Creative cloud on another hard drive Installer / how to install CC on another drive?


After a reinstallation of my system (Windows 7) on a SSD drive, my windows system is installed on that last the A:\ letter rack.
My old system drive serves so pay my data to present and guard the letter C:\.

Creating cloud installs automatically on the SSD system (A:\). Off following different problem identification, on me comfort to install creative cloud on the C:\ drive pour no longer have to worry about. But how to do given that the program has automatically settle on the A:\
Thanks for avtrust for your help.

Hi all

Can someone tell me how to install Creative cloud on my C:\ Please?

Is my system drive A:\ and CC is automatically installed on it but my ID do not work and an adobe agent tell me to install it on the C:\ drive.

Thank you


Creative Office Cloud app will install only on the main drive (system disk). You can only customize the installation for Creative Cloud app (PS, I, AE and others).

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