Create a subset of iCloud photo library photos...

I use iCloud photo library, which is OK but heavy.

Is there a way to define a subset of pictures of this library to have on my iPhone instead of having everything on my iPhone?

Several issues from my point of view;

-I don't want to go through all my photos on my iPhone, I can easily select about 30% of all my photos I want available

-Currently, photos on my iPhone consumes much too 11 GB of memory.

-I know that I can create a new library system with a limited number of pictures, but find to manage several libraries a real pain

Any suggestions are welcome

ICloud photo library usage is purely optional. To reduce the amount of storage space used on your iPhone, set Photos to use an optimized local library.

If you choose to not to turn on iCPL, use iTunes to select and synchronize you want to keep on the iPhone. Excited about my photo stream automatically copy new images from iPhone to your computer.

Photos user / help guide:

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  • Can I create subfolders in iCloud photo library?

    I know there was a discussion on the subfolders in pictures before, but the suggested fixes don't seem to work if trying to create subfolders in iCloud photo library. Does anyone know how to do the trick in Cloud Photo library?

    Thank you very much in advance


    As far as I know records show only on Mac - not on or other IOS devices


  • Relink 'Library of Photos' to iCloud photo library

    This question relates to a clean install of Mac OS Sierra

    I have my library of Photos in pictures file, and there all my uploaded images. When I format my computer, how can I create a link to this file with iCloud photo library, so I don't have to download anything new?

    I still did not understand the exact procedure for this and want to avoid download it all again as I have in the past. There must be a way to link to the top, since I downloaded them all already.

    You can not

    If you restore a library or repair one that it triggers a total upload to make sure that everything is in harmony, there is no way to avoid that - you just start a new library and let ICPL fill the iCloud - he loses people and all


  • Faces of Mac OS Sierra an iOS not synchronized on icloud photo library

    You also have this problem?

    Hello alfo91,
    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If I understand your message that faces on Mac OS Sierra are not synchronized to your device iOS with iCloud photo library. Some features in Photos on macOS Sierra are available only on the Mac, they were created on. These items are listed in the article below:

    Use iCloud photo library on several Mac computers and Photos

    These items are available only on the Mac where you created the:

    • Books, cards and calendars
    • Slideshows
    • Keyword shortcuts
    • Unused keywords
    • Last album imported (this album contains photos you have imported recently on a specific Mac)
    • Names and faces in the album of the people

    Best regards.

  • iCloud Photo Library Download stuck after changing icloud account

    This is FYI if someone of another encounter the same problem, I've had.

    My daughter Mac and iphone used a common icloud account that has been set up for the family some time ago.   She had a lot of photos stored in icloud, through Photos.  We decided to create account it with his own icloud and itunes recently.

    The first question icloud was in its disconnection from the old account.  The message that you will lose pictures and videos that are not fully downloaded to the Mac we fear for a few days because there is no easy way that we could find to determine in advance what photos and videos were not fully downloaded.  So, we tried for these days download all photos and videos but did not seem to make any progress.  After a few days, we have bet that we could continue with disconnection and risk losing the photos and videos they would be still in icloud under the old account.  Then we saw on the screen depending on who told us that we will lose only 3 photos and 1 video - too bad that the screen has not come earlier.  So we disconnected.

    The second question icloud came after connected to the new icloud account and tried to get his Mac photos to sync up to pictures of icloud.  We spent 2 or 3 days waiting for them to update and 2 separate calls with Apple support but no resolution.  There were two additional things, I noticed: 1) the iCloud library update bar (under preferences/Photos/account) remained empty (i.e., no green progress bar) for 2 or 3 days indicating no progress has been made and 2) next to the heading 'ICloud photo library' was the message in red that I had 29 (then 28 then 27) days to download my photos to icloud prior to their removal.  It made me suspicious that it was a reference to the photos under the old account and I was connected to the new account.  So, today, I bet and disconnected the new icloud account and once again had the same 3 photos and 1 video message would be deleted, that I accepted.  Then I signed in to the new account icloud, got informed that I had too little space on the new account to all the pictures and videos to download, I opted for more space (paying), end connection, then pictures/properties/account and viola, iCloud library update bar now give me 1) a number of pictures to download and green 2) in the progress bar.

    So, to summarize:

    1. If you're worried about losing your photos (or other files) If you disconnect your icloud account, note 1) you should be able to recover if you reconnect to the account and 2) that there is a window that will tell you how much you will lose (even if have never heard you those who), and
    2. If the synchronization ends up with no apparent progress made (especially no count of how many must be synchronized or no visible 'green' progress) then a possible solution is to disconnect, and then reconnect to your icloud account.

    Don't forget to let Apple know it so that they can improve their service to the future-

  • Send photos to iCloud photo library - referenced files

    I am trying to transfer photos to ICloud library and get the message error "775 files referenced in your library don't download not to ICloud photo library" when doing the research on this site I found how to make a smart file of the "referenced files" and selected "consolidate."  When I do that, it says "Allow photo to access your media" and tells me to choose a folder "sub" and where to find.   When I find the folder and select it I get the message "Cannot find the original file IMG_4515.JPG" when I go out and look for this Image and as always is a duplicate I then go back and go through the process again only so he could tell me another photo it does not remove it.  I get the sense he'll browse all 775 files in this way?  Help?  What should I do to get rid of these referenced files?  and if I find them in the photo and delete them is that going to help?  When I search the photo in the finder can't find something?  I am, once again, at a loss?  It seems that my system continues to download on iCloud, as the number of downloads is moving?

    and get the message error "775 files referenced in your library don't download not to ICloud library"

    It is not an error message, this is just a warning.  You can ignore other photos upload nevertheless.

    What should I do to get rid of these referenced files?  and if I find them in the photo and delete them is that going to help?

    If you are sure, that all of the referenced photos are duplicates, delete the photos in your smart album "referenced". I would create a copy of your photo library on a backup drive, before you do. In this way, you will be able to come back later, if you notice any missing files.

  • Help to use ICloud photo library

    I created iCloud photo library on my computer desktop Mac, 2 iPhones (mine and my husband) and iPad.   I have several questions:

    1. I have 56 779 pictures in my library on my Mac.  It is has been download since last Friday and today says download 35 939 points (89,14 GB 200,61 GB).  Why is - it take so long and what I can do to speed that up?  I want access to my photos on all devices, but want the originals on my Mac as well.

    2. the photos taken on my iPhone not charge other devices.  Photos of my husband takes is... two phones are put in the same place.

    3. on my phone at the title 'Moments' my phone says 6 322 photos, 133 videos and under that it says download 3 929 points.  His phone said 23 974 photos, 207 videos updated 07:19 - once AGAIN the two phones are put in the same place (I changed the settings even last week when I updated our two phones for the latest operating system).

    4. on my Mac why their different images in 'All the Photos' under 'Albums' in the Photos listed by Date?

    5. on my iPhone - why different Albums show on my Mac?  Example: We just returned from a trip and this week I put in place several new albums.  They do not appear on other devices in the title of the Album?

    6. do I need to move the picture on our iPhones to somewhere else on the Mac, so keep them forever?  I don't want pictures endangered?  I have more confidence?

    I would appreciate help, can someone give me?  I'm completely lost?

    My system is an Early 2008 iMac

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.4

    IPhone 6 - 9.3.1

    Photos 1.5

    I have original ICloud library checked and updated download for Mac. I also have my Photo Stream and ICloud Photo sharing checked.

    Thank you very much!!!

    1. the download process is very slow. Some of those who have large libraries of photos posted it took a month. There is nothing you can do to speed up the process except try to minimize access to the network on the computer.

    2. try to settings/iCloud and remove the synchronization. Wait a few minutes and then resynchronize. Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then reconnect?

    3 see above.

    To avoid losing images make sure you have 2 backups of the computer on 2 separate drives.

  • I can't see albums in iCloud photo library

    I just moved my library of Photos from Mac to use iCloud photo library. All my photos (over 26,000) transferred successfully from my iMac library and I can see them on my iPhone and iPad. However, none of my smart Albums appear at all. The only albums in the iOS app are "All Photos", ' Selfies', 'Videos', recently deleted ' and a folder called "iPhoto", containing a small number of old imported albums in iPhoto. These albums are working but they are created by the system in a matter of a y. I created dozens of smart Albums on my Mac, some in subfolders in 'Albums' and some 'Albums' root, but none of them shows at all. The subfolders containing the albums appear but when I open them, I see is "empty folder: this folder contains no albums'." Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Do not download the smart albums to iCloud photo library


  • iCloud photo library and faces

    I created faces on my library of Photos of MacBook and this morning has decided to turn on iCloud photo library on an iMac to remember all my originals.  All the photos were perfectly copied everywhere, but while the faces always works on the MacBook, it asks me to put in place new o the iMac... y at - it a way to turn it?

    Also, I have a folder in 'My Albums' section, called, 'iPhoto events' and that there are 2 folders of photos from my iPhone.  How were these created?  If I delete a photo of these flows it deletes all my photos.  I think I can delete individual photos from these albums iPhone but they will remain in all the pictures and then I deleted albums and the record... is that sound right?

    All the photos were perfectly copied everywhere, but while the faces always works on the MacBook, it asks me to put in place new o the iMac... y at - it a way to turn it?

    ICloud library stores tags searchable faces, but not thumbnails of faces.

    If you named a face on your MacBook, you can find this name in the search field in the Photos on your iMac. You will find photos, but the thumbnails will be missing. I would name a few faces manually on your iMac, then wait a few days for the recognition of face on the iMac to find thumbnails of faces and then use the search to quickly assign names for the thumbnails.  It will be faster that the original designation on your MacBook, because that Photosis make a good guess.  See this support document: use Photos and iCloud library on several Mac - computers Apple support

    Also, I have a folder in the "My Albums" section called "iPhoto events."

    The migration has created an album for each of these events you had in iPhoto or the projects you had in Aperture. (See this link: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support) If you do not want these albums, delete albums, then the folder.   Deleting an album or folder does not remove the pictures from the library.

  • ICloud photo library is not download all of the images on my Mac or iPhone

    I created iCloud library when it was made public, and it has worked very well, apart from the fact that there are about 100 images (out of my 5 k library) who download any Photos on my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 6. have a problem where, for some reason, quite a number of pictures in my iCloud photo library appear under vacuum with a symbol of little cloud instead of the image. I assumed it was always download files in the background, however, this has been the case for weeks and there is no activity indicated. I restarted my iPhone, my iPad and my Mac and did all sorts of other troubleshooting ideas, but they seem to refuse to download. Help! I have all the latest updates installed.

    They are peppered throughout my library and do not seem to have anything in common. I assumed it was always download files in the background, however, this has been the case for weeks and there is no activity indicated. I restarted my iPhone, my iPad and my Mac and did all sorts of other troubleshooting ideas, but they seem to refuse to download. When I click on one to see it bigger, it fails with an error, but shows just an empty pane.

    You have "Optimize Storage" activated on your iPhone or Mac?

    Have you checked, it makes the photos have been uploaded to iCloud?  Open the to the iCloud web interface and check if the pictures in question have the same problem on iCloud.

    Added: I see the white rectangle with the cloud icon, every time I edit a photo. The icon turns white, until the modified version has been downloaded to iCloud and synchronized at the back.  If you are that many of these clouds icons seeng a great prt library is not yet synchronized.

    Will there be a progress bar in the iCloud preferences on your Mac?

  • How can I erase iCloud photo library

    Hello! I have a very strange problem. I need to delete all the photos of my iCloud library, so I deleted all the photos of the site and clear album with deleted photos. But when I create a library of Photos on my mac, Photos starts to download pictures of clouds.

    Turn off iCLoud photo library on all devices and it will be gone in 30 days


  • ICloud deleting deletes photo library photos from iCloud, photo sharing

    I have iCloud photo library on my Mac and on my iPhone.  I created an album of photos and videos to spend several weeks going apartment hunting in my neighborhood.  I have friends who are also looking for apartments in my neighborhood and these photos and videos would be useful for them.  So I want to share all these content with them using iCloud, photo sharing.  However, I have this great set of photos/videos over on my Mac or my iPhone, because I have an apartment and my use for these photos.

    So I want to:

    1. create a shared album (let's call it 'Videos apartment').

    2. Add all my photos and videos of my apartment hunting that is currently in my library to iCloud.

    3 share only iCloud library with my friends (they can add, comment, do what they want)

    4 delete the original files from my library to iCloud I don't don't need or want these photos over on my personal devices.

    My question is: if I delete the photo in step 4, which will also remove the same pictures of the iCloud Shared Library?

    It would be useful to know if the iCloud share photos are copies separated from my photos of the library, or are the same.

    Sharing albums and Photo library iCloud iCloud different services and are stored independently from each other.

    When you create a shared album and share with your friends, you will see the shared album and photos in your photo library, but you can remove the originals from your photo library, as long as you do not remove the shared album photos. In the shared album photos can be slightly smaller than your original photos, because there is a limit of size of pixels for shared photos.

  • Library iCloud Photo albums do not sync between Macs

    One of my friends has an iMac and a MacBook Air (MBA). He wanted the photo library to synchronize between the two devices, so I did the following:

    1. Allowed to iCloud photo library on iMac (it's the master of the photo library)
    2. Created an empty library on the MBA and activated iCloud library
    3. Photos started the download on the MBA, but it does not show one of the albums that the iMac was
    4. If I could connect and look at pictures, albums are here

    Any ideas on why the albums do not appear on the MBA?

    More information needed

    are these regular or smart albums / (smart albums does not synchronize to ICPL)

    Downloads do not appear until the downloads are finished - what is the status of each device?

    On the surface, looks like the initial synchronization is not yet over


  • My Camera Roll and times got all the order as soon as I turned on iCloud photo library. My pictures are both old and new, please help

    All my photos are out now since I turned on IiCloud library. How can I fix?

    This - see album iCloud photo library

  • Removed all icloud photo library, 1.9 GB still in use

    I deleted all of my photo, My Photo Stream etc. flows including shared library iCloud.

    I have also ensured that the recently deleted album is empty. I disabled iCloud photo library on each device. It should not be a trace of left.

    However, I always told my library back 1.9 GB of my storage iCloud. There is an option to turn it off completely but it will take 30 days, which is a long wait when I don't know if it will work.

    Any ideas that he could be taking all this space? Or if there is a way to reset all empty without waiting for 30 days?

    I use the latest version of iOS on my iPad and the iPhone, and the El Capitan on my Mac if that helps.

    Have you tried to log in to your iCloud account, then sign in again?

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