cRIO-9114 don't reset the programming interface

Hi, I use Labview 2009 with a target FPGA 9114 cRio controlled from a host PC.

Host opens the target FPGA (open FPGA vi reference) and then executes a loop to write output voltages via the FPGA - in an analout 9264 module. Works very well.

When the loop in the is stopped, I tried that reset just as method of FPGA interface outside the loop to restore the default values defined in the FPGA - the analog output voltages. However, the values are not reset, but remain at the last value in the loop.

The only thing that works is by using the method of interface FPGA download instead of resetting one after execution of the loop.

Any ideas why the reset function and/or stop does not work?

Thank you very much!


Can you post your code? I guess that the analog value is never sent when you stop. The program closes faster than analog writing. That would be my guess based on the way you have described.

Tags: NI Software

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    I'm not familiar with VPNS modifying the file hosts as Brian suggested. Also, VPNS are a bit outside the scope of support here in answers and if you need more information about the VPN, I would recommend display in TechNet Windows Vista Networking:

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    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    • Creative cloud
    • Basic timing & sync to basic support
    • CC library & process CCX
    • Adobe Common Desktop
    • Adobe update daemon
    • Broker CIB Adobe
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    2 - C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\ MAA UPDATER and two OOBE (App data & Program Data is hidden folder please see, Show files and folders hidden in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, or Vista)

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    Page to reset a password forgotten help most if not all providers have a link on their email. You need to go you or your provider e-mail for assistance.
    As noted above, Norio Thunderbird is software running on your computer email client. It has nothing to do with administration your password by e-mail.

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    In this link, they said maybe it's Blingee but I searched on my laptop I do not see anywhere

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    This looks OK.

    You can delete all data stored in Firefox with a specific area through "Forget this Site" in the context menu of a history entry ("" history > view history "or" view > sidebar > History "") or via the subject: permissions page.

    Using "Forget this Site" will delete all data stored in Firefox in this area as bookmarks, cookies, words of past, cache, history, and exceptions, so be careful and if you have a password or other data from that domain you don't want to lose then check that back up these data or make a comment.

    You can't recover from this "forget" unless you have a backup of the files involved.

    It has no lasting effect, so if come back you on such a 'forgotten' site, then the data of this Web site will be saved once more.

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    Sorry, but the restriction password cannot be reset, it is part of the backup and restore a backup that was taken after the restrictions were activated, restore this code again.

    You will have to start without the help of the data backup, configure the phone to factory settings and start over. Follow the steps mentioned in this article:

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    If you lose or forget your password restriction, you must erase your device and then put it up as a new device to remove the restriction password. Restore the device by using a backup does not delete the access code.

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