text using PCL escape sequences

Hi all

I use the escape sequences PCL for printing the color of my text files.  I am able to print the plan text with color first.

But now I want a background color for the different texts.

Right now my code looks like this.

< esc > E            Reset of the printer
< esc > * r3U Simple colour: Palette RGB 3-plane
< esc > * v1S foreground color (index = 1)
Hello world

Can someone help me with the escape sequence for the text background color. I use the simple color mode.

Kind regards


A colored or shaded background (rather), you need to generate and set the background before writing the text.

The background can be a raster-graphics image, or a filling of the rectangular areaor object HPGL/2, etc.

Transparency of the Sourcesettings, transparency model and logical Operation (ROP) will affect how Source (what you are trying to add), Destination (which is already on the page) and Texture (combination of model and the current color ) are merged.

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    OK, the selector with an attribute for XHTML unminimized attributes value does not work when the attributes are defined using DOM methods. As the presence of the attribute that is important rather than its value, an attribute value selector is sufficient:

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    "The mouse down ? '. Event filter and throw even. Throwing event, you cancel the highlighted cell.


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    Here's a method using text blocks.  As Raven Fan said, you can use the Boolean values (can be personalized if you don't like the default appearance) which have the desired appearance.

  • First HP: Change the background color of a cell in the spreadsheet app (program)

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    2. START TO

    3 STARTAPP("Spreadsheet");    Application of the open worksheet

    4 STARTVIEW (2,3);    in the symbolic view

    5 Cell (1,1,7): = RGB (0,255,0);    cell A1 green paint

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    Thank you!

    The background color of worksheet uses 5 bits per color channel, then the function RGB() expects 8 bits per channel.

    The background color of worksheet can be calculated by: R * 32 ^ 2 + G * 32 + B where R, G and B are between 0 and 31 inclusive.

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    To set a background color, create and use stationery.

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    Use CSS for your table style:

    table {}

    Width: 569px;

    Auto margin: 0; / * with width it is centered * /.

    border: 1px solid #000; / * adjust to suit * /.

    background: #CCC; / * adjust to suit * /.



    Height of the cells is determined by the content

    Nancy O.

  • Ignored escape sequences

    Hi all:

    Printer HP Laserjet P1606dn of professional.

    Windows XP-(in a virtual window) in Windows 7.

    Try to print to a file .txt from a DOS box in XP using a print program (.exe), which sends sequences of HP PCL escape to the printer for police control, margins, pitch, etc.

    Printer responds, but the text of the escape sequence is printed, rather than remaining hidden and followed. The printed text follows, but is unaffected by the printer sent codes.

    Any ideas?

    "... printer has a USB connection..." »

    So, try the following:

    b implement a share name (preference of 8 characters or less) for the instance of Windows of the printer.

    (b) use the following command before the copy command:

    net use LPT1: \\pc-name\share-name

Maybe you are looking for

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