CURSOR blackBerry Smartphone PROBLEM

Dear Sir, I am facing problem for the plotter (middle mouse) for scrolling. It works on some screens and on some it freezes and I can't use hv to use the touch screen. Its a question and wasting too much time during labor and the battery. Pls guide how the plotters to work on all screens.

For example, it doent work while

(A) typing e-mail, if I want to scroll down to see previous email.

(B) Messager of black berries, scrollbar for scrolling in the messages.

PLS, advice and help the ugtly.

Thanks Deepak


Hi antoinesombie

Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums

Wheneven you feel you cursor is affectionate always perform a battery pull reboot as this device on remove the battery wait a min. then reinsert back, wait until your device supports a long restart. See if it solves your problem.

If it does not help the appointment through this RIM Knowledge Base:

KB29640 : Trackpad, trackball or the keyboard does not not on a BlackBerry Smartphone


Please try it and let us know.




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    Hello everyone, I reccently purchased a vodafone bb 8900 to my friend, I unblocked him today and I am currently using a 02 sim card. My companion had set up on the phone but deleted emails before you send the phone.

    My problem is when I try to configure my emails I go to Settings / Setup Wizard / Configuration of email, there is no option to create or add an email account. Only the possibility of using a professional email with an Enterprise Server account. And there is no shortcut to the e-mail settings in the setup folder.

    does anyone know how to configure my e-mail from here?

    PS This is my first blackberry and I am a complete novice with this stuff so if you can keep things simple, it would be greatly appreciated thank you Ryan


    A few things for you...

    KB05099 Steps to take before selling it, or after buying a used BlackBerry smartphone

    KB03087 Configure BlackBerry Internet Service, BlackBerry mail and e-mail or account e-mail BlackBerry

    It is likely that some of the seller in the first element steps were not completed... those that must be made before continuing. I suggest to do it again. More... your friend got it on BES? If so, there are a few extra steps (in this picture) that must be made.

    Good luck!

  • Cursor blackBerry Smartphones and video problems


    I can't control my cursor or video games.  Is this one problem for others?  I am trying to decide if I would return my Storm because of these problems.

    Thanks, Liz

    Liz2009 wrote:


    BlackBerry told me that I should be able to visualize videos, and that a fix should be out.  I am able to play the sample video that has been loaded on my new phone to factory... it looks great.

    OK, if your want to put videos on your storm of DVDs or videos that you have downloaded, you'll need a program called Handbrake (just google it) it's free.

    the video must be in mp4 format and screen size 480 x 360.

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    My Blackberry Curve 9220 cursor does not work.

    Is - this problem is hardware or software problem.

    Now how could restore data from my phone in my computer... Please advice.

    Hello mustafamalak

    To get out of safe mode just reboot your device i; e a battery pull reboot. If your trackpad device does not yet work on safe mode, you can try to charge your device OS but if this does not work I doubt you need to replace your Trackpad.



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  • BlackBerry Smartphones problema boton power led

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    Hola @mbianchi

    Bienvenido a los

    Well as you comentaron los amigos, ya're a fisico demas debe reaccionar tan solo el problema con una vez, must the membrane down Escalin tecla o presionarlo este defectuosa.

    ACDUA a UN servicio Técnico especializado garantizado, if esta garantia apela por ella en o.


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    Thnak you so the forum is really a big blow to hand all of my problems have been take care of thank you

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    I don't know when it started, I guess shortly after a problem of low humidity, but I was not able to add contacts to my blackberry for almost maybe 3-4 months now. Whenever I click on new contact, my phone blocked n I have to restart. Any ideas on how to solve this problem I don't want to do a complete reset if I have.

    fuumarhys wrote:

    I don't know when it started, I guess shortly after a problem of low humidity, but I was not able to add contacts to my blackberry for almost maybe 3-4 months now. Whenever I click on new contact, my phone blocked n I have to restart. Any ideas on how to solve this problem I don't want to do a complete reset if I have.

    Hi fuumarhys,

    Remove Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

    Thank you.

  • Network blackBerry Smartphone problems

    Hey! I have known problems of network for more than 2 months now... I contact Vodacom service provider and they assured me that their network is working perfectly well.

    I don't know what to do anymore because now I can't access the internet and my Facebook Mobile is just annoying...

    Please help with this problem because I can not continue like this more. Its driving me crazy...

    Please, I beg you!

    Hello Leboh

    Why don't you try to uninstall the Facebook application...

    Open the link in the browser on your blackberry

    Remember that to access this application, you must have data or BIS plan.

    Kind regards.

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    Accept as Solution to * comment *.


  • URGENT blackBerry Smartphones: problems with name dialing

    Since the sync with my PC, my contacts list of 750 is visible until I have start typing letters to refine a search for a specific name, and then most of the names that should be visible to the search disappear? Only a small part of the 750 seem to be part of research when I type the letters to find names, I think related to the ones I edited on Outlook. Any help much appreciated. I checked the filter of address book, and I have no filters.

    Remove the battery and reinsert and restart Blackberry has solved the problem for me

  • BlackBerry Smartphones problem change the language to send SMS on BB Curve 9300 3

    BlackBerry 9300 3

    Does anyone know if there is a quick way to change the language of the keyboard? My laptop has in Arabic and English keyboard keys, but no Arab option on the phone with the language settings.

    When I try to update the input languages to include Arabic via the desktop software, I get the following message:

    "BlackBerry® Desktop Software Update could not validate your BlackBerry® device.

    Aborting installation because of the failure of the validation. Some unsatisfied dependencies contained package. »

    The only advice I found is to go into the Woods under ~ library on my Mac with OS X 10.6.8 which will display messages to applications that need to be uninstalled as they are third parties and can not be validated. This suggests the Blackberry Appworld should be uninstalled that I did, but still have the problem.

    If anyone can help that would be great.

    Also, I would be grateful if someone can confirm if Blackberry phones are supposed to be that mind? I just spent my eighth time on it, and I'm regretting ever having bought the phone. I made phone calls with it and sent the texts in English, but other than that nothing. I already have a phone that is equal to a tenth of the cost of that tape also in Arabic, which I think is pretty useless Blackberry in comparison.

    I finally found a work around for this problem. I adapted the advice from the link here:

    In order to clarify that I was using a BB9300 3 G Curve, with BB OS 6, with the latest version of BB Desktop, running on a Mac Book Pro.

    You must clean the phone and reinstall the operating system for phones in a way that eventually flashes the RAM on the phone, as it appears a large batch of phones were shipped with this bug.

    Once invited to fix the phone, you must choose the oldest version of the operating system offered by the Repair Wizard. It will remove your personal and settings files that will need to be manually reinstalled.

    My steps were as follows:


    1 delete the versions of operating system stored on your Mac by going to ~Library/ApplicationSupport/BlackberryDesktop/DeviceApplications

    2. empty the Recycling / Bin of the "trash".

    3 remove the battery from your Blackberry and then connect to your computer via a USB cable. The phone will display a battery with a red cross. The desktop software is expected to launch after that the phone is connected.

    4. you will be asked to repair or restart the phone. Opt for repair and you should be presented with different versions of earlier operating systems. He recommended the latest version for me, but in fact I found that I had to go straight to the first version of the operating system available which was OS5. Select this option and then start the download.

    5. I found that the phone has downloaded the whole software at once, but in the original notice it says that on the phone may need to be reconnected several times it falls, close and restart BB Desktop software every time. I found that it only happened when you try to install later versions of the operating system.

    6. halfway through the installation of the progress bar said "waiting for device commissioning. At this point, reinsert the battery.

    7. then wait that the phone restart which took more than 20 minutes for me.

    8. This should have completed the installation. Especially when the phone is installed with the OS5 he gave me an option to choose the input languages available on the phone and remove those unwanted. I received a message on BB Office recommends that upgraded the operating system 6, I did, and now works with the input languages.

    Again, this work around is to: that I had to modify the steps that I pointed out in case it helps anyone in the future.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones problems accessing my media card to format install repair n

    About 1 month after I had a new 4 GB media card 4 my Curve 8520 it stopped workin. I tried 2 format, fix n install but I had a guarded dat msg saying could not format or install or repair. So I tried my old 2 GB card media n I'm getin d same problem. Sum1 can you please help? What is my phone?

    OK, Sandisk is one of the best brands, so the time to start back at square one. In this case, it may well be the phone. If you're ready to try something a bit drastic, my next suggest is to reload the OS on your BlackBerry. You can do so by following the steps in the following link:

    It is possible that something like a wipe handheld might work, but that it will take just to the next step and could win you time in the long run.

  • SETTING EMAIL blackBerry Smartphone PROBLEM


    Having a problem with the e-mail setting. I use "BOLD" 3.I can't set any email account (set-up-select the feature that you want to configure - nothing is displayed). I activated the Internet of BB package. Can someone help me...

    In your phone's browser, type

    Let us know if that helps you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones problem wit bbm

    I use bold 9790 5. .i have not upgraded my bbm when the upgrade message came...

    and now I want to upgrade to version 6.2. .but whenever I try to update always says that 'it is not available for your device.

    Anyone have the solution to this problem?

    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Hi hotty

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    Currently you are able to use BBM without any problem?

    To download BBM6.2, use your BlackBerry browser and your browser to and download BBM6.2.

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones problems!

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help? I have a blackberry curve 9320 and have problems with the opening of new e-mails, the phone open the header of the email without problem, but the rest of the message is the email before, mainly problems with emails from groupon and opens only half of the page. Thank you, chris.

    Can you try to install a free app called "ShowMeTheImages" and see if that helps you any?

    It is in the AppWorld.

  • Code country blackBerry Smartphone problem

    Greetings from a newbie storm owner,

    Recently made a four day trip to the Canada, and when I'm back in the USA, I now get a message that I have to enter in the

    #1 for the code of country before she composed. Any help on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

    Thank you bifocals and Xandrex. When I hit the button to register, he solved the problem. The three days of fishing at the Canada worth hiccups on the BlackBerry. As a beginner, do not know where is the resolved however button, it is resolved.

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