DBCA does not deselect options database


After a software successfully on IBM AIX 7.1 installation I started the creation of the database using DBCA

I noticed that in the section "Database Options", all components are selected and the boxes are Devils so I can't disable any component.


I found MOS Doc-ID 1590570.1 and it seems that this is normal.

1 does anyone know what is the reason for this?

2. has someone at - he found a solution for this problem? I prefer not to install unnecessary components...


For some reason you seem to think that it would be an advantage to install a CBD with only the necessary database components. Well, apparently you can create a CBD with all components installed, or create a non - CBD were you can do not to install certain components. I'm afraid a users forum is perhaps not able to provide you with a definitive answer why there is such a design.

The way I see it, from what I learned about 12 c so far, what you are trying to accomplish would probably add more complexity, affecting many aspects of the multitenancy, including the PDB of the SEED, which should be adjusted according to your custom options. It will also complicate things when you decide to connect or transfer other databases in your CBD.

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    It seems that the Toshiba Hotkey Utility and Hotkey utilities for display devices stop working.
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    Did you install NI-VISA? What is the port appear in MAX?

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    P.S.: What you wrote, you appear not need to download any "service packs".  You have the latest service pack for Windows XP.

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    Have you checked in the Security menu Security / Unit of material?

    This is where the adjustment would be if she has one, and it is disabled by default.


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    I usually wait for the mods to approve the screenshot, but try this.

    Go to the NVIDIA view and use the driver for your card here. (if you need assistance after yet, but you seem more literate computer then most)

    Save it on the desktop and install it from there, not in a temporary folder.

    When you install it, you will have the possibility to choose advanced options, what to choose and do a clean install of the driver.

    Also, look for options on how to activate the Advanced menu, even if you install it or when you initially open the NVIDIA control panel for the first time.

    It's _ important make sure when ever you try and install a driver from another person and create a manual restore point Windows.

    I also think that the options in the NVIDIA Control Panel are not always there as you have switchable graphics, but I don't see why that should make a difference.

    I'm going to watch a movie, I'll check later.

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    Hello world

    I wanted to share my files on photoshop or illustrator, but the share icon goes straight to share on behance.

    the other options are not exposed.

    I try to see my other apps, sketches and line and the same thing happens...

    It is something wrong with my apps or my creative cloud account?

    all applications, desktop, and mobile are updated.

    How can I solve this?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Kind regards

    Ana laura gomes

    There are two places to share.  Everyone works differently:

    If you are on the home page (you'll see several drawings), the button share sharing the whole project of Behance.

    If you are on a specific design, the button share share this Illustrator/Photoshop-specific drawing


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    Ideally, you code your own with (improved) MySQLi or PDO.


    Help the Web offer also an Extension of commercial MySQLi for DW server behaviors replace the obsolete.

    MySQLi server behaviors. Dreamweaver extension | WebAssist

    Nancy O.

  • PeopleSoft HRMSCS 9.0 script does not create a database


    I'm working on the peoplesoft HRMS module and I was peoplesoft install on windows xp and other list software given below

    1-oracle 10g disk D:\ with oracle folder

    2. create the disc database with file oradata D:\

    3. install BEA Web logic install in the C:\ drive

    4. install Tuxedo 9.1 on window install in the C:\ drive

    5. install peopletool 8.49 installed in the PT8.49 folder for the drive D:\

    6 install peoplesoft HRMS and 9.0 Solution Campus even enterprise installation folder where to install the peopletool

    7 - let the Multi language because it is optional.

    8-running Script database (database script as given in manual)

    one -utlspace.sql (run the manual script given accordingly) message showed created synonym Grant succeeds created view

    b dbowner.sql (message showed,(ORA-00959) 'PSDefault' does exist no.

    other remaining script files are in the meantime, PSDEFAULT is main who cannot create the creation of this PSDEFAULT

    Help me please to run the script of theses

    Thank you


    Hi, Mr President,

    Sorry for reply late because I don't have internet facility, basically I solved that issue, I was the database delete and listener and recreate the database and reconfigure the listener and connect work very well and any script work correctly.

    Thank you for your cooperation and the guideline.

    Thank you


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    Hello, go in view > toolbars & UN-see the menu bar - then you will get the default layout with the firefox button in the upper left corner of the window.

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    Current condition: menu Acer comes when you press power button No. BIOS options aka F2 Menu appears, then a dash (-) comes on a black screen and then returns to the screen of the acer.
    If someone knows to fix it please help me.

    If you put an installation disc or a system repair disc into the CD/DVD and start, there is a good chance that it starts from the disk. No need to go into Bios.

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    * original title - search for windows problem images *.

    Hi true-do,.
    -Remember you proceed with recent computer between the calendar changes when things worked fine and now?
    This problem may occur if one or more of the Jscript registry key settings are incorrect. This problem can also occur if the Jscript.dll file is missing or damaged.
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    Hi all.

    Does anyone had the same problem on the keys FN on A200-1ZF?
    I reinstalled the operating system, Windows 7, and after installing all the drivers, I can't change the light from the screen by pressing FN + F6 or F7.
    Also, does not any option with FN key combination.

    Does anyone know how to solve that?
    Thank you.


    I m A200 not owner but I A210.
    I could get the Fn keys work in Win 7.

    First in landed the VAP for Win 7 and then I installed the Toshiba Flash Cards for Win 7 support utility.

    I downloaded both the European driver Toshiba page tools. I chose the tools available for Satellite L500.
    You should try this too.

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    The status on my liquid Z4 says "Not of Roaming" and when I touch it it just highlights. Does not all options.

    If I go abroad this automaticalyy going to roamong?

    You must activate roaming on SIM options / homelessness.

Maybe you are looking for

  • No group functionality

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    Greetings, When the indicator is available in the Canada? Thank you Shane.

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  • blue screen error code 1000008e death.

    Original title: error code? I sometimes get the "blue screen of death"... with this error code: BCCode: 1000008e BCP1: E0000001 BCP2: B8400925 BCP3: AC4178B8BCP4: 00000000 OSVer: 5_1_2600 SP: 3_0 product: 768_1 Can someone help me solve this problem?