Create a Vertical content

Can someone explain how to create a vertical content for a vertical display with the following dimensions: 43.1 x 11.8 x 7.5 in. / 1096.0 300,0 x 190 mm, using movement 5 x or Final Cut Pro X.

Thank you


You can set the dimensions for application projects when you initially installed a new project, or once the project is created.

New project

-On the file menu, select "new". This will bring up the project browser.

-In the upper right corner of the project tree, is the preset pop-up.  Click on that and select "Customize".

-When custom is selected, you will see the fields width & height.

Existing project

-Type of command + J to display the properties for the project.

-In the Inspector, you will see the setting for the project (resolution, frame rate, etc.).

-Just change the width and the height.

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  • overload by creating a vertical Web site?

    I was wondering by creating a vertical Web site, it will be too heavy to load at once?

    for an example of this model

    Hi Jose,

    Yes, you are right. If you create a vertical Web site, you would add a lot of images to the home page itself, which will be certainly more usual time to load. You can use images in light to counteract this problem. However, he can still do more usual to load even if.

    Kind regards


  • How to create a vertical submenu in my main horizontal main menu?

    I have create a main menu in my site and now I'm having a few difficulties to create a submenu vertical in one of the separators. Can someone help me please?

    Thank you.



    In the window menu options, you must select 'All the Pages' for the type of menu. Please refer to the following screenshot:

    Please let me know if I'm missing something.

    Kind regards


  • Creating users in Content Server

    Hi all

    I'm new to AAU have so a few basic questions.

    I am creating a workflow via the applet for the administration of the process, here, I need to create a group and users to define a workflow. To do this, I went to User Admin and created the group, roles, and users and create Association.

    My question is can I connect with newly created users to Web site content server? currently I'm NOT allowed to log on because I'm supposed to login with sysadmin/idc. If I can not connect with new users, which could be use to create new users with the admin user applet?

    I don't know I'm missing something so guys, please help me.

    Thank you

    You can connect with the newly created user. Sysadmin/idc is by default for the content of the oracle Server. Only thing make sure the kind permissions that you have what type of security group with what kind of roles.

    You can have the same kind of sysadmin users. All this can be done throgh management sweat in the same admin applet.

    Best regards & thanks,
    Nirmala Vijaya Sekhar Varre

  • How to create a vertical report

    I'm new to application Express. I am trying to create financial reports base use it (for example, income statement, balance sheet). As a general rule, these reports are organized vertically where quarterly financial data are displayed as a separate column. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to create these types of reports using the Application Express?

    I haven't played with the report model "vertical report, watch 1. When I used this disc was oriented vertically and not the default horizontal orientation, but records appeared in individual tables instead of a big table with several columns.

    Here is an example of the type of report, I am trying to create:

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Jim,.

    You can do if you create a custom line template. I do not have your tables, so what follows is based on:


    1 - Go to the components shared, models
    2 - Click on create
    3 - Select the report
    4 - Select from scratch
    5 - Enter a name for the model, select any template class (for example, Custom 1) and select "Named column (model line).
    6. click on create

    Now, edit the model and use the following settings:

    Model of line 1

    <td align="right" style="width:200px;">#1#<br>#2#<br>#3#<br></td>

    Front of the lines

    <td align="right">Name<br>Salary<br>Commission</td>

    After the lines


    Pagination parameters can be copied from a report of your choice model

    Attach the new model to your report and run the page. The HTML before lines will be rendered first, and then for each 'line' in the report, a new TD cell is created with all the data of this 'line' (note that #1 #, 2 # and #3 # fact refers to columns 1, 2 and 3 - so, in this example, ENAME, SAL and COMM respectively) and, upon reaching the maximum number of lines by the report parameters the HTML after lines is added, thus completing the line.

    Obviously, you will have to add in your own style and change the above to suit your specific needs, but that should give you a starting point.


  • Create multiple vertical lines for waveform graph

    Hi all

    I use NI 9234 USB vibration of rotating machinery data acquisition. A simple VI was made for this.

    The next step is the analysis, signals were well displayed waveform, time, FFT, all important values... and so on.

    But I have a problem with multi vertical lines of the waveform graphs, it looks very simple, and I tried many ways but have yet to get it with a good solution.

    Vertical lines are used to display the frequency of breakdowns of machines (such as we post 1 X, 2 X, 3 X,... more harmonics).

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

    Thank you very much!!!

    Here's a very quick example (LabVIEW 8.2)

  • How to create a vertical scrolling to display POpup


    Can someone help me to provide a Vertical scrolling for the pop-up screen.  and please help me with the code example

    SerializableAttribute public class AddTranscationPopup extends PopupScreen implements


    public AddTranscationPopup() {}

    Super (new VerticalFieldManager(), Field.FOCUSABLE);





    Thank you


    VerticalFieldManager vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(VERTICAL_SCROLL
                    | VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR);

    Try this...

  • How to create a table content some field Manager?

    This is my code

         HorizontalFieldManager bigHfm = new HorizontalFieldManager (Field.USE_ALL_WIDTH);
            Bitmap  logo = Bitmap.getBitmapResource("imageComp.png");
            BitmapField logoComp = new BitmapField (logo,Field.FIELD_LEFT);
            VerticalFieldManager rightVfm = new VerticalFieldManager (NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL);
            HorizontalFieldManager topHfm = new HorizontalFieldManager(NO_HORIZONTAL_SCROLL);
            HorizontalFieldManager ffm = new HorizontalFieldManager(Field.USE_ALL_WIDTH);
            LabelField label1 = new LabelField ("PT.Perusahaan");
            LabelField label2 = new LabelField (" - Jakarta, Indonesia",Field.FIELD_VCENTER)
                protected void paint(Graphics g)
            RichTextField isiContain = new RichTextField ("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse in neque tortor, eget accumsan urna.");

    IM needing a loop code above... my opinion create code to the table... and simple to create a loop... need to create the code above table... or a class... no solution to my problem?

    That way, you can run the loop:

    public class Def extends MainScreen
        VerticalFieldManager rightVfm[];
        int size=10;//assume
        public Def()
        private void createGUI()
            rightVfm=new VerticalFieldManager[size];
            for(int i=0;i		   
  • How to create a vertical menu with images instead of text

    So guys, I have this site simple House with pictures on the left that links to the different pages of the document.

    I prefer to replace it with a vertical menu, but I don't want to use text only images.

    How can I do?

    Hi, its simple

    Its simple, please follow the steps shown in the screenshots below.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Kind regards


  • Problem creating / accessing the content a document dictionary

    I have problems to create and access a document dictionary.

    I create a new document by using the NEW item in the menu of the Illustrator.

    Then I execute the following code through my plugin. I does not work. Here I a unable to retrieve any value FRO the dictionary. In fact I'm not even sure that I wrote anything in the dictionary.

    Is there something wrong in my code?

    Thank you.


    Dictionary AIDictionaryRef = NULL;

    Error AIErr = 0;

    error = sAIDocument-> GetDictionary (& dictionary);

    AIDictKey KEY = sAIDictionary-> Key ('MY_Key');

    Dim mykey = "2";

    error = 0;

    error = sAIDictionary-> SetStringEntry (dictionary, KEY, mykey.c_str ());

    Error AIErr = 0;

    error = sAIDocument-> GetDictionary (& dictionary);

    const char * Namevalue;

    error = sAIDictionary-> GetStringEntry (dictionary, KEY & Namevalue);

    sAIDictionary-> output (dictionary);


    If the first error is 1146045247 ('DOC?') and you get a NULL dictionary, nothing still does not work.

    Depending on where you run this code (for example, in response to a click of Panel element), Yes, you need to get first the AppContext.

  • i.e. 6.0 still creates spaces (puts content down)


    Had some good suggestions of Osgood, but some pages still give problems.

    I changed the width CSS and image... but still had a few problems on my other pages.



    Thank you


    Thanks Osgood,

    I checked the images in dw to see if the dimensions were right (not scaling), but it seems that the width in the html code is different. But I will check these in the future. Thank you for your timely help.

  • How to create content for my DMP - 4310G

    Hi all

    I am very new to my Cisco DMP - 4310g. I'm looking for some quick knowledge about how to get the content created and sent to play on my DMP.

    When looking for a player of signage, that I fell on the DMP - 4310g, reading the Cisco's Web site that explains the units looks like what I was looking for, but I was a little confused on how to get this operational thing. I contacted my dealer which I explained then to them that I wanted a player signaling that I could put in my reception area for visitors. I wanted something I could show images of society events, tickers for the news and maybe live TV streaming if possible. My dealer told me it's the unit, I needed. They said that I need the player DMP - 4310G and the DMP-4310-SW52-K9 software license (which allows me to create content?).

    Cisco's Web site was not exactly clear on how to create and publish content on these units, but I assumed that the license of the software they sent me was for the designer of digital media software. So, as you can see I'm stuck. I have the player and a software license (at least that is what it says on my packing slip), but how do I access the software Desginer? I can't find anywhere on the Cisco site to get it. How can I create content to display on the player?

    Help, please. I'm so confused. I have these two things, but where do I go from here?

    Thank you


    Sounds like your dealer was not familiar with the solution. You can read the content on the DMP-4310 without the rest of the very, but it's a very manual process. The correct way to use the reader is to add the rest of the solution (Digital Media Manager, sign a license and licenses of DMP functionality). The design tool is part of the Digital Media Manager.

    You can also see the arms industry. They write software specifically for the 4310 DMP who will make content creation and management of small deployments as you have.

    I'd be happy to help you if you need help.

  • Create a table of contents or an Index page in relation to Oracle BI Publisher

    Hi all

    I'm creating table of contents page in my report using MS Word. Please find the attached rtf template. I already followed the link creating a model RTF , but the table of contents is not generated when it is exported in format PDF.

    PSB XML data

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >

    <! - generated by Oracle BI Publisher - >

    < DATA_DS >

    < G_1 >

    < PRODUCT_NAME > 1234 < / PRODUCT_NAME >

    < 1234 > PROD_CODE < / PROD_CODE >

    < CL_CUS_SEQ > 294122 < / CL_CUS_SEQ >

    < / G_1 >

    < G_1 >

    < PRODUCT_NAME > 80 / 120 cooked and Peeled Shrimp < / PRODUCT_NAME >

    < PROD_CODE > 46138 < / PROD_CODE >


    < CL_CUS_SEQ > 310702 < / CL_CUS_SEQ >

    < / G_1 >

    < G_1 >

    < PRODUCT_NAME > ABV Gate Gourmet < / PRODUCT_NAME >


    < CL_CUS_SEQ > 310665 < / CL_CUS_SEQ >

    < / G_1 >

    < G_1 >


    < PROD_CODE > 11040895 < / PROD_CODE >


    < CL_CUS_SEQ > 305678 < / CL_CUS_SEQ >

    < / G_1 >

    < G_1 >




    < CL_CUS_SEQ > 360128 < / CL_CUS_SEQ >

    < / G_1 >

    < / DATA_DS >

    I am using MS word 2010 to create the model (*.rtf file).

    The report displays the details of all the products used by the customer. Report 1 product per page. All products have the same model.

    What I want is to create an Index page, which displays the product name and the page number of the report in which it is generated.

    For example. Client Papa Johns uses 10 products. The generated report will contain details below: 1st Page-> Front Page containing details of the customer base.

    2nd Page-> Index page that contains product names and page numbers

    3rd page: 1 product details

    4th page: Details of the product 2.



    and so on.


    Product name Page No.

    Anchovies 4
    Apple at the top of 5
    Bacon 6
    7 barbecue sauce
    Barbecue Sauce2 8
    9 the chicken filling
    Dough 10

    Please note that the product number will be variable (it can increase or decrease), so there may be a case when the index page takes more than 1 or 2 pages just to print the names of products and their respective numbers.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    Managed to find the error. I used the option field to insert available in word. Copy the tag instead of the field option and then build the table of contents.

  • REST API: How to create e-mail/landing page with static/dynamic content?

    With the REST API, it seems that you can create/update the contents of an e-mail or a landing page by specifying html with the type "RawHtmlContent". How it works when this e-mail or a landing page includes a shared or dynamic content? What is the recommended method to create or update an e-mail/landing page and add a new shared or dynamic, content or update the "reference"?

    Unfortunately this is not currently supported by our API.  However, we are building a new point extension called content Cloud that can solve your use case.

  • How can I create a Zoom Zoom feature on a photo?

    I've created a demo to work in Flash Catalyst. I have photos of a model of a dress. I would like to create a zoom zoom feature so that the viewer can zoom in on the details of the dress. I present this to a customer and I need help.


    Here are the steps to make a zoomable image. I recorded a video of this and published here for easy understanding -

    1 import an image

    2. create custom vertical scrollbar. You can also use the vertical scroll bar by default. (Optional)

    3 create a custom horizontal scrollbar. You can also use the horizontal scroll bar by default. (Optional)

    4. Select Image, Horizontal & Vertical set scroll bars and convert them to the "scroll pane" using visualization.

    5. Select the image and map "Scrolling content" using visualization.

    6 double-click on, go inside the scrolling content component and create a State doubles for Zoom.

    7. Add a transition (optional)

    8. Add a button inside the Panel scrolling zoom in or out of the image

    9. Add 2 interactions in the button, zoom goto in State and the other to go to zoom back State. You can add directly from these interactions of image rather than create the button too.

    10. run the application


    Srinivas Annam

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