Creation describes the text using filters

A month ago I was experimenting with the application of text filters. I managed to make the black background and the text converted to a white outline. I think I did it with the help of artistic / watercolor. I made a series of five images using this process, and now I can't recreate the effect. I have used certainly not strokes or one of the other common ways to create text: it's really quite accidental and made entirely with filters. Here is a sample. No idea how recreate it?sample.jpg

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  • How to describe the text in a different color?

    How to describe the text in a different color?

    No need to simplify the layer - which causes the text that becomes uneditable as text.

    With the layer selected text, use the layer... Layer style... Style settings to open the settings of a dialog box for the text layer where you can select "Stroke" and choose your options for size, color, etc.


  • Lights of Fireworks MX (oldschool) - how to describe the text several times, without jagged edges

    Hi pros FW... I hope it's always OK to ask questions about the MX version...

    What I'm trying to do is to create a text with several layers of contours, different colors. An example of what I am trying to learn is like this creation of logo here... - the logo is the text THUNDERFUEL, which has a drop shadow, then an outer edge surrounding, then another shade.

    When I create a text - no problem.

    When I do the shadow - no problem

    But when I select the text and the increase of the marquis of selection to create the external environment of color (like the outside of this logo plate) - filling becomes jagged. I tried feathering of the selection before choosing, after selection, the fill property feathered - but there always is by stairs, or too little sharp.

    Someone there advice how to use fw - mx to create this kind of described multiple text effects, or do I have to use something else like iilustrator or PS, or something else? (if all goes well no cause I have not either, but whatever...)

    Appreciate very much all the advice, or even some links tutorial for this effect in fw - MX would be perfect - thanks!

    Thanks a lot Jerry and Linda - using paths is totally cool, and I understand what you're saying. I get the operation of dragging pen tool and adjust the corners - it's like a whole new world has just opened!

    -won't get much sleep tonight, I guess - just got creative doors blown just behind the car and in my neighbor's yard, it's fantastic. Can't believe that I never used before railways...

    Thank you ever so kindly for the detailed answers-

    take care, thanks,

  • Beyond a simple text on the Clipboard in the text using the key field


    You would tell me is it possible of past a simple text on the Clipboard into a field of text using button with javascript or something else?

    What is my problem?

    I have prepared a simple form using adobe acrobat dc. This form will be used in the local network. so, we can open the form of google chrome. There is a large text field in this form and we have passed the text to the Clipboard in there.

    normal, when we are using adobe acrobat to open the form, it is easy to right click and select "PASTE". but we need open the form using google chrome. in this case, no item to paste from the Clipboard.

    Please help me.


    In General, no, it's not possible.

    However, if you apply a certain change in the registry then work could . I told you how do it here: paste it from the Clipboard text box in form

  • Download the text using JAXB

    In my application, I read an XML (with JAXB) but it's time I have empty segments.

    I put a few examples

    <tuv> <seg>Unknown: the action taken should always be known</seg> </tuv>

    Here I read the "seg" label, I can get all the text "unknown: the action must always be called ' but if this text is like this:

    <tuv> <seg><bpt i="1" x-wb-tag="b1" />Unknown<ept i="1" x-wb-tag="/b1" />: the action taken should always be known</seg> </tuv>

    I get nothing, my variable is empty and I want to get all the text "unknown: the action must always be called.

    Could I get this text " <bpt i="1" x-wb-tag="b1" />Unknown<ept i="1" x-wb-tag="/b1" />: the action taken should always be known " or just " Unknown: the action taken should always be known " (without the 'ept' and "bpt" tag? (I want it as a string)

    Note: the value of the variable is a 'string. '

    Thank you!

    I answer my question, if someone needs it.

    I used @XmlMixed which returns a list of objects.

    There is more information: joint element

  • Keep the layer names when describing the text

    I would like to know if there is a way to keep the names of the objects/layers of text when the text is converted to text outline, using scripts.

    I create files with dozens of text layers (player names on the back of the jerseys of sport) and send the .ai file to manufacturers. This means that I have to expose the text, but when I do, the layers all lose their names and everything becomes "< Group >.

    Can anyone think of a way of naming these layers with the text they contain?

    Hi openbracket,.

    It is impossible, if the text is underlined.

    But it is possible for the text and the outline of the text via script (don't forget that the selected text is only filled with no effects or stroke)

    You can try something like this:

    // required: an opened document with one selected text frame
    var aDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var aSel = aDoc.selection;
    if (aSel[0].typename =="TextFrame") {
        if (aSel[0].characters.length < 40) {
        var newName = aSel[0].contents;
        } else {
        newName = aSel[0].contents.substr(0, 39);
    aSel = aDoc.selection;
    // name of the new Group = contents or part of contents of selected text frame
    aSel[0].name = newName;

    Have fun

  • Describing the text in illustrator

    Hi I would like to underline the text as in the attached photo if the outline is to the right - which seems to be behind the text.   I would also like to know how to do hanging out the "Lounge" L - any help would be great - thanks!Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.53.00 AM.png

    To extend the L, draw the extension with the tool feather, secret the L in vectorised text, then use pathfinder to combine the forms. For the shadow effect, first add a glimpse behind the word, the same color as the background. Then place a copy of the word behind the word original and recolor.

  • Is it possible to change the text using fonts Std of ITC Officina Sans Acrobat Pro?

    Is it possible to modify the test using std Officina Sans ITC fonts in Acrobat? I just downloaded acrobat and when I tried to change a few tests in the PDF file, a message popped up saying that the Std of ITC Officina without is not available or cannot be used in editing. Any ideas, downloads or similar fonts that I can use to solve this problem.

    Really need this font if not the whole PDF will look bad.

    Mise put on fast day, turns out I can't use Armada is a police. It seems that Acrobat Pro 11 has not all fonts I need.

    Discover the answer to Dov Isaacs in this forum announcement. Re: fully embedding the fonts in PDF format

    His comment:... Acrobat never uses the font incorporated to text editing - you must have the fonts installed on the system to make these changes. (emphasis added)

  • Adding border to the text using script field

    1 can someone tell me how to add in the text field border using script.

    2. in this case, what should be the default properties for this text field.

    LiveCycle Designer version: 7.0

    Player version: 9.0

    I have

    You can try like this...

    TextField1.border.edge.presence = "visible";

    Not sure if it still works on version 7.0...

    Thank you


  • How to place an image inline with the text using InDesign CS4?

    I'm writing the first draft of an instruction manual how two for some software.

    I'm writing the manual directly in InDesign CS4 and making screen shots that I'm making progress. I format the screenshot in Photoshop and export it to a JPG file.

    In InDesign, I double-click in the text box where I want to insert the image, go to file > place, get the picture, then press on open.

    Usually InDesign inserts the image at the cursor flashing in the text, but sometimes what happens is that no picture inserted and everything after it disappears. I get several empty text boxes and need to Control-Z to get back to where I started.

    Now I can put the image outside the text box and then manually move it to the text where I want to go, however when I export the file as HTML, then I need to manually move it to the appropriate area in Dreamweaver (when the image is placed inside the text box to the flashing cursor, the HTML file shows the image in the right place).

    I was able to insert the line in file with the text to a new paragraph mark, but sometimes InDesign doesn't let me do. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

    I don't know what I'm doing to prevent it from placing the paragraph mark and the blinking cursor (which is where I want it to appear).

    This is a recording of screen 54sec of my actions:

    Steps to follow:

    I double-click inside the text box

    I place the image

    everything goes

    I have a few pages scroll, and then return to the starting point

    I have to scroll through a page or double-click inside the text box then press return a few times, and the previous image, I put in this way is automatically pushed to the next page.

    I go back to point of original departure, try again, and it does not work.

    I've done it before, but now it does not work. I don't know what's happened prevents him from online to the location of the cursor.

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    It seems to me that the image is too wide for the frame. You can place it on the editing table, scale in the size, then cut to the Clipboard and paste it into the flow of the text.

  • Describing the text for printing with effects

    Hi all

    I create a design that includes a (inner shadow) effect on a part of the text.  When I "Vectorize" to export the drawing to the PDF format (to be sent to the printer) the effect of inner shadow is denied.

    Is there a way to create outlines that will keep the effect?

    The files are attached - the original, that's what I would like, with '_outlined' at the end is what happens when I saw.

    Thank you-


    You can do a flattening of transparencies custom which includes convert text to outlines, and who should do the conversion for you when you export as long as you export to Acrobat 4 compatibility to force the flattening, but the big question is why you think you need to convert to text converted to outlines for the printer? Built-in correctly fonts should work perfectly.

  • I want to create a model so that I can change the text using MS word, then merge with my form that I must not create fields every time I have an amendment to a document

    I have a complex form of semi involving 30 or text fields, a few drop-down lists, radio buttons. I have Acrobat Pro and MS word (2011).  I create the source with MS Word, then saving them as PDF.  I then open Acrobat Pro and create using the PDF file saved.  Problem is that whenever I have make a change to the source and save as PDF I have to start over the process of "creating" and add all text fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, etc.  Is it possible to merge or to build a model that covers the Acrobat Pro established fields on my PDF evolving?

    by opening the original form using Acrobat Pro.  By using the function 'replace' in the pages, you can remove the old source and replace it with a new one.  Save the file, and then close.  Reopen the case and chose to create.  You can then change the fields if move you the source.  Kludgy, but it worked.

  • Change the text using script

    I am new to scripting and still so much to learn to please bear with me. I worked on a script that will allow me to update the information of slug on the files I work with on a daily basis. I use a combination of scripting and actions on my documents that clean the documents, but aussient to fill specific information for each document. As I learn more about scripts, I could consolidate my scripts and actions.

    Currently, I am working on the selection of specific text frames based on what their note value is using this code:

    var textFrames = activeDocument.textFrames;
          for (var i = 0 ; i < textFrames.length; i++)
            if (textFrames[i].note == "JOBNAME") {
              var frameName = textFrames[i].contents = "JOBNAME";

    Here is a small list of items I would change

    Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.33.07 AM.png

    I can go about it the wrong way, but my ultimate goal is to run a script that runs through each text field, and a dialog box allows me to enter text, then it is replaced by what is entered in the field of dialogue.

    It may be easier to create a dialog box that has all the fields and allows me to enter the value for each of them, but as I said, I'm new to scripting and don't know how to do this.

    I tried to enter my slug information using variable data, with spreadsheets, but I need to convert the xml spreadsheet and I have a lot of luck with that. I found that the use of variables in illustrator can be a little tricky.

    In the end, just trying to simplify my work and make things more efficient. In the process, I would like to know as much about the scripts as I can.

    Thank you

    This should help you get started with the change of name based on the note, with the help of guests

    var textFrames = activeDocument.textFrames;
    for (var i = 0 ; i < textFrames.length; i++) {
        if (textFrames[i].note == "JOBNAME") {
            var jobname = prompt ("Enter JOB NAME", "Your Name", "Note Changer");
            textFrames[i].contents = jobname;
  • appearance of the text using web fonts

    Since the upgrade to 2014 my web fonts all look funky in design mode. It looks fine in preview mode and in the browser, but I didn't have this problem before 2014.

    Could you share a screenshot showing how the same text appears in preview mode vs Design?

    In addition, the Fund Re: display problem of Web Kit with "BEBAS NEUE" fonts? if this helps you fix the rendering of text in Design view.

    Thank you


  • Share the creation of the disk using VMWare

    Grid version: 11.2
    Guest operating system: Solaris 10
    SE host: Windows 7
    Virtualization software: VM Ware 8 workstation

    I want to install 11.2 IM on my laptop.

    I was under the impression that shared LUN for the installation of the grid can be created using Openfiler. But according to the document below, it is possible

    But Dan Norris said "+ VMWare Workstation has a limitation in the sharing of disk, it's one of the reasons we use VMWare Server (which has no such restriction). + »

    I don't know what version of VMWare Workstation speaks it. Is it possible to create shared LUNS using VM Ware workstation 8 (which I have)?

    You can create shared discs by editing the file manually .vmx (never tried on my good computer)

    or you can also use Virtualbox, which is free and supports the shared disks

Maybe you are looking for

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