Current market value of the Satellite 2430 402

Does anyone know what is the current market value of this laptop? It is wifi certified and has no DVD burner.



I think that will be difficult to get an accurate assessment of this forum. The value much will depend on market conditions where you live and the availability of portable computers in your environment.

There are several factors that affect the value you would need to take into consideration.


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  • What is a current market value of the Satellite Pro L100-125


    I currently have a laptop Satellite Pro L100-125, that I've had for a few years now.
    It's getting on abit I know, but until recently, he did everything I needed it to do. Unfortunately, I had a small accident and the laptop has been damaged.

    Asking for a new home insurance since I'm not able to buy a new laptop for now (being student humble and everything!). The insurance company asked about the damage and the value of the computer.

    The damage, I know, this is the current value of the computer that I'm not sure of!
    Its probably not much, but if I get it wrong then a number of things can happen!
    If I declare that the value is higher than it actually is, they say it's fixable or say that it is a fraudulent application!

    If I declare the value too low, then we'll write him offshore but I get a very good replacement (I know it's the lesser of two evils and looks like I'm just try on, but this claim will push my premiums until next year regardless, so I might as well get the best that I can possibly get out of it!).

    Anyone happen to know the current market value of a laptop with the specifications below?

    The computer is a Satellite Pro L100-125
    Intel Centrino Duo T2400 1.83 GHz
    2 GB of RAM (512 MB originally)
    60 GB HARD drive

    Also, just so that I know what to expect, no one knows the approximate cost of replacing the screen and the housing on this particular laptop?

    Any help at all would be much appreciated.


    Satellite L100 series is already abandoned and it seems no more on the market
    The point is that you could buy a new a lot harder for laptop with the best hardware specifications for about 400-500 euros.
    I don't have no idea how the fix would cost, but if the screen or motherboard would have died then the repair process could be a costly affair because the display and motherboards are more expensive laptop parts

  • Adapter and battery replacement on the Satellite 2430 402

    I'm looking for a power supply of replacement satellite 2430 402 and PA3250u-1BRS battery. I tried eBay and can't find something suitable. Any suggestions please?


    I found information that to use this device there are two spare batteries:
    Battery Pack Pack PA3250U-1BAS, PA3250U-1BRS battery

    EBay isn't just the place where you can find it. I put t know in which country you live but google a little and maybe you will find an online PC store where you can order.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite 2430 402: the processor upgrade possible?

    Hello world

    I have a Satellite 2430 402 with P4 2.53 GHz.
    Is it possible to change the processor of a more recent/fast (up to 3.4 GHz)?

    Thanks in advance


    Maybe an other old Intel P4 CPU would work, but you will not be able to upgrade and use newer processors.
    Furthermore a stronger CPU would create more heat dissipation and this would lead to a temperature more high which could affect the functionality of the laptop.

    So even if a new CPU would be recognized correctly by the BIOS, it might affect the functionality of the laptop.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite 2430-402, display driver problem

    I have a Satellite 2450-201. Very often when the system comes back to hibernate the system will not reboot, it gets stuck after the opening logo. I have to turn it off then then got in safe mode and then restart. I get a message that the system has recovered from a failure of the device and it identifies the driver of Nvidia display as the culprit. I have re-charge the last driver from Toshiba, but if I try AN update of Microsoft, the screen goes crazy, and I have to go back through the re-boot and safe mode thing. Any ideas on what may be the problem?

    Good evening! I had this problem with my Satellite 2430 402. I ve updated the Bios and everything was fine.

    Check your Bios Version at first?

  • Satellite 2430-402: 437 Application error during recovery

    Right, I've got a Toshiba Satellite 2430-402 (purchased new) for at least 3 years. I have formated several times before and re-loaded windows back on with no problems until now.

    The problem only started two days ago, when I noticed my CD drive was not recognized. So I decided to format etc, came out the disk Recovery Utility that came only with the computer to install everything, and it will not go beyond 12%. I'm greeted by * Application error 437
    Can not read the file.

    I left really stuck and cannot load anything. I fdisc / formatted /spinrite / kill the hard disk, just in case where there is something nasty on here and can still get nowhere. This is the first time I'm really stuck.

    This could be the engraver of CD or would it be the hard drive or basically the computer is nakered. I inspected the recovery disk, and they are all clean!

    Or is it because I made an update of the bios (you mind, it was weeks ago)

    Everyone please

    Thanks in advance


    to my knowledge, the Ghost image files are placed on the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    That's why I studied on the ghosts manufacturing Web site.
    It s Symantec and found this information site:

    HM & lg = fr & ct = us

    According to this page this problem seems to be due to starting the computer incorrectly when you use Ghost with GoBack on the computer.
    This problem may also occur when you use a brand or type of CD that works well with your CD - R or CD - RW device. In this case, Windows or DOS might be able to read the information on the CD that other applications cannot.

  • Satellite 2430-402 PS243E-06P4S-EN - help me with drivers


    is there someone who can help out me... Please reply how I download vga and the satellite toshiba sound card drivers model no PS243E-06P4S-FR

    other tnformations are

    Satellite 2430-402

    MODEL NO PS243E-06P4S-FR

    NO. 43811166 G SERIES

    19V DC 4. 74 A
    P4 2, 53 G/2 X 256 / 40 G 42, 15XT, CDW, LM

    AND I'm using windowx xp home edition

    so now please tell me what to do 2

    As Akuma has suggested the drivers are located in the area of Archive page of European driver of Toshiba.
    The laptop is an oldie and so the drivers are placed in the archives.
    In the form of product type download choose: Archive and you can find all compatible applications.

  • Satellite 2430 - 402 has a life of its own

    I got my satellite 2430 402 for about 2 years and it was absolutely perfect, but recently, I have noticed a problem that worsens every day. every few minutes the arrow mode icon turns green (without me touching the Fn key) and I lost control of the computer... strange writing appears... assistants open and close in front of me and im totally helpless that the keyboard stops working during the event... it continues for less than a minute and then everything goes back to normal for a minute or 2 then the same thing happens again...

    I'm about to start typing a thesis for my job and there is no way I can do if the problem persists... incidentally although it happens at any time it can be made worse if I try to type something, even a password to connect to a Web site... I had to use a friends computer to send sos message... can someone help please... Thank you

    [Edited by: admin 30 July 05 10:10]

    There could be different reasons for this... HARDWARE or SOFTWARE!

    First, you need to check if this occurs only when you are running windows.


    If so,.
    (1) a malware (trojan, keylogger etc.) can be installed on your laptop, or

    (2) a bad driver could be the reason. Have you recently joined a keyboard or usb mouse to your computer? It may have installed an incompatible driver or wrong.

    Start your computer and keep it in the PRE-START-UP phase (enter the BIOS SETUP and wait to see whether this will occure here yet).


    If so, I guess your keyboard film contacts are dirty. You will need to remove the keyboard, open the movie-lock and clean the contacts with alcohol or contact spray. If you are not familiar with this procedure, please consult the technical support.

  • Satellite 2430-402: which HARD drive I can use for an upgrade


    I have a 2430-402 satellite and the hard drive is full. Can someone tell me the greatest, he will take care and what kind do I buy? (Probably not PATA or SATA but I should look into IDE)

    Thank you



    You are right. To my knowledge, the Satellite 2430 was delivered with an improved interface to drive HARD IDE (ATA-5). Therefore, we must look for IDE hard disks.

    I'm not sure about Mr. size of HARD drive max. I think that Toshiba provides official information what size HARD drive max can be used. I presume to test

    Laptop has been delivered with a40GB HARD disk. Am I wrong?
    Hmm in my opinion the 60GB HDD should run. You might also try a 80 GB HARD drive if it s compatible.
    But I really very skeptical about larger sizes.

    Best regards

  • Satellite 2430-402: charging battery problems

    Can someone tell me if my Satellite 2430 402 must recharge the battery while it is turned on and plugged in. Unless the battery shows 100% to the point that I turn on the machine, she throws herself even if it is plugged into the mains

    Hey lee,

    normally your satellite should be recharged during kindled and trendy!

    Have you used the Toshiba Power Saver?

    When there is this problem occure for the first time? Do you have anything before this failure occurred?

    Pete Bye

  • I couldn't find WLAN on Satellite 2430 402

    Hello world

    I have Satellite 2430 402, what it says in the manual that this machine has card WLAN but my computer does not detect everything. I activated the switch is good, but is always the same.

    Could you please any body help me about this?

    There is not much help. Each card is here or not. Check please the Device Manager and see if the wireless adapter is listed under network adapters.

  • What card WiFi for my Satellite 2430 402?


    My 2430 402 seems to have an internal wireless card installation but I don't know which is the right of any Toshiba site or where to find a. Someone out there who can help please.


    As far as I know it's a card wireless one which is compatible with your device. It s a
    PA3212U WiFi Standard: 802. 11B. But nevertheless, you should contact the service partner for more information about the parts that work with your laptop.
    You can find authorized sites Web of Toshiba service partner. Please take a look at this:

    Best regards

  • How to use on the Satellite 2430-101 S-Video port?

    Hi all!

    I don't know if I'm in the right section... I have a second hand S Satellite 2430-101 and use Microsoft Windows XP. Unfortunately I can't use the s-video output, because I do not know, how should be done. Quite simply, do not attach the s-video cable to the TV worked. What do I need to enable something in Notepad? Thank you in advance


    As Nicky said if the unit is pre-installed with recovery CD, you can use the FN + F5 key combination and switch to the external display or TV. Check also display properties > settings > advanced > nView. Control the clone and device settings option. Under device settings, you can find the device selection option.

    Good bye

  • Get the current index value of the table control

    I have a table control 1 d on a panel that contains a value of temperature curve that I send to a temperature controller. The values in the table are not unique, because for example 40.5 degrees in the table could represent 40.5 degrees on the cycles of cooling or heating. I could have severat heating/cooling cycles programmed into the table. I would like a way to read the array index of the currently displayed item in the array in the up/down control of index on the left of the table control. I could then run curves partial temperature easily by neutrophilia a starting point on the curve in the table control.

    I don't see a property that I can use to get this index value. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you


    Use the property 'index values. It will be the first item of the output of a 1-d array.

  • How to get the current zoom value in the ID?

    Is there a way that can get the current zoom value in InDesign?


    Thank you very much.

    You could glance at the widget shown in your screenshot, at least when frame MDI (?) is displayed.

    The title of the window to kLayoutPresentationBoss, IID_IDOCUMENTPRESENTATION also reflects the value.

    Probably the best would be the kLayoutWidgetBoss, IID_IPANORAMA, GetXScaleFactor() - and GetYScaleFactor()!

    I'm just trying to imagine how a document would look like if these differ from each other ;-) and, better yet, how to achieve this objective in the user interface.

    BTW, only one notification is kDocWorkspaceBoss, Protocol IID_IWINDOW, order kUpdateDocumentUIStateCmdBoss.

    Another: there's a kDocWindowTitleModifyService...

    Edit: I note once again of course IID_IPANORAMA, observable of the subject kLayoutWidgetBoss.


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