CRio inside the schools network, IP addresses change and causing problems


We have about five CRio modules in our labs, and they are connected by ethernet to our school system. We use all these CRios for about 3-5 different computers.

We have a problem which, because of internet IP addresses security are changed for a certain period of time, i.e. every two months. We must always know from the measurement and Automation Explorer which is the IP and then change on demand (.VI) and then compile new .exe file, and then copy it to other computers.

Is there an easy way to keep the CRio IP to the same (can 'lock us'?) or is there an easy way to do it within the .VI, without doing each time again and again for all computers.

In your LabVIEW project, you can right-click on the controller, select Properties, and then change the IP address for the host name. If you use IP addresses in your screws, you should be able to simply replace the IP address with the host name in most cases.

Jason S.

Tags: NI Hardware

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    Yes, there is a recommended approach to do this for the current version of BES.  A HTTP proxy is used to connect to both corporate and external networks internal when in the scope of work.  To connect to a particular host and port, you HTTP CONNECT request to the proxy, and then once the connection is established, you have a connection with the remote server socket.  I wrote a sample application that covers the QTcpSocket / QSslSocket, BSD sockets, OpenSSL taken and connections of curvature (the species is supposed to be transparent, but there has been problems reported with some built OS).

    I'll clean up this sample application and submit for review before it is posted on GitHub.  If your need is urgent, I could share a few code snippets to help you to implement the solution for your specific use case.

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    Wifi authentication which traverse the browser means that you still need to open a browser and a connection that first, before any other programs can access the network.

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  • Configure the public traffic network IP inside the internal network itself and not to the external network

    A server is now accessible from external network access using the IP and port in browser below http

    For the same, we have configured (static NAT) port forwarding in cisco security 1905.

    The application is also accessible via IP and the internal network port internal (ie. http://y.y.y.y:8080)

    Is there a way I can configure my 1905 Cisco as well as internal network (ie. machine B) I can access the application using the IP and the public port and not with the IP address internal? From now on, I'm not able to do the same.

    The current configurations are as follows:
    access-list 1 permit y.y.y.0
    IP nat inside source list 1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0 overload
    IP nat inside source tcp static y.y.y.y 8080 interface GigabitEthernet0/0 8080


    You can try Domainless Nat.

    no nat ip within the source list 1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0 overload
    no nat inside source tcp ip static y.y.y.y 8080 interface GigabitEthernet0/0 8080

    int gig0/0
    no nat inside ip
    activate nat IP

    int gig0/1
    no nat inside ip
    activate nat IP

    IP nat source list 1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0 overload
    interface IP nat source tcp static y.y.y.y 8080 GigabitEthernet0/0 8080



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    Hello ArmandoWyo,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I know have a problem using your computers Mac 2 together, it's not what you expect. These computers have worked together on the network before, good news as this should be as easy as some basic troubleshooting or setting up sharing on the network again. The following articles will help to solve your problem:

    OS X El Capitan: connect to shared computers and servers for files on a network

    OS X El Capitan: If you do not find the computer you want to connect to

    See you soon!

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    To exclude a software problem, set it back to factory settings without using the backup data.

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    If the issue took place recently, try to do a system restore that will repair return the computer to the point while it was working fine.

    How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

    Hope the helps of information.

    Please post back and we do know.

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    Hi Claudia,.

    Please see the link below for the included applications:

    Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications | Adobe Creative Cloud

    Kind regards


  • Replacement of the corporate network switches how ESX and VM will react?

    We replace all our switches in current network with new gear. All our ESX network connections are redundant (console, vmotion and virtual machine) with each connection associated with a different switch (for example the virtual machine NIC is connected to different switches and the same for other groups of ports). I was wondering what will happen when migrate us to the new switches. We intend to make this port a port at a time. My guess is that when we have the first virtual machine network cable and move again preconfigured port switch all the VMS on this NETWORK adapter will switch to the other NETWORK adapter as if it was a failure. The migrated Server NETWORK card will be auto-negotiation with the new port and become availble for use but VM will not request for load balancing between the two network cards. We then will at some point to move the other virtual machine from the old network card switch to a new switch and the VM are switched to the new other switch port and as the first card NETWORK occurs autonegotiation and the nic will become available. But how do I get the network traffic balancing across both connections of NIC's virtual machine? I understand that load balancing of virtual machine through the NETWORK interface only to the market and vmotions card - is this true and if so how can I force a reload balance or even manually load balance... Thank you

    Failback only works when you run active / standby NIC.  If you are running active-active, you can set the host mode maint, let it drain and then leave the mode maint to allow virtual machines to come back and live on some Teddy they land on.

    With respect to the passage of the switch the riskier part is to make sure that you have all the VLAN defined on the 'new' switch and that there is a layer 3 path to the front door of this switch.  When you migrate the first server I would put in mode now, put some DRS in manual mode and then make the transition.  Then a vMotion machine virtual not essential (or 1 VM for each VIRTUAL local area network) on to this host to make sure that the installer of L2 and L3 works correctly.  Make sure that the field of L2 on the old switches can talk to the L2 area on the new switches.


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    Thank you for the follow-up. I suggest you to post this question in the TechNet forums. It's because it's a consumer forums and questions where computers are connected to the corporate network or is defined under the policy of the company are best handled by the Technet Support team.

    I hope this helps.

  • In Windows XP, the $ntUninstall directories can be deleted without causing problems.

    I have Windows XP SP3 POS PC in our retail store lcocations.  These machines have a slightly smaller boot partition.  My question is, when you install updates from Microsoft, it creates an uninstall directory in the Windows directory.  So Windows XP, $ntUninstall directories can be deleted without causing problems or causing previous updates to be reinstalled.

    I have Windows XP SP3 POS PC in our retail store lcocations.  These machines have a slightly smaller boot partition.  My question is, when you install updates from Microsoft, it creates an uninstall directory in the Windows directory.  So Windows XP, $ntUninstall directories can be deleted without causing problems or causing previous updates to be reinstalled.

    The article at the link below gives a detailed explanation of the $ntUninstall directories. This should you guide as to whether or not you can remove folders.

  • Tunnel of Split VPN Setup ASA to force inside the tunnel for single address

    Hi all

    We have an ASA with IPSec VPN facility to addresses Internet of Tunnel from Split.  We have an Internet address that must come from the external interface of the ASA.  I have added this address to the list of split tunnel and confirmed on the client that is the road to the tunnel, but I'm not able to get to this address via the VPN.

    How the ASA to allow this unique Internet address to come via the VPN and route back on the same interface to the Internet and the return traffic to back up in the client VPN tunnel.

    I need to get to the address is Here's the config relavent (let me know if I left anything):

    interface GigabitEthernet0/0
    nameif outside
    permit same-security-traffic inter-interface
    permit same-security-traffic intra-interface
    name VPN_Pool
    Outbound_Ports tcp service object-group
    port-object eq www
    access-list extended sheep allowed any ip VPN_Pool
    access-list extended users allow icmp a whole
    access-list extended users enable a tcp
    access-list extended users allow udp a whole
    users_splitTunnelAcl list standard access allowed
    standard access list users_splitTunnelAcl allow
    users_splitTunnelAcl list standard access allowed
    users_splitTunnelAcl list standard access allowed host

    FWOB list extended access permit tcp any any Outbound_Ports object-group

    Global (LUXCVGASA01e) 2

    NAT (LUXCVGASA01i) 2
    NAT 0 access-list sheep (LUXCVGASA01i)

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hi Jeff,

    Just had a chance to look through the Setup and I guess that configured nat is incorrect.

    access-list extended sheep allowed any ip VPN_Pool
    NAT 0 access-list sheep (LUXCVGASA01i)
    NAT (LUXCVGASA01i) 2

    Global (LUXCVGASA01e) 2

    The access-list says sheep that ALL traffic goes to the pool of the VPN to go UN-natted. So, when you try to access the public ip address via the tunnel VPN, the traffic the ASA, ASA then performs a search destination NAT and matches the nat command "nat (LUXCVGASA01i) 0 access-list sheep." If the ASA detects a destination NAT translation, it will bypass route search and uses the destination NAT translation to determine the output interface (in this scenario, the output interface is LUXCVGASA01i.

    So, to resolve this problem, change the acl sheep from "any to VPN_Pool" inside"to the network VPN_Pool

    clear xlate and re-initialization of the tunnel, and this should solve the problem.

    Let me know if that answers your query.

    Kind regards

    Manisha masseur

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