I'm new here, be gentle please.

I have a D110a which works very well.

The real problem occurs after you install the drivers and sotftware for the printer.

After restarting my laptop, it works very slowly until I get a message that the display driver crashed and has been successfully been reinitialiazed. I was not able to find a solution to this problem.

I'd be happy with just a driver basis without all the fancy bells and whistles that you get with an installation complete.

I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba L675 - Fiction Intel HD Graphics. 6 GB RAM, 640 GB HDD, i3.

I'd like to get this problem fixed.

Thank you!


Hi Catmandue,

I can't wait to hear that you have questions.  There are several reasons this could happen, usually due to a problem with the PC, but I need a little more information to help with the full feature software.  Please click here to run the print and scan doctor who can solve software simple questions as appropriate (click on + sign next to utility-diagnostic tools, then click on download then to print and scan the doctor).  A generic driver can be added through Windows to enable printing only.  This would require analyses carried out by another software (Ex: paint, Windows fax and scan).  Here is a link that will provide the steps to add a generic driver.  Click here.

Information necessary to isolate the problem with full software features:

1. how the software has been installed (from CD or download)?

2. how the unit is connected?

3 have errors fill the installation?

I hope this helps!

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  • Picasa and Crayola Web Apps not available on D110a

    I was wondering why the Picasa or Crayola web applications are available for the D110a.  As this is a photosmart printer you'd photo apps would be first for this printer.


    Thank you for your interest and the issue.

    Coloring pages on the subject (which provides the Crayola app) - I think you will also find colouring in the apps of Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Disney and PBS Kids, so I hope that that offer enough acceptable alternatives.

    There is currently no information if the apps will come to the D110a.  If they do, you will see them available on the HP ePrintCenter.

  • D110A: issues installation on my laptop d110a

    Hi im trying to install my old printer (hp d110a) on my new laptop when I try to install from the download on the Web site, I get a message saying: a file is missing. my laptop is a hp n ° 15-1018ca model

    Follow the steps below and check if it solves the problem:

    1 open the Mcafee Virus and Spyware Protection software you are interested in, click on calendar and perform analyses. Click analysis in real time, and then click stop. Select until I restart the PC and confirm by clicking the button turn off.

    Now, try to reinstall the HP software and check if the installation goes as planned.

    If the problem persists, continue following the steps below:

    2. open the dialog box run by clicking on the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Type %windir%, and then click OK.
    3. type hpoins*.dat in the search bar at top, if there is that no result rename the extention in old instead of dat. (e.g. hpoins1.old)
    4. type hpwins*.dat in the search bar at top, if there is that no result rename the extention in old instead of dat. (e.g. hpwins1.old)
    5. start the Run dialog box by clicking the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Type MSIEXEC /Unregister. in the Run dialog box and click OK.
    6. launch the Run dialog box by clicking the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Type MSIEXEC/REGSERVER in the Run dialog box and click OK.
    7. run the installation file and check all difference.

    Kind regards

  • AirPrint can't find my HP Photosmart D110a all-in-one printer

    I have the iPhone 4 with ios 5.0, and it does not find my printer HP Photosmart D110a all-in-one and an AirPrint-compatible printer. I have everything set up correctly. I have the current firmware on the printer. I feel, keep printing everything wireless, I can print on my printer using the printer email address I put in place. It's just to kill me because I can't get installation to Airprint. I went through all that HP and Apple. Everything I find is for ios 4 and below. Can someone help me?

    It is compatible:



    I can finally AirPrint. When you sent the message on the router, it reminded me to update the firmware. I've updated to the latest firmware of the router, reset the printer and my iPhone, and it finally showed up.

  • Photosmart all-in-one D110a: printer

    I installed a new ink cartridge, but the printer will not print the alignment page.  Now the screen says 'print alignment page.'  There is a big red X and the power button flashes.   I turned off, checked the cartridge, disconnected the power and have reinstalled the printer, but none of these things have solved the problem.  I can print a page from the computer, but can not copy or scan.

    Hey @SandyTP1,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that printer e-all-in-one D110a Photosmart will not print an alignment page or align. I can help you with that.

    To start, make sure that the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet, not a surge protector. Once completed, this document describes How to solve problems of alignment with your printer.

    If after the above, that you are unable to align, the printer must be replaced. You can contact the HP Support by clicking here and filling out the form below to see what options are available.

    Please let me know the results after following the above. If you can align or reach a resolution with the support, please click on accept solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

  • How do I determine if I have a D110a or D110b


    I'm at the point where I think I need to download and install manually the drivers/software for my series D110 printer.

    When I arrived, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I don't remember using a disk to install it.

    The kid took it to school, now he's back and we want to use it again. All worked fine before wireless etc.

    I deleted it from my laptop after having some initial installation issues to try to start over.

    Now, using the USB cable to the laptop, I get a software device driver was not installed message.

    With some of that ready elements, but three different headings saying no driver found.

    The software download site there is a D110a and a D110b, how can I determine which do I need?

    It's on a Windows 7 64-bit edition system.

    Thank you

    Thank you, a duh.

    Right there in front of me.

    Thanks again.

  • Photosmart e-All-in-One Printe: Photosmart e-all-in-one - D110a does not print text or Doc file

    Until that number today printing problems.

    Now can't print from Word or any text file.

    All other OK.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled SW.

    Problem remains.

    Word files and text printed in WHITE.

    All others are OK.

    Hey @Clark_Stillman,

    I understand that when you print from your Windows 8.1 computer to your HP Photosmart e-all-in-one printer D110a print jobs are coming in white. I would like to help you today with this printing problem. When you print from your computer, some files are sent to your printer as "image" files If your printer 'think' it prints an image, color ink may be used to enrich or to 'do' the dark. This can be misleading because your machine can really be confronted a black ink, problem of print, but you may think that your machine works great as always black appears in print. While in reality, it's just the ink to mix color to black. Therefore, at the beginning troubleshooting I'll have print you a standalone report diagnosis on the quality of your printer. This report will help us determine if this printing of the blank page problem is caused by your printers ink system or your computer. Can I please you follow the steps below.

    How to print a report of quality diagnostic:

    1. Load plain white paper in the input tray.
    2. Tap the button of the ATM () next to the icon of configuration () in the lower left corner of the control panel.
    3. Press arrow right () and select Tools, and then tap OK.
    4. Press arrow right () to select Print Quality Report, then tap OK. The printer prints the report.

    • If this report prints perfectly: Only the blank page printing problem isn't be caused by your printer. On the contrary, there may be a driver or a conflicts between your computer and your HP Photosmart camera setting. Can I have it please click here to download and run the HP print and scan of the doctor tool. Once the tool downloads, please run the tool to the "difficulty of printing." If connection, software or driver conflicts turns out that the HP print and scan of the doctor tool will attempt to resolve these conflicts for you. Once the tool has completed please test printing from your computer.
    • If this report does not print correctly:  That the problem you are experiencing is caused by the printing of your printer system. To solve this problem of print quality can I please have you click here to access the appropriate troubleshooting steps. Once the support document opens please run through the Solution, one five, six Solution and seven. This includes all sub-steps under the listed Solutions. Once completed the print quality troubleshooting steps, please try to print to see if the problem is now resolved.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. You can also click thethumbs up' ' icon below to say "thanks for the help!" I look forward to hear from you!

  • Black of saving scans on a D110a

    Like many here, with the Mavericks, I can scan using the software just fine HP and see perfectly analysis.  However, when I try to save the scan, it is saved as a black page with horizontal white lines.  All the various messages about this problem are actually very old.

    I am appalled to see why HP has not developed a solution to their software to fix the problem.  It's several months and nothing has been said or done to indicate that they care even the software problem.

    I must say that the work around posted by an employee of HP using the Apple Prtinter/Scan preference option didn't work for me, only after that I played with the setting for a long time so he could do what I wanted to do.  So I thank her for that.  It solves an immediate need.

    But, I bought the HP all-in-one and really only the HP software to be usable as it is supposed to be.  So I think that to do a set fix to the point and made it so very quickly... not that I'm demanding it will become... but looking at the problem existing since what 8 or more months and no fix developed!

    Well, I had a chance to dig into it a little more away.  Please do not shoot the Messenger here, but what I found which is officially the level of support for your product on the Mavericks is limited to print and scan drivers which can be obtained via Apple Software Update.  The latest version of official "integral" solution software for the D110a provided than the Mountain Lion.  This is why there is a document provided on the product page D110a on hp.com that describes how to get the drivers from Apple.

    For scanning, this implies that the Image Capture is the recommended scanning application, and the latest version of HP Scan you can get on the page to download your product is old enough (and so more likely to incompatibilities with the new technologies of operating system such as the Mavericks).

    If you are not satisfied by the feature analysis provided by the Image Capture (or a preference overview page, or printer & Scanners) and an unsupported option that you might consider is to download and install the software for a new product like the Officejet 4630HP all-in-one.  Make sure that you select "HP Scan" in the Installation Options screen.  At the stage of the installation/configuration flow when you are prompted to select your printer 4630 to continue the installation, you can quit the installer because we look just to get the new software installed that has already taken place at this stage.  Your mileage may vary, but I hope that you can restore your ability to analyze with this new software.

  • HP printer D110a not on display upward on printers and Fax (Mac)


    It is the question of my friend.  Using iMac

    We have both the HP D110a wireless printer. I was able to implement the mine without any problems, but my friend is not able to get the printer appears under print & fax.

    When I set up my printer she stood and used Hello. My friend can't get Hello appears. I have older iMac (2006) and it has new iMac (2010)

    It is using snow Lep. 10.6.5

    Someone, please help?

    Thank you

    First of all, let's reset the printing system:

    -Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    -Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!

    Now, download the latest version of the software for your printer from the "Support & Driver" link at the top of this page.

  • No ability to scan with printer HP Photosmart D110a

    With the recent updates, I lost the ability to scan my printer HP Photosmart D110a model.  I tried to re - load the disc where I initially installed the printer.  I also tried downloading and updating online services.  I have a PC HP Pavilion Elite HPE running the Windows 7 operating system.

    What can we do?  What else is there to do!


    I uninstalled the existing software, installed the downloaded version of the most recent features complete drivers for the D110a, then reloaded my original installation on download CD, and now it seems to work.  I can now go to the center of Solution and I guess that all other errors are "supported".

    The only thing I did differently in this re - install was re - load the CD on the download.

    Thanks for the help...

  • HP Photosmart D110a

    The case is that I lost my software for my HP Photosmart D110a CD, on the other hand, when I try the software downloaded from the internet it says "file not found". Can someone send me their CD sotware or helping me understand how my printer please


    To help you with downloadable software... Please let me know the operating system, your computer has so I can you gave the link for the same...


    I represent HP
    You can say thank YOU by clicking on the STAR of CONGRATULATIONS. If my suggestion solves your problem Mark as a 'SOLUTION' in this way, others can benefit thanks in advance!...

  • D110A appears as a Scanner "Hello".

    My new d110A is connected to my network, but when I go into the preferences panel "Print and Fax" to add the device, I can see, but it appears as a Scanner "Hello". So, I can't print to the printer.

    What should I do to print on this unit?

    I use OS X 10.6.5

    OK, let's reset the printing system:

    -Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    -Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign + to add again. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • D110A and AirPrint in iOS 4.2.1

    Just thought I'd post what I did to get it to work on my D110a Airprint. Quite easy actually just upgraded my firmware to the printer to the latest version. The printer, screen, tap the icon of the tool. This takes you to the Setup Menu. Click Ok in the preferences.  Arrow on the right down to the product updates and click OK to select. Your printer should connect and ask to install the new firmware. An Ok more was all it took for me. After you have downloaded and installed the update for my printer it printed another page of Info ePrint. In my case the printer email address and the code are exactly the same, so no action is required. Hope this helps someone.

    Restart your router and your iOS device.

  • Change page scaling Photosmart D110A

    Printer: Photosmart D110A

    OS: Windows 7

    I have a software which requires me to set 'page scaling' to 'none '.  I searched preferences and properties and cannot determine how to do this.  Can anyone help?  Thank you.

    No problem, glad I could be of help. If you would like you can say 'Thank you' by clicking the star under my user name on one of my posts, and or chose to select this position as the Solution for the thread so that others will know what it is!

    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  • HP Photosmart d110a will not scan.

    HP Photosmart d110a will not scan.  The resettled drivers, checked, put off - tension, nothing works.  Using Windows 7.  Error message is ' try scan from computer or see the documentation.

    Hello smhbcd

    The current software and try to reinstall using the latest drivers from the website. The link below will take you to the page "Select your operating system". Do it and download the latest driver full features.

    Photosmart D110 software

  • HP Photosmart D110a: unable to connect to my my router D110a wireless Comcast

    I tried to connect the printer D110a to my router to Comcast Dual-Band 802.11ac, I can connect to the xfinitywifi with no problem, but not my router

    Replacement/change your wireless router, try here.


    Make sure that your router is set to a fixed channel wireless as the 1, 6 or 11, never 'auto '.  Try channel 1 first and then the other one at a time.  Make sure that the printer and the router are spaced at least 5 feet.

    However, if you have a gateway device (modem + router), all gateway devices are terrible for connectivity and wireless performance.   If this does not work, suggest you put this bridge in full bridge mode device and install your own router of high quality that YOU have full control over.

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