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Just signed up and I hope I post this question in the right place.

I just got a HDR-CX300. Of course, I'll want to transfer the video files on my computer. I need to have the date/time on the video code after I write it on a disk. My question is, will do PMB for me or I'll lose the data code during the transfer?
I heard that PMB does not transfer them with video, only with pictures.

If it isn't, recommendations on other software that will give me the time code on the video?

Thanks in advance


ETA: not sure if it's important, but I am running WinXP SP3.


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  • Problem of lens date code

    Hi all! I hope someone could help me in the determination of the date of that my kit lens was manufactured. I "googled" all morning & searched these forums & others, without success. I bought my kit of 6 d 24-105 mm Canon last March 2014 & saved the boxes and all the paperwork, but see only a serial number of 8 digits on the lens & paperwork. The white box, it came in had the same numbers but this > (21) at the front of it. It makes me crazy! Am I missing something?

    It took some time for Canon to 'understand', but some photographers obsess how old or new is a lens. Some will measure where they won't buy a used is more than a couple of years. Thus, they abolished put on their lenses date codes maybe 2 years ago or not.

    Unless it has access to internal files canons that show serial number for each lens ranges as well as the dates they are made, there is no way to determine when a "new" lens was manufactured.

    And, for what it's worth, when I got to the EF-S-objectives, I remember seeing a code on any of them. Only Ls had codes of date as far as I know. My EF 85 F1, 8 2 years ago have a date code, either.

    And I don't like not my 80-200 f2.8L "magic drain" had been built in 93 rather 94 or when? Not a bit! It produces great images for a fraction of what a new 70-200 f2.8L brand I would have cost 3 years ago...

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    How to view the datePicker on Blackberry using JSP code. Please give me javascript or other code to show on a simulator.

    Thank you & best regards

    Jagadish. M

    Check "".

  • timestamp of the record - file name or where to get a data code


    Maybe more for a Sony camcorder forum, but someone here might know.

    Being an amateur, I like doing shorts holiday and children as they grow up. (currently using PP CS3)

    Currently, contemplating the purchase of a new camera (Sony CX700 or Canon HF G10) and move from HDV to AVCHD (and CS5.5) edition.  One of those little things that I enjoyed was the day I discovered a free download, HDV Split, which allowed to appoint forwarded records (files) be appointed when recording was shot. I found this extremely useful by putting a film as well as recordings made over a long period. I could see directly in the timeline when each shot was filmed. Nice.

    How this will work in the new world (without band)? I always have easy access to code data and the day where a video was shot?

    See you soon.

    Yes, in the metadata.

  • Help with date code

    SRY about that amount of lines of code... but I really need help...

    I have to insert into a table, the date as 12/10/2009 and time, like 22:34:12... but, when I select a date picker date and insert into a text field... the time I got this result:

    If the inserted date was 12/12/2009 time 22:34:12
    The result is... 12/12/0922 34:12:00 < < < < < s get just the number two last year and by inserting the two number first time in the year, as the year 0922...

    I m using a javascript source to create a date picker...

    and this is the procedure to insert in the table...

    PROCEDURE set_atendimento)
    p_id_chamado_atendimento IN chamado_atendimento.id_chamado_atendimento%TYPE,
    p_id_chamado IN chamado_atendimento.id_chamado%TYPE,
    p_informacao IN chamado_atendimento.informacao%TYPE,
    p_datahora_inicio IN chamado_atendimento.datahora_inicio%TYPE,
    p_datahora_fim IN chamado_atendimento.datahora_fim%TYPE,
    p_hora_inicio IN VARCHAR2,
    p_hora_fim in VARCHAR2

    v_inicio DATE;
    v_fim DATE;

    v_inicio: = TO_DATE (TO_CHAR(p_datahora_inicio || p_hora_inicio), "DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS");
    v_fim: = TO_DATE (TO_CHAR(p_datahora_fim || p_hora_fim), "DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS");
    Informação = UPPER (p_informacao)
    id_chamado_atendimento = p_id_chamado_atendimento;
    (id_chamado_atendimento, id_chamado, id_operador, datahora_inicio, datahora_fim, Informação)
    (SEQ_CHAMADO_ATENDIMENTO.nextval, p_id_chamado, pkg_operador.get_id_operador, v_inicio, v_fim, UPPER (p_informacao));
    END IF;


    Here's the JAVASCRIPT

    < script language = "JavaScript" type = "text/JavaScript" >
    $(function() {})
    $. datepicker.setDefaults({)
    showOn: 'button ',.
    ButtonImageGadget: ' / i/themes/fwsac/includes/jquery/images/calendario.gif',
    buttonImageOnly: true,
    closeText: 'can ', he said.
    prevText: "< previous ',"
    nextText: ' Pr & oacute; ximo > ',
    currentText: "Hoje,"
    monthNames: ['Janeiro', 'February', 'March & eacute; o', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'],
    monthNamesShort: ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Abr', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'There are', 'Set', 'Out', 'November', 'December'],
    dayNames: ["Domingo","Segunda-feira ',' Ter & ccedil;"] [' a - feira ","Quarta-feira","Quinta-feira","Sexta-feira","Saturday"],
    dayNamesShort: ["Dom", "Seg", "Ter", 'Quality', 'Who', 'Sex', 'Sab'],
    dayNamesMin: ["Dom", "Seg", "Ter", 'Quality', 'Who', 'Sex', 'Sab'],
    dateFormat: dd/mm/yy"."
    firstDay: 0,
    isRTL: false,
    showAnim: "creep".
    $('#P5004_DATAHORA_INICIO,_#P5004_DATAHORA_FIM').datepicker ({beforeShow: fdateRange});
    function fdateRange (input) {}
    return {}
    minDate: ( == 'P5004_DATAHORA_FIM'? $("#P5004_DATAHORA_INICIO").datepicker ("getDate"): null);
    maxDate: ( == 'P5004_DATAHORA_INICIO'? $("#P5004_DATAHORA_FIM").datepicker ("getDate"): null)
    < /script >

    what I need to change to get the 4 digits of the year and all the numbers of the hour and the conca "|" with the date?

    can anyone help with this, pls?

    Hello again,

    Yes, maybe you need to change them all to varchar2. You work with 2 different types of data, trying to concatenate them and then convert them. I would start with them all the same.


  • Dreamweaver CS3 model-implementation to date "code error 3" (a solution)

    This error occurs when you update a model, and there is a file with a wrong path.

    It's weird, really. The site knows that the file is associated with the model that you are editing.

    But when you look at the file, you see that the path to the template is wrong.

    For example, my model is in {root} /site/webdocs/Templates/SomeTemplate.dwt.

    The correct path to the template in the file is/Templates/SomeTemplate.dwt,

    "webdocs" being the folder root for the files to be pushed on the web.

    Somehow, after you have moved things around, some files had the path to


    I don't know that I'm the one who screwed up of these files, but after that things are weird.

    Dreamweaver should say what files want to be updated by using the nameof the template.

    but will only actually the update if the file contains the path to this model.

    So, when I change the template and save it, DW asks if I want to update all the files.

    Then, he shows me a list of the files that will be updated. (It may be long).

    Come then 10 or 12 popups an error message saying:

    Invalid path: {root}/site/webdocs/webdocs/Templates/SomeTemplate.dwt

    The problems are the following:

    1. The message does not explain the real problem. Namely: some file has a reference
      to a model which has the same name, but which has a path not valid.

    2. It does not tell you what file has the wrong model number.
      Inspect each file to which reference the model, one by one, until find you them.

    3. The list of files that will be updated can be very long, but only 8 or 10
      shown at once and you may not copy this list.

    The best solution I found was to use the number of errors as a clue.

    Generally, the problem occurred because there was an orphan file in which

    files did not have the template applied to new - while the number of errors corresponding to the number

    files in this directory, which appeared in the update list.

    Going to that folder and open the file, I found that the page didn't look at right and that

    the model at the top of the HTML code path was indeed invalid. (The files that looked like

    a good /Templates/SomeTemplate.dwt at the top. Had those who were wrong


    The manual solution: change > models > model apply to Page for each file.

    (Ambitious automated solution would have been to write a script to change the)

    paths in the problem files.)

    This means that the site is not defined correctly.  You should never see folder root of the server in your local files Panel.  Locally, the site root is the folder of the hard disk where your files are located, and your property.  Example: C:\YourSite\

    Root of your remote server directly must be defined in your remote server settings.  See screenshot.

    Following this model, your Local Site file might look like this:

    Site - yoursite (C:\YourSite)







    + Images

    + Styles

    + Scripts

    + Fonts

    Nancy O.

  • date code sql

    Hi all
    I have a date like this
    ENDDATE = NOVEMBER 30, 12 '
    If I say
    It should show 2...
    Please give me the way...

    Try this...

    with xx as (
        select '28-NOV-12' sd, '30-NOV-12' ed from dual
    select to_date(ed,'dd-MON-yy') - to_date(sd,'dd-MON-yy') from xx;


    o/p = 2

    Because you gave the ACE String entries, we have converted all first it to a format of valid Date and when we have taken together we get the number of days.

    Hope that helps,
    Vanessa B.

    Published by: Vanessa B 30 November 2012 13:08
    -added o/p

  • DB2 code: today's date and the day to ORACLE function?

    Please help me to convert this code oracle...

    DB2 code:

    [code] ((Current date) - day (date (current date))) [/ code]

    I tried to use the functions of default in PL date timestamps, but it won't work. Help, please.

    As told by BluShadow and rp0428, you can execute the following statement:

    Select current_date, trunc(current_date,'MM')-1 day of double;

    The output will be today's date and the month last, last day.

  • HTML selector 5 of dates

    I couldn't understand how to send it to apple, so I'm just posting here.

    Apple is ever going to support HTML5 date code to show a date picker on screen for laptops and desktops? Why do we have standards if nobody follows them? Only two browsers seem to support this code. Was not bad enough for MS don't follow the Web standards in the past with IE it? HTML 5 has been long enough now that every browser should have the date picker now. His frustration when I do a Web Tutorial and see the datePicker on the tutorial, but not on my site simply because I use Safari instead of Chrome. I know that I can use Chrome, but the point is, all Web browsers should now support HTML5 and seems sure that Safari is not fully supporting HTML 5.

    I know that apple won't see this, but if there is an email to send to, please provide here.

    Thank you

    Send feedback to Apple. They will not respond, but at least know that there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it can become the problem solved as soon as possible.

    Your comments

  • S30 stuck with the code "36".


    I've got a S30 (0568) that no longer starts. It starts, presents some codes when displaying the motherboard and stops with code 36 on this view, no output on the monitor and fans running at high speeds.

    I couldn't find information about start to date codes. Any suggestions for what I could try to fix this?

    I've tried the CMOS clear jumper, without success (the system is stuck with code 36 for two jumper positions).

    Thank you!


    Last Monday, I opened a ticket, and Wednesday, IBM replaced the motherboard. It seems now run fine (and it also fixed my other problem).

    I would be always interested in these codes, however!


  • How do I change the channel of Julian date to a string of the normal Date of the

    I need to change a code of Julian Date (string format) to a Date code normal (string format).  Is not real-time, so with get a Date doesn't seem to be the solution (unless someone else has a way to do it).  I read one scanned in date in the format:


    and I would like to change it to:


    Is there a quick feature or an easy way to do this?

    Thank you!!

    Scan string followed by a format using the codes of good time to string format strings.

  • writing cannot be porformed, because data channels number does not match the number of channels in the task


    I'm writing analogues of the buffer to several channels using NOR-6723.

    For some reason any, whenever I go to the buffer double function (1-d) that contains buffers for all channels.

    I always find myself with exception indicating that the numbers of channels in the data are '1 '.

    I use c#:

    Task m_TaskHandle = new Task();
    string sChannelsList = "Dev2/ao21:23";
    "", 0, 5, AOVoltageUnits.Volts );
    int iNumberOfSamples = 4;
    double dSamplingFrequency = 1000;
    iNumberOfSamples /* Only relevant if mode is FiniteSamples */);
    // Data code is heredouble[] adSampleBuffer;// array values removed from this code snippet (here i have function that generates data)// array size is: num_of_samples * total_channels (in this case 4 * 3)
    AnalogSingleChannelWriter ChanWriter = new AnalogSingleChannelWriter(m_TaskHandle.Stream);
    ChanWriter.WriteMultiSample(false, adSampleBuffer);

    Not sure I'm I missing, how the MSTDIO determines the "number of data channels", I receive as an exception, it is always equal to 1.

    would appricate to help.

    Thank you.

    Hi idanbis,

    As the snippet you posted, you can create more than one channel using the ao21:23 range. That said, you should use AnalogMultiChannelWriter to configure your write instead of AnalogSingleChannelWriter operation.

    To write using AnalogMultiChannelWriter::WriteMultiSample (boolean, double, you must know the data you want to write must be stored in a 2D array.) Each element in the first dimension of the array corresponds to a channel in the task, while each item in the second dimension, to a sample of write on its channel. For example, that:

    Double [,] data = new double [numChannels, numSamplesPerChannel];


    data [0, 0... numSamplesPerChannel]; It is the set of all samples in the first string (ao21 in your code).

    I hope that was helpful. Let me know if I left any doubt remaining.

    Best regards


  • How to analyze all the data of the particular tag in the xml file

    Hi all

    I have a xml file, who like tags, code, rev_num, type... volunteers. I want to analyze the XML and save all data (code, rev_num...) the unknown tag in a text file. I tried to use a node matching vi, but I do not get the output I have need.attach is my attempt, can someone suggest me or help out me. (Sorry Cant join the XML so I recorded it in a text file.)

    Thank you

    Ankit G

    You must replace the instance of "resource" with "resource [type = 'unknown']." Did you do it?

  • check the valid dates


    I got a date in the format DD-MM-AA string entry. How would check date-code valid for a given year. For example, Feb should have 28 days (with the exception of leap years), Jan has only 31 days, and so on...

    Thank you


    That should do it.

    It works by converting DD-MM-YYYY to seconds and then by converting to a timestamp.  It then compares the original timestamp to the timestamp converted.  If the two are identical, it is a valid date.  If she comes back with another date, it is not valid.

    On 31 February will become March 2.  Although both have the same value of seconds, the day and month values are different, so that he knows that is not valid.

    See you soon.

  • data, lens

    How can I find out the date of when a lens has been made?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Why my compilation albums are placed in a section that is unique? I'd rather they were in alphabetical order like the rest of my albums. Anyone know how I can expose my music as I want. The people at Apple will continue to spoil the iTunes format or

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    A Tela iPad fica piscando quando contribution. ISSO uma is apos

  • I can't open the photos in Windows Photo Gallery.

    I recently downloaded a large file of pictures in Windows Photo Gallery (Windows Vista Home Premium).  The photos are in .jpg format and appear as thumbnails in the file in the Windows Photo Gallery.  When I try to open them, I get an error message t

  • O operating system hidden SSD

    I have a new XPS 8900. Great so far. It has a 32 GB SSD for the OS (Windows, 10) and 2 TB hard for applications and storage.  When I run Belarc Advisor, it shows a 32 GB drive, but when I go to my computer, I see 2 TB hard drive.  Where is the drive

  • Best graphics card for Inspiron 3647?

    I don't know how to find it on the Dell website, but I want to put the best video card as I can in the desktop computer Inspiron 3647. I would rather have 1 to 2 GB RAM, video card, but I don't know that is even supported or if I can pass the power s