Csrss.exe pic 100% CPU for Win 2003 Server


Recently, I've migrated a physical server to virtual (Server 2003 R2 Std). After that, I see high utilization of the processor in the csrss.exe process.

I tried to check in via Process Explorer. Csrss.exe displays as much CPU being picked up in Process Explorer as it does in the Task Manager window.

I tried the below, without a bit of luck.

(1) complete analysis of Ran. No Virus found.
(2) removed corrupt profiles (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555021/en-us)

Sometimes, when I have connection I noticed my profile size is 4 GB.

You guys can suggest me any solution to workaround to fix high CPU usage.

The migrated VM is single processor

Kind regards


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    We bought a Microsoft Windows 2003 server. I have install then on our laptop Toshiba Satellite M100-180 PSMA1E-02Q00WRU.

    With the laptop, I found Windows XP CD and Express media player recovery CD Reanimator. No disc drivers there. May be dealer lost drivers disk? If that - where can I get new CD of drivers (I am from Russia, Smolensk)

    I try to download the drivers from the web (toshiba.com.ru), but they are very large (I have a dial-up internet). Then I download driver modem (4M). Installation of the works, but no modem appear after that. And no serial port too.

    I plug the USB-serial converter and install Standart Modem (USR external). Then I have to connect to the internet and try to download the drivers with windows update. No results...


    PS Sorry for my English :)


    : D the dealer nothing lost! The pilot tools & utilities can be created in the Windows XP operating system that came with the laptop.
    With the help of Toshiba, you will find a Protect & Fix tab and the option to create a driver disk ;)

    Further, all the XP drivers are placed on the page of the Toshiba driver. But unfortunately, nothing for Win 2003 server.
    Maybe test it works for XP drivers also on Server 2003

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    Don t worry!
    It's the same series: the PASAAN Satellite or Satellite A100 PASAANE.
    Only the E is missing.

    Regarding you drivers for Win 2003 server;
    The Toshiba provides no drivers specifically for the Win 2003 server operating system.
    But this operating system is based on Windows XP.

    So, try to download and install the XP drivers. These drivers must be compatible


  • svhost.exe causing 100 cpu

    My computer is running at a snail pace because the svchost.exe uses 100% cpu ALL the time.  It's almost impossible to open and close programs.  I'm only able to use my computer if I stop the process through the Task Manager.  I would like to find a fix for this if possibel so I didn't complete the process each time I want to use the computer. O running all tests antivirus and registery scans I can think.  I thought it must be some kind of virus, but I can't find anything.  Help, please!

    You can determine exactly what causes most of the problems by following the steps below:

    Method 1: Put the computer in safe mode and see if the problem persists:


    Method 2: Clean boot

    If the problem is not repeated in safe mode, there is probably a startup item or service is causing the problem. Follow the steps on the following link to locate the item or service responsible for the error:


    I hope this helps!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Svchost.exe (netsvcs) 100% cpu - update of Windows *.256 cause - update forever checks as does Defender.

    Hi, I got 100% usage cpu choking my system Toshiba laptop L300 Vista 32-bit, cause - (netsvcs) svhost.exe in time real trouble was unknown and tried everything has failed. So I did a complete new installation and fully updated to SP2 then the next update and it required me to download the latest update to terminant.256. My system is now unusable with constantly check and update svchost.exe using 100% cpu. All is well until I start to WU and I restore prior to this Windows Update Agent... Also if I close just the update it is still short in the background using 100% cpu by svchost.exe (ntsvcs) until I have manually stop the service.

    I have:

    Disabled Windows Firewall and Avast antivirus.

    I tried all the things as well in safe mode.

    Installed costs.

    Followed the instructions found on the net

    In offline mode, downloaded and installed the latest update which is the same as that.

    Whenever I have restore before this update, it works very well. The download of the update even if I have restore and install only the off-line version, it cripples even with 100% cpu and without end of audit. He made also Defender without end of audit.

    How to fix something that is a solid wall. You cannot uninstall or go around it. If I restore before it, that's all I can ever be updated Vista.

    I admit, I'm going nuts with this thing. I can't be the only one, it is 100% Windows update agent question.

    They have started to issue updates, default update clients cannot manage. Under Vista, install all the missing updates listed in the table above to this page:


    On Windows 7, install KB3172605.

    KB3172605 32-bit

    KB3172605 64-bit

    Best regards, VZ

  • Satellite L300 - no start menu of Vista after installing Win 2003 Server

    Hi friends

    Recently, I brought Toshiba L300 (pre loaded vista). I want to install Sql server 2005 enterprise edition.
    So I installed Windows 2003, enterprise edition.
    After that I installed when I start laptop, it won't for the menu of the OS.
    Its loading only Windows 2003.

    I want vista also.
    Please help me

    And I need driver sound and video drivers for windows 2003...

    Please help me

    It is very simply;
    Your operating system server Win 2003 a damage and crushed to the Vista Boot Manager menu and therefore you don't get the Vista Boot Manager.

    You just lucky to get this Vista Manager startup is again to boot from the ORIGINAL Vista MS DVD. He undertakes to repair the boot loader, and you will be able to start in Vista.

    Then, you need to install the EasyBCD tool. It of free and this tool helps you to understand the additional operating systems in the Vista Boot Manager.

    PS: Win 2003 Server drivers are not available. You could check if some drivers Win XP would work on this laptop.

  • The on wins 2003 Server crypt32 error event

    Event type: WARNING

    Event source: crypt32

    Event category: no

    Event ID: 6

    Date: 27/03/2011

    Time: 13:59:38

    User: n/a

    Computer: 3K 058901


    Reached crypt32 50 events and will suspend logging for 60 minutes

    I had this error on my Wins 2003 server, which is running the application on this matter. The server was hang somewhere and the application does not work well. Please, help me to check.

    Thank you

    Hi Robertsgrec,

    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums as you receive an error in Windows Server machine. Appropriate in instances of Windows Server.

    Please post your question in the Forums of Windows Server.

  • EBS R12 - Win 2003 Server R2 Standard Setup error

    Hi Experts,

    It's my 8th attempt to install EBS R12 and got the same error.
    OS - Win 2003 Server R2 Standard.
    used CYGWIN, MS Visual C++ 2010 and Strawberry Perl.
    Used Oracle E-Business Suite R12 installation Windows XP steps followed all the steps... Finally even error...


    in the link above, I've added all the screenshots of th and the log files.
    1. can I use MS Visual C++ 2010?
    2. can I use strawberries Perl?

    Can someone help me please... Please let me know if you need any additional info or any other file of log...

    Thank you

    I tried again, installation with perl 5.x and Visual c ++ 2008. And got the same error... think you can change the operating system from Win 2003 to Win 2008?

    It may be useful, but I can't confirm that, until you try the operating system.

    For the moment, I see two options-
    try to use oracle enterprise linux,
    Deployment Oracle VM model...

    I would recommend OEL.

    Thank you

  • Size AWE_WINDOW_MEMORY on Win 2003 Server Ent Ed

    I want to upgrade the memory for the use of Oracle on a Win 2003 Server Ent Ed.
    Read the metalink article "Iplementing Address Windowing Extensions - Note225349.1" on this subject, I'm still confused about the AWE_WINDOW_MEMORY value in the registry. Can someone let me know what should be the value only if the total of RAM on the server is 8 GB?
    Thank you.

    Published by: avtandil Sep 14, 2009 14:53

    Just google:
    Re: what should be the size often db_block_buffer in the environment of AWE

  • WksCal.exe using 100% CPU

    In the resource window, I see that there are five entrances to WksCal.exe and they use 100% CPU. I thought I had solved in part this problem yesterday when I got rid of all but one of these entries. Today, they are all back. I did a full scan on my computer by using the Windows program and found nothing.

    Hi RobtC,

    WksCal.exe is the MS. Works Calendar You try to view this question in the Newsgroup discussions of works (see link below)
    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • doc2text process using 100% cpu for a long

    I have encountered this problem before and never received a satisfactory solution.

    When we publish some PDF documents via collab in KD, doc2text process on our servers portals (also our API) turn at 100% of the CPU for about 90 seconds. This causes the publication of collab to fail, so we resort to directly download the file to the KD via downloading content.

    (1) why doc2text works on our servers of portal in the first place? Is this a result of the service portal server or api? If I move the API service off the coast to another machine, which will remove that pig of our front end servers CPU?

    (2) has anyone seen this before, or found a way around it? Y at - it a newer version of doc2text in gR 10, 3 that is not so terrible?

    I'm about to move to 1 - cpu virtual in our new environment, so any process that takes up 100% of the CPU will kill performance.


    Collab makes an IDK call to publish the document, so it does not hit the API service. For this reason, I propose the wide API service to another server so that the portal is not affected.


  • Remote Desktop has a blank screen from a Windows 7 client on a Win 2003 Server

    Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit Client
    Win 2003 SP2
    Remote Desktop - mstsc.exe

    Multiple Win 7 clients (Ultimate 32 bit) try to use remote desktop to a server Win 2003 breaking all we get is a blank screen after logging in to the remote IP address.  One XP and one another the same remote desktop connection client Vista works fine.  Win 7 is not compatible to connect to Win 2003?

    I also tried via a file .cmd in XP emulation mode and it still does not work.

    All attempts are like Adimiistator and it still does not work.

    Hello Bobe2,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forum.

    It would be better to post in another forum. This forum is intended for consumers about Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
    Given that your question concerns the connection to a Windows 2003 server, it would be preferable for you to post in the forum Windows 2003.
    Click here to post.

    Sincerely, Marilyn
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  • A process called "svctimesag.exe" consumes high CPU on the Production Server.

    OT: svctimesag.

    Hi team,

    In one of our Production Server is a process called "svctimesag.exe" using high CPU. This problem has been detected the day before.

    For immediate solution, we killed the process, but it did not help, then you need to restart our server.

    In the past 24 hours this process has shoot to the top of the CPU twice and you need to restart the server with force.

    Also searched the Internet but found no information. The location of the file on the server is C:\Program Files (x86)\Products\svctimesag\svctimesag.exe

    We organize engine on the server management application. We also opened the case with them to know the process.

    If any user face any problem with that part of process please your valuable troubleshooting strike.

    Thanks in advance.

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN


  • Remote Desktop hangs - Pro Win/7 Win/2003 Server access

    I'm access to about 20 different servers - mostly Win/2003.  On two of them. After working for a while; the screen turns off (gray); the task bar (sort of) will appear at the top of the screen. None of the keys work correctly; I can sometimes part of the screen of Windows Explorer, but it has a white background;  I can only 'X' to.  If I reconnect, I see the same garbage.  I have a system administrator to disconnect the session.  Other servers have absolutely no problem.  We can check?


    You can find the Server forums on TechNet support, please create a new post at the following link:


  • CF7 on Win 2003 Server?


    We intend to migrate CF7 from a Windows 2000 Server to a new server, Win 2003 and I was asked to verify it will run in this environment. I guess, but that is indeed the case?

    In addition, with respect to licensing, can we use the same license on both servers temporarily while performing the migration and testing?

    Thank you very much


    CFMX7 Q1), applications can be migrated to Windows2003. Refer here.

    Q2) and I'm sure there will be problems for temporary testing and development.

Maybe you are looking for

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