CPU stops during the installation of windows xp

Hello guys,.

I have a problem. Recently, I tried to re install windows xp but has failed to do so because the installation process stops in midstages due to the cpu locking. But I am able to install windows 7, although anyway windows 7 I have installed is very slow. I can't understand what is happening. I tried to install windows xp over 5 - 6 times and the cpu always stops. And I love windows xp and donot want to lose. Please tell me some ideas so that I can have my xp back in order. Help, please.



Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community. If I understand correctly, you arefacing of the questions during the installation of Windows XP. I understand that it must be frustrating, but don't worry, we are here to help solve the problem and guide you in the right direction.

He would be grateful if you answer the following questions:

1. you are trying to do a new installation or reinstallation of Windows XP?

2. you are trying to do an install dual boot?

3. do you get an error message? If Yes, what is the full and exact error message?

First of all, I would say disconnect you all external devices except the keyboard, mouse and screen and then follow these steps:

Method 1:

If you try to do a fresh install, I suggest you to refer to the article and check if it helps:

How to install or upgrade to Windows XP

If you try to do a re-install, refer to article:

How to perform an upgrade on the spot (reinstallation) of Windows XP

Method 2:

I suggest you to run the Microsoft Fix it for Windows to fix performance problems of system to slow down Windows computers.

If the problem is not resolved, please respond with more details and we will be happy to help you.

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  • Satellite Pro A10 stops during the installation of Windows

    I have a satellite Pro A10, which stops during the installation of Windows. The installation gets to the part where I need to select the HARD drive to install, then the system off just. I can restart it immediately, and the sdame happens.

    If I enter the BIOS, everything is detected OK, and I've updated to the latest version (V1.4). Also when in the BIOS, the system will remain under tension for ever and a day! and no downtime. I have a couple of diagnostic CD, then run the tests is the same thing, but I ran the seagate diagnostic tool and the HDD OK passes, as does the main map, but cannot perform detailed testing that the system shuts down during the tests.

    I suspect an overheating issue but would like advice.

    Hmmm it s very strange. I thought that the HARD drive could malfunctions but it of very impossible if the HARD drive has passed the Seagate diagnostic test.

    However, it would be very interesting to know if the installation of the OS would end with another HARD drive.
    You know, it of always difficult to provide an exact solution without any diagnostic tests.

    For me, it really looks like a hardware malfunction. So perhaps it would be advisable to contact the authorized Toshiba maintainer for a control of the laptop.
    Guys could run tests and would situate the fault quickly.

  • Blue screen during the installation of windows 7

    Hi guys, this is my first question. I have a problem during the installation of windows. A blue screen saying is displayed "STOP: c000021a {fatal system error}.

    The initial session process or the process of the finished system unexpectedly with a status of 0 x 00000000 (0 xC0000001 0x001003f0).

    The system stopped"I can't do anything else than the computer shutdown. Please help me

    Could you provide your system specifications?

    Are the upgrade from a previous version of Windows or to do a clean installation?

    This is usually caused by hardware or software that is not compatible with Windows 7. If you have this problem, follow these steps:

    Uninstall all antivirus software, and then restart your computer. Don't forget to enable antivirus software after you install Windows.

    If the installation fails again, it may be a hardware incompatibility problem. Go to the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on the Microsoft website to see if your computer can run Windows 7.

    If you have compatible hardware and your computer still stops responding, disable any unnecessary material. Remove (USB) universal serial bus devices. Remove or disable network cards, sound cards and cards of the series; and then restart the installation.

    If the computer still stops responding during Setup, contact your manufacturer computer or your retailer.

  • Mac lost during the installation of windows

    When installing windows on a MAC, I deleted my partition mac completely and I am now left with windows 7 to my mac book air. Y at - it an option to install mac, I don't mind losing the windows partition

    Hello smarthala,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you deleted by mistake your Mac partition during the installation of Windows. The partition itself deleted or was it the Mac OS that has been erased, leaving an empty partition?

    If the latter, you can reinstall OS X from OS X Recovery. See this article for how that should be done: On OS X Recovery
    Otherwise, you can use Internet recovery (Command-Option-R, as opposed to the command-R) to repartition the entire hard drive and install the version of Mac OS X provided on your Mac. Who is finished, you can upgrade to El Capitan via the App Store > bought.

    Best regards.

  • During the installation of Windows 7 or 8.1 using a USB stick - get the message "cannot be installed, it is a GPT.


    During the installation of Windows 7 or 8.1 using a USB stick - get the message "cannot be installed, it is a GPT partition.

    I have 64 bit install discs for Win 7 and Win 8.1. These two install on my desktop in duel boot. I made a Flash DRIVE of each disk so I can install it more quickly.

    Problem: I get the cannot install because it is a GPT partition.

    Y at - there no way to make these 2 USB sticks work?

    Thank you, Brad

    Make sure you create your media recovery HP or USB Flash Recovery discs before you edit or change anything.

    Your computer does not have Microsoft's Downgrade rights and you must buy a copy of Windows 7 with a valid Microsoft COA and product key.

    The screenshots below is from a laptop HP 15 t-j100... options and the configuration on your computer screens may differ.

    You will need to DISABLE "Secure Boot" and ENABLE "Legacy Support" in the "Configuration of the BIOS start-up secure" on the settings page similar to what is shown below, until you try to install Windows 7.

    After you save the changes, the computer will ask you to confirm the changes... Accept the changes by typing the four digit code and press the ENTER"" key.

    If you install Windows 7 from a USB and see a message of "load a driver - a required CD/DVD drive device is missing", it's because as 'System Configuration' > 'Config USB3.0 in pre-start' is set to 'Enabled '. This should be set to 'Auto '.

    In addition, as the factory hard drive is partitioned as TPG, you must start using the internal CD/DVD UEFI or UEFI-Key/key USB to install Windows on a GPT-partitioned disk. Turn on or restart the computer and press "F9" or "ESC", then "F9" when prompted. Select the source of boot UEFI you use and you press "ENTER".

    I suggest using Windows 7 SP1 for the best installation experience. If the DVD does not start as UEFI, you may need to use a USB Flash drive (can ask "Quick start" DISABLING in BIOS) as the installation media. Please note that some computers may not recognize a valid active UEFI USB Flash drive if it is formatted in NTFS and may require only a FAT32 formatted USB Flash drive. You should be able to make a FAT32 formatted Windows 7 installation USB Flash drive using Rufus, UNetbootin, Universal USB Installeror WiNToBootic. I like Rufus, because it contains options for 'Plan of GPT partition for UEFI computer' and 'FAT32'.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Please click the 'Thumbs Up' white LAURELS to show your appreciation

  • Just upgraded PC parts and windows XP home or pro install peripheral not during the installation of windows

    Yesterday, I got a new gigabyte motherboard, ripjaws ddr3 memory and a processor AMD phenom II 1090 t edition.  During the installation of windows, it copies the files and reformat my old hard drive.  35 minutes from devices of the installation each time the blue screen appears and says that windows has been shut down.   I also had another hard disk installed my cousin gave me and I tried formatting and installing windows on that one too and did not work. Tried to install PRO then Home edition and none worked.  I tried out the video card and ram for 1 and 3 of the Bank and all switching leaving Bank 1 and nothing. Only I have the keyboard / mouse USB and video card/RAM/hard disks installed. In total, we have tried to install windows for about 2 hours and a half. .  All I have to b compatible with my motherboard and I have no idea why.  Someone please help!

    A vista 64-bit with sp1 would be ok?

    In fact I just bought windows 7 from newegg so I hope this will work lol. I saw the way to the blue screen a lot and I newegg feedback seen many people having crashes then install with new material that came out, and my computer is a 5 days old now.

  • HP pavilion g4-1304au notebookpc - HARD drive is not found during the installation of Windows XP

    name of the product - hp pavilion g4-1304au notebookpc

    product no - #ACJ D4X79PC

    processor - AMD A4 - 3330 X

    During the installation of windows XP, it shows an error that the "mass storage is not recognized.

    Please give me Slipstreamer pilot for the specification above.

    You can follow the instructions in the following document, which allows you to install Windows XP on your laptop.


    Also make sure that you install the last Windows XP SP3 for laptops and get into the BIOS and change a SATA AHCI to IDE / legacy mode.

    Also, if there is a parameter called "Secure Boot", disable it.

    I hope this helps.

  • 57 a error code during the installation of Windows Update KB2598290

    Windows downloding this update, but allow to install this update

    57 a error code during the installation of Windows Update KB2598290


    1. let your office product installation media in the drive and try to install the update.

    2. try manually download and install the update: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29770

    3. repair Office and try to install the update.

  • error code 525 appeared during the installation of windows update

    error code 525 appeared during the installation of windows update.

    I m using windows vista 32 bit


    see if that helps to fix:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    There is also an automatic 'fix - it' here


    Also, try to put the KB numbers in the search on the link below and then manually download the


    or repost in the correct windows update forum


  • Headset connected during the installation of windows 10 home

    What will happed if I accidentally plugged my headphones during the installation of windows?

    You won't hear anything. It shouldn't be a problem.

  • error 0 x 80040705 occurred during the installation of windows essentials.what to do?

    error 0 x 80040705 is produced during the installation of windows essentials.what do? Help me please.


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Answers.

    This error is caused by a lack of installation of DirectX. Usually some DX files are already installed, but Setup cannot overwrite them. In my case, some of the files in \windows\SystemWOW64 have been accidentally encrypted, and the Setup program does not overwrite them. I had to manually delete these files for the Setup program to succeed. The cause may be different for you, but following these steps should help to understand which files DX are the cause of the problem.
    1. Install DirectX User Runtimes (refreshed June 2010) of http://www.microsoft.com/download/en...ang=en&id=8109
    You will be asked to choose the directory to put the files extracted from the cabin.

    2. run dxsetup.exe from the directory in step 1.

    3. installation failure will probably happen. Look at \Windows\Logs\DXError.log and find the report. INF in the error log file.
    For example:
    [13/07/11 20:36:35] module: dxupdate (Mar 30 2011), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 2056, function: ExecuteInf
    Has no API: SetupInstallFromInfSection()
    Error: (5) - access is denied.
    Cannot install C:\Users\Foo\AppData\Local\Temp\DXA1BC.tmp\d3dx9_31_x86.inf: [x64_install]. The file is possibly corrupted.

    4. the INF files are files of configuration information, which are used to install the files listed in these. In this example, d3dx9_31_x86.inf is the. INF file. First, try to determine the. DLL file installed with this INF using the name of the INF file and look for a DLL with a name similar to \windows\systemwow64, if you are using 64-bit Windows, in \windows\system32, if you are using 32-bit Windows. In many cases, the name of the INF should tell you what DLL it installs, as shown in the examples below:

    install xinput1_3.dll
    installs d3dx9_33.dll
    install d3dx9_31.dllif you can't say the name that installs DLL has failed, you will need to watch the CAB file. See \Windows\Logs\DirectX.log to determine what CAB file has been processed before the error. Go to the directory you have chosen in step 1, and then open this CAB file in Explorer file by double clicking it. That will open a window of the Explorer showing the files in the cabin, including a file INF open the INF file, by right-clicking on the file and choosing extractin the menu contextual. The INF file has entries indicating that it installs the DLL as follows:

    D3dx9_38.dll [DirectX_SysWOW64]
    5. the likely installation failed because this DLL could not be replaced by the installation program. Find out why it could not be crushed and delete it manually from \windows\systemwow64 or \windows\system32.

    6. go to step 2 and repeat until the installation is successful.

    See you soon.

  • What to do if cmd.exe will appear during the installation of windows 7?

    What to do if cmd.exe will appear during the installation of windows 7?

    I have my original installation disk to windows.
    After "Press any key", cmd.exe will appear and I don't know what to do.
    What should I type here?
    I tried also to advanced recovery method, but it can not read my drive...
    He said: "no installation disc valid." I tried to put it back, but it just doesn't work.
    What should I do?
    Thanks for your help :)

    Original title: Reinstalling windows 7

    At the Cmd box type: exit

    then press the enter"" key.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • Cannot create a partition during the installation of Windows 7

    When I want to create a new partition on the unallocated space during the installation of Windows 7 in custom option on that I enter the size of the partition size I wanted and click apply, but nothing happens and cannot install Windows 7, but the same thing can be done by my old Windows XP CD. My computer is Dell Inspirion - 620... When I was clicking on an already partitioned space to install, error message is that there was not much free space in partitioned space was similarly if I formatted the partition of 75 GB and all 75 GB of free space and so on showing the screen.

    Try to increase the size of the partition and see what happens.

    Windows 7 would probably work on a 75 GB partition, but you will run out of space real fast at that size. A minimum of 120 GB would be better.

    Another thing you could try is to simply create a major score for the entire disk, then after you have installed Windows, go to "disk management" and create your other partitions.

    Personally, I don't see what good it does to have multiple partitions on the same drive. If the drive fails, all of your partitions went anyway.

  • during the installation of windows 8, which upgraded the wizard asks to install now or install by creating media what the difference

    during the installation of windows 8, which upgraded the wizard asks to install now or install by creating media what the difference

    When you install by creating media, allows to create a backup of a Virgin DVD USB or USB key installation files. (I recommend you do this in case you need to reinstall Windows 8 in the future).

    If you choose to not, Windows 8 will be a non-media from your hard drive installation automatically.

    Windows 8 simplifies the procurement process with an installer called Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Web that makes it easy to download and create a local backup for future use. Digital distribution works this way, you download the installer, launch that and he will download Windows 8, the time it takes depends on the speed of your Internet connection ultimately. Microsoft noted that the Web Installer includes a sophisticated compression technology that downloads pieces in sections of 10 MB to ensure that its safe delivery. When you download the installer, the installer creates a folder called "WindowsESD" in the root of your drive C:\ (if you have multiple partitions that this case may be on another). From there, you will find a complete Windows disk image, you can burn it to a blank DVD and make your own physics, copy, or store it on a USB key.

  • Get a black screen during the Installation of Windows 8

    Original title: BLACK SCREEN

    OK, I tried 5 times to install windows 8 by using the downloaded Update widows Pro

    I've updated the BIOS and other drivers and the only issue is to use the upgrade wizard is UEFI is not compatiable that shouldn't be a problem anyway
    So here's the BLACK SCREEN problem, I get all along to install past loan, after adjustment of the apparatus, after preparation, all the way to the end and then it gives just black screen until I power it turns off or reset and says windows 8 could not restore windows I get no error code or any hint of why there not everyone had an idea Yes stay with windows 7 is an excellent option, but I would try and brand and make informed decisions.
    I have internet search and it seems to be a common problem for many different reasons - ideas - Ive tried more things ive read without success. Help please

    Hello Kiwivic,

    Thank you for the question!

    I'm sorry to know that have problems you with the Installation of Windows 8. As I understand it, you get a black screen during the Installation of Windows 8.

    I need to ask you some questions to help you best.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2 are the external devices connected to the computer?

    Method 1: disconnect any external devices (except keyboard and mouse) and then install Windows 8 and check.

    Method 2: Select the edge device devices in device/integrated graphic of BIOS (Basic Input output device) and check.

    Warning: Be careful when you change the BIOS settings. The BIOS interface is designed for advanced users, and it is possible to change a setting that can prevent your computer from starting properly. BIOS update should be made only if necessary (to solve a compatibility problem, for example). It can be a complicated process, and if an error occurs, your computer could be rendered inoperative. Be sure to observe the instructions of the manufacturer.

    Reference link provided below for more information:

    BIOS: Frequently asked questions


    Meet us if you encounter any problems with the black screen or any other issue of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you again and try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

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