CVI 2013 ' FATAL RUN - TIME ERROR: pointer to free memory passed to the function of library "when you access a struct of struct


typedef struct StringsStruct
  char A[10];
  char AA[10];

  char B[10];
  char BB[10];

  char C[10];
  char CC[10];
} StringsStructType;

StringsStructType Strings = {0};

char *const SelectedStrings[3] =

int __stdcall WinMain (HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
                       LPSTR lpszCmdLine, int nCmdShow)
  if (InitCVIRTE (hInstance, 0, 0) == 0)
    return -1;    /* out of memory */

  strcpy( SelectedStrings[1], "TEXT" );
  /*** FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR:   "main.c", line 32, col 11, thread id 0xXXXXXXXX:   Pointer to free memory passed to library function. ***/


  return 0;

Any chance to get this working in 2013 CVI?

"& Strings.A [0]" does not work either.


Hello CVI - User!

Thank you for reporting the issue. I filed the bug report # 423491.

I did have a chance to get rid of the error by changing the definition of the structure, but I was able to get the program running by disabling execution checking when the fields in the structure are initialized:

strcpy( (char*)(uintptr_t)SelectedStrings[1], "TEXT" );

Or perhaps a more descriptive workaround solution:

#define UNCHECKED(x) ((void*)(uintptr_t)(x))
strcpy( UNCHECKED(SelectedStrings[1]), "TEXT" );

Thank you


Tags: NI Software

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    DAQmxCreateTask ("", & gtaskhandle0 ");
    DAQmxCreateAOVoltageChan (gtaskhandle0, ' Dev1 / ao0:1 ', ' ',-10,0, 10.0, DAQmx_Val_Volts, "");
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    Post edited by: me



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    Kody is good. Reinstall the VAP and check if this helps solve this problem.

    With regard to the question of the other;
    You are right; the notebooks are preinstalled with many different applications. But it is necessary because the laptop supports many different features.
    However, if you want to install XP OS on the X 200 PSPB9E series, you will need drivers Toshiba XP and all need Toshiba XP drivers are available on the European driver Toshiba page

    You must install all the drivers available if you want to use all the features of the laptop.


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    Townes wrote:

    I can't understand what you mean. I have no formal training with labview. It took me a long time to write the simple program that I joined. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Its pretty normal for a beginner to take the time to write code. Right-click the map of waveform > Create > property node > historical data, you will get a property node, keep this at the beginning of the code and create a constant. You can also go to the VI properties and > run and select "clear indicators when it is called.

    I recommend you to go through the basic materials of LabVIEW which will give you an understanding on the basics of bases/components of LabVIEW.

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