CS6 Pshop - alerts at startup; "All readable Documents" do not failing at opening; Format of file name not identical to the list of Format when you save the file

Just downloaded CS6 Design Standard. System - OS10.6.8 (about to upgrade to 10.8), iMac 27 i5Intel 4core 12GBram clocked at 2.66 Ghz

Pshop opens, I get three alerts...

1 - Unable to load module e/s asynchronous activate because does not work with this version of Photoshop

2. impossible to load the multiprocessor support plug-in because does not work with this version of Photoshop

3. unable to load the module of FastCore Routines because does not work with this version of Photoshop

Then asks if I want to be connected to the internet or something like that. Then Pshop opens before even I click OK

None of them arrived with CS5.5

I realize that CS6 is 64-bit. I have fixed 32-bit because of the CS5.5 plugins.

Two questions, I've noticed so far with CS6.

1. that I open a document, the Enable selection drop down at the bottom of the window is not set to anything. I always selects the Documents readable by all. Not the case in CS5.5, who was always default readable to all documents. Could not find anything in the Prefs to this question.

2. When you save a document, RGB or CMYK, the drop-size selection are not accurate. The first three or four read properly correlated with the suffix (.jpg, .tif, etc.) in the name of the file at the top of the window. But then the selections later format below one third or fourth read than above the list.

for example: as a RGB file: economy through BMP indicates even in filename above (.bmp). However, the following below that, Gif, choice still shows as .bmp in filename at the top. And so on down the list. Even with the CMYK file.

Never seen this in CS5.5.

When I initially installed CS6, I noticed that only items in the Plugins folder was folder Panels... without other plugins. I thought this to be an error in download of some sort and moved 5.5 database plugins to 6 Plugins folder. Could be the problem? Otherwise, I would have SOME plugins in CS6

I downloaded CS6 think twice now first has been altered. I used two download options on the Adobe - Akamai and standard page

Same questions at once. One country replied this to be a problem of plugins. I uninstalled 'after market' 5.5 and 6 SuperBladePro plugins was the only one. CS6 restarted. Still the same problem. Only the elements of Plugins are what came with the program.


Yes, I think that the problem is caused by putting the cs5 plugins in the folder plugins photoshop cs6.

Delete the plugins and cs6 should work much better.

The reason why you don't see the plugins in the plugins folder, it is that adobe installs all the plugins bundled with photoshop cs6 to the necessary folder inside the Adobe Photoshop CS6.app

and the empty plugins folder that you saw's plug-ins third as SuperBladePro.

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    A quick search on Google turned up the news I knew vaguely.

    PNGs in layers are only produced by Macromedia (later Adobe Fireworks more) using a proprietary format that has never been publicly documented.  Thus, it seems that only Adobe Fireworks can open the png with the layers intact. Whether or not you can export these layers in another file format and to open in another application with everything intact seems to be up in the air.

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    Since affinity has a PSD importer, we are able to import data from the layer of a TIFF file if it has these tags.  However, given that this is handled by our PSD importer that is subject to the restrictions as standard PSD Import in affinity.  We clearly that while we aim to provide the best third party support PSD, we can never replicate 100% the way Photoshop deals and displays a PSD file.  Photoshop has its own approach to apply the transparency/alpha, vector and features of vector, layer effects and gradient masks.  This means that although we can offer the importation of what can be changed to a PSD file, the result will not be a reproduction of a one pixel that you see in Photoshop.

    We recorded our own TIFF tags for the incorporation of the data layer of affinity in a TIFF file, in a similar way to the data layer PSD. This is intended for the dams that use TIFF as their Exchange format.  When you save a TIFF file, you are given the option to include data of layer affinity.  This will help keep the editable document of several layer elements.  This obviously comes at a cost of increased size.  Our TIFF labels will use our format proprietary data and as such, cannot be used by the applications of affinity.


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    Kind regards


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    What?  Can you please rephrase your question in order to understand what you're asking?

    If you ask how a file on the remote site via FTP without FTPing any dependent files?  That the answer is Yes, you can do this by changing the SITE > dependent files: option in the PREFERENCES to enable the option "prompt on put/check-in."  The next time you download a file, you will be asked if you want to also download dependent files.  If you say NO and check the don't ask again option, then you will always simply load the file and not the dependents. You can change it back at any time by changing the preferences of this setting.

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    No matter what I do, it keeps - on the opening of the second new pdf in this one, restored windows are the things that I tried to overcome this.

    1 > right of the DC open Adobe Acrobat click in the task bar > Adobe Reader DC > right click > properties > run: enlarged - only the first document opened in maximized windows, documents later opened in the restored only, window that too seem to not work when I closed the last document in a restored window. Opening in the same window type is part of the windows operating system, it does all the time, "opens the entire application in the same way that they have been closed, either maximized/restored and the size of Windows too". Only the first one application window is open in this way, rest of the windows open is seems to be not supported by the operating system.

    2 > of this forum discussion https://forums.adobe.com/thread/435552?start=0 & tstart = 0 , I checked for the mentioned, registry keys


    the default value is - "bNullDocMaximized" = DWORD: 00000001 , "bMaximizeNextDocument" = DWORD: 00000001 and "bResizeOnOpen" = DWORD: 00000000

    Exchange only tried on the third button (the rest has been preset to required values) - "bResizeOnOpen" = dword: 00000001 - restart > no change > reset to its default value

    What to do now...?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Gangatharran,

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice.

    We have recorded a bug for this and will share an update on the progress made in this thread.

    Kind regards

  • HP7520 all-in-one will not scan in the document

    I'm scanning very old recipe cards.  No matter how to activate the map, or when I put it on the screen, at least one edge is cut, including the automatic feeding system, which is my preference by train.  The cards are 3 x 5 or 4 x 6.  I can't find anywhere for this HP7520 the settings.


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    We know not if you want to scan in receipts in the form of images or text.

    Regardless of the end point, the following might help.

    With the complete installation of the software functionality for the printer and assuming a recent version of the Windows operating system, you should have the shortcut Wizard printer installed on your desktop.

    Double-click the Printer Wizard shortcut > scan a Document or Photo >

    Select Photo of Document OR file file (as you prefer) >

    This starts the process to create the sweep.

    On the side right of the menu, under the Scan size >

    Select, in the menu dropdown > any scanning area

    The rest of the selections can generally be left as default values, even if it's for you and your situation.

    • In order to ensure that the results meet your expectations, do not forget that the scan preview is CHECKED.

    Click on the Thumbs - Up Kudos to show that you appreciate the help and time of our Experts.

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

    Click on accept as Solution when the answer is a good solution or workaround!

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    Hi woodcarver60,

    Follow the steps outlined in the documents below to scan from the software.

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    Win 8: c03511921 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03511921

    Win 7: c03476857 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03476857

    Win Vista: c03517146 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03517146

    Win XP: c03517150 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03517150

    Multifunction LaserJet printers

    Win 8: c03755019 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03755019

    Win 7: c03584750 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03584750

    Win Vista: c03584647 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03584647

    Win XP: c03584350 http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03584350

  • How to include folders to D: drive, specifically in Documents public, not only in the document library?

    Windows 7 Pro 64 - bit SP1: how to include records of the D: drive in public Documents so that they become automatically visible to each user who opens his library of Documents? At present, I can only include these folders in the document library, invisible to other users. I don't want to load large files physically in the C: drive, where public Documents.

    You can do this easily because public Documents is a folder, not a library.

    You can place junction points in public Documents that point to folders on the disk D:\.

    To do this open a command prompt by typing cmd in the box to start the search, made a right click the program cmd that appears in the search results and click 'run as administrator '. Type the following command and press ENTER:

    MKLINK /J "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Folder" "D:\Folder.

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770988 (v = ws.10) .aspx

    You may need to adjust the permissions of files and folders on the drive D:\ so that all users can have access to them.

    I have not tested it; so be cautious.

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    I use Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium edition for Windows.

    I have uninstall and install the software several times but nothing seems to work.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Just to be sure: is there a printer correctly installed, connected and turned on if it's a physical printer (you can use Adobe PDF/Acrobat Distiller as a printer by default without the need to have a printer on, of course you will need to specify when you really need print on paper)?

  • "File not found" error message when you save the document


    Oddly enough, whenever I click on 'save' in CS6, it opens a window "save under", (which shouldn't happen), then I click on save witht the existing file name (he said then the doc exist already), I click on OK, (and then on OK to the next popup window) do get the message "file not found".  I have to click on 'ok' and the document is not saved.  I tried to register differently in previous versions, and it still does not work.  I recorded a video of this behavior. You can see here - http://screencast.com/t/W1GYK0zsrk

    Why would he try to find a file?  Looks like an error message when you try to open a doc, does not save a doc.

    Help, please!  I can't stop my station until I get the document to save.

    Yes, Mohit1233 - happened with each file yesterday. Finally, I closed the doc (make me lose my job requires), then restarted my computer and now, that problem has disappeared. I work on a PC (HP);

    Barblove - I tried to do that yesterday (copy and paste into a new doc) and still nothing. I also tried to copy the work in a CS3 doc (but got an error message).

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  • Firefox will not print on my HP PSC 750 printer and loses all formatting when you try to print to the printer Brother HL-5240

    I have no problem with one of my printers when printing 11.7 before or IE 6.0.2800.1106 but cannot print from Firefox 3.6.13 (or earlier).
    When you try to print to the HP PSC 750 inkjet printer, a "Print" dialog box appears, showing the title: xyz and a progress meter showing 100%, but it's be covered almost immediately by a second dialog box stating "an unknown error has occurred while printing" and, even if the continuous printer saying 'impression', no printing is taking place.

    When you try to print to the Brother HL-5240 laser printer, printing will take place, but all formatting is lost and what comes out is a block of text unintelligible running.

    What can / should I do to get Firefox to print correctly on my two printers?

    1. print.print_printer reappears after printing something. This pref is the last printer used, so when you reset the prefs it does not appear until you print something.

    2. that your problem with printer HP reappeared quickly, try a new profile.


    3. with regard to the preferences for the old printers, if reset you these Pref they don't come back (assuming that you do not select accidentally printers or printer drivers are uninstalled).

  • "Title of the document is not a valid windows32 application" error message when opening Word.

    Whenever I try to open a Word document on my desktop, you receive this error message. "Title of the document is not a valid windows32 application.

    can how I recover from this problem, thank you!

    Hi Lydia, I believe it's your first post here, welcome to our community!

    You can try to repair Microsoft Word for this problem.  Here's how.

    1. Go to start > Control Panel.  Select programs and features.
    2. In the list, find Microsoft Office and highlight it.
    3. Choose change on the toolbar and then click "fix."

    Once finished, it will ask you to restart your computer.

Maybe you are looking for

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