Creating a backup for new 6s

I needed a new 6 for personal use when my business is my current 6 s for work only. I backed up my new phone to my phone work on my Mac to save all my information, aps, etc that I have to delete my work phone aps personal, so I need now two different backups, but they are saved on the same device name.  How can I create a backup for my new phone, but all by keeping all the data?

Each device that you are backing up to a computer via iTunes (or iCloud) will have a separate backup. It may be easier to tell apart them if you use a different name for each device in (on phones) settings > general > topic > name.

You can check what backups that you have made to a computer via iTunes by clicking the iTunes Preferences and clicking on "Devices" in the top of the Preferences window. You can see all iCloud backups by (on your phone) going into settings > iCloud > storage > storage management.

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  • How to create a backup for Satellite L20-100?

    My Satellite L20-100 crashed & it took me 24 hours to recover (using the provided factory product recovery CD) & for reinstalling other software & updates.

    Now I'm afraid, it may crash again & I have 11 GB of software. I had a function on my Windows XP console start > programs > Accessories > system tools > create backup disk (or recovery) before it crashed, but it is no longer present.


    I recommend you to use a very good third party software called NORTON GHOST. I use it for a year. You can create own recovery DVDs and use any time when there is a problem.

    I do the same thing. This created individual image is recorded on the partition d. If I want to have the new facility that I simply start GHOST and the partition c is crushed.

    If you need more info please let me know.

  • How to create a backup for VISTA?

    I bought my computer a year ago. There is no CD/DVD included for the Vista operating system.
    Now my external heard drive died, I can't retrieve the information, where I had the backup.
    It is not me who first made the backup, so I can make a new backup? How do I do it and what program is best to use?
    Thanks for the help!

    There are too many backup programs that you can find in Google. I use a program called, Backup4all, I love it.

  • Beginner question the easiest way to create automatic backups for readynas from windows PC

    I just installed a readynas duo v1 to my router and wants to set up an automatic backup (uncompressed file copy) of my windows pc, and I am new to the use of the nas and raid.

    Can I map nas as a disk on my pc and then I don't know how to proceed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I was not able to reset password admin I need help there too.

    Thank you

    Thanks to those who tried to help me.

    I decided to buy acronis and use it to back up data on the readynas.

  • Camera Raw 8.3, create profiles customized for new cameras


    I tried to import files from a camera Sony FS700 CinemaDNG but they come very green and the basic which can not correct controls.

    I had some limited success playing with the settings in the camera Calibration tab.

    Then I discovered on the DNG Profile Editor and that you can see that I can not only tune here, but I can also use a macbeth chart to help calibrate the profile. If that sounds like a good idea. Except that I can't work on how I could use a profile in v8.3

    I can create a .dcp file, but in camera raw, it shows that menu profile of the camera is also incorporated. I tried to open the profile directory of camera raw (Windows) so I can see all the cameras. I tried to create a folder FS700 and jumped in there profile, but no go. When the sequence is open title in the menu is FS700 so I guess that's what the film is used as a name of the camera.

    Can someone point me in the right direction here? I'm sure that what I do should be possible!

    Thank you very much


    Custom profiles go to a location in your users folder structure, and not in the records provided by Adobe, where the new profiles are ignored.

    On Windows, the custom location of the camera profiles is:

    C:\Users\ssprenge\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\ or


  • create a backup for ps cs4 cd

    Hi, I downloaded PS CS4 update to my CS and installed the converter of raw etc files and it works like a charm... I suddenly realized that my cd that I burned to save (adobe suggested I do a cd) won't be not open the program on my other computer and it opens very slowly and clunkily in my laptop, the downloaded program where... what happens when my laptop poops the bed, I'm sure it will be very soon now I have cs4 on it... I can't save! I contacted adobe support, ask questions on a backup cd, but so far no response. What is everyone doing... I ordered the cd shudda help please...

    Thank you... Lynn

    If you have downloaded it, like I did, you can always re - upload the files again from your account. I downloaded, saved files to a hard drive and can't burn a copy files on a DVD. Then, I deleted the files on the hard drive and put the DVD in a safe place.

  • I created a backup feature of document for each document that I created, including new documents. I don't want no more of this function. How can I remove it?

    Original title: Backup Document

    I created a backup feature of document for each document that I created, including new documents. I don't want no more of this function. How can I remove it?

    Hey BradleyCloetingh,

    Can you reverse your actions when you first made the changes, just go through the process and change everything to the original?
    Or you could do a System Restore.
    Let us know if you are still looking for an answer.
    Thank you!
  • Create the backup of the database on the new server to RMAN

    I have a 1 - existing node RAC running 10gr 2 on Windows 2003. I am trying to create a backup of database on a new server running Windows 2008 and Oracle 10 g 2. Because the database uses ASM, I can't just copy data files. I did a full backup with RMAN and copy these files to the new server. I installed Oracle, but no database. I have put in place on the new box ASM.

    Can someone tell me how to use the RMAN backup to set up a backup of database on the new server? The production server is still in place and running, but we are trying to get a server backup and procedures for the use of a filler RMAN restore in the case of a scenario of recovery after disaster.

    PS. We use Standard edition, so Dataguard is out of the question. It would be nice, but the price is a little high.

    1 instance startup NOMOUNT.
    2 restore automatic backup SPFILE (assuming you have AUTOBACKUP CONTROLFILE set up on the main site)
    3 startup NOMOUNT with restored SPFILE
    4 restore automatic backup controlfile.
    6 catalogue copied backup files (CATALOGUE START WITH...)


  • How to create (or delete) a new tag for a Web site, so that his tag appears (or does not appear) whenever I restart Firefox?

    How to create (or delete) a new tag for a Web site, so that his tag appears (or does not appear) whenever I restart Firefox?

    See this -

  • How to take backup for VCSC, VCSE, MCU and TMS. I'm new in the world of video. A brief step by step would be appreciated

    How to take backup for VCSC, VCSE, MCU and TMS. I'm new in the world of video. A brief step by step would be appreciated.

    You can back up each server by following these steps:

    For VCS, see "Backup and recovery of data from VCS" section in the Cisco VCS Administrator Guide X8.5, page 340.

    For MCU, see "upgrade and save the MCU" section in the Cisco Telepresence MCU series online help 4.5, page 212.

    For MSDS, see back up and restore SQL Server databases you will back up the database of TMS 'tmsng' of the SQL Server itself.  It could either be hosted locally on the TMS server if you have installed TMS with the default settings, or an external user provided SQL server.

  • How to create a survey online or for new customers?


    I want to create a survey for my new graphical clients. I have a few business questions to new clients and need written answers. I want to stop sending a pdf form, is not well designed for an excellent online form.

    In fact, I know how to how I will present and send the page, but not for a tip: how to create an editable multiline text field online by someone Muse?

    I tried to use this type of text box of a contact form, but it is not effective.

    I tried a wuffoo embed widget, but I don't want to use an external service (like, or something)

    I have well on the browser in editing, but I don't know if it's a good idea to do this, or really effective.

    I want to build a page scrolling with anchor points and a vertical menu sticking to the 10 chapters of questions and a "send" button at the end to receive the form in my Inbox mailbox, exactly like a message in a contact zone.

    You have an idea? Advice?

    Thanks for that, guys.


    Forms are forms and editing in the browser has nothing to do with it. I'm afraid that you really need to use other services or sign up to a British Colombia account Pro, if it is really so important to you.


  • Lightroom question: my mac crashed, had backups, installed new OS 10.11 EL Capitan, use creative cloud for PS and LR, where go my Presets to develop, can not find them anywhere, any suggestions, thanks.

    Lightroom question: my mac crashed, had backups, installed new OS 10.11 EL Capitan, use creative cloud for PS and LR, where go my Presets to develop, can not find them anywhere, any suggestions, thanks.

    Thanks for the info, will try that.

    Sent from my iPad

  • I want the cursor to be in the address bar when you create a new window; It works for new tabs and a new private window, but not in safe mode.

    I tried following the advice offered in the different threads bit I found on this but nothing works out. I want the cursor to be in the address bar when I open a new window or when firefox opens without restoring a previous session. I solved the problem for new tabs via subject: config, but it does not work for the new windows. I tried safe mode and the problem persists. In a new private window, the cursor is in the address bar.

    A new window opens the homepage (default: subject: House) and not the new tab page (default: subject: newtab).

    Some of the built-in pages set the focus to the search bar on the web page, just like the Google site only.

    You can use a bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar that opens the subject: blank page.
    If you hold down the SHIFT key when you click this bookmark, then you open a new widow with this page.
    Otherwise, you need to set the home page to about: blank or on the point: about to have easy access to all the pages.

  • 10.2.3 FCPX create a backup of the library

    When you create a new library yesterday, FCPX has not created a backup of the library at the specified location. Other existing libraries are saved correctly. Even after the creation of duplicate projects and closing and reopening of the new library, not yet any backup library. Any suggestions? Thank you, marc

    What you've done by duplicating your project is the first thing that I would have suggested, (using the copy as command Snapshot is a manual way of backup and that some editors commonly use for version their projects.)

    But that is not answering the question of why your library is not automatically back up as it should. (I guess you already checked the location of the backups in the property inspector library > storage locations.)  First of all, remove preferences when you launch FCP. We e the new empty library as a library of important one test and edit to the project timeline.  Work on something else for 20 minutes, stop and check your backups folder.  If a backup was created, I suggest to move the event/project work to the new library. Open the working draft, do a trivial edit (after another 20 minutes) leave and see if things are back to normal.

    Good luck.


  • By default the encoding UTF-8 for new notebook documents

    Short with the help of a third party editor, is it possible to configure Notepad so that new documents are automatically saved in Unicode without having to manually change the encoding every time default ANSI to UTF - 8?

    Typical scenario:

    -Start typing text without extended characters
    -Save the file: it is automatically in the ANSI format
    -Open the file again to edit, add extended characters, save again:
    Notepad shows you the extended characters will be lost if you confirm the save operation.

    The last message offers the possibility to backup and "save under" to choose UTF-8, but 1) it's very heavy and 2) with any of the extended characters, the files will always be saved in default ANSI.

    Windows will be really fully Unicode if the default Notepad encoding is always obsolete ANSI code page, but, even though I admit reluctantly changing default behaviours is sensitive for reasons of compatibility, should have at least a user option to select the default encoding for new documents, as other third-party offer , like Notepad ++.

    Currently, Windows forces me to replace the file associations notebook to use other text editors. Not a bad thing, given the bad set of features in the notebook, but it would have been nice to have this option in the standard operating system

    1. right click-> New-> text Document
    2. open "new document texte.txt. Do not type anything!
    3. go in "file-> save under...". "and choose UTF-8 slot" Encoding: ", press 'Save' and replace the existing file. Close the file.
    4 rename "New document texte.txt" to "TXTUTF - 8.txt.
    5. copy 'TXTUTF - 8.txt' to 'C:\WINDOWS\SHELLNEW.
    6. go to «Start-> Run...» "and the type
    Press OK.
    7. navigate to
    8. right click in the right window-> New-> "String Value" and rename it to
    File name
    9. double-click on "Filename" and put
    TXTUTF - 8.txt
    in "value data:"on the ground, then press OK. '
    10. it's over.
    11 test: create document .txt (right click-> New-> text Document). Open and go to "file-> save under...". "and see the encoding is set to UTF - 8 by default. :-)

    Credits go to Robert Clemenzi and his explanation of the string "FileName" (and its links with the "directory") in the registry:

    NOTE: These steps are ONLY for create .txt UTF-8 new and blank documents. If .txt is already registered with ANSI encoding, it will stay ANSI when recording it next time - if UTF-8 is required (in this case), so it must be assigned manually.

    PS Also modify values DWORD "fSavePageSettings" & "fSaveWindowPositions" to "1" in the following registry key:



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