Creative sync cloud app. problem with the web application


I have some problems with the synchronization of files in the creative Cloud Files folder on my computer (I use a Mac) and the Creative Cloud Web App. practically the files I have on my computer folder do not appear on the web (and I can't create links of sharing for them) and vice versa. We have a team account and we can exchange files between us, but nothing appears on the web application. The problem applies to all members of the team.

There is a problem with the service or it could be a local problem?

Thank you



@ursuss - what you see in the creative Cloud Files folder on your computer must match what you see on the site Active CC to

Use the collector for the Adobe Log tool to and newspapers as well as the explanation of the problem by e-mail at [email protected]. Please provide additional information indicated by Warner Harress in this Adobe forum post

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    Please notify. Thanks in advance

    Kind regards

    Published by: 637223 on January 14, 2009 03:09


    They should be able to execute it, it took Java Web Start, which was part of the installation of the JRE from version 1.4
    If you go into control panel - java then java Control Panel click the java tab, under the JNLP section click the button show, if everything is correctly installed, it should show the versions and whether they are enabled or not.

    If they are enabled, then JNLP should work automatically, you may need to reinstall the JRE.

    See you soon


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    I have upgraded to iOS 10 on my iPhone 5s this afternoon (September 13), and now I'm not able to open e-mail - Yahoo!, and Gmail. I can receive emails, I'm not able to view the body of these emails. When I press on them, all I see is a blank white page. I can't answer emails either. I can only their flag or remove them. However, I am able to compose new e-mail messages.

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    I also have problems with the Mail application.  On my iphone, ipad, and Mac Pro.  I have several addresses, a MSN, another on Go Daddy and Gmail.  I have various weird problems with threads and every day he re-charge my emails, like if I have never read before.  Something is really problematic with Mail.

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    My knowledge is that when you activate THE wifi network, the WEB browser is intended to USE the wireless internet, NOT the internet carrier

    The next time I switchd off the the carrier signal, and then Turned ON one internet WI - FI and then opened the web browser of BB. so now all the opend website with wifi internet bt as soon as I open YOU TUBE or FB or it post a comment... .that cannot visit the web page when the carrier is off. Please turn on the radio n try again... I mean IT SHOULD OPEN with internet wifi? WHY do network carrier sim to open the web page?

    I have checkd my browser settings and they are default and also my wifi settings I have reset the... the problem still persists?

    any idea wats going on?

    Please help is needed I'm annoyed about this problem...

    Thank you

    MR. KIWI... Good news... .i went to my carrier service center... Solvedo Problemo!

    Go to your service books and remove directories of service WAP browser in all directories of service WAP 3 I don't know the exact name, but all are related to the browser... WAP config something like dat... Just remove dem... .and HARD restart your fone... and try to use only wifi on your device with your carrier network off...

    mine worked... Let me know on urs... so now, the browser uses my wifi instead of my network provider when both are running...

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    Error - "an exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please contact the administrator to review the stack trace in the event log for more information about the error"

    Source: http://ProdServerName/HyperionFDM/AuthorizedPages/LogonPage.aspx

    Thank you
    Michel K

    This problem is resolved after removing the special characters to the corresponding Oracle table - tdatamap.

    Thank you
    Michel K

  • Problems with the web interface of connection vcenter 5.1


    What don't understand me, I've set up a new virtual appliance version of vcenter test 5.1, I can connect just fine using vsphere client and console, but the web interface refuses to agree with the same identifiers. What is happening with this single sign? I really do not understand.

    You guys could help me please?

    I stumbled upon this same question.  5.1 with the search service is completely different than 5.0, this is why the others are not working.

    Here's what I did to solve the problem.  I turned on the regeneration of SSL certificate:

    1. Navigate to https://[IP]: 5480 and connect
    2. Go to the Admin tab and press the button "Toggle the setting of certification" until activated regeneration 'certificate' displays Yes
    3. Go to the network tab and change the host name.  This will trigger a regeneration of SSL (or you can change the ip address).  I don't know if change 'localhost' to something else helped, but it can't hurt.
    4. Restart the box (restart System tab button.)

    At this point, you can look at the start-up of the machine of vcenter console messages.  You will notice some messages about detection of a new hostname or IP and regenerate a new certificate.  You will see all the services to import it again SSL ceritifcates so.

    At the end of the reset, I was able to connect to the web client to vCenter!


  • updated Android app - problem with the new/old P12 certificate


    We have updated our android App, one was built in October 2013, and now, we have used the new web tool for building application - since I'm on a new Mac I can't access the old certificate of P12, I created a new certificate P12 and signed then new app "apk" with her... And now when I try to download this new APK on google game I got a message:

    Failed to download

    You have downloaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed with the certificates with fingerprint (s)...

    It is true, but is there a way to get around this if I don't have the old P12 files?

    It's something you'll have to ask questions about Google. Their mistake is pretty clear that they want you to use the previous certificate, and that is beyond our control.


  • a text box is every moment that I edited dynamically scroll bar upward. I know that's not a problem with the Web site because she works with other browsers

    There is a problem with scrolling of a text box bar. whenever it is changed dynamically developing area moves upward instead to keep the focus in the area of the new inserted text. even if I move it down to hand it back again.

    OK, I have fixed the code in my program. When I finished the editing, I use this code in javascript.
    document.getElementById("chatMainTxt").scrollTop = document.getElementById ("chatMainTxt") .scrollHeight;

  • Problem with the web service call

    I use ajax with json to call webservice but its not working with the localhost url in the emulator of the ripple. If I use an ip address or external url does not call the webservice.

    I also tried with BlackBerry, webservice does not.

    can someone guide me how to call the Web service?

    Thank you


    Your file config.xml needs the ip address or the url in the "whitelist".  Use the access for that tag.  for example:


    The piece above is not secure because it whitelists ALL------* areas.  You can put your url in the uri.

  • PIX 501 problems with the web server internal.

    I want to open for my internal Web server, so it can be accessed from outside and I read about it here and how to do it and I do what I think of his right, but I can´t operate.

    Now I just tried to open the http port standard 80 but later I want to open a specific port and also use SSL on the web server for added security.

    Then I would like my setup now get help and also how to do when using other ports and SSL later.

    Thanks Thomas!

    6.3 (1) version PIX

    interface ethernet0 10baset

    interface ethernet1 100full

    ethernet0 nameif outside security0

    nameif ethernet1 inside the security100

    alfta hostname


    names of

    name TerminalPC

    name Lager

    permit ip access list inside_nat0_outbound

    permit ip access list inside_nat0_outbound Lager

    permit ip access list outside_cryptomap_20

    permit ip access list outside_cryptomap_40 Lager

    outside_cryptomap_60 ip access list allow

    outside_access_in tcp allowed access list all eq www

    host eq www

    IP outdoor

    IP address inside

    alarm action IP verification of information

    alarm action attack IP audit

    location of PDM outside

    location of PDM outside

    location of PDM inside

    location of PDM TerminalPC inside

    location of PDM outside

    location of PDM Lager outside

    location of PDM inside

    location of PDM outside

    location of PDM inside

    location of PDM outside

    location of PDM inside

    PDM logging 100 information

    Global 1 interface (outside)

    NAT (inside) 0-list of access inside_nat0_outbound

    NAT (inside) 1 0 0

    static (inside, outside) tcp www TerminalPC www netmask 0 0

    Access-group outside_access_in in interface outside

    Route outside 1

    Enable http server

    http outside

    http outside

    http outside

    http inside

    http inside

    enable floodguard

    Permitted connection ipsec sysopt

    Crypto ipsec transform-set ESP-DES-MD5 esp - esp-md5-hmac

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp strong - esp-sha-hmac

    outside_map 20 ipsec-isakmp crypto map

    card crypto outside_map 20 match address outside_cryptomap_20

    peer set card crypto outside_map 20

    outside_map card crypto 20 the transform-set ESP-DES-MD5 value

    outside_map 40 ipsec-isakmp crypto map

    card crypto outside_map 40 correspondence address outside_cryptomap_40

    peer set card crypto outside_map 40

    outside_map card crypto 40 the transform-set ESP-DES-MD5 value

    outside_map 60 ipsec-isakmp crypto map

    card crypto outside_map 60 match address outside_cryptomap_60

    peer set card crypto outside_map 60

    card crypto outside_map 60 the transform-set ESP-DES-MD5 value

    outside_map interface card crypto outside

    ISAKMP allows outside

    ISAKMP key * address netmask

    ISAKMP key * address netmask

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 10

    encryption of ISAKMP policy 10

    ISAKMP policy 10 sha hash

    10 1 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP life duration strategy 10 86400

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 20

    encryption of ISAKMP policy 20

    ISAKMP policy 20 md5 hash

    20 2 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP duration strategy of life 20 86400

    Telnet inside

    Get out your ACL - access-list outside_access_in permit tcp any host eq www

    And a new application:

    outside_access_in list access permit tcp any host eq www

    Access-group outside_access_in in interface outside

    * You have the group-access above on your original configuration message, BUT not on the above post.

    Don't forget to issue clear xlate after the change and also record with write mem.

    Try to do this in the pix CLI instead of using PDM.

    Hope this helps and let me know how you go.


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    I tried to order something in the web from amazon, but is there something wrong?

    Nothing does go as far as I can detect.  Why do you believe that there is something wrong?

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    I'm starting the age of mobile application. (my version of jdeveloper is version 11g 2)...

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    Thank you.

    Sorry for the late reply. The ADF webapplication can be made in any version of JDev, since it is just a web service 'plain '. ADF Mobile is supported only (or), but they (the web service and mobile application) do not have to be developed using the same version of JDev.

  • Problem with the mail application after upgrading to El Capitan


    I've recently updated to snow leopard at el capitan on a 2009 macbook pro.

    I can't send e-mail from the mail since the upgrade application.

    Incoming mail server address is grayed out in the settings preference of apps under 'Account Information'. It reads "p02 - My full username iCloud is also grayed out. It doesn't seem to be a way to fix this. I believe that the correct server address should be "".

    The outgoing server address is "".

    ICloud Drive switch makes no difference. I also tried to remove the iCloud account on the 'Accounts' page under preferences app mail and setting up the account again. Also makes no difference.

    I can send emails with mail on my iPhone application and receive emails on my mac and iPhone.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    See you soon

    You go to System Preferences-> Internet accounts to fix the details of the server. These things are more fixed inside the Mail application. It may seem strange, but it makes sense, since the accounts are used for email and other services. Now, is there a central location for this.

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