Create a 3-d chart online

Hey there

Hopefully, someone of you can help me because I had the following problem:

What I have is:

-labVIEW 8.5

-a microscope AFM. From there, force a measure data are transformed throug several steps (all works very well), and thus I get a 1 d 16 table numbers. I want to do now is that these data are insereted in 3D graphics, so there is actually a card written line by line.

How can I do better?

I have managed to create the 3D graph, but only with a new could start table. So, it has in fact not written and stored line by line... Or in other words: How can I build this table step by step during the execution of the measure?

Thanks in advance for ANY help!

Kind regards



(1) init the array as a 2d


(2) generation table with the right mouse button and select 'Add '.


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    Hi wcopeland8,

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    Kind regards

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    Best regards



    Use a shift register with your loop.

    But I'm not sure what you're trying to do is the best thing.

    Why don't you use a chart?

    Kind regards

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    I am trying to create a text block anchored from the results of a search. If I create the framework anchored among a selection it works no problem, but when I do it according to the results of a grep I get error "the text can be moved to its current location. Do you have ideas about how to solve that?

    As a side question... when I create an object through script style, the text always block has a border... Why is this? (I created the style with another script)

    doc = app.activeDocument;
    app.findGrepPreferences = app.changeGrepPreferences = null;  
    app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "~6";  
    var myFinds = doc.findGrep();  
    for (i = myFinds.length; i > 0; i--){
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    n.applyParagraphStyle (os.appliedParagraphStyle, false) (FitOptions.frameToContent);

    Thank you!


    Once you insert the object anchored pointers towards the passage of the text. So, you will need to compensate for this. A bit like this:

    ip0 var = myFinds [0] .texts [0] .insertionPoints [0] .index + 1,.

    IP1 = myFinds [0] .texts [0] .insertionPoints [-1] .index + 1;



    var n = myFinds [0].parentStory.insertionPoints.itemByRange (ip0, ip1) .texts [0] .move (LocationOptions.atBeginning, new_note.insertionPoints [0]);

    Legal notice, sinppet code written without coffee, will very probably need tweaking.

    Second question,

    Make sure that the style of the object has enableStroke set to true and strokeWeight set to 0

  • Unable to create the new color chart

    Hey everybody,

    I use Lynda learning Illustrator and other programs.
    I am now in Chapter 4 and I need to select a shape, and then create a new shade.
    However, I can't click on create new shade while the guy in the RCA video lynda.

    What should I do?

    Here are a few screenshots:





    Your race (transparent) is in the foreground instead of blue fill. Press the X key to blue fill in the foreground, and then click the new swatch.

  • The simplest to create hex color Swatch chart for the Web?

    Hi, we have a Web site concept in Illustrator CS3, with nuances appointed for all colors. I wonder if there is a way easy or "semi-automatic" to generate a graph of the cookies we use, here showing hex values?

    I know I could draw a bunch of boxes, fill them with the colors of the swatch and manually search and type the hex values for each. But it would a time LONG, there are a number of color variations.

    -An automated for this solution? Actions? The scripts? Plugins?

    Thank you!

    ... never understood why it's not default or why anyone would want colors NOT to be global...

    I quite agree. Indeed, argued that for years.

    It's even worse: model Illustrator Javascript foolishly think Global color chart is Spot color swatches. This alert is a simple script that checks the color property of the Swatch:

    Download the script again and try now. Be aware that there is a glitch or two that you may or may not meet. If you run the script and you get an error saying something to the effect that 'name' can not be found this: dismiss the alert. Double-click one of the witnesses as if you want to change. Then close the Edit Swatch dialog box. The Hex names would probably then appear.

    I have not yet found the cause of this. It happens always. I am not yet convinced that it is not a bug having to do with the Swatch Palette do not update. (There are other manifestations of this problem in Illustrator).


  • Guitarist Deluxe, created with the DPS, is online...

    Thanks to all who gave when I need help and this forum gave me any inspiration. It was emotional!

    UK http://goo.GL/K6CSx

    US http://goo.GL/1AhgD Guitarist Deluxe is available for FREE. Please download, go home and enjoy from...


    I have it. He landed in my kiosk (newsagent in Polish IOS).

    The banner displayed OK within the viewer of content as well.

    Now navigation. A cool look and interactivity is smooth...



  • How can I create an online form that combines a checkbox in a text field

    In Business Catalyst I need to create a webfrom which contains fields of questions / answers

    Like this:


    I don't know how to create this type of form online that include as this fields

    If someone has answered this question, it would be appreciated

    Thank you


    You just need to make the field. Another is a box and you can have a text corresponding to this field.

    You can style that you need and if you know javascript you can take a step further and show that this field when you check the 'other '.

    As a note: If you make the options that you want only a single option, you must use radio not check boxes for the fields.

  • Interactive report several series in the same chart?

    I am about to develop a chart report showing multiple series in the same chart
    Series1: product A, amounts, dates
    Series2: product B, amounts, dates
    It would be good to use IntractiveReports in this case, but is - it possible?
    Thanks for the tips & tricks
    Cordially GASon

    Hi Gunnar,

    It is not actually possible create a multiple series chart using the Actions menu for an interactive report. Only the single series charts can be generated using this option. You need generate a separate table to manage your needs, which you obviously could position itself on the same page as your interactive report. The advantage to generate a separate table means that you can choose from a wide range of types of exposed by the wizards for creating Flash charts. We take to support the generation of 4 types of charts (horizontal bar, column, line, Pie) via the Action of graphics on interactive reports menu, but we support 26 types of graphs (ranging from the Gantt chart 2D column) via Wizards of creation. You may find it useful to take a look at my sample application ( and also books AnyChart-online ( and the graphics library, for more information on the cards.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  • Baffled. Puzzled and frustrated. How can I insert a chart?

    I must say that, so far, I hate 9 of Acrobat and LiveCycle. I find, in particular the LiveCycle (which, for the moment, feels to me like it should be called DeathSpiral), opaque, clumsy and create a lot of seemingly random errors. If you can't tell, I'm surprisingly frustrated. The worse that I have never been with any software I've ever used. It is much worse than the worst of Macromedia, I found to be entirely non-intuitive. I worked on it for 3 DAYS!

    Now the problem.

    I'm trying to create a simple certificate printable online (a form) with a graphical background (the border of certificate), a username input field, a numeric field entered by the user, and a field that automatically fills the current date with an audio file has been assigned this time (instructions for completing the form) charge only once without showing the reader.

    I did before and easily with version 7. I spent almost a year working on a series of projects that had all these features.

    Unfortunately, when we loaded version 9 we uninstalled version 7 and no one knows where the discs go.

    The problem is that I don't know how to insert automatic date field in Acrobat 9. I can easily do in LiveCycle, BUT I can't find a way to insert the background graphic in LiveCycle.

    I tried saving the file with no warranty of any kind and then open it in Acrobat 9, where I can insert a background graphic, and rather mysteriously he says that I "have not sufficient permissions" to insert the background graphic, but does not define the "permissions". What is happening with this?

    I tried to make a document in Word that had the background and text arranged correctly, then import in LiveCycle, LiveCycle deletes the graphic background.

    Thinking that there might be something wrong with the graph, I tried several different graphics. Same result.

    Copy the LiveCycle JavaScript created in Acrobat 9 does not work.

    AID is absolutely no help. It is said you can "replace" a background on the master and means that you can add one, but did not say how. None of the terms I searched on that produces all that is actually on my problem. The INSERT menu, where is expected to find a way to insert a chart, is of no use. In fact I can't find anywhere, any command in LiveCycle that any references to graphics.

    Copy / paste doesn't seem to work. If I stick a graphic in LiveCycle it appears pixelated and I get a message saying it is not enough for her 'place' (whatever that means). I just assumed I could see a sort of low-rez version, but when I look at the doc in "Overview" of the graph doesn't show at all.

    So what I'm looking for is...

    1. a method for inserting graphics in LiveCycle and/or
    2. a method to insert an automatic date field in Acrobat 9 and
    3. an explanation of what are "permissions", in the context of a document without security restrictions and how to deal with them.

    Thank you and my apologies for the mug shot.


    I'm glad you work!

    I remember punch cards did not however use them in anger. Fortran/Fastgino graphic on a Digital Micro-Vax II.

    Just to point out where you can get your comments on the script.

    In the LC Designer, there's a button check above the script editor, which checks the syntax of the script and let you know if there are errors:

    In Acrobat, if you click Control + J will bring you up the Javascript Console. At its simplest, it will highlight of script that failed:

    In addition, you can modify the script directly in the console and you can paste the script into the console and press ENTER. He will run the script and either the answer or displays an error:

    Hope that helps restore your faith in Acrobat / LC Designer.


  • Who can call my number online?

    I live in the South, New Zealand island. The nearest major city in the South Island is: Christchurch and I can buy an online starting with the prefix 03 number. Can people from other parts of my country call me on my number online, for example from Auckland or Queenstown?

    I live in North Carolina, USA. My functions on line number as a regular phone number. Anyone in the world can call (using the code of American countries initial prefix of course).

    I even created call forwarding on my online number to ring directly to my cell phone.

    I guess that it works this way even where you are.

    I hope this helps!

  • How to create a task and then run it later?

    We have a requirement like this: we insert records into a table. After inserting records, we need a web service ping command and tell him to read the new records.

    We call the WS in a trigger after-insert-for-all-row.

    Can we create employment and in the trigger, use DBMS_SCHEDULER. RUN_JOB ('call_web_service', use_current_session = > 'FALSE') to perform the task?

    When we create jobs, we can use start_date = > null to indicate that we do not want to run the task now, but later?


    Yes, you are on the right track. If it is a work intended to be run on demand, then specify a start_date/end_date, nor a repeat_interval.

    You can even create as disabled (enabled-FALSE online).

    Use DBMS_SCHEDULER. RUN_JOB ('call_web_service', use_current_session-online 'FALSE') every time you want to run the task.

  • Dimensions of the pie chart

    I have a Camembert in InDesign. When I click on it, the dimensions seem to be 203 x 203 pixels:

    I want to make a graph in similar sectors in Illustrator. So, when I click to create a new pie chart, I put the dimensions of 203 x 203 pixels:

    But when I try to copy/paste the new graph in InDesign, it does not match the dimensions of the original graph. You can see if I overlay the new graph on the old chart:

    What I am doing wrong?

    The size of the pie in Illustrator are not accurate, and the transformation Panel does not work with tables. This has been a bug for eons.

    After you create the chart, you will need to resize the graphic to the size you want, and if you do several charts of the same size, it might save some time if you duplicate the first properly sized graphics.

    In addition, when you create the graph of x 203px 203px, which multiply by 1.15. If you do not have a stroke, which protrudes beyond the border of the chart, this should give you what you need.

  • D3 stacked creation fails Chart bar

    Hi @all,

    I need to create a stacked bar chart. I use the graphic plugin bar D3, which is used in the sample application to oracle APEX.

    My test table is:

    create the table report)

    line varchar2 (100),

    Series varchar2 (100),

    Account number);

    Enter report values ('A line', "series 1", 12 ");

    Enter report values ('A line', "series 2", 14 ");

    Enter report values ('A line', "series 3", 16 ');

    Enter report values ("B line", "series 1", 18 ");

    Enter report values ("B line", "series 2", 20 ");

    Enter report values ("Line C", "series 3", 22 ");

    Looks like my simple stmt to create the graph:

    Select the line, series, County report.

    Then, the following test works fine:

    Under table attributes, I put the following values:

    column of x values: LINE

    column values are: COUNTY

    view: vertical, side by side

    several series: enabled

    column series: SERIES

    Get a chart as I want!

    BUT if I change the display to "vertical, bunk" attribute, then table a error on line C.

    The yellow should bar be included between 0 and 22 and not between 38 and 60. It seems, that it is a bug, or?

    I use APEX and Oracle on Windows 64.

    For my own report, which has features of grouping, I don't get any card with stacked display.

    I have exported the D3 bar graphic plugin of the sample application and import them into my own application.



    It is a dagger in the dark, but some graphical tools like having a 'zero' file to help plot the data.

    I had problems using Anychart line graphs where data were scarce.

Maybe you are looking for

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