Cursor starts moving across the screen from left to right after the wake up the computer from standby or hibernation

Original title: cursor goes wild

My PC to 'wake up' sleep/hibernate, the cursor initially moving across the screen from left to right, in which window is open, destroy all the document is on the screen. I force Windows to close. How to solve this other than turning off standby/hibernation?


Looks like the cursor of the mouse is very sensitive when the computer comes out of standby or hibernation.
I suggest that you go in the mouse properties and lower the sensitivity and see if that helps.
You also need to update any driver mouse if possible.

Let us know if that helps.


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    If it is a laptop, make sure that you not brush your hand against the touchpad. If it isn't, try a new identity.

    You may have a damaged identity especially if it's the default main identity. File | Identities | Add the new identity. Create a new one and try it. If all goes well, you can import your messages and address book from the old identity and delete it.

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    Download and install the free version of Revo Uninstaller from the link below.

    Run revo and use it to uninstall the software.  Make a right click on the program icon you want to remove and select uninstall.  During the process, that you may be asked to remove the registry entries, simply select all and then click on remove.  Do the same for any left over files and folders.  Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the PC.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Also look in the scheduling of the task to see if she herself put there.

    See you soon.

  • Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9 may not resume from standby or hibernation with SP1


    Details of the laptop: [my laptop: ie = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 131911]

    I recently used Windows Update to install SP1 vista on my laptop, but since this installation I can't resume from standby or hibernation. (Service pack has successfully installed - according to Windows anyway).

    At the resumption of his sleep, I get a blank screen.

    During the recovery from Hibernation, I receive a STOP error message: + Stop 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x82F11020, 0x9A9D9714, 0x00000000) + caused by * Classpnp.sys*.

    After checking these forums, I have seen that Toshiba does not support SP1 + what is accurate? +

    + * If so when/how we will notify when Toshiba released a "patch" for compatibility Vista SP1? I'm guessing that via personnel TEMPO? *. +

    Before installing SP1, I installed all the updates (from Microsoft and Toshiba) and had no problems; all the drivers are up to date.

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    I guess that this happens because of a problem of compatibility between some pilots and SP1

    > After checking these forums, I saw that Toshiba does not support SP1 is that correct?
    Yes it's true.

    > If Yes, when and how will notify us when Toshiba released a "patch" for compatibility Vista SP1? I'm guessing that via personnel TEMPO?
    I think that there should be information on the Toshiba driver page, support page or we will receive some information of Toshiba through applications of Tempo.

    We'll see

  • Suddenly I can put is no longer the computer in standby mode manually or automatically.

    Original title: Control Panel - Power Option

    Suddenly I can put is no longer the computer in standby mode manually or automatically.  I can only turn off or restart.


    1. do you mean to say that the Standby button is greyed out?

    2 How long have you been faced with this problem?

    3. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?

    Check the question in the clean boot State and send the same return. Also, contact the manufacturing of computer for BIOS update.

  • hp5520e printing after slow start moved to the static IP (Win7)

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    And today I started noticing a POSSIBLE SECONDARY EFFECT of this change, namely that there now seems to be a "silence relics" after clicking "Print" in any application - to which sometimes feels like 20 seconds before something happens.

    I saw elsewhere (general googles) as "too high" an ip address static - and for ease of remembering of this I put in for use on my router Belkin 600 - * could * be the cause of this, which means the printer starts at 1 (or maybe 2, 1 being the router itself of course) and cycles or more through all possible values in the last "byte".

    SO before re - enter the somewhat laborious reset process involved in the integrated Web (integrated Web server) Server utility, my question is: -.

    IS SETTING a LOWER VALUE for the final byte in the static ip address for this printer probable

    to solve this problem - IE likely to start more quickly when I click on "Print" in a seems

    one of my apps (Windows 7)?

    Thanks to my consultant forecast!


    Log in to the web server integrated printers and I believe that with this model, it is a 'suggest a static IP button' by using this button, the printer will be assigned an address appropriate for your network. Once set, reset the printer, router and the computer and try to print again

  • y510p screen stays black after waking up from standby or hibernation

    Seems that since the latest graphics drivers NVIDIA update (I'm not 100% sure on this subject, but I think that this is the case), my screen remains black at being woken up from sleep or hibernation. I know it's on, and what is not a matter of the computer is slow, because it is not and even if it were, leaving for several minutes and it remains empty and the power button and keyboard and everything comes on and it starts to heat up to the top, so I know it's something. Hit the FN - F2 for the backlight does nothing, so I don't think that is the question. The only way to solve it is to hold down the power button / stop and reboot, which pisses me off because sometimes I have a large upward job and am forced to lose. Anyone else see this problem? Could it be related to new graphics drivers, or is this something worse and related material? My screen looks OK when it comes to everything else.

    Thank you!

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    Well everyone, I think I 'solved' the problem. The latest NVIDIA drivers, I have installed the other day fixes the problem. I can sleep, hibernate, shut down, you call it without going through the screen lights up only not for the last day today. I can't say for sure, but I am sure that it was the matter of 99%. I appreciate the help nonetheless.

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    Start > Control Panel > easy access to the Center > use the computer without a display and make sure that the box is not checked for Narrator begin.

    If it of not here then navigate around this area to configure this setting! Wingstmontana M.C.D.S.T.

  • Why the CC starts solange on the computer?

    Last week my creative cloud does not start automatically (as it should be by default) when I turn on the computer.

    If I try to restart CC via Spotlight, I get a message error-600: application 'Creative cloud' cannot be opened-600

    I then pass by Activity Monitor to exit CC and then turn it back on via Spotlight, and it now works normally.

    I'm on a Mac OS X 10.9.5

    Please advice to solve this problem, thank you!

    A chat session where an agent can remotely look inside your computer can help

    Cloud creative support chat (all creative cloud customer service problems)

  • How lsnr start automatically when the computer starts


    My OS is windows7 and Oracle version 11.2.0

    Whenever I start listener manually to start the computer. Is it possible to start car?

    Best regards

    have you checked the State of the listener service in the windows services console? (Start-> Run-> services.msc)

  • Satellite Pro U series: the fan starts to operate - the computer doesn't

    I had this problem since the computer was new (1 year now), and it has increased. Now I can work the internet on the computer, an hour before shutting down the computer - it is too hot. If I don't use products of word or office without being online, it's OK I tried to shut down unused application, it helps a little but not a lot. What can I do?

    Have you tried to clean the fans with a jet of compressed air?
    Many users recommend this tool for the cleaning of the fan, and it looks like it works very well.

    I think dust and debris inside the laptop to prevent fans turn properly and cooling the temperature rises and this leads to an overheating problem

    But if this doesn t help get rid of the problem of overheating then the ASP may be a last resort.

  • Win 7 Pro (x 86) Log in password is asked upon resuming from standby or hibernation

    It is a fresh install of Win 7 Pro 32 bit.

    I'm the only user, the guest account is disabled.

    To avoid the login screen I ran netplwiz and unchecked the "users must enter username and password...". "followed the instructions to fill out and restarted.

    From the pc from cold start or re-starting (reboot) the PC starts directly in the office (as it should), but the PC comes out of standby or hibernation in the connection screen and I have to enter a password.

    How to eliminate the need to enter a password during the recovery of the standby and Hibernate?



    Why do you have a password at all if you don't plan to use it?

    There you go...

  • restarting the computer mode standby

    Hello, when I put my computer to sleep or turn it off, it goes to the top and comes to the blue screen asking me my password. Sometimes, I get the "ease of access" options and have to close this dialog box, so it's maybe part of the problem. The only way I can turn off the computer of power off and remove the battery. Any ideas? I think it started after an automatic update of Windows 7.

    Hi Thomas,

    ·         Are you referring to the login screen - request password?

    ·         What happens when you close the Accessibility dialog box?

    You may experience this problem if the computer does not stop correctly. Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: I suggest that you check allow this device to wake the computer have a check mark.

    Here are the steps:

    a. click Start, type Device Manager in the search box.

    b. go to the Device Manager.

    c. click on keyboard, it will display your keyboard, right-click and go to Properties.

    d. Select power management.

    e. check allow this device to wake the computer.

    Follow the same procedure for mouse, restart the computer and check if it works properly.

    Method 2: I would also say that you update your display drivers, you can log on to the manufacturer's Web site and download the latest drivers and install.

    For more information:

    The problems of wake the computer from sleep mode

    Method 3: I suggest you to perform troubleshooting of power utility to set the power of your computer settings and check if it works properly.

    For more information, see the following articles:

    Open the troubleshooter of power

    Sleep and extended: frequently asked questions

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Let us know if it helps.

  • Wireless disconnected on resume from standby or hibernation

    I have a new CTO T520.4239 with Intel Centrino Ultimate N6300 AGN wireless adapter. I searched the Board for a recent solution to the problem of disconnection on the CV and did all the power setting and the PCI Express listed by others, and like most mods, they did not help.

    When the computer comes out of the network icon in the area of notification has a red cross on it and wait to connnect does not help. I have to click the icon and select the network to which I want to join and then wait for the icon to go from blue to white when the computer and the access point finally hang up. I do not use the dial-up connections. It wasn't a problem until a series of updates this month.

    Does anyone have the fresh ideas on what seems to be a well known problem? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    Hey mixz1,

    try to uninstall the wifi drivers and let windows install its generic drivers. test your connection and see if the same problem occurs.

    Then, reinstall the driver from our support site but before you install it, set your camera to the mode of diagnosis via msconfig, then install

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