DateField question


I use the datefield with these two styles DateField.DATE_TIME | Most LEFT, but the problem is the update does not come to all areas of datefield, for ex:

first component of the field date: February 21, 2011 06:53

second part of field date: February 21, 2011 06:53

If my focus on 21 of the first field, then he must go to the Feb, 2011, 6: 53, then to the second field of date, but in my case it will leave the first field in the second field


I've been using the network manager and the problem was with gridmanager, he was the focus.

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    I add a LabelField to a VerticalFieldManager.

    I want set a fixed width for LabelField, trying to override the method of layout as follows:

    LabelField label = new LabelField ("some textToShow") {}

    public void layout (int width, int height) {}

    super.setExtent (40, 50);


    {} public void paintBackground (Graphics g)

    super.paintBackground (g);



    Result: Gets text LabelField disappear, I try to draw a rect with the width and height, it displays the Manager, but I'm not able to view the text that I'm passing with the LabelField, similar happened with DateField too.

    I don't want to create a completely custom field, I want to just set the width of my choice and height as what is already to have that is to say the default height.

    Please let me know how to do this, what I am doing wrong.

    Please, it is urgent and let me know your comments.

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    I solved.

    Thank you


  • BlackBerry DateField-wheel click on question

    Hi all

    I want to open the platform on any key date picker rather than only the wheel click.

    What I mean is I want the feature made when we click trackball on datefield... even by clicking on any button.

    any help?

    You can crush keyChar, manage the keys you want and to do this, use invokeAction on the datefield

  • Help!  Help!  DateField selectableRange question

    Could someone explain how to put the selectableRange in my DateField to start from the current date? My code below disables the current date and starts with the current date + 1. I would like the selectableRange to indicate the current date.

    < mx:DateField selectableRange = "{{rangeStart: new Date(), rangeEnd: new Date (2008,0,1)}}" / >

    Thanks for your help!

    John"layout ="absolute">

    public static millisecondsPerMinute:int const = 1000 * 60;
    public static millisecondsPerHour:int const = 1000 * 60 * 60;
    public static millisecondsPerDay:int const = 1000 * 60 * 60 24;

    [Bindable] private var _startRange:Date = new Date (Date () .getTime ()-(millisecondsPerDay)) new;
    [Bindable] private var _endRange:Date = new Date (2008,1,01);

  • How to justify left DateField?

    Hi all

    I have a very basic question regarding alignment on DateField.

    By default, the DateField will have a label on the extreme left and the value on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Is it possible to achieve the DateField as shown below? If so, how?

    Date: (Label)

    December 31, 2008 12:00 (value)

    Thanks in advance,


    Hello guys,.

    Firstly, a big thank you to tbilisoft, LWG and ryandevore.

    Yes, it's the perfect solution for my needs.

    Once again, thank you very much to you all for your time and help.

    Happy Premal

  • DateField, can not be able to select the current date


    I use DateField in my application. Initially, the date field is showing-/-/---(JJ/MM/AAAA) this format. So if I click on this field to date I can't able to select the current date. If I go on any later date or past date and define it and that I can not choose the current date.

    Thax for your quick response...
    I found this question in "Issue Tracker" here:

  • DateField not working not not in Coldfusion 11

    I installed just for CF11 on our servers QA and dev and make me a strange problem on one of them. On our QA server, instead of the control calendar showing upward when < cfinput type = "datefield" > is used, I get the text "date picker. I can't find anything about it on the help forums, so I was hoping that someone has met that I can't understand the question. What baffles me, is that it works very well on a single server with the same version of CF. thanks is advanced.

    Of course, just after I ask the question, I found the answer. The CFIDE virtual directory was never created for some reason any on my web server so I just had to add that in IIS and it works fine now.

  • itemFocusOutHandler with DataGrid editable selected point question

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to Flex and I have a question that is generating a lot of frustration. I'm sure that the solution is string me in the face, but I just can't see the forest for the trees.

    OK, I am trying to achieve a data grid that is populated with data based on a one-to-many relationship between the people and the courts with a join to show people that do not have assigned courses and then assign these by date if necessary.

    It is action of itemFocusOutHandler where the database is then updated with the selected data grid component.

    Question: when you're away from the cell update the triggering event and the database is updated with the selected new row and not passed. I expect the update to trigger until the selected element is change, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    Example of


    Added to John on the 24th courses

    Tab to Jason the selected item changes, and Jason is added to the database with no entry. ALSOM If then back to John of Jason, the database will be updated with data for John

    View database:

    Table_ID CourseHeader Date Person_IDHeader 4

    Where the person is equal to

    Table_ID First Last

    You are willing to provide any help will be very appreciated.

    Regards, Darren.

    And the code (I tried to simplify this if possible):

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >

    < s:Application ' xmlns:fx = ' "

    " xmlns:s = 'library://"" "

    "" xmlns:mx = ""minWidth ="955library://" minHeight ="600" " "

    " xmlns:register = 'services. Course.*">

    < fx:Script >

                <! [CDATA]

    import mx.controls.DateField;

    import mx.controls.Text;







    protection function dC1_changeHandler(event:CalendarLayoutChangeEvent):Sub


    var dforQ:String = DateField.dateToString (dC1.selectedDate, "DD/MM/YYYY" );

    var SD189:String = dforQ;

    gateCbyDResult.token = csr.gateCbyD (SD189);


    protection function dataGrid_itemFocusOutHandler(event:DataGridEvent):Sub


    var dateSQLDate:String = DateField.dateToString (dC1.selectedDate, "DD/MM/YYYY" );

    var entrydate:String = dateSQLDate;

    saveNewResult.token = csr.saveNew(dataGrid.selectedItem.course,entrydate,dataGrid.selectedItem.empid);


                ]] >

    < / fx:Script >

    < fx:Declarations >

    "" < csr:Csr id = "CSR" fault =" (event.fault.faultString +"\n"+ event.fault.faultDetail)" showBusyCursor = "true""/ > "

    " < s:CallResponder id ="saveNewResult"""/ >

    " < s:CallResponder id ="gateCbyDResult"""/ >

    < / fx:Declarations >

                < mx:DataGrid x=" 103 " y=" 252 "


    {" dataProvider ="{}gateCbyDResult.lastResult}"" "

    " verticalScrollPolicy ="off"" "

    {" number of lines ="{}dataGrid.dataProvider.length}"" "


    itemEditEnd = "dataGrid_itemFocusOutHandler (event)" " >


    < mx:columns >

    "" < mx:DataGridColumn headerText = "last" dataField ="lastName" editable = "false""/ > "

    "" < mx:DataGridColumn headerText = "first" dataField ="firstName" editable = "false""/ > "

    "" < mx:DataGridColumn id = "courseInput" headerText ="course" dataField = "course" editable ="true""/ >

    < / mx:columns >

    < / mx:DataGrid >

    "" < mx:DateChooser id = "dC1"change = "dC1_changeHandler (event)" x = "102" y ="38'' / >

    < / s:Application >

    Thank you again...

    If your topic says Manager itemFocusOut, implies that you are using a

    event Focusout/focusouthandler().  I did not read the code that carefully.

    Verify that the selectedItem has already changed.  Maybe he has.  You

    must be able to use the information in the DataGridEvent to access to the

    data item that was published.

  • DateField Format

    -Very well, I did some research, but cannot find an answer to my question.

    I use a dateField and I want the date to display as this 'February 28, 2008.

    I currently have the = DD/MM/YYYY format, which displays "02/28/2008.
    If I change the format to DD/MMM/YYYY it displays ' 28/02022008.
    If I change the format to DD/MM/YYYY it displays ' 28/022008.

    How to make a text for the month?

    Wow, every 20 minutes after that I post, I found the answer on another site.

    Apparently, you need to use a dateFormatter component and create a function that indicates the dateFormatter to fit the date instead of the normal analysis. Maybe it's a bug in the dateField component?

  • iOS 10 people record problem/question


    I have a couple of "faces" in the issue of people who are coming in white, but acknowledged same 'face' of many times.  Is anyway to update it for photo comes actually?  At a few faces, I don't know that facial recognition found since it is coming from white.

    Hi JohnP007,

    Congratulations on your iPhone 7 more running iOS 10! I understand that some of your faces in the album of people pull up as a draft and you want to refresh. You can try to use the steps below to fix the faces on the thumbnails in albums.

    Difficulty faces and names mixed-up

    If you notice that there is a photo of someone in a collection that is poorly identified, you can remove it.

    1. Tap the person you want to remove in the album of people > select.
    2. Type Show done face to emphasize his face in every photo.
    3. Press on each photo that is not the person.
    4. Type > not this person.

    Hide people

    You can hide the people or groups that you don't want in your album of people.

    1. Open the album people and press Select.
    2. Touch the people you don't want to see.
    3. Click Hide.

    If you want to see the people that you have hidden, press on show hidden people.

    People in the Photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    This should be corrected without delay faces. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Good day.

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    If you forgot the answers to your questions of security of Apple ID - Apple Support

  • I can't reset the security questions. We received notice as below:

    Hello world

    I can't reset the security questions. We received notice as below:

    "Cannot reset Security Questions."

    We have insufficient information to reset your security questions. "

    Please help me as soon as possible! Thank you very much.


    You will need to contact the Apple Support.

    The information is available here:

    Contact Apple for assistance with the security of the Apple ID - Apple Support accounts

    (I'm afraid that no one here can solve the problem for you - this is a user-based community).

  • Question of cloning for SSD upgrade on 12 Macbook Pro

    Previously, I did an upgrade to SSD on my Macbook Air to 2012 according to the instructions of JetDrive transcend. Basically connection via USB 3 and using Mac OS X to clear (and format) disc utilities new SSD, then restore again SSD and then remove the original 128 GB SSD and insert the new 480 GB SSD.  For about a month and so far without problem.

    Now I'm trying to 2012 Macbook upgrade my Pro partner (on 10.11.6).  I got a Crucial SSD MX300 to replace his HARD drive.  Crucial comes with (or recommend) Acronis software.  And a lot of the messages of the forum recommend Carbon Copy Clone.

    My question is if I can use the same method for the cloning of the HD as my Macbook Air (just restore disk of Mac OS X utilities)?  This time, I'm upgrading HARD drive and I don't know if something is different.  At the same time, if I got lucky the first time, I don't not ruin Macbook Pro my spouse this time.

    Thank you.

    Yes, you can use disk utility to clone your MBP wives, but unlike CCC, it will not clone the recovery and Partition.

  • Question about resolution movie downloads

    If I buy a movie at a certain resolution (780p for example), but I want more later re - download at a higher or lower resolution (SD or 1080 p), can I do so and how?

    Same question perhaps for music. Some of my songs have been bought before the latest Apple codecs.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Once you have made a purchase on the iTunes store, you will see your purchased items in the menu under accounts bar > bought. You can simply select the item purchased and re-upload.

    With regard to the resolution of the film for films that are offered, and you select the resolution, you can download it again and select a different resolution. For movies that are available as separate download to SD, 780, or 1080 points, you would be limited to the original resolution you selected.

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    My 6510 has stopped printing in black ink. I tried all of the fixes suggested in this forum, HP and the internet site and none have worked. Briefly, I tried: new cartridge, check on cartridge event, run own - many times print head align the printhead