Database of blackBerry Smartphones the address book not available for synchronization

... "For help to resolve this problem, refer to KB19454 in the Knowledge Base of Blackberry Desktop Manager".

I did, and it says this:

Cause 1: the BlackBerry smartphone does not contain the PIM application you are trying to synchronize with. For example, the screenshot above error has occurred as a result of the application of tasks is not installed on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Then, of course the BlackBerry has the address book app installed, and if it wasn't the cause.  I followed some of the sons of other related expenses and came up with nothing.

I synced before - first time that successfully, this worked great, the second time that he kept failing, so I changed the setting to REPLACE my address book on the BlackBerry each sync, who has worked several times, and now this.

GRRRR... of ideas?

Worked like a champ, with the only exception to the process.  When I looked at my address book to the end, he had more than one entry for each record.  So I went back to the process, but this time, before you reconnect and resynchronize, I deleted manually additional entries - for some reason, they were still there, even though I "erased" address book information!  I'm guessing that these entries were originally a part of the problem.  Anyway, once deleted I've reconnected, resynced ' by replacing ' content of the BB for the address book - and now I have great 2-way synchronization job. "  Thank you!

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    OK, I got the 'solution '. It's very simple!

    The trick is the user name you use, the better the area. Google Mail offers two domain names:


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    I suggest you contact the vendor of the application for additional support. They will be able to confirm or deny if the application is available for your device.

    See you soon,.

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    The address book is a file with an extension of wab file.  Search for *.wab and then you can click on it to open it.  You can then go to file | Export | Address book, then save it as a csv file.  To import into Hotmail, as in this case: because it is where are the experts of Hotmail.


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    This error message appears when the service given to the line is not available for the element defined in the Sub-line.
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    1 resp. Service Manager Vision business contracts.
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    > Contract
    > Service availability
    Request for the service that mentioned you in the contract.
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    If the box is checked, please check if the element mentioned in the Sub-line is listed below in the exception block. If so, please remove the item from the region of exceptions.
    If the checkbox is not checked, please check.

    Reported issue will be resolved after the steps above are followed.

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  • Question of Smartphones blackBerry with the address book

    I upgraded my version of software from 8320's to v4.5.0.81 recently. When I open my address book, there is a wide space between the contact list. This is eqivalent to double-spaced typing in Microsoft Word. I am able to see only 6 names to atime on the screen. Any suggestions to fix this? Thank you.

    There is unfortunately no way to disable the new look of the address book. This is the way that all the books addresses with OS 4.5 and higher. You would have to downgrade the OS less than 4.5 to go back to the old look.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones entries, address book missing.


    Ive got a blackberry 8130 and I've synced it with the Desktop Manager.

    Whenever I pull up the address book it shows not all contact, however if I goto options and then re - sort the last name or first name then reappear contacts. Its quite peculiar from the blackberry displays that I have 426 entries in the book... but contacts never appear as long as I use the address book.

    Ive called rogers provider and Ive made at microsoft to find errors in the address book.

    does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I went in the filters and deleted all controls and all the entries appeared.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Groupwise address book sync with Nextel Direct connect # s for 8350i

    Is there a way to synchronize address books for groupwise and 8350i included nextel direct connect information?

    Thank you

    Mapping has resolved the problem. GroupWise has no corresponding to 'Direct Connect' field. To facilitate data entry, I traced the Direct Connect field in my 8350i with paginator field in my groupwise address books. Now Synchronization Manager BB the nextel direct connect #'s.

    The steps are:

    In the upper frame of the BB desktop, select Configuration synchronization; address book; Advanced; Field Mapping (bottom of list). Map an unused field in the address book of GW with the direct connect field in the 8350i.

    I assumethis would also work with outlook and others.

  • Cannot use the digital upgrade (not available for countries) (US)

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    Help, please!

    S ' ensure that you apply the latest updates before upgrading.

    -Try to switch to a wired connection if you download over Wi - Fi

    Disable/uninstall no matter what third-party Antivirus, you may have installed before the update.

    -Do a clean boot.

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    I am able to import JPEG files.

    Support for the LX7 came with LR4.2. You have the version installed on your laptop?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones device address book phone contacts not showing on incoming calls on new 8900


    I just got a 8900 last week which has the latest version of the software on it (V.6.1.114). I transferred some of my old numbers to my SIM card from my camera, but not all - I also entered another 100 or manually directly on the device (long story).

    Now, when I get a call from a number on the SIM card, the call will display the name of the person. However, when I receive a call from a number not in the sim card but is stored memory of the native device, the call does not display the name of the person - instead, it displays the number as if it were an unknown number. However, once the call is completed, call logs show the name of the person.

    Thus, the BBERRY is not the number in the device address book when calls are coming in - it refers only to the SIM card. How can I fix it so that the contacts on the memory of the device also upward when the phone rings? Everyone knows about this problem?

    I called Tmobile tech support in the United States and they couldn't help me except to say that it was a bug and suggest to put my name on the map or by doing a hard reset...

    Thank you

    I found the answer in this old thread, but a configuration options default content SECURITY. Once I put no address names started showing up!

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