Custom culture in Camera Raw

I am trying crop the Camera Raw files to several different file sizes.  I use to be able to use the custom crop tool to crop 640 x 800 pixels and save the jpg files and when I checked the properties on the size of the file, they showed the size 640 x 800. Now this isn't the case.  What is the relationship between the custom crop tool and workflow Options box?


The Custom culture puts an aspect ratio, where 640 x 800 = 8 x 10 = 4 x 5.

Workflow Options show what your harvest-ratio means in regards to the image pixels native, as a way to help understand how big it can be printed, or what size it would be if it was saved without resizing.

To create an image of 640 x 800 pixels, also affecting the harvest rate 4 x 5 or any equivalent report, you must set the pixel dimensions in the Save Picture dialog box or inside Photoshop if you use Open.

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  • Camera Raw custom cultures

    Hello everyone, I did the Custom culture in Camera Raw (Photoshop CC with the last update) when I want to put 4 by 6 inches, there is no option to select inches or pixels.ScreenHunter_172 Sep. 21 00.54.jpg

    ScreenHunter_173 Sep. 21 00.54.jpg

    Then I searched on the net and I found the below and I screenshot that it - showing 4 by 6 inches, and the instructor can choose in inches and pixels (images not attached here).

    ScreenHunter_174 Sep. 21 00.54.jpg

    Can someone help me to choose the inches or pixels to Custom culture under Camera Raw please?

    It makes no difference darn.

    What you choose is the specific ASPECT RATIO.

    Consider this ad where it belongs: in the Adobe Camera Raw forum:

    Adobe Camera Raw

  • Camera Raw brightness problem

    Once downloaded Canon D7, Camera Raw photos photos have bright air, but as soon as I click on them for preview until they become dark and stay dark when open in Camera Raw for processing. This problem occurred suddenly. My system is based on Microsoft Edge and SC 6. I would appreciate anyone's solving this problem.

    A couple-three possibilities:

    (1) you have allowed to highlight your priority in the Canon 7 d and voluntarily, he shoots too dark then creates a JPG that is digitally brightened camera.  As you work on the raw file and not the camera JPG, the RAW file is that the camera turned, dark.  You will need to fix it in LR to make it brighter.  If you want to use Raw, and then turn off HTP and other functions auto-fix in the camera that does affect the camera jpg not produce the raw file.

    (2A), you have customized your default Camera Raw in an unexpected way that make things darker.  Look at the Basic toning of the settings for a photo at the top to develop it and see if they are all also Shot or zero.

    2 (b) you have applied a "Preset" importing including toning zero-based set.  Watch the toning basic settings and see if they are null.

  • Camera Raw where WB custom in a RAW file info?

    I use a custom WB preset on a Nikon D610.  When I open the RAW file in Lightroom or Camera Raw, I see WB = 'As Shot' and I see TEMP and tint values that are CLEARLY personalized values.  I am curious about is if Nikon stores the information of WB in one. NEF file and how Adobe is able to find.  Does anyone know what metadata tags hold the custom WB?  Thank you!

    There are metadata in the raw file that indicates the gains of the white (factors of scale by channel) balance for white balance settings in the device at the time of the capture.  ACR reads these metadata and translated (by the profile of the camera made Adobe) at temperature and tint values that are displayed in the UI of the cab.

  • How about cultures outside the image in Adobe Camera Raw?

    I would like to create a culture of a portion of an image in Adobe Camera Raw AND include some areas outside this image. Is it possible to do so.

    You can do that in ACR, but you can if you open in Photoshop and use the crop tool here.


    (If that answers your question, mark it correct.)

  • Camera Raw 8.3, create profiles customized for new cameras


    I tried to import files from a camera Sony FS700 CinemaDNG but they come very green and the basic which can not correct controls.

    I had some limited success playing with the settings in the camera Calibration tab.

    Then I discovered on the DNG Profile Editor and that you can see that I can not only tune here, but I can also use a macbeth chart to help calibrate the profile. If that sounds like a good idea. Except that I can't work on how I could use a profile in v8.3

    I can create a .dcp file, but in camera raw, it shows that menu profile of the camera is also incorporated. I tried to open the profile directory of camera raw (Windows) so I can see all the cameras. I tried to create a folder FS700 and jumped in there profile, but no go. When the sequence is open title in the menu is FS700 so I guess that's what the film is used as a name of the camera.

    Can someone point me in the right direction here? I'm sure that what I do should be possible!

    Thank you very much


    Custom profiles go to a location in your users folder structure, and not in the records provided by Adobe, where the new profiles are ignored.

    On Windows, the custom location of the camera profiles is:

    C:\Users\ssprenge\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\ or


  • Custom of "opened through bridge CC camera Raw file

    Hello. I am trying to open a Camera Raw file to edit it through bridge CC and I get a warning of this ' camera raw editing is not enabled. Camera Raw edition requires a product calling it launched at least once to activate this function. "What does that mean? and how can I solve this problem?

    Hi kellyk

    As JohnTSmith says you must have a version of CC of Photoshop installed on your computer.

    The Parent to Camera Raw/bridge software is Photoshop because the camera raw plugin is installed on your system with Adobe Photoshop.

    Please open Photoshop and edit an image in camera raw by going into the filters and then open the bridge of file > Browse in Bridge and check if the option to edit your images in camera raw directly.

    Also make sure that your camera raw plugin is the latest version see: Installer of plug in Camera Raw



  • I did updates in Bridge and Photoshop but now Camera Raw custom to treat my D610 Nikon RAW files.  I did the update this morning, ACR still does not.  Help!

    Help, please.  Last night, I did the update prompted by my subscription creative cloud and files where viewable and editable in Bridge and Camera Raw yesterday cannot be converted today.  Small thumbnails of some of the images are visible in the bridge, but not all.  And none are adjustable in Camera Raw.

    I restarted my PC.

    Still no change.  I did another update of the bridge and then restarted.

    No change.  I did the update to Camera Raw 9.1 then restarted.

    Still no change.

    It is huge for me time burden as I have jobs and assessments due.  Please tell me what to do.

    Support had me ctrl + alt pressed I open the bridge.  It has a reset option.  Once I reset and purge the cache location problem has been resolved.

  • Camera Raw 8 the same choice of cultures like in Lightroom and Photoshop?

    Seriously, how it would be difficult to give Camera Raw 8 the same crop choice being in Lightroom and Photoshop (for example, Fibonacci, Triangle, diagonal, etc.)? This disparity in the features is inexcusable and embarrassing. Surely, the teams to communicate?


    I agree with you, but alas, this is NOT the case!
    Select the CROP tool. Click and hold down to activate 'See the overlay.'

    In the CROP tool dedicated to the Photoshop application, there are options.

    In the dedicated LightRoom crop tool, there are options.

    In Camera RAW (of ANY vintage), there is ONLY the rule of thirds (which appears by default when you select Show overlay and not by name or by choice).

  • Crop Ratio camera Raw / Scott Kelby Book for Digital Photographers

    Of the book by Scot Kelby regarding the use of Camera Raw.

    -The Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Book for Digital Photographers

    Chapter 2. WWF Raw: Camera Raw essence > cropping and straightening

    If you reopen your picture cropped again in Camera Raw, you'll see the cropped version. To bring the cultural border, simply click on the crop tool. To remove the crop altogether, tap on the Esc or Delete (PC: Backspace) key on your keyboard (or choose clear Crop the pop-up menu of the crop tool). If you want your cropped a photo size exact (such as 8 × 10, 13 × 19″, etc.), choose Custom the pop-up menu of the crop tool to bring up the dialog box you see here. You can choose to crop in inches, pixels or cm.

    In this topic, Scott Kelby explains Crop Ratio ACR 7.x

    In this version, there is the possibility for the crop Ratio and inches, CM and pixel. With the new version, however this option is no longer available.

    I hope that this will sure be some of you time looking for this.

    The ACR 8, the crop tool only crops a report now. You can always convert/save off Camera Raw to specific units of measure, but which is now in the Options dialog box of the workflow (the box that appears when you click the text underlined in blue at the bottom of the Camera Raw dialog box). It is usually a good change, especially to be displayed in an environment more or the resolution of the images.

  • Progress reading camera raw

    I have two computers - 1 a MAcBook Pro CS5, the other a PC on Windows 7 running CS4 running.  IN BOTH CASES, I'm having hard Raw processing

    photogrpahs, when they will have been touched once, the first time I file opena it seems OK.  What is happening is a notice comes up saying read Camera Raw preferences, and then everything works slowly or not at all.  I have tried to reset the preferences and re install Photoshop CS5 on the MASC - all about no. avail.

    Ah, thanks for that info, Jeff.

    It seems possible, ajheddfan50, you had specified somehow a size huge image in the menu Custom culture, then the image to crop would be oversampled at this huge size.

    A set Photoshop preferences reset would be clearly such a condition, I think.


  • 5 d mark II raw (CR2) file is different from the 5 d CR2 file? Adobe Camera Raw error on mk II No 5 d

    I use the plugin Photoshop Camera Raw (Adobe) to preprocess the colors, and then complete the prepare image in Photoshop.  Never a problem with opening files CR2, usually from my own camera 5 d.  But a customer sent a few files CR2 which opens not (error says this is bad kind of document).  So far no explanation nor patches from users of Photoshop... thought I would ask experts to Canon.  Why file CR2 from the 5 d mk II fail but 5 d CR2 files all open ok?

    Still using Photoshop CS2 and the plugin Camera Raw is 3.7 v.  I really want to continue this workflow (works for me), prefer not to experiment with dpp or other opportunities.  Not ready to move yet to Photoshop CS6.

    No, CR2 (and all files camera RAW manufacturer) are modified somewhat for pretty much every version of the camera.  Similarly, manufacturers of software like adobe are always updated their software for the new models.  Your version of Adobe Camera Raw is extremely old, so that it can not read the 5 d 2 files.  And Adobe limited backward compatibility, so I don't know if you can load a sufficiently recent version to recognize the 5 d 2 files.  If you can't, then you're only choice would be to use the Adobe DNG Converter, convert batch files to DNG, the 5 d 2 then read those.

  • DOWNLOAD 7DII and camera raw

    Had my 7DII in hand for about 10 days. Everything was fine until tonight. I down loaded the culture of days using Canon EOS utility, all as I have been all along. However when I tried to open the raw Photo 12 store it does not, even when I tried CS6. Pop - up told me that I didn't have the soft ware good camera raw. Never forget that I have been downloading Raw images for some time and that you have downloaded the raw images from this camera for almost two weeks. So. I installed the most recent dates. I am now able to open raw files in CS6 but continues to receive the same popup when using 12 PS.

    Good gun, is a camera problem or what?


    12 Photoshop is better known under the name of CS5. He has an older version which, with its old version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), will not support a newer camera model such as the 7DII.

    Or maybe you mean Photoshop ELEMENTS 12... which is more recent than the CS5, but still

    also, has been replaced and uses an older version of ACR that does not support 7DII and never will be.

    The CS6 update was the right thing to do. In fact, the update to ACR was what was needed. He is now able to handle the RAW files of 7DII. If I remember correctly it is ACR 9.1. I think that it is also compatible with the even more recent Canon DSLR: 5 d/5 d-R and T6i/T6s.

    But who will probably be the last Canon that will be supported CS6 DSLR and it's related ACR version. Adobe has announced that it will be the last update of ACR for CS6 (and 6 Lightroom). They are abandoning support for the independent, licensed products.

    The next update, ACR 9.1.1, works with Photoshop CC, cloud, subscription version of PS (and LR CC). So you don't have to rent the software and pay monthly if you want to continue using PS in the future, with as-yet the new camera models.

    Something else you could have done, and we can do in the future is converted RAW CR2 files in files our camera Adobe DNG, which are another form of RAW file. Adobe DNG Converter is free to download, to do this. And DNG is backwards compatible with older versions of Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom.

    If all this seems rather monopoly on part... Although Adobe is.

    I expect once they have done away with the stand-alone versions of PS and LR, they start ratcheting the price on the CC versions. It is a priced now at $10 per month (which happens to work near what I tended to spend on upgrades independent of the PS and LR over the years). Who knows when the price will begin to move upward or by how much. But I guess they will be. After all, when they first announced CC of Photoshop, Adobe offered a "discount Introduction" to current holders of $30 a month, for PS CC alone. I guess that it didn't sell very well because they have passed the following year, gradually reduce the price where we are now... CC PS And LR CC grouped for $10 per month.

    However, I take that initial 30 $par month as an indication of what Adobe thinks their products are worth and want to charge a CC PS in the not-too-distant future. So, personally, after 20 years using PS (starting with Version 4) and LR since shortly after the first version was introduced, I explore my alterantives.

    PS You should really use EOS Utility to upload your files. You can simply use Windows Explorer to create destination folders, and then open the memory card, select all the files and the drag/move/copy the hard disk. (Similar can be done on a Mac, if that's what you use.) It takes less time to do it is to write about it here!


    Alan Myers
    San Jose, California, USA.
    «Market softly and carry a great lens.»
    MATERIAL: 5DII, 7D(x2), 50D(x3), some other cameras, various lenses & accessories

  • 14 elements Photoshop on Mac, cannot again apply Camera raw (9.7)

    I just bought the new Photoshop Elements (14) and updated after installation.

    Seems that it uses Camera raw 9.5 and I need 9.7 support for my camera.

    I downloaded AdobeCameraRaw-9, 7-CC-mul_AdobeUpdate, once looking at the download page to be used, as for PS Elements.

    When I open it has an, performing this ends in error saying (translated by me from Danish):

    Update can be done

    The update could not be used

    This fix is not for you.

    Look for updates in the product Help menu, where you will find a list of the latest updates available.

    If the problem persists, contact customer support.

    I ran the update on the Help menu, and as stated, I went to update camera raw 9.5 not supporting my camera.

    How can I install/apply camera raw 9.7 on 14 PSElements?

    Thanks in advance

    PSE15 is scheduled for early October, which can be updated to ACR9.7

    If you just buy PSE14, you can receive a free upgrade by releasing v15.

    Am I entitled to a free upgrade to the Adobe product?

  • Cannot update CS5 Camera Raw, and. Al.

    I get the error below when I try to update. The link the Customer Service sends me into a nightmare do-circular loop structure that only had landed me on this list as my last resort. I tried workaround installing the Camera Raw format file, but my directory structure is not as described on the Web site and it does not open my files from Canon. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same error. I use a fraction of the capacity of the PS and am pretty angry right now. "Customer service" Adobe means that I have not my software, but the website shows that I've owned CS4, CS5 and leaves me not to enter the serial number of version 7.0, that everything I bought from Adobe. My next effort will be to completely uninstall the Photoshop and waive goodbye to Adobe the finger and your creative cloud costs for losing far too many hours of my time just so I can Dodge and crop a photo of the damned. Sincerely, Brad

    Adobe Bridge CS5 update 4.0.5

    There was an error downloading this update. Quit and try again later.

    CS5 Adobe Extension Manager 5.0 updated

    There was an error downloading this update. Quit and try again later.

    Update of Photoshop to Photoshop CS5 12.0.4

    There was an error downloading this update. Quit and try again later.

    Photoshop Camera Raw 6.7 update

    There was an error downloading this update. Quit and try again later.

    Sending of Mail for Windows 10

    Adobe - Photoshop: For Windows

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