Cursor / C850-1NU flashing Satellite will not start


I did something really stupid!

Recently, I installed ubuntu on my toshiba laptop. In a game where he was downloading things, I turned off my cell phone because I thought it was frozen. I turned it back, but all he has a black screen with a white blinking "_". I put in an old Windows XP disc to see if I could install it but still nothing happened.

And the laptop is installed with Windows 8 x 64 if that helps.

I have to buy a new BIOS chip, or what?


In my opinion some OS install fails has nothing to do with the BIOS and after restart, you should see Toshiba welcome screen at least.
>... but he did a black screen with a white blinking "_".
See Toshiba welcome screen until you see Flash _?

You have created a recovery (DVD or USB) media? If Yes please try to start installation of recovery image. Start Notepad, and then press F12.
Can you see menu boot with bootable devices listed?

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  • L50 - B satellite will not start when the battery is completely discharged


    My Toshiba L50 - B won't start when the battery is fully drained but connected to the power outlet.
    I try to work most of the time on the battery to keep the battery in good shape, but when I forgot to turn off the battery drains and the system will not start when I plug in the adapter.

    The battery charge indicator is orange light as it should. Only when the battery is fully charged to 100%, it will run at startup and function normally after that. I tried to turn on the laptop several times during the charge cycle, but only when the charge indicator changes from yellow to white it starts. Tested for 2 bodies.

    My old Toshiba always immediately turned on when I plugged the adapter even when the battery has been completely drained. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Thanks for responding... I hope well :-)

    Toshiba L50 - B
    Windows 8.1
    Any standard/original setting since I only acquired this laptop a month ago.

    The laptop should light up if the power adapter is plugged in and power the laptop corectly any if the battery is empty or during charge.

    Please check the version of the BIOS that is available on your mobile phone and compare with the BIOS available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver
    Maybe you need to update the BIOS, but to be honest, the history seems really odd to me and I m afraid that there could be some power supply electronic problem

    So in the worst case, the laptop must be checked by authorized service provider.

  • L50-A-19N satellite will not start in the BIOS


    I have a problem with my laptop.
    I have installed 8.1 and fedora 20 windows.

    I was in fedora, when I decided to restart Windows.
    Instead of grub, I saw message with the error and my notebook has stopped booting.

    I pressed the power button / stop, he died but when Im trying to start it again, I see the logo of Toshiba Leading Innovation and that's it.

    It will not start any further.
    I decided to get my system, but when I press F2 or F12, nothing happens.
    I can't get into the BIOS!

    Please, help me to solve it.

    Somehow, this seems really strange
    I m wondering why you are unable to access the BIOS

    What you can try to do is, remove the laptop HARD drive and switch on and press F2.
    From my point of view of the rare even if the isn't HARD drive connected, you should be able to access the BIOS.

    But for Pierre, I'm not very well your laptop problem is related to the faulty / corrupt Boot partition m

    However, your comments would be greatly appreciated

  • L775-11N satellite will not start


    I bought a L775 almost a year ago, but today it has stopped booting. It freezes at the screen of the BIOS (Toshiba logo).
    No HDD LED activity, but all the others are fine.

    I think that the HARD drive is defective, as I traded with my portable Linux and it works.

    However, (a Seagate Momentus XT ST95005620AS) HARD drive works on another computer and even on Linux with the Toshiba (on an external HARD drive enclosure). He has some bad sectors (INTELLIGENT default), but it works as it should.

    I tried to clean the CMOS memory, wipe the HARD drive (using GParted), but nothing.

    Any ideas?

    I think it fails because of the CHIP, as the BIOS will not start on this HARD drive because of the errors, but I'm not sure. I tried to update the BIOS (I think that I've upgraded to 1.90 but there is a 2.0 release), but looks like it is a Windows software only.

    Thanks for your replies

    EDIT: I can boot the disk when it is inside a USB enclosure.


    I don t think that this question is related to the failure of HARD drive.
    Even if the HARD drive is faulty, the laptop must pass the POST (power self test) properly but it doesn t it freezes to the Toshiba start screen and this means that the POST has not been passed

    I think you should check the RAM. A faulty RAM can cause this kind of problem
    Otherwise, it could be a serious problem with the motherboard.

  • C satellite will not start - only toshiba logo appears

    My laptop is only 1 week and will not start.
    All I get is the toshiba logo and the screen becomes a pale bluish color.

    Any ideas?

    What is your laptop model?

    You are able to access the BIOS?
    Turn on the unit button and press F2 to enter the BIOS.
    The BIOS screen is visible?

    Another idea: the laptop turns on, press the F12 key.
    Usually, you should see a start menu. Here choose the last option called HARD drive recovery.
    This option allows you to recover the computer laptop back to factory settings.

  • My C50-A-1DV Satellite will not start


    Yesterday my C50 Satellite would not start. When turned on, it shows the Toshiba logo and then the little circles just keep them.

    I booted into recovery mode and ran chkdsk, but there are no errors on the disc.

    When I restarted, then she says the following:

    Preparation auto repair
    Diagnose your PC
    Check disk for errors
    Auto repair attempt

    Then at the stge small circles just continue.

    I started in safe mode and activated the boot record.

    Attached is the NTBTLOG file

    Thank you very much


    Turning off the laptop
    Then press the power button and immediately after that, press the F12 button
    Then you should see a screen similar to this one:

    Then I recommend you to choose the option to drive HARD recovery... The last option in this menu.
    This would start the HDD recovery procedure and would restore the laptop back to factory settings...

    More details here:

  • C850 satellite will not start - black screen with mouse cursor while

    the screen while starting up is black with the cursor display white mouse - but won't start

    the computer is only 3 months with windows 8

    Please help me

    Thank you

    You mean underscore flashing/blinking in the upper left corner?
    It is above all an indicator of malfunction of the HARD drive.

    In your case, I recommend contacting the Toshiba authorised service provider because the laptop is 3 months old. In this case the warranty is still valid and you must have it repaired for free.

  • 4070CDT satellite will not start up - BSOD appears

    I have an old Toshiba Satellite 4070CDT.
    After you have filled the password and of meadows, enter only a blue screen is visible, and nothing else works.
    Start in "Safe Mode" is not an option, it will also not work.

    Anyone have an idea what is wrong?


    The Toshiba start screen appears and makes the laptop going on this?
    If this isn't the case, then there could be something wrong with the hardware.
    It seems that if your device fails to its POST (Power On Self Test).
    In this case, the service agent must check the machine.

    But first, you should check if the alternative is possible.
    You plug in external devices to your laptop? If so, I would recommend disconnecting every 3rd external device.
    If the laptop does not start successfully, try to recover with the recovery CD Toshiba delivered.

  • L50 satellite will not start up - request password HARD drive


    I hope someone can help me

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L50 and when I start it, it says
    + no boot device please don't restart System.

    It is still under warranty because it was purchased only 6 months ago.
    I took it back where I bought it and they told me to contact Toshiba.

    I'm waiting on a reminder.
    I hope that someone can help you. He also asked that the HARD drive password.

    Where can I find this information?

    Hi Kym

    I guess the L50 Satellite cannot find the boot device (HARD drive), because the HARD drive was obtained with a drive password HARD and without this HARD isn't accessible disk password and the system does not start properly.

    Did you set this password for HARD drive in the past?
    I m request because this isn t password on new laptops. This HARD drive password can only be set by the owner of the laptop

    Of my knowledge if you know n t this HARD drive password, you will not be able to access the HARD disk in such a case, the HARD drive would be useless, and the data would be lost

    That's why I recommend you check if someone put the HARD drive on your laptop password where you n t know the password, you will need to replace the HARD drive and reinstall the system once more.

  • Flash 8 will not start


    I just bought the bundle Adobe Creative Suite 2 Web with Studio 8 and for some reason that I can't identify it will not Flash 8.

    DreamWeaver, fire with Fireworks and all the other software to launch very well. His only Flash, which does not seem to want to get started.

    Anyone had this happen before? Any idea on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm working on a G5 running OSX 10.3.9

    Well, I decided to reinstall OS x to see if it would help, and that seemed to fix it. [I still don't know what was the problem, but a new install seemes to have it fixed:]

  • NB10 satellite will not start

    I was watching a movie on my USB with my Toshiba Satellite NB10, when all of a sudden my screen went white,
    I pressed the Start button & it showed onscreen Toshiba but would not start.

    What is the problem, I need help.

    Thank you!

    You are able to access the BIOS?

    First of all hold them down the power button 5-10 sec to turn off the laptop.
    Then press the button again, then F2 button to access the BIOS.

    If possible, please check if the HARD drive is on the first page of the BIOS... it must be demonstrated with some details like drive HARD size / name...

    Your comments would be appreciated.

  • A5383 S55D satellite will not start without power


    I have the Toshiba Satellite S55D A5383 laptop and I have a problem with the battery, I think.
    Laptop does not start without power. What is happening since last week.
    In fact, since April 2015 battery does not last as it did when I bought (may 2014).
    I have'nt registered the product and I think I'm out of warranty.

    So, what can I do to fix this?

    You'll probably just get a new battery which is what I did. Try Amazon.

  • Re: My L50-A-1 Satellite will not start

    Hello world

    I have a C50-A-1 Satellite and it won't start. I used my computer at work this morning on the farm and I realized that I forgot my food at home. My laptop just Runic off battery and off of himself.

    I came home, put the power supply and no lights are on my laptop won't start. I can't remove the battery on this laptop, so I can't check if it works only with the power supply...

    Any suggestion?
    Thank you very much


    I recommend to use the reset (small hole) button located at the bottom of the unit.
    Usually, in the case of PC freezes, do not start or has a power failure, you can stop it by pressing the power button for 10 seconds (force shutdown).

    Here's the full description:
    [The stop switch of strength (hole) for models with one main battery fixed |]

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Re: My laptop Satellite will not start

    s Satellite series a of 4 years.
    does not start when turned on, the fans run, but wont even get to the POST.
    any ideas? HARD or Mo disk failure?

    I'm afraid of THAT BIOS is damaged.
    Did you do something last days that may be responsible for this?

  • My Satellite will not start after installing Vista updates

    My Toshiba satellite laptop does not start after the installation of updates. I get the Toshiba screen, then a screen that gives me two options. Start windows normally or repair windows. I tried both but you just Tousez in circles to the same screen.

    I didn't have any rescue CD or save a Vista CD with my computer

    Can someone help me. Do you have ideas how to run again.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Christine

    Can you please tell us which laptop model you have?
    Did you start your laptop with F8?
    What happens when you click Repair option?

    Please give us more information.

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