CS6 upgrade returns: "this serial number is not for a product calling it".

I have CS5 and have used it for about 2 years. The serial number for CS5 it is registered to my adobe id.

So I decided to move to CS6 today. I registered so that my ID adobe as well.

When I open CS6 and enter my new serial number, it tells me:

Serial number you provided is valid, but calling it a product was not found on this computer

Which is strange because CS5 is currently installed and running on this computer

So he then invites me to choose a previous product I own and enter the serial number for this. So I select CS5 and enter the serial number for my CS5 license.

However, he then said: "this serial number is not for a product calling." Please try another. "

But he said not may all in detail below. Why is know not valid?

Can you help me?

Thank you!

I understand John.  It was a rare event as usually the previous version serial number should be accepted.  That's why I recommend you to contact directly our support team in case of series available in respect of the account numbers cannot be used successfully.

By contacting our support team directly at the Customer Contact then the exact serial number CS5 can be watched and specific corrective measures can be taken.  For example, if the serial number of the Creative Suite 5 is for a volume license then is refused by a retail installer even if there may be a way to upgrade valid.

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