CQ720A: Stack in my zineb to my e510 has exploded

My blow up yo... what to do?


Please use the Forum from HP Support. I brought your question to the team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly display (numbers series and information).

If you are not familiar with messaging private forum please click here to learn more.

Thank you


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    I have a few filtered x, y coordinates z which I currently plot to a waveform with plots stacked chart. How can I include data not filtered on the respective plots?

    That is to say. 1 x route view filtered and unfiltered together, is filtered and unfiltered together etc.

    Hey Graham,.

    Interesting question! It took me a while to understand, but it is certainly possible - even if the solution is a bit a violin.

    Please see the attached code. To impliment your feature, I had to...

    • Group all plots (in this case 4) into a single cluster, and send in a graph "stacked."
    • Resize the legend of plot to show all 4 locations.
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    I hope this has been helpful Graham,.

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  • On a 1100sa Pavilion DM4 how prevents one error message: unable to start Bluetooth stack service?

    I have a HP Pavilion DM4 1100sa, p/n: XE139EAR #ABU, a serial no: CNU1220Z75. I bought it about 2 weeks ago. Shortly after he stopped hibernating when I closed the lid and the fingerprint reader was also very intermittent, also error message unable to start Bluetooth stack service popped up after the computer has been rebooted and after startup of Internet Explorer... My own attempts to remedy that does not so I called your 0844 3690369 number and possibly your man said that the only option was to do a complete restore of the system. For this I made and then reinstalled my commercial software such as M/S Office 2010, Adobe Photoshop elements 9 etc.

    The error (see above) again reappeared and the fingerprint reader was still intermittent, also my Bluetooth mouse is not connected. Yet once, my own attempts to cure these problems have failed, including playback of your pages in the forum, so I phoned again, everything seems to be resolved but the initial problems and the subsequent, reappears.

    So I made an another System Recovery on Thursday, July 26, 2012. I did a full defragmentation and wiped the free space on the hard drive. This time, the only problem that occurs is the error message failed to start Bluetooth stack service. Yet once it appears only after a computer reboot and start Internet Explorer.

    I am very reluctant to spend another hour, or so, on the phone so I want your best and hopefully correct advice on how to avoid this very annoying message from popping up.


    We will uninstall the system Broadcom bluetooth driver and that's it.

    We will not install another driver for this device instead.

  • the stack trace is always printed with intercept Throwable even if printStackTrace is not called

    Hi, at my request, a single method, I want to print the stack trace that under certain condition. However I discovered that I still see at the event log the stack trace, even if I don't deliver the printStackTrace call. This would mean that wrestling only Throwable is sufficient to print the trace of the stack, which is really not desirable. Has anyone seen the same thing?

    Is there anyway to disable the automatic stack trace dump if Throwable is caught?

    It is behavior hormaux and I never found a way to influence him, anyway.

  • CHKDSK on E510 with XP Pro

    HI: Computer locked up while the backup of files on an external drive, and I stopped it with a long press on the Start button.  When I rebooted the computer, CHKDSK automatically start and said I had a dirty car, (I forgot the exact wording).  After that chkdsk is complete, windows started normally.  I finished my backup and turns off the computer in the usual way.  When I rebooted the computer, CHKDSK automatically restarts and went through the same procedure, saying that the disk is dirty.

    The E510 has a special hidden partition that allows you to return to the factory settings. It also came with a second disc (internal) and Norton Ghost 10, which automatically backs up periodically.  The two drives are configured as Raid 1, but do not know if the RAID configuration is the result of Ghost 10 or the hidden partition.

    I was preparing to return to the original settings when chkdsk is problem and I wonder if I have a failing drive.  If Yes, I will install a new drive and reinstall everything, but will not have the hidden partition when I finished (not heavily loss-making).  Ghost 10 is currently out of service.

    Is it likely that the drive is failing?


  • Installation of Bluetooth on XP2

    Hi everybodies,.
    I moved my satellite 5100 603 to stop XP2 and bluetooth to work. I tried to reinstall with the latest bluetooth stack, but the installation procedure, says "installation has been arrested, no change has been filed. Previous versions have no results better. I tried reinstalling all the drivers of Toshiba (modules, chipset, etc...), but nothing has changed.
    Someone at - it ideas?


    Hello Claudio

    All that you have done is just. As far as I know after installation of SP2 on your stack of Bluetooth unit must be reinstalled. I put t know if this can help, but try to remove everything first and install the most recent version designed for your device.
    It is usually not necessary to uninstall the old version of the TOSHIBA Bluetooth stack. New version installation program checks whether the system has an older version. Setup automatically uninstalls any previous version.
    I put t know which version you have installed, but the version is V3.00.32 must work properly with SP2. Check this page http://aps.toshiba-tro.de/bluetooth/directlink.php?snr=2.

    I hope that this new trial will be a success.

    Good bye

  • Bluetooth is not recognized on Satellite Pro A100

    I have a Satellite Pro A100 828 running Win XP Pro.

    He is supposed to have integrated bluetooth but when I install the bluetooth stack, a message appears saying peripheral usb has malfunctioned and is not recognized by windows.

    In Device Manager, it is listed as an unknown device.
    I tried different versions of the bluetooth stack, but the same message still appears.

    Is there a software fix for this or does this mean that my hardware is defective? Would be grateful for any advice.

    Thank you.


    where downloaded battery Bluetooth? And another question: do you have bluetooth never work properly? It would be interesting.
    Try another might be to download a Linux Live-CD and to check if the problem is perhaps more a hardware related issue.

    So, if you need an alternative download source then try this address:


  • Possible bug in battery Toshiba BT: Polycom Voicestation 500 does not ring

    I have Polycom Voicestation 500 speaker that is compatible bluetooth. When Polycom Voicestation 500 is connected to the Skype by BT dongle/battery Toshiba (i.e. just after the reboot) first, it does not at all sound. I think it's because the "wave of Bluetooth (voice)" is selected as the ringing device. The correct ring device must be "Bluetooth Wave" not "Bluetooth Wave (voice)". However, I could not find "Bluetooth wave" under device ringtone so I couldn't choose "Wave Bluetooth" as a ringtone... It seems that the Toshiba BT stack does not detect that the 'Bluetooth' wave is supported in the device of ring sometimes. BT stack incorrectly detects "Wave of Bluetooth (voice)" as a ringtone.

    If I disconnect the Voicestation and plug it in again by Toshiba Bluetooth Manager, most of the time, I'll find the 'wave of Bluetooth' on device ringtone. I think it's matter of battery Toshiba BT. I look please v6.10.10 latest Toshiba BT stack in this.

    If someone has recommended all at the same time, please let me know. Thank you.

    Have you tried the battery Microsoft Bluetooth instead?

  • Dell dimension windows xp restore fails to halfway through the process

    I had to change the video card that came with the reference dell dimension e510 has failed... Bought a new pc so was going to do a total restore back to settings during the windows xp loading & factory used the cd he couldn't got a failed error message using the usb ports then unable to use the keyboard than point & cannot go further... Help


    I recommend you contact Dell support for assistance on this issue.

  • I want to reformat my drive D: and mirror then my C: drive. How can I do this?

    My Dell E510 has a mirror of the main C: drive and D: drive backup I want to reformat. How can I do this? Note: Drive D: 'properties' shows only 18 GB of capacity, but physical drive Specifies a size of 80 GB. What's up with that?

    Why are you wish to copy the entire external drive, only the data or files downloaded installation can be transferred to your new PC, the windows folder structure / will be of little use to you and cannot be transferred to your new PC. Niether can clone you your existing installation to your new PC, it won't work.

  • SPA3102 will not dial a number, or forward calls to Elastix

    For the past 2 days, I am trying to get this SPA 3102 to work as a PSTN gateway but no luck... My network is My default gateway is and local IP address of the SPA is Elastix server is I don't have any other VOIP providers so I na not configure my WAN for SPA settings (Nothing connected to the WAN port)

    Here are the screenshots and my config settings:

    The SIP Trunk settings:

    Outbound caller ID: 383579 (my local PSTN number)

    Chanels maximum: 1

    Name of the Trunk: pstn

    Parameters of peers:

    do not allow = all
    allow = ulaw
    Polycom = no
    context = of-RTC
    dtmfmode = rfc2833
    Host =
    incominglimit = 1
    NAT = never
    port = 5061
    qualify = yes
    secret = 300
    type = friend
    username = pstn
    Entrants settins empy rest under vacuum

    Road of basketing:

    DID number: 383579

    Transfer the call to ext: 205

    rest is default or is empty

    Line1 SPA is disabled because I want just difficulty dailing and receive phone calls.

    Here are a few screenshots of RTC in SPA line configuration:

    As see you in picture above I have sound but spa isn't answer...

    It comes from the phew journal asterisk call out:

    -[[email protected]:1] Macro execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","user-callerid |") SKIPTTL | ") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:1] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "AMPUSER = 205") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:2] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") report") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:3] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1" | ") The value | REALCALLERIDNUM = 205 ") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:4] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "AMPUSER = 205") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:5] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "AMPUSERCIDNAME = Damir here") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:6] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") report") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:7] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "AMPUSERCID = 205") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:8] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "CALLERID (all) ="Damir Reic ' <205>' ") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:9] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "REALCALLERIDNUM = 205") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:10] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0 |") The value | Channel (Language) = ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:11] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") continue ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-utilisateur-callerid, s, 20)
    -Execution [[email protected]:20] NoOp ("SIP/205-087af3d8","Using CallerID"Damir Reic" <205>" "") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:2] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "_NODEST =") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:3] Macro execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","record-enable |") 205. OFF | ") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:1] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") check ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-record-enable, s, 4)
    -AGI [[email protected]:4] performance ("SIP/205-087af3d8","recordingcheck |") 20090827 205946 | 1251399586.64 ") in new stack"
    -Launch Script AGI/var/lib/asterisk/acted-bin/recordingcheck
    recordingcheck |-205946 20090827 | 1251399586.64: outgoing recording not enabled
    -Recordingcheck AGI completed Script, return 0
    -Execution [[email protected]:5] MacroExit ("SIP/205-087af3d8","" "") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:4] Macro execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","dialout-trunk |") 2. 358291 | ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:1] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "DIAL_TRUNK = 2") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:2] GosubIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") Sub-pincheck | s | 1 ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:3] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") disabletrunk | 1 ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:4] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "DIAL_NUMBER = 358291") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:5] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "DIAL_TRUNK_OPTIONS = tr") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:6] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "OUTBOUND_GROUP = OUT_2") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:7] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") nomax ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:8] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") chanfull ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:9] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") skipoutcid ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:10] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "DIAL_TRUNK_OPTIONS =") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:11] Macro execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","outbound callerid |") 2 ") in new stack"
    -[[email protected]:1] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0 |") SetCallerPres | ") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:2] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0 |") The value | REALCALLERIDNUM = 205 ") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:3] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") normcid ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-sortant-callerid, s, 6)
    -Execution [[email protected]:6] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "USEROUTCID =") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:7] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "EMERGENCYCID =") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:8] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "TRUNKOUTCID = 383597") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:9] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") trunkcid ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-sortant-callerid, s, 12)
    -[[email protected]:12] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1" | ") The value | CALLERID (All) = 383597 ") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:13] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") output ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-sortant-callerid, s, 11)
    -Execution [[email protected]:11] MacroExit ("SIP/205-087af3d8","" "") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:12] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1" | ") AGI | fixlocalprefix") in new stack
    -Launch Script AGI/var/lib/asterisk/acted-bin/fixlocalprefix
    > fixlocalprefix: using chart 0 + [0] [9] X.
    > fixlocalprefix: using mires NXXXXX 0 +.
    == fixlocalprefix: Dialpattern 0 + NXXXXX matched. 358291-> 0358291
    -Fixlocalprefix AGI completed Script, return 0
    -Execution [[email protected]:13] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "OUTNUM = 0358291") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:14] Set ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "custom = SIP/pstn") in new stack
    -[[email protected]:15] ExecIf execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0 |") The value | DIAL_TRUNK_OPTIONS = M(setmusic^) ") in new stack"
    -[[email protected]:16] Macro execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","dialout-trunk-predial-crochet |" "") in the new battery
    -Execution [[email protected]:1] MacroExit ("SIP/205-087af3d8","" "") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:17] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") bypass | 1 ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:18] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","0?") customtrunk ") in new stack"
    -Execution [[email protected]:19] Dial ("SIP/205-087af3d8","SIP/pstn/0358291 |") 300. ") in new stack"
    -Called pstn/0358291
    -SIP/pstn - 0885 has 138 sounds
    -SIP/pstn - 0885 has 138 replied SIP/205-087af3d8
    -Packet2Packet bypass 087af3d8/205-SIP and SIP/pstn - 0885 has 138
    -Remote UNIX connection
    -Connection to UNIX distance disconnected
    -[[email protected]:1] Macro execution ("SIP/205-087af3d8","hangupcall:" "") in the new battery
    -Execution [[email protected]:1] ResetCDR ("SIP/205-087af3d8", "w") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:2] NoCDR ("SIP/205-087af3d8","" "") in new stack
    -Execution [[email protected]:3] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") skiprg ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-hangupcall, s, 6)
    -Execution [[email protected]:6] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") skipblkvm ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-hangupcall, s, 9)
    -Execution [[email protected]:9] GotoIf ("SIP/205-087af3d8","1?") theEnd ") in new stack"
    -Goto (macro-hangupcall, s, 11)
    -Execution [[email protected]:11] Hangup ("SIP/205-087af3d8","" "") in new stack
    == Spawn extension (macro-hangupcall, s, 11) exited non-zero on "SIP/205-087af3d8" in the macro 'hangupcall '.
    == Spawn extension h (macro-dialout-trunk, h, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/205-087af3d8.
    == Spawn extension (macro-dialout-trunk, s, 19) exited non-zero on 'SIP/205-087af3d8"macro"dialout-trunk.
    == Spawn extension (of-internal, 358291, 4) exited non-zero on 'SIP/205-087af3d8.

    As you can see he composed, if found the dialing rule, but nothing happens on the SPA, it will not simply compose anything on.

    I guess that something is wrong in RTC spa or configuration of trunk, but I don't know what. I tried like 5-6 guides of strach and none worked for me. Any suggestions?

    Kind regards


    HUH! I won't curse now, but I shoul!

    Given that I'm NOT using any VOIP provider and I JUST wanted to use RTC it makes SENSE I don't connect anything to the WAN port, BUT when I configured the WAN port with my LAN IP ( and put a few other IP on the LAN port, everything started working.

    It's rly rly rly is NOT logical, but I got it working now.

  • Unable to connect to the internet using Firefox or IE

    Unable to connect to the internet using Firefox or IE. I can ping other pc on my network home and can ping websites such as google.com. Other PCs on the home network connect without problems. Nothing has changed in the network or the configuration of IE/Firefox. The only change is that I have installed the update to Vista SP1


    Stack TCP/IP Winsock settings in Vista has probably been corrupted.

    Journal to this page and scroll down, there are instructions for Vista.


    Jack, MVP-Networking. EZLAN.NET

  • Dimension 5150 cpu Upgrade

    I have 4 dell dimension 5150's and you want to update all the 4 fastest possible CPU for this old of a computer.

    Would an Intel Pentium D 945 3.4 work GHz LGA 775 CPU SL9QQ 4 M/800 Presler Dual Core?

    They now have PROCESSORS, 3.06, 524, 1 MB, PENTIUM 4 PRESCOTT DT, G1

    Or what is the best I could get in these?

    I have windows 7 and hoping to be able to get up to 10 but the 524 is not compatible.


    The Pentium D945 is the maximum that can be used in the Dimension 5150/E510.

    However, if you don't have motherboard 0HJ054 installed and upgrade the processor on most other motherboards will rise a 'incompatible CPU"at startup and need to press F1

    The Dimension 5150/E510 does not support all of the processors Pentium G20xx series, these require a different motherboard and socket.
    The motherboard for the Dimension 5150/E510 has a Socket LGA 775 and can't stand not all processors Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad, single Socket LGA 775, P4 and Pentium D can be used.

    The Pentium D945 is the maximum that can be used in these models.

    Before upgrading the processor, make sure you have the latest version of the BIOS installed.

    You can find more Dimension E510/5150 upgrade information here:



  • Clean install of Windows 7 Raid1 failure

    My Dimension E510 has been bought with a 2 discs, XP Media Edition Raid1 configuration.

    Wanting to expand the use of this system (with the support of April approaching 2014 deadline), I bought a copy of Windows 7 Professional and two drives 1 TB Western Digital.

    1. After you have installed the 2 drives "in white", I booted the system and press Ctrl - I install the Raid1 array.

    2. I have inserted my Win7 installation disc, rebooted and begins the installation.  (Installation recognized a "single" disc, which seems reasonable since I had configured the Raid1 array).

    3. the installation seems to proceed normally.  Passed through the "adaptation of files...". "etc and restarted.

    4, after the reboot, installation continued for some time, in the "end of installation" part  (The progress at the bottom bar was almost the end.)

    5. then a message box displayed, saying that "Windows cannot be installed on this hardware configuration.

    Is it possible to complete the installation successfully?  The system was working well on Windows XP.  (I had rebuilt one drive down once, but never need to reinstall the operating system).

    It is, in fact, not possible to install Win7 with Raid1 on this machine, I'll break the table and finish the installation.

    Just thought I could get a little more fast performance with the Raid1 array.

    Any help on this would be appreciated!

    RAID 1 will not give you better performance... it is intended to protect your data against exactly what you lived with the defective disc only (so he did his job).

    The question is not Windows 7 on RAID 1... It is most likely a driver problem:

    You could try to load drivers for Vista x 86 (supported on the E510 - Windows 7 is not officially supported, Dell has no drivers for Windows 7, but we can get one elsewhere if it does not work):

  • Widows 7 error "the file is corrupt", executing a downloaded file.

    I just installed Windows 7 Enterprise, and now when I download a file and try to run it, I get an error "the file is corrupt.  This problem occurs for all types of files, even on the Microsoft Web Site when I tried to run an upgrade for my Microsoft Mouse.
    I disabled my firewall and antivirus and always have the same problem.
    When I started XP Pro files downloaded and executed very well.
    I use a PC Dell Dimension E510 has worked with XP Pro.

    Can someone please suggest a solution for this?

    Thank you



    I have seen that some issues have been resolved by updating the firmware of the modem or the router. Maybe this isn't a problem with the operating system but with devices connected to the computer.

    Visit the website of the manufacturer for the router and see if they have an updated firmware update. For some reason, it seems to cause more problems with Windows 7 and Vista with Windows XP.

    Please answer back with an update and let us know if that helps.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    HelloI ordered a toshiba recovery disk for my laptop. He just arrived, I followed the instructions, booted the laptop while presing f12, selected odd, pressed enter and it appeared: http://postimg.org/image/a2ygesthv/http://postimg.org/image/l19pwzi3

  • Advanced for Satellite Pro A120-105 port replicator

    Hi all, I'm a Satellite Pro A120-105, but he's only got the basic spec ports and I want to get the III or III advanced port replicator + I need a firewire connection. What replicator is compatible with the model of laptop above?

  • Cannot open the dvd player manually

    I can't open my disc drive manually.  "I pushed the button that normally opens her mouth and he just stuck: stuck-in."

  • The machine was not announced as having a touchscreen but screen has a touch screen.

    original title: Asus Touchscreen Hello I have a laptop K55A-SX056V Asus with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.The machine was not announced as having a touch screen, but it does: -When I get system information he said touch input available with 20 point