Damage to LAN and USB on the left side of the Satellite A300 PSAGCA


I have a toshiba satellite A300 and awhile back he had a fall and had damage to the ethernet port and USB ports on the left side of the laptop.
Ethernet still works when the position but the cord torn and the ethernet is no longer rest in.
2 USB ports work barely often or not at all but there's no visible damage, but can be on the top of the curcuit Board. I opened.

I was wondering what would be the best way to fix it.
I opened it now, as said, but decided to post on here before thinking to look further for damages and resolve.

I want to know what I can fix it, it seems that the ethernet port is welded (how ever) there and would need to replace the whole motherboard. Is it so?

See you soon.



Hi, Peggy

I think that you can't do anything :(
Simple components such as LAN or USB ports are part of the motherboard and I doubt you could replace or repair easily
An electrician who has a few years of experience with these motherboards may be able to fix it, but I doubt that a common user like me or you'll fix it

In my opinion, the motherboard must be replacaced

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    Hello, I'm not familiar with the "HP LAN and USB travel hub", but I used a good amount of Ghost!

    I think that it can be difficult to get this ethernet device works in DOS mode.  One of the problems is that DOS itself does not have support for the USB, so you would first get drivers in real mode USB installed and then find/layer drivers for HP LAN and USB travel in addition to this hub.

    This looks like a difficult task.  Must the ghost image be stored/retrieved over the network?  It may be easier to use Ghost with a local storage device, for example a USB optical drive or an external/USB drive (if that's an option)...

    Another option would be to use a different disc Imaging program (the one who works within Windows, or something like a Windows PE boot disk uses instead of BACK).

    I hope this helps!


  • Satellite A300 PSAGCE: is it possible for a start of the external CD/DVD drive?


    Could someone tell me if it is possible to start the toshiba satellite a300 psagce of cd player external usb?

    Best regards
    Miguel Alves


    The BIOS supports bootable devices on:
    -USB FDD,
    -Primary HDD,
    -Optical devices,
    -Network (LAN)

    So * USB ODD * is not supported by the BIOS

  • To change the Satellite A300 - 1 G 5 for another similar model

    I started using the Satellite A300 - 1 G 5 in October 2008. I liked its sleek black design perfect, but his memory crashed. The service center offers to change my laptop for another with the same characteristics. But I put t know which one to choose. I would, of course, Toshiba.

    I will be grateful to everyone

    If you want to have the Satellite A300 once again I recommend to use the model of PSAG8E. I have more than a year now and I'm really happy with it.
    If you have the opportunity to take other, more recent, portable check new Satellite A500. I like it.
    There are 16 display, refined design and wonderful backlit keyboard.

    If you have Facebook photos under http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=photos&gid=217815444376

    You want to have A300 again?

  • What is the difference between the Satellite A300-1EC & Satellite A300-1EG

    Why does the Satellite A300-1EC more expensive stand as Satellite A300-1EG, but configuration loses him?

    What is their substantial distinction in?
    What model of laptop may indicate, in this price range?


    Satellite A300-1EC belongs to the Group PSAG0E and Satellite A300-1EC to PSAG4E. When this model numbers are different, it means that they do not have the same hardware configuration.

    The first has Intel graphics controller 965GM (Crestline). The second is M82XT ATI (256 MB). The capacity of the HARD disk is not the same. The first a 160 GB HDD and secondly a 250 GB.

    So that's the difference between these notebooks of the A300.

    In my view, the other is better. You have to make your decision and choose the right one.

  • Need info on LAN and WLAN on the L300 Satellite maps - 12 p


    Can someone tell me what network card and the wireless network adapter used in the
    Satellite L300 - 12 portable and laptop L300-17I?
    The best info would be the PCI\VEN and DEV - ID specified in the Windows Device Manager.
    Can someone help me?



    I hope this will help you:

    Satellite L300 - 12 p and Satellite L300-17I have the same cards inside
    LAN - 10/100MBit BTO (Realtek 10/100 Base-TX)
    WLAN - 802.11(b/g) 13ch-RTL8187B Realtek

  • Mouse - touchpad and USB - HID - does not work properely on Satellite L40-139

    The mouse is very unstable. Mouse touchpad both usb do not work properely, but the touchpad a little better. It happens that, even if the mouse using USB to the point does not move, while the left and right button are always react.

    It is brand new computer (L40-139) with initially installed Windows Vista. How can I solve the problem?

    It is very disturbing. Thank you.


    have you ever tried to recover your machine, which means a complete reinstallation of your system? First: to exclude the material errors, you must perform this step, and if the error persists, then I suggest you to contact a service partner chartered for a checkup of material and a repair action.

    If the problem occurs after reinstalling windows, visit the following link to find the closest to the ASP available in your country:



  • Port USB of the Satellite L30 stop Windows when using

    I recently bought a Satellite L30 (psl33E) for my wife and everything seemed fine. That was until she needed additional usb ports for his stuff and used the port on the left side of the machine (as opposed to the one still in use, in the back). As soon as she tried to use this port in particular, the close dow and has done since then.

    Could someone tell me please how to fix this, because it is only a few weeks old, and I don't want to take it back to the store where it was purchased.

    In the hope of a miracle.




    It really looks like a serious hardware problem. I guess that the USB port cannot deliver enough power when other ports are in use.

    If I were you I bring the machine or contact the nearest available service partner in your country and allow them to correct this problem.
    Here´s a link to find the closest of the ASP available in your country: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_whitepaper.jsp?service=EU&WHITEPAPER_ID=0 000000871

    See you soon

  • Ports USB of W520 left side do not work.

    Hi everyone, I'm running a problem. I am using usb ports located on the left side, but they do not work. I plug my mouse to one of the USB ports and when I start my computer, I can see the mouse works because it turns on, but then once the windows screen it shuts down and I can't use it. Someone at - it indexes? I tried to connect it to a USB flash drive, just in case it was just the mouse and it does not work either.

    I went into Device Manager and looked at the USB, but there were few of them. I uninstalled and reinstalled the following: usb generic, generic usb host USB 3.0 of renesas. There was a message that says: "bluetooth device not found."

    I checked the BIOS and everything is enabled.

    NEVEMIND. workaround. "" I looked under the "other devices" option and I saw that there was an unknown device which has not installed correctly. I went under 'Properties', then went to the tab "driver". I got the update and he gave me a warning about an unknown device installation, but I went to come some way and everything works now.

    Incase anyone has the same problem, here is how things should look like once the left side usb working and installed.


  • Almost no storage on USB of the Satellite C40-C-10 key q

    Hallo, I really hope to find you help here!
    (English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize if it sounds a bit bumpy)

    Sinds a few months, I have a Satellite C40-C-10 q, 32 GB flash drive.

    With it, I bought Office 365 including 1 TB on OneDrive.

    Next to Windows 10 (pre installed) and O ffice 365 and the AVG Internet Security (installed by me) it is hardly anything on the laptop.

    But obviously it is more that the laptop can handle: there is not even enough space to automatically to come Win 10 update, or AVG updates! (I only use for OneDrive)
    It's ridiculess! It also means that the laptop computer is awfully slow.

    What can I do?

    I called Toshiba support for the Netherlands and told me that I could place the recovery on a USB partition, giving me some 5 GB of extra storage.
    I n t who done yet, because I found a warning message on the Toshiba site involving WinBoot. I don't know what it is, so. (http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB5703RQ0000R01NL.htm)
    However, if it is something that can be done with this laptop, I would like to know how I have to do to get there!

    He also seems to be something else using an SD card and sorry, I don t remember what that's all.
    I bought an SD card, but then only because it s the micro version and I'm going to have what it takes to make it bigger and shaped in opening the laptop

    Y at - there anyone out there who can take me by the hand and help me get more storage on this laptop?
    I regret having chosen this model (I'm sorry, but what good does when she is not working well?)

    No answer yet... I'm really the only one having this problem?

    In another call to the technical support Toshiba that I heard, that part of the problem is that when this type of portable computer was developed, it was not known that she might be bundled with Windows 10 (which takes more space on the flash drive). Is this true? Shouldn't that be mentioned during the sale of the laptop?

    I bought it because I did only need to Word and internet. No heavy no downloads, no games - nothing. But even that is as little as possible. 10 Windows cannot install the automatic updates and can sweep the virus.

    My money is totally lost? Help, please!

  • Cannot start OSs of HDD external USB on the Satellite NB10t-A-101

    I'm unable to install Linux on the Satellite NB10t-A-101, because it does not allow to boot from USB or install other OSs.I tried to circumvent this way: (it came with pre-installed Windows 8).

    (1) turning off SecureBoot (which I did)
    (2) putting USB at the top of the list of starting the computer.

    But it does not work.

    I have two HDD USB (a TPG, the other normal) partitioned and it s impossible for them starting with this model of Satellite. I m thinking to return it back to the store that I need to install/start several OSs.


    Great that you are using Linux on your PC!

    You mention that you have disabled the secure boot.
    It is very good. But you don't say anything about the startup mode and nothing about what Linux you try to start.

    Most of the distros must support UEFI but that can't be true for each of them.
    If you want Win8 dualboot with a Linux distro, so you need to active UEFI and able to start in this mode distribution.
    If you use a late clone-Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSuse, you should be fine!

    Another clue could be to take the USB key and try to start another PC from him.
    Which will give a clearer picture of where the problem lies: on your key or the compatibility of firmware NB10 & distro Linux of your choice.

    If you try to boot from a USB - HDD, I'm afraid I'm a bit at a loss as I've never tested.

    I hope this helps!

    Tom BR

  • Adjusting Brightness and contrast on the Satellite L550-113

    I am a user with low vision and I think buy the Satellite L550-113, but before I do that I need to be sure that the adjustable screen brightness/contrast very easily, preferably through the orders of material as opposed to via the control panel. I also need to make sure that we can do (i.e. too dull for a non-disabled user) rather dull screen.

    Could someone give advice on how to adjust the screen contrast and brightness on Toshiba L550-113? In addition, the screen has a glossy or matte finish?

    General information about the quality and ease of use of the screen will be very useful and much appreciated! Thank you.

    Hi mate!

    Yes, the brightness of the screen can easily adjust via the FN keys. You have to press FN + F7 to increase the screen brightness and FN + F6 to decrease the brightness of the screen. In addition, in Vista power management you can also adjust the brightness of the screen and save settings for profiles of different powers and block or power mode.

    AFAIK Satellite L550 has a brightness screen like any other portable satellite.

    I hope I could help a bit! :)

  • Is impossible to recover the Satellite A300-1QD (VISTA)

    Hey I have a problem.

    I tried to restore my Toshiba Satellite A300-1QD parameters by pressing the F8 key.
    I followed every step correcrtly, but when it came to 99% the computer was off all of a sudden.

    I don't know why, but maybe the computer got overheated or something, but I've had enough battery life.
    Then I tried to turn it on again and it is said there may have been some damage and he said I should put a "a CD to install Windows" as a first step, step says that I should choose a language, and step 3 says I should click on REPAIR.

    Then he said: if I do not have the CD, I must contact the producer.
    As I remember, I do not have any what CD with my Toshiba when I bought a year or two ago.
    All I have is a yellow mini CD that says DISK of DRIVER on it.

    Is anyone of you know if a recovery CD is shipped with Toshiba Satellite A300?
    And no one knows what I have to do because I think I don't have it?

    Thanks in advance.

    > I can remember, I don't have any CD with my Toshiba when I bought a year or two ago.
    > All I have is a yellow mini CD that says DISK of DRIVER on it.

    You didn t get the recovery disk because there was an option to create the recovery disk clean you had to read the user manual
    The preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator can create a recovery disk
    Now it s too late you are not able to boot the system

    In this case, you must order the recovery disk;
    Here you can do;

    Good bye

  • Need Vista to install so that the Satellite A300-1HV

    Hello, could someone give me or tell me the order of installation of Vista for an A300-1HV (drivers and utils)

    Thank you very much.


    I am very happy to see you're not lazy and looking for one solution. To be honest, the order of the facilities is similar for different laptops models and I think that you can use it.

    When you have finished installation please let us know if everything works well. It may be useful information for other owners of Satellite A300.

  • Satellite A300 PSAGCE: rate of window and perfomance has fallen since Win 7 64 bit site amenities


    I have a satellite A300 Model - PSAGCE and since I have instaled win7 64, my win rate dropped to 4.0!

    I used to have win vista 32 with a rate of 5.5, since I went on the site of toshiba and downloaded the latest drivers to the machine and since that I instaled the ATI driver, the rate declined to 3.9!

    How can I upgrade my laptop performance?
    Or what should I do?

    My rates are:

    Processor: 6.0
    RAM: 6.0
    Aero graphics: 3.9
    Games graphics: 5.5
    Hard disk 5.3

    Sorry my bad English...

    You have a serious problem with your laptop?

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