Crash of Skype 7.0 problems

OK, so I have a new computer and it works in windows 8. That it comes with a worked for a while but then he said now his signature, but then, says there is an error and I restart and uninstall and reinstall and everything, but it will still not connect you. Said oh well and I have the desktop version of Windows 8 and I run one of these and it allows me to connect, BUT when I call someone it completely blocks my computer and I need to manual press and hold the power button on my computer to shut off my computer. Something to solve this problem? Because it's starting to annoy me. Help, please

Parkerb21 wrote:

Here you go

Try to uninstall the currently installed version of Skype and install the previous version by using the download links provided here:

Be sure to turn off the automatic updates:

Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> automatic updates-> turn off automatic updates

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  • When I try to use the Skype window having problem

    When I try to use the Skype window having problem


    you don't say what problem?

    and if the problem only occurs when using Skype, ask the Support of Skype

  • Adobe PDFMaker crashing with Skype 2016

    Office 2010-32 bits

    Adobe Acrobat 11.0.17

    Windows 7 & 10

    Currently in our environment - we have Office 2010 on a bunch of machines with Skype for business 2016 proceed with the installation.  When Skype for business 2016 is installed, capacity of files do right-click and «Combine files into Acrobat...» "breaks and comes back with the error:"no PDF file was created because Acrobat has encountered an unidentified error. »

    I've referenced the Adobe's Support for:

    Page of adobe Support with the reference:

    TechNet their link from the reference:

    I have ask our contact Microsoft on a KB that the foregoing could have referenced in a fix for this, but they have been unable to find anything specific.  I updated Adobe and Microsoft 2010, but the effect is still happening.  I was wondering if anyone has seen this or no experience with that.

    In most cases, upgrading office to 2016 product seems to fix the problem, but I have a few cases in which he continues this behavior.  (These are on some clients, so I can't verify that they are at 100% up-to-date) - but if the fix is in place for 2016, but no less, I take it to my supervisor to see if it's just the acceptable solution.

    I "solved" this error by uninstalling Skype for business and installing Lync 2013.

    Had the same error on two different computers. Win 10, Acrobat last, DC, latest Skype for business.

  • Flash crashing and video playback/Streaming problems

    Recently did a reinstall of Windows 7 and have experienced problems with Flash and video playback in general. Questions may or may not be related. I have not detected problems with the opera and so I think that these are problems of Firefox. 3 major video sites that I use are (HTML 5 player) YouTube, twitch.tvand Crunchyroll.

    (1) flash very quickly and systematically accidents

       * Specifically noted when viewing streams on
       * Often crashes within a minute, almost certainly within a few minutes
       * Crash logs provided below

    (2) reading crashes

       * Occurs on all 3 sites
       * On twitch, stream freezes (but Flash does not crash). On YouTube, loading circle comes up and video freezes
       * If this occurs on twitch, Flash less likely to officially crash

    (3) volume cuts

       * Occurs on all 3 sites
       * If this occurs on twitch, Flash may still crash after
       * I've had volume issues with my system in general, with volume occasionally cutting in gaming programs, such as League of   Legends and Hearthstone. That being said, I do not experience this issue with Opera and this only occurs on video playback in Firefox.

    Flash Crash IDs:

    Attempts at Solutions:

       * Disabled hardware acceleration in Flash
       * Reinstalled/Updated Flash and (I think) made sure there is only one version of Flash
       * Reinstalled/Updated Firefox
       * Cleared cookies/cache/other stored web data
       * Updated all drivers

    I wouldn't stop using Firefox as my preferred browser and works fine on all my other devices, but if the problem persists, I'll have to. Any help or insight is appreciated!

    Unfortunately, I have tried all fixes of cor - el without success.

    However, I started to use audio drivers Realtek instead of Microsoft and everything seems to work more smooth. Will update later when I did several tests.

  • Firefox crashes too often. This problem has been ongoig for months, and Firefox does not respond to incident reports.

    Firefox crashes unexpectedly during the loading of pages. It does not crash on specific pages. It will crash unexpectedly on any Web site.

    I have settings set to send reports to Firefox, but I have never received a response or fix.

    I tried to fix the problem using the knowledge base. He has not fixed the problem.

    This can also be useful to know what gives you trouble.

  • Skype audio + speaker problem

    If I play a game that sound ingame will come on my laptop speakers, I fixed but now my problem is that I can't turn down the volume of a call. so I can't do if the volume mixer because I have disabled to solve the other problem. I also tried to go to options, options volume and it decreases my volume but that did not work. other options are welcome to: [email removed for privacy and security]

    Thank you

    Hi, what OS is your race?

    I recently had the sound being too strong issue with Skype on my desktop Windows 10 and the fix was to go to controller in Device Manager / sound, select the controller that was VIA HD Audio in my case and select "update driver". That fixed the problem for me and I can control the volume of Skype calls once more.

    I think that there was a generic Windows driver sound update recently that messed up some controllers sound, but now my VIA HD Audio has the correct drivers Win 10.

  • Skype cannot connect problem

    Skype cannot connect!

    I use OS 10.6 or higher. Redownloaded last Skype for Mac.

    Still get same message "unable to connect".

    What is the problem?

    Thank you


    Ahhhh. Now how the hell I guess than that?

    I discovered by chance after the update my version of Skype 3 times, including recognizing the "this version will replace the older version on your computer", he has done far not at all! When I finally thought to check the version after opening I thought it was the updated version, it was still the old version numbers... I had to drag the Skype Application to the trash icon and "empty trash" to delete the old version completely. Then, when I downloaded the app even for the fourth time, he has worked very well and I managed to connect on the first try. Clear Skype should let people know, but apparently they did NOT! Hope this helps some of you with similar problems.

  • PRS - T1 crashing, freezing and touch screen problems

    I get a LOT of crashes and freezes using the PRS - T1. Sometimes the embedded player software wants to close, at other times, the touch screen is going to die, and I then have to do a reset. Yes, I fully charged the unit before using it. It is VERY annoying. The drive crashed probably 10 times in the last 2 days.

    Mine was too much. I bought it at Best Buy. When he started to act up, I contacted Sony & was told to return it to the store I did. But the replacement does the same thing. After contacting Sony again, I'm now supposed to get a new directly from Sony. He was supposed to be here today, but will probably happen tomorrow for sure. Hope this works very well because I really like the player.

    The problem is that it works very well for 40 minutes then begins to turn the pages quickly & then freezes. It can happen just read or use the dictionary. Also I had trouble fall Sony Reader Store since my T1. Once the problem starts it freezes more & more frequently.

  • Audio crash - IDT HD audio driver problem?

    Audio crashes when you use it (going to basically just silent), even after the Reinstall driver (IDT HD Audio Driver). When restarting the PC, audio will work temporarily, and then down very quickly if there are several Chrome tablets with audio and also crashed by using only a single media player (Spotify). I have not received the error messages.  When this happens, I am also unable to change the level of average volume point-and-click and keyboard shortcuts.  I use a HP Envy laptop with 64-bit Windows 8.1

    Through recommendations in previous posts, I had gone before my assignment. The diagnosis did not find any problems. Headphones also did not work. Volume settings and the speaker are correct. And re - install the driver did not work.

    I did, however, decide to download and install certain optional Windows updates.  I use HP Support Assistant for automatic updates, but had not checked the optional updates in a few months (I think there are 4 available).  During these updates and reboot several times, the problem seems to be solved.

    Thanks for getting back to me, if!

  • Skype on TPT: problem with the microphone?

    I'm doing Skype works with tpt, but it seems to give the question in entry. Record is read with a high level of noise of throbbing, as if a machine is lit inside Skype. I tried this with the test of voice call and Skype through my 220 x. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Skype twice. Skype is not on lenovo appshop so I wonder if it is not compatible with tpt now? Anyone else having this problem with Skype? Any input Lenovo ataff why Skype isn't on appshop also would be appreciated. CM

    the last Skype is now available and the mic and volume will improve dramatically!

  • Skype usage error: problem with playback device

    Original title: Skype.

    I'm calling by Skype and it is written that I have a problem with "currency of reading".

    What should I do?


    ·         Audio devices work otherwise?

    Problem with playback device means that Skype cannot find a speaker or a headset that is properly configured on your machine in order to make a call.

    Step 1: Launch the audio troubleshooter. It search common problems with your volume settings, your sound card or driver and your speakers or a headset.

    Also refer to the support of Skype.


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  • Cannot use Skype download message problem with the recording device.

    Original title: Windows Livecam

    Hi my Skype can't my webcam micro and constantly sentds me a message saying "problem with recording device" How can I solve this problem?

    He also says that my audio device is disabled in windows. I don't know what to do if someone could help that would be great :)

    I had this problem too. This isn't a matter of Skype but there is a problem with the Audio driver on your system.

    I used the following steps to detect the problem:

    (a) I uninstalled the existing version of Skype

    (b) installed the new version of Skype

    (c) check if the problem still persists. Given that the problem still persisted.

    (d) consulted the sound link in the Panel control, updated sound card driver software.

    Problem solved.

  • No puedo desisntalar Skype me pone problema

    hace tiempo de Skype en mi portatil, pero tiempo para aca is the application not the encuentro in mi pc, cuando lo iba a fornuis as hay problema in el archivo y no me already instalar Skype, ese problema viene hace 5 meses mas are not a donde llevarlo para what me solucionen el problema.

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  • Every time I try to open my project Premiere Pro at the hearing, it crashes. What is the problem?

    Every time when I want to open my first Audition pro project to work on audio, Premiere Pro crashes.

    What is the problem?

    Thank you


    You should ask Audition CS5.5, CS6 & CC and/or

    If you ask in the Premiere Pro forum, you must add a LOT more information (don't give any more information here, this is the wrong forum)

    -Premiere Pro video Editing information FAQ

    Exactly what is on the INSIDE of the video you are editing?

    Information about the codec & Format, with 2 links inside for you to read

    A report with details of codec your file, use the following programs... A screen capture works well for people to SHOW what you do for instructions of screenshot

    Free programs to get information on PC/Mac files

    The forum of cloud is not on the use of individual programs

    The forum of cloud is on the cloud as a delivery & installation process

    If you start the Forums Index

    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe products you use

    Click on the symbol "arrow down" on the right (where it says all communities) to open the drop-down list and scroll

  • Sudden and regular crash using brushes/Wacom Cintiq problem

    I use Photoshop CS5 Extended 64-bit (12.0.4) on Win7 Professional (64-bit) and has recently had a problem using my Cintiq 12WX Tablet using the brush with the Tablet (if I use the Tablet the monitor or on my laptop as a monitor) causes Photoshop to crash, usually within the first 30 seconds of use.  It became so regular that I expect it crashing and can't be trusted to use, but at the same time, I expect its use to get the work done, a quick solution is absolutely necessary.  Not stop if I use the brush with a mouse, but it's not exactly a solution, as you can imagine.  I used this tablet with this Photoshop for a long time without incident, and I don't see any change to the system that I made during the period when it started to happen.

    All the drivers for the Cintiq are underway.

    The full accident report reads as follows:

    Problem event name: APPCRASH

    Application name: Photoshop.exe

    Application version:

    Application timestamp: 4d9d8f8e

    Fault Module name: Photoshop.exe

    Fault Module Version:

    Timestamp of Module error: 4d9d8f8e

    Exception code: c0000005

    Exception offset: 0000000001b3e625

    OS version: 6.1.7600.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information 1: 7f69

    More information 2: 7f695f9e079813f558dc80fa8f75eb03

    Information additional 03:27 c 3

    Additional information 4: 27c32e2eb0f51117394d3ee21a86c35f

    Can anyone recognize these symptoms and recommend a course of action?

    Any possible useful help with this issue will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance...

    Have you checked to see if there is an update for the wacom tablet?

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