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I have a new computer and when it has been implemented somehow my husbands email in Outlook became the default email. He no longer use this computer and I want to go back to get my email in Windows Live Mail by default. I spent in the default computer settings and put in Windows Live mail, and he says that it is evolving. But when I try to send a link through Firefox it still it sends through the address of Outlook. How can I go back to my Windows Live mail default? I'm having the same problem trying to send pictures through Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Hi Viscrd,

Check if Internet Explorer open Windows live mail.

You may need to change the default mail client in the Firefox settings.

To so please check the link below

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    Click here and follow the instructions, or if you do not delete rather manually the adware, launches MalwareBytes for Mac.

    MalwareBytes simplifies the process of removal of adware, but does not stop it or other malware from entering the computer. It should not be invoked to prevent future incidents; Instead, avoid downloading software from sources other than the Mac App Store or Developer Web sites.


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    I see the same thing. I agree that it is not normal.

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    «.. . Download .mp4 without compression.

    Uh, no such thing .mp4 is a great highly compressed.

    In any case, you will need to open Handbreak, watch settings.  You should be able to see the settings somewhere.  I've not used in ages.  But look at the Inspector in the compressor, the video section.  Compare that to the Handbreak screen.

    Start with predefined Apple devices you used in the presets of the compressor.

    Duplicate it by right clicking and select duplicate from the pop-up menu.

    This duplicate will now be in the custom group.

    Select it, go to the Inspector, the video section, and it is where you are going to settle things.  Basically, you'll only have to set the bitrate.  Everything else is automatically set to the size of the image and the rate of your original video.  Unless you want them changed.  But you can easily get all the information you need simply by looking at the screen Handbreak and Scribble all parameters.

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    Sorry, but this isn't an option in the iOS. You can get on-screen widget directly from the home screen by sliding from left to right, all by dragging up and down poster notifications screen.  No gesture is editable.

    Or you can submit your ideas to Apple at

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    This isn't a feature of iOS or iOS app of e-mail. If your camera is actively registered and connected to iMessage and you send to another user filed iMessage to Apple, then the messaging application intrinsically will attempt to send through the iMessage to Apple service.

    The only way to go back to SMS as the default is from you disconnect from iMessage and disable the use of the service on your device.

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    Hey BKavett,

    I understand that you liked using the view today in iOS 9. The good news is that this feature is still available, but has changed the way to access it. In order to access the view today in iOS 10, slide between the left edge of the home screen or the lock screen. Take a look at this link for more information:

    View today - iPhone

    Thank you for coming to the communities of Apple Support and let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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    How do you define complete finder by default on my Mac Mini Mid 2012 10.10.5 running

    Please describe what you mean by "full finder.

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    I changed my iTunes media folder location. My internal drive has two drives (was originally a Fusion player, after a system crash, I had to clean it and install Mac OS from scratch and is no longer read as a reader of fusion, but I agree with it), so one of the discs that I use for the OS itself and the other to store the data. I've changed most of my files application for the storage disk storage. When I change the location of folder of media to iTunes, after reboot, it restores the original file to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media.

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    iTunes will revert to the default locations, if the configured drive is not present when iTunes opens. This happens if the drive is not mounted or asleep...

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    If you are looking for in the forums on the topic and limit to messages by Linc Davis, he posted a script that will reset everything.

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    Whose address email or Apple ID it belongs?  Do you know?

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