Create the registry variable


I'm looking to create the registry variable, the script console and came across this post to create the simple registry variable.

However, I need to add registry values to objects of topology (FxMApplicationResult to be precise). Is there a way to do this in the script. Can you please indicate.

Thank you


To add that John has already provided.

This will allow you to query the outside object and assign the value.

She could use additional checks of types etc. but a quick way to reach of many objects to a specific value that are not part of the global default value

// Name of the Registry Variable we are going to updatedef regVarName = 'SampleRegistryVariableName'  

//Value we want to set on the returned objects.//This is based on the registry Variable Type (Double, Long, Integer, String, Boolean, Timestamp, Password)def newRegValue = 99 as Double

// Query to return the objects we want the registry value scoped toodef topologyQuery = #!Host where name like 'host%'#

// Get the Registry Service to execute the registry updatedef regSrv = server["RegistryService"]

// Get the registry variable for updatedef regVar = regSrv.editRegistryVariable(regVarName)

// Get all existing values for this registrydef values = regVar.getRegistryValues()

// Loop through the objects returned from the queryfor( obj in topologyQuery.getTopologyObjects() ) {

// create the registry value object associated to the current object in loop   newTop = regVar.createTopologyObjectRegistryValue(obj.uniqueId)

//set the value defined within newRegValue   newTop.setDefaultValue(newRegValue)

//add the topologyObjectRegistryValue to the Array of existing values   values.add(newTop)}

// Store the values within the Registry VariableregSrv.saveRegistryVariable(regVar)

Hope this helps your use and any other case.

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    Thank you

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    Thank you

    Disable the existing Init block and then double-click the USER variable and press NEW to create the new Init block

    Thank you

    Published by: Srini VIEREN on May 1, 2013 16:18

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    Scope of variables in canvas mode:

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    So yes, the creation of a global variable is simple the most.

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    One method would be to export the foglight configuration to a file using the fglcmd program. You can find the file in the registry variable that interests you. You will see references to registry variables in the section rules.

    Example of export of the foglight management server bin directory:

    C:\Quest_Software\Foglight\bin>fglcmd.bat - usr - pwd foglight cmd - foglight util:configexport f filexxx

    David Mendoza

    Foglight Consultant

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    Thank you

    Session variables are associated with a users session. In other words, that it will be initialized when a user connects to OBIEE. Apparently, the session variable has not been initialized for your user. I don't know why, but you must check the file NQServer.log.

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    I think I understand, however, the reference of the code might suggest it of where the magic happens (name records) it would make sense to find another work around?

    If we cannot find here, it is also possible to ask or ESR mailing list.

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    It's a missing feature or just this documentation (and the intuition of myself) are missing?

    It would be very convenient.

    THX for your time and hope that answers.


    Right click on my computer > new > new... > select Global Variable.

    EDIT: although I agree with Gerd (he probably wondering why you need so we can recommend a better way ), I rarely use them in easy to write once - read many applications such as security levels overall program at initialization (VER) to read later, but NOT modified.  I know it would be better to make a good class, functional Global Variable (FGV) or a motor Action (AE) but globals ARE practical and safe IF used wisely.

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    I solved it by using the correct data type in .NET, for example an sbyte to CVIInt8.

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    Simply create it. Right-click on the key Services and choose new - key and rename
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    "Daddybear20" wrote in message news: 4cd2203e-ed7b-4efe-9e42-5174c7957d4e...
    > I'm following the statement to solve my problem in USB modem
    > throughArticle installation ID: 883356.
    > When I opened the registry there is no folder "Modem" under "Services" of
    > the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Modem subkey.
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    > USB modem.
    > Please help.
  • create the simple register variable in Foglight 5.6.4 AND 5.5.8


    is it a short and simple piece of code to simply create a register variable named "numero_fichier" with the value "60" in full?

    It's certainly very simple... but not for me ;)

    Thank you very much



    I just ran this script in the script console.

    He created the variable and filled both global default and extended by default to the integer value 60.

    varname = "numero_fichier";

    regValue = 60;

    topsvc = server.get ("TopologyService");

    type = topsvc.getType ("TopologyObject");

    Regsvc = server.get ("RegistryService");

    regsvc.createRegistryVariable (varname, java.lang.Integer)

    regsvc.saveRegistryValue (regsvc.createRegistryValue (varname, regValue));

  • Failed to create the required registry key: vmware, Inc. error: 2 when installing the vm 7 wareinwin and the installation of any software of a few errors in registry pls help...

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    Search the registry to see if this key was created. Sometimes, the installation program does not have permission to this key.


    You can try to manually create the key to see if this will help.

    Please reply back and let us know if this can help.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Did you use one of them? The first is a zip file that does all the work for you.
    You have installed chrome? It's looking like a recent update of chromium may be the cause. Here are two patches.

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