Cut and paste in Photoshop CS6

No matter what I do, I can't cut and paste in photoshop cs6.

I'm trying to copy a layer from one tab (project) to the other. I also try dragging, but it won't.

I worked in CS5 and it has never been a problem. What I am doing wrong?


You can try to move a layer in the layers panel to the tab of another image. (Photoroy, Yes, having anchored side by side image is called tabbed images)

Unfortunately, it is not possible from the layers panel, but it is possible to the image itself.

If you do not have the move selected tool, press the V button, then right-click on the top of the area where your layer is to select, or drag the tab of another image, wait for the image to appear, and then release the mouse button; or use layer duplicated, as suggested above.

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    I want to use the heart punch and cut out just the part of the image in heart shape and paste it into a WORD document.  How do you do that? I'm new to Photoshop Elements.  Use of aid has not helped.

    If your using the punch (not one of the shape tools) tool all

    should be automatic except to save the image.

    1. Select the cookie cutter tool and set the option to crop in the tool

    options bar.

    2. Select your shape and bring out the shape around your object of interest.

    You can use the handles on the corners of the bounding box to adjust the shape

    and then click the green check mark to finish.

    The model of pattern that you see is just average transparency showing item

    and will not appear on the photo in a program such as word.

    3. Save as a PNG (file


  • Photoshop CS6: image is too large when cut and pasted on a new file window.  I'm cut a picture of 2 x 3 on a new file, and it reads like 8 x 11 or more. How

    Photoshop CS6: I cut and paste a small part (2 x 3 inches) of an image on another new file window (8 x 11).  The transferred image appears huge. If I reduce the size, the whole image and reduced background, not only the image. How can I keep the image of 2 x 3 and keep the size of the canvas of 8 x 11?

    Thank you

    The transferred image appears huge

    Caircraft are 2 x 3 image is higher resolution than your 8 x 11 file.

    Change the resolution of the 2 x 3 to match you res 8 x 11 before you copy it to the new file or

    Choose this layer in the copied file and then edit > transform > scale. Be sure to hold the SHIFT key while you move the handles to angle to maintain the proportion.

    If your copied file appears even more of your 8 x 11, see angle of the scale handles, press Cmd + 0 (which is zero) to display the handles

  • Cut and paste history

    If I had a dollar for every time that happened to me, I'd be a millionaire:

    I'll find myself painting on a layer with Photoshop, for noticing that I painted on the wrong layer. I so need to return perhaps history of 200 States, switch to the appropriate layer and start to re-paint again. I'm sure that a lot of artists can relate to this annoying situation.

    Is there a way I can go back, say, 200 States history and cut and paste these States on a different layer?

    Now that many States story consumes a small amount of your machines resources. However the previous content of the layer is very probably what is history, not the race. Even if it was the race if he were a wet brush Blender content would not be what you want.

    You can save the features in action your strokes to record as you paint.  If you make your mistake. You can stop the recording. Upward in history, target a correct layer and listen to your recording.

  • Layers: Copying, cutting and pasting

    Another feature I am used that I can't live without (coming from a background of Corel PHOTO-PAINT), is the ability to copy or cut a layer with CTRL + C or CTRL + X. In Photoshop, first of all, you have to CTRL + click on the layer to select its transparency and then CTRL + C to copy the layer, but I'll tell you why it isn't ideal. First of all, it's one more step that is totally useless. Second, sometimes I want to cut the layer completely, which means storing the entire layer to the Clipboard and delete in the same process. In this way, I can just paste right back into my document if I want or I can select a different document and just paste it. I realize, you can drag and drop, but add this feature would not ruin all the existing features, and it makes sense!

    To clarify, my request is that if no mask is selected and someone hits CTRL + C or CTRL + X he copies or reduce the entire layer, and layer attached to it masks.

    Thanks for listening

    I feel that, by allowing the copy/cut of the layers in the way you propose, it would create a paradox of the Photoshop interface.

    The paradox would be: If we allow this to happen, then should we also allow the copy/excision of channels, styles, presets, accurate history, swatches & etc.?

    Pretty weird (come to think of it), it works with the railways, if... Well, maybe it's preventing them to apply this feature to the layers. Try this: open the paths and layers palettes. Create an image with a layer and a path. Then, select the layer in the palette. And select a path in the palette. Copy (or cut). There he goes: the functionality you want, but in the wrong palette ;-) Easy don't paths... but then again, the railways are not as annoying as pixels...

    As I see it, essentially (PS and I, don't know ' end other applications), elements that appear inside the pallets are prohibited for common OS operations such as copy, cut, and paste. For these operations, you must use the corresponding palette menu.

    I guess it's something to do with the maintenance of the entire uniform user interface, without "pallets of rebels behave differently from others" (well, we already have a: paths!) "Maybe thay don't want another?) And also, it keeps things simple and intuitive. Think about it: If you have so many possible recipients for content in the Clipboard, Visual reference of where you want to put to get totally awkward (imagine someone with 3 monitors, 2 of them filled with open palletes PS):

    "Allright, I want to stick this thing that I got in the paper..."



    (eyes desperately scanning the monitors and editing... neck pain)

    ... ah! Gotcha, here it goes

    Heck! Come to the wrong place! Argh!

    .... ..."

    It's a chore. I don't want that. It is not always that I know what is in the Clipboard (I remember HAVE contained one like it, Kind ' a 'show' content of the Clipboard-(Hey, it's another request for devs make'em!))


    On a different subject:

    Some while ago, I was struggling remove some 30 masks + I had in this doc PS of the mine. Man, HOW I WISH I could CMD-select all these channels and delete'em all in a scream. At that point, I was really upset and wrote a demand function (I guess it was for CS2) about the deletion of multiple channels in the palette layers. After a few ranting I've cooled down and started to think straight, so I thought: if they do not have the aux channels on a separate palette, or do not clearly separation between the layers of color and auxiliary channels, we would never have to be able to remove multiple channels, ' cos that just don't make sense (you can select several channels , but cannot delete them. Something to do with the color channels? Guess it would be weird, but don't know for sure why. A Photoshop guru could enlighten us?


    Carefully read your posts, I understand that you don't like Shuffle windows. So here's a tip, where the devs don't you listen to:

    Create a new Action and assign a function key (i.e. F2).

    In the Actions Palette, select it and on the Actions Palette Menu, assign a menu item to the action. Choose "layer > duplicate layer...» "You can then select a layer or a group (works with both), press F2, and then choose the destination of duplication among all open documents. You can even create a new doc that contains only the duplication.

    It's not like you want, but close enough.

  • How to cut and paste ppt slides in presentations?

    How to cut and paste ppt slides in presentations?

    File > open

    and it should do the conversion for you.

  • How to cut and paste the image of the body of the received email

    I'm trying to cut and paste an image included in the bottom of an email and insert it into a Word document so that you can size and print. I can highlight, cut it with Ctrl C, paste it into the document Word with Ctrl V, but the image doesn't show, although the picture frame appears when I click on the place where the photo was pasted. Framework, but empty, no image. Any thoughts?

    Thanks to everyone for their help.

    The problem has been resolved - to try and finally understand everything.

    If you encounter this problem, it is perhaps because, unless you know the file format of the inserted picture, programs can not figure it out for you. Place your cursor on the image, right click and save the image under a .jpeg instead of simply copying. Then work with the file .jpeg in any photo management program you use normally - or even insert it in Word.

  • I created a file user.js to cut and paste. The site I'm making this function is a "moodle" and so the URL change ++. Is there a way I can allow cut and paste, which is not specific URL?

    I see that I can enter multiple URLS in the user.js file, but I can't know all the possible URLS I use because of the Moodle application. Is there an easier way for me to cut and paste?

    You can try this extension:

  • After editing user (user.js) rich text editing profile however does not cut and paste

    I'm using the TinyMCE wysiwyg web site editor and have added the following to my user.js file:

    user_pref("capability.policy.policynames", "allowclipboard");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites", "");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites", "");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.cutcopy", "allAccess");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.paste", "allAccess");

    My web address is / Drupal , but still, even if it does not cut and paste. The Mozilla rich text demo works.

    I use FF 3.6.10

    It does not work.

    You can have a degree of capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites pref, so in your case, the second line with will replace the first with the server.

    If you need more than one URL, separate by spaces, but in your case, you don't need the mozilla site that is indicated as an example.

    user_pref("capability.policy.policynames", "allowclipboard");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.sites", "");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.cutcopy", "allAccess");
    user_pref("capability.policy.allowclipboard.Clipboard.paste", "allAccess");

    See also

  • Cut and paste tabs and "returns"?


    In an earlier version of pages, I could copy and paste tabs, as well as breaks line or "go back". I use this feature a lot then the processor who ends up going inside a spreadsheet and visca versca.

    In the most recent version of Pages, I think that cutting and pasting of the tabs is available in all simply copy the tab character and paste it into the Find/Replace dialog box. (And a shortcut of 'Option-tab' inserts a "tab" character in the Find/Replace dialog box.)

    But cut and paste newlines or line returns no longer seem to work (or fact is old keyboard shortcut 'Option-return'.  This feature has gone completely outside, or modified or?

    Anyone know?

    Thank you!


    Just tested the latest version of the Pages.

    Option-tab peut be used in the dialog box search to search for a TAB

    I can select a tab in the text and paste it into the search box and it is as expected

    Shift + return produced a line break, and this also can be copied and pasted into the Find dialog box

    I can't locate 'Find & Replace"of carriage return anyway, page break, column etc. break section break that had Pages 09... most have disappeared when Apple introduced 5 Pages.

  • Photos of El Capitan do not cut and paste

    It does not try to cut and paste a picture of pictures to Keynote. Other responses it doesn't paste into a Word doc. This problem seems to have ravaged the Yosemite as well. I was not able to find a solution for Mac. Seems odd that Apple would abandon its more useful features. And Ineed to create presentations using photos stored in the Photos...

    Select the photos in Photos and export (File menu ==> export) in a folder on the desktop and use there


  • Service existing AppleScript Automator to cut and paste the same image in a conversation of Messages

    New to Applescript/Automator-

    I want to be able to have a simple shot that will allow me to paste a particular image in a conversation in Messages... It is the same image that I want every time. But I want to avoid having to go to Messages, search for image copy and then turn over Messages to paste.  I didn't need the script to automatically display the message, simply cut and paste of the pictures folder so that I am in Messages in a new message to the existing message thread (it makes no sense to me). Be good for this service in the Messages and be available to a hot key combination!

    You might want to try the following script to copy and paste an image in the images folder. To launch the script with a quick access key, use FastScripts (free up to 10 keyboard shortcuts).

    the value thePictureName to "Test.jpg".

    value thePicture to (path to the folder images as text) & thePictureName as alias

    say application 'Finder '.


    thePicture reveal

    end say

    delay 1

    say application 'System events' to hit 'c' using {control down}

    say application "Messages".


    if not visible from the window 1 then

    say application 'System events' to hit '0' using {control down}

    end if

    end say

    delay 1

    say application 'System events' to hit 'v' {control down}

  • keep the formula when cut and paste cells

    I have a workbook for card games where we're going to turn seats/tables throughout the day (6 moves in total).  I have reproduced the a sheet that has cells with formulas to pick up names among the other sheets in the workbook.  When I cut and paste them, for my seat of update, the formula of data changes.  IE:, journal name game 1, cell #A1 said = name cell A2 of sheet summary and so on.  When I cut and paste, it will change this formula in the correct sheet but bad cell.  Why is she even change any link to the other sheet?

    Thank you.

    It is difficult to follow what you describe here.  By workbook (not a term of numbers), it seems you're saying that worksheet. But in numbers, you can't have a sheet that contains cells. The cells are take-away in an array of numbers that is located on a sheet.  You can duplicate a table of numbers and you can also duplicate a sheet of numbers, but it is not too clear what you're doing.  How about providing a screenshot of what happens?


  • When I cut and paste a subfolder of an excel file, the files in the subfolder are missing

    When I cut and paste a subfolder (which contains the files) to an excel file, the files in the subfolder disappeared. I didn't then properties and wer there are no previous versions of the files. Also note, glued folders are there but not files

    What version of Excel you use (Excel 2003, Excel 2007 or Excel 2010)?

    This problem occurs with a specific folder?

    Is the Excel file that is saved on a network or on the local computer?

    Check if the files are hidden, for any information to show all hidden files, you can check the link below:

    Excel application doesn't have any role in cut\paste of files even if the files contain Excel documents.

  • Images lost during operations cut-and - paste from memory card on my computer

    I was moving pictures on my memory card in a folder in "my pictures" using the cut and paste.
    on my memory card and when I plugged my camera into my computer, the photos were in different files as the memory card has been put in two cameras; a samsung and a cannon. Some of the pictures so share the same name of the image.
    When I cut and pasted the warning came to say something in the sense of 'element already exists, replace the existing file' I clicked on "Yes to all" without thinking about it, and now I've lost the almost all of a folder of photos! And because they were cut out of the memory of the device, I can't think of a way to get back them.
    I tried many searches in my files to try and find / recover, but I have no idea where they would have gone!
    They are pictures of vacation and I really want to try to recover, any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The following freeware may be able to recover files
    your memory card.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Recuva - file recovery - features

    Download Recuva

    Introduction of Recuva (tutorials)

    Good luck...

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