Custom code to return all the selected items in a dynamic list

Does anyone know of a custom code to return all the selected items in a dynamic list? Support told me that Dreamweaver does not return the last item. If anyone can give me a Tips how make this code custom or can direct me to code, I would be eternally grateful.


Thanks to you two. I used the square brackets since they are in this season...


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  • Get an AIArtHandle for all the selected items in the doc

    I'm doing what someone does in this other thread about the export in PNG.


    We have several layers (some off and locked).

    I would like to pass all the selected items to the Action of Image Optimization as a group rather than optimize each.  I use AIMatchingArt Suite to retrieve items selected, but it points to an array of AIArtHandles... any ideas?

    That's how I ended up doing and it works.  (In addition to the other code which has been referenced in the original post).

    I don't know if it would work better with an ArtSet, but it works.  Perhaps, if the images I'm flattening were somewhat more complicated, I would run in the duplication you mentioned.

    result = sAIActionManager-> PlayActionEvent (kAISelectAllAction, kDialogOff, NULL);

    result = sAIMatchingArt-> GetSelectedArt (store, & County);

    If {(result)

    Store = NULL;

    Count = 0;

    } else {}

    result = sAILayer-> InsertLayer (NULL, kPlaceAboveAll, & newLayer);

    If (newLayer &! result)


    sAILayer-> SetLayerVisible (newLayer, true); See the layer

    sAILayer-> SetLayerIsTemplate (newLayer, false); Mark as NOT a model layer get exported

    sAILayer-> SetLayerEditable (newLayer, true);

    result = sAIArt-> NewArt (kGroupArt, kPlaceAboveAll, Nile, &group);)

    for (index = 0; (result == kNoErr) & (index< count="" );="" index++="" )="">

    Art AIArtHandle = (* store) [index];

    Copy of AIArtHandle;

    Add the art group

    result = sAIArt-> DuplicateArt (kPlaceInsideOnBottom, group, ©);)




  • Determine the index of the selected items in a ListBox?


    I can't find a simple/direct method to determine the index of the selected item in a list box.

    I feel I'm missing something, but I can't seem to figure out who (if any) returns an index number if you use it with the recall of .onChange for a ListBox control.

    The following code implements that I need, but is not particularly efficient or elegant and can get confused if you introduce multiple lists to check.

    Any suggestions to reproduce this behavior, even with the best code would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    var RES = ' palette {text: 'Example-list' properties: {resizable: true}-} ".

    NLP: Panel {orientation: 'row', preferredSize: [400 600]------}

    list1: ListBox {preferredSize: [400 550], properties: {multiselect: true, numberOfColumns:2, showHeaders:true, columnTitles: ["list 1", "item 0"]}}, \


    var win = new Window (res)


    for (i = 0; i < 10; i ++) {}

    var line = win.pnl.list1.add ("point", "Same entry")

    row.subItems [0] .text = ' paragraph '+ i}.

    Win.PNL.List1.OnChange = function() {}

    var tempArray = new Array()

    for (i = 0; i < win.pnl.list1.items.length; i ++) {}

    If (win.pnl.list1.items [i] .selected == true) {tempArray.push (i)}


    selectedRow = win.pnl.list1.items var [tempArray [0]] .text

    var selectedRowSubitem = win.pnl.list1.items [tempArray [0]] .subItems [0]

    Alert ("selection:" + tempArray + "\n posted content:" + selectedRow + "\t" + selectedRowSubitem)


    .. .in the same time, that should be enough

    win.pnl.list1.onChange = function() {
         alert(this.selection.index); // for this to work set, multiselect:false

    I guess you already tried and the result is 'undefined', the reason is that you have this property


    in this case, the selection returns an array


    I'd give you the first selected item, even if you only have a single element selected, for all selected items to loop through all the elements in the selection table.

    not sure if the wonderful guide Peter explains this (explained in the Guide to the tools), but you should read it too, he has tons of info.

  • Download the work plan of the selected item

    I have the script where I select objects on the artboard multiple, but I can't seem to get advice art activates the selected item. Is this possible?

    each work plan is a text element and I that they in the same position on each of their own work plans they are already a. now it fits them all to a work plan. Here's what I have so far

    doc = app.activeDocument;
    for(i = 0; i < selection.length; i++){
        var firstItemPosition = doc.selection[0].position;
        doc.selection[i].position = firstItemPosition;
        var activeArtboardIndex = doc.artboards.getActiveArtboardIndex();

    .. .or with a "brute force" approach

    // return each selected item's artboard index
    // carlos canto 09/28/2013
    var idoc = app.activeDocument;
    app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS;
    var selec = idoc.selection;
    var sel = [];
    for(i = 0; i < selec.length; i++)
    for(j = 0; j < sel.length; j++) {
        idoc.selection = null;
        alert('selection ' + j + objectArboardIindex (sel[j]));
    for(j = 0; j < sel.length; j++)
        sel[j].selected = true;
    app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DISPLAYALERTS; 
    function objectArboardIindex (obj) {
        var idoc = app.activeDocument;
        for(i=0; i		   
  • Name of the selected item in the tree

    Hi all..!

    I m new to Flex.
    I m using a tree control that uses XML as a data provider.
    I want to perform certain operations on the basis of the selected item in the tree. SelectedIndex tried but it didn't work the index coz changes when the nodes of the tree are drill down or drill upward.

    Can someone help me please... Its urgent

    Vishal :)


    I modified the sample in the URL below to use the data you provided. Please check out if the sample code attached.

    I hope this helps.

  • How to disable all the selections at once?

    How to disable all the selections at once?

    If you are referring to the playlist, artist, album & kind selection boxes, then I don't think that there is a way to uncheck those all at once.

    If you mean the boxes in the view of songs Ctrl + click and the checkbox to check or uncheck all of the boxes. Note, however, that the use of these boxes is a bad way to manage the synchronization. Uncontrolled songs are ignored in the normal course of track in track or shuffle playback. Better to use one or more playlists to control what is synchronized and have checked most, if not all of your library. Items not controlled in my library are things like interview bonus tracks that had never what to hear accidentally, I keep in my library.


  • Error code Win32 returned by the print processor: 2147500037. Unspecified error

    I see that this error code has been resolved.   I have a few questions on this topic tho.  Loop here, is where the fun begins.  If i see this exact problem in my hosted cloud envorioment.  The printers are installed locally and are drawn on the network when the user logs in the hosted environment. The user connecting to a full desktop, which is a Windows 2008 R2 server server.  They only receive this problem when printing via the cloud. that uses the same printer drivers installed on the local PC.  On-site printing has the success rate of 100%.

    Here are the mistakes I see:

    Https://, belonged to craig_REM, document failed to print on printer HP LaserJet P2050 Series PCL6 (from CRAIG) in session 18. Try printing the document again, or restart the print spooler.

    Data type: NT EMF 1,008. Spool file size in bytes: 589824. Number of bytes printed: 540384. Total number of pages in the document: 2. number of pages printed: 0. Client computer: \\VS-XA35. Error code Win32 returned by the print processor: 2147500037. Unspecified error

    Where I am confused, is that I have no driver installed on the server.  they are all drawn in front of the user login local machine solange.  With printing works fine locally.  Uninstalling the drivers will make them any good?  or where should I be looking next?


    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community site. Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet Windows Serverforum.

  • How to detect when the selected item ObjectListField changed?

    I expanded the ObjectListField to implement a scroller of marquee style iPod for long lines of text that will disappear from the screen. So far, I have everything works well, and it works as I expect... when it fires.

    I'm having a problem to find a way to make reliable activate. It doesn't seem to be any method I can substitute or any earpiece I can use that fires when the current list item is changed. I first tried setSelectedIndex substitution. That worked sometimes, because apparently the OS is not call setSelectedIndex when he wants to change the item selected, it does something else.

    Then I tried the substitution of navigationMovement and manually call the code to start the timer, but that no longer works (I was the substitution of method navigationMovement of the ListField, maybe I should have done the Manager instead?). But anyway this approach does work for the version of the storm of my application because the storm never calls navigationMovement.

    Then I tried to use a fieldChangeListener, but apparently who don't get fired for the selection.

    Finally in despiration I tried substitution of drawListRow, only qualifying when index equals the selectedRow. But my code of scroll calls invalidate, so of course it just causes a loop infinite drawListRow, slow down the device and not even starting the scroll, because whenever the timer is started, it cancels the old one.

    Anyone have any ideas on what I can do here? Thank you.

    Good end I could not fieldChangeNotify to the fire, no matter which I overrided, even with the first setting the listener. It only seems fair to shoot during the selection change event. One thing to note, I use an objectlistfield, not an ObjectChoiceField... maybe you are thinking as well to another area?

    Thanks for the help anyway, in the end I was able to get the desired effect by modifying the code slightly to reuse the same animation timer rather than create a new one when the selected item changes. The timer is started in the constructor of the ListField. Works very well.

  • Updated all the selected lines in a table.


    Jdev Version

    I'm trying to update all the selected rows in a table with several choices.

            AppModuleImpl am = (AppModuleImpl)ADFUtils.getApplicationModuleForDataControl("AppModuleDataControl");
            ViewObject vo = am.findViewObject("RegistrationHistory1");
            RowKeySet selectedRegistrations = historyTable.getSelectedRowKeys();
            if (selectedRegistrations != null) {
                Iterator iter = selectedRegistrations.iterator();
                    while (iter.hasNext()) {
                        Object facesTreeRowKey =;
                        Row[] row = vo.findByKey((Key)((List)(facesTreeRowKey)).get(0), 1);
                        if (row != null && row.length == 1) {
                            Row r = row[0];
                             r.setAttribute("Attr", "1"); 

    But after I put the attribute on the line. My iterator ignores most of the lines and they don't last updated.

    It works very well for the removal of the line well.

    Any suggestions?

    It turn out that I got a try catch and in the catch, I had a log (e.printStackTrace ()) and I do not see a single line in the diary saying ConcurrentModificationException appearing all the time.

    Looks for read-only access to an attribute or delete lines is OK to iterate over the selected lines, but it's different for the modification of an attribute.

    The code that worked:

    Links DCBindingContainer = (DCBindingContainer) BindingContext.getCurrent () .getCurrentBindingsEntry ();

    Entry DCIteratorBinding = bindings.findIteratorBinding ("RegistrationHistory1Iterator");

    RowSetIterator regRSiter = regIter.getRowSetIterator ();

    RowKeySet selectedRegistrations = historyTable.getSelectedRowKeys ();

    Object [] keys = selectedRegistrations.toArray ();

    for (Object key: keys) {}

    Line currentRow = regRSiter.getRow ((Key) ((List) key) .get (0));

    removeOrModify (currentRow);


  • How to filter data according to internal application and in case if returns nothing outside the query must return all the lines

    create table ab (a number, b varchar2 (20));

    Insert into ab

    Select rownum, rownum. "" sample "

    of the double

    connect by level < = 10

    create table bc (a number, b varchar2 (20));

    Insert into BC.

    Select rownum + 1, rownum + 1 | "" sample "

    of the double

    connect by level < = 10

    Select * AB

    where b in (select b BC where b = "2sample")

    This query will return me 1 row, but there are cases where the value of the parameter b is null

    and that it should return all rows in the table


    Select * AB

    where b in (select b BC where b = "2sample")

    which return specific values, but I want to change in a way when the inner query returns nothing then outer query should return all the lines and works as

    Select * AB;

    Is it possible to put in a single query


    You seem to ask for different things.  You want all the lines AB when

    1. The parameter ("2sample' in the example) is NULL, or when
    2. There is no corresponding row in the 2 tables (which could happen even if the parameter is not NULL)


    Assuming you want the option 2, here's one way:

    WITH got_rnk AS


    SELECT ab.*


    WHEN b (IN)

    SELECT b


    WHERE b = "2sample" - parameter


    THEN "A".

    OF ANOTHER 'B '.


    ) AS rnk



    SELECT a, b

    OF got_rnk

    WHERE rnk = 1


    This does not assume b is unique in each table.

    Thanks for posting the CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements; It is very useful.

  • get the values of the selected items to RichSelectManyChoice

    Hi all

    I have a RichSelectManyChoice

    When the user clicks on the "submit" button I want to get the values of the selected items...


    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF - 8"? >

    " < = xmlns:jsp jsp:root ' "version ="2.1"xmlns:f =" " "

    ' xmlns:af = ' "> "

    < contentType = text/html"; Charset = UTF - 8 "/ >

    < f: view >

    < af:document title = "untitled1.jspx" id = "d1" > "

    < af:messages id = "m1" / >

    < af:form id = "f1" >

    < af:panelGridLayout id = "pgl1" >

    < af:gridRow height = "100%" id = "gr1" >

    < af:gridCell width = '100% ' halign = "stretch" valign = "stretch" id = "gc1" >

    <! - content - >

    < af:selectManyChoice value = "#{bindings." CountriesView1.inputValue}.

    label = "#{bindings." CountriesView1.label}"id ="smc1.

    valuePassThru Binding = "#{suspect." Country}"="true">

    < f: selectItems value = "#{bindings." CountriesView1.items}"id ="si1"/ >

    < f: validator binding = "#{bindings." CountriesView1.validator} "/ >"

    < / af:selectManyChoice >

    < / af:gridCell >

    < / af:gridRow >

    < / af:panelGridLayout >

    < text af:button = "Button 1" id = "b1" action = "#{suspect.valide}" / >

    < / af:form >

    < / af:document >

    < / f: view >

    < / jsp:root >


    package test.view;



    public class suspect {}

    RichSelectManyChoice campaign private;

    String string = null;

    public suspect() {}



    public void valide() {}


    {} public void setCountry (RichSelectManyChoice country)

    This.Country = country;


    public RichSelectManyChoice {} getCountry()

    back country;




    Anyone has an idea please?


    You can use

    JUCtrlListBinding listBindings = (JUCtrlListBinding) getBindings () .get ("CountriesView1");

    Object [] str = listBindings.getSelectedValues ();

    for (int i = 0; i)< str.length;="" i++)="">

    System.out.println (STR [i]);


    in this loop, you will get all the values of selectManyChoice, for details see Ashish Awasthi (Jdev/ADF) Blog: using the selection Multiple (component selectManyListbox & selectManyCheckbox) in ADF

    hope it helps

  • How to read the value of the selected item in the DropDownList control?


    The DropDownList component has a selectedItem property is supposed to return a ListBase.

    But what I want is just the 'chain' which is supposed to be the selected item in the DropDownList control.

    How to read this value?

    Thank you


    You are misreading the documentation. ListBase.selectedItem returns an object. This item comes directly from your data provider, so you just have to go up or go for any property you need.

  • COMBOX Box not displaying the selected item

    Here is the code I use to try to capture and display the selected item in a ComboBox control:

    private void changeProjectTypeSelection(event:Event):void {}
    projectTypeChange.text += event.currentTarget.selectedItem.cboProjectType + "" +.
    event.currentTarget.selectedIndex + "\n";

    Then the ComboBox:
    < mx:ComboBox fontSize = "12" x = "93" y = "83" width = "110" id = "cboProjectType" dataProvider = "{projectTypeArray}" labelField = "projectTypeName" selectedIndex = "0" click = "changeProjectTypeSelection (event)" > < / mx:ComboBox >

    Then the TextInput:
    < mx:TextInput id = "projectTypeChange" "248,95" = x y = "84" width = "121" / >

    I know there is something wrong with ActionScript... just have not thought of it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Finally! Here is the solution:

    private void changeProjectTypeSelection(event:Event):void {}
    var i: int;
    for (i = 0; i<>
    If (projectTypeArray.getItemAt (i) .projectTypeName == event.currentTarget.selectedItem.projectTypeName) {}
    projectTypeChange.text = projectTypeArray.getItemAt (i) .projectTypeName;

  • ComboBox - trying to set the selected item

    I call a remote object that calls the following function to the suite. The returned object is used to fill a form of TextInputs and a ComboBox control - this is a form of change. How can I set the selected item in the ComboBox? I could not get the selectedItem to work, and I do not know the value of the index that corresponds to selectedCompany.CompanyType in order to use selectedIndex.

    private void receiveSelectedCompany(event:ResultEvent):void {}
    selectedCompany = event.result as business;

    copy the record in the areas of publishing
    txtCompanyId.text = selectedCompany.CompanyID.toString ();
    cboCompanyTypeEdit.selectedItem.CompanyType = selectedCompany.CompanyType;
    txtCompanyName.text = selectedCompany.CompanyName;
    txtCompanyShortName.text = selectedCompany.CompanyShortName;
    txtTaxId.text = selectedCompany.TaxID;

    Thanks in advance,

    FranceC, here is a function allows you to do.

    simply call the selectComboValue function and pass it the name of the combobox and the search string as follows:

    selectComboValue (Mazonedelistederoulante, dataObj.fieldName.toUpperCase ());

    Here's the function:

    public void selectComboValue(select:_mx.controls.ComboBox,_optionToSelect:String):void {}
    for (var i: int = 0; i< select.dataprovider.length="" ;="" i++)="">
    If (select.dataProvider.getItemAt ( ) .label == optionToSelect) {}
    select.selectedIndex = i;

    PS: If you are looking for the data rather than on the label simply change this line:
    If (select.dataProvider.getItemAt (
    ) .label ==)
    to do this:
    If (select.dataProvider.getItemAt ( ) .data == )

  • Returns all the values in the table

    Hi team
    I want a query please help
    I have a table emp in that we ename, empno, sal comm


    Select ename, empno, EMP comm
    where comm = 300

    It will run 300 records

    If I don't give any number of comm as null
    so I want to run the date all the
    I user nvl


    Select ename, empno, EMP comm
    where comm = nvl (& comm, comm);

    output: bad.

    Yes, it's the query I use also and is to return all the lines

    SQL > select * from emp where nvl (to_char (comm), '0') = nvl (to_char(&comm), nvl(comm,'0'));
    Enter the value of comm: "
    old 1: select * from emp where nvl (to_char (comm), '0') = nvl (to_char(&comm), nvl(comm,'0'))
    new 1: select * from emp where nvl (to_char (comm), '0') = nvl (to_char (""), nvl(comm,'0'))

    ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ----------
    7369 SMITH COMMITTED 7902 17 DECEMBER 20 800 80
    7499 ALLEN 7698 1600 20 FEBRUARY SALESMAN 81 300 30
    7521 WARD 7698 1250 22 FEBRUARY SALESMAN 81 500 30
    7566 JONES MANAGER 7839 2975 2 APRIL 81 20
    7654 MARTIN 7698 28 - SEP - 81 1250 1400 30 SALESMAN
    7698 BLAKE MANAGER 7839 2850 MAY 1, 81 30
    7782 CLARK MANAGER 7839 2450 JUNE 9 81 10
    7788 SCOTT ANALYST 7566 3000 APRIL 19, 87 20
    PRESIDENT OF 7839 17 NOVEMBER KING 81 5000 10
    7844 TURNER 7698 08 - SEP - 81 1500 0 30 SALESMAN
    7876 ADAMS 7788 1100 23 MAY CLERK 87 20

    ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ----------
    7900 7698 DECEMBER 3, CLERK JAMES 81 950 30
    7902 7566 3000 3 DECEMBER ANALYST FORD 81 20
    7934 MILLER COMMITTED JANUARY 7782 1300 23 82 10

    14 selected lines.

    Kind regards

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