Defining a poster frame for iCloud, photo sharing

The Question:

How to set a custom frame displays for videos shared via iCloud, photo sharing?

Use case:

I have converted old home movies VHS into segments of small 3-5 minutes and you want to share these clips to my family via iCloud, photo sharing. This will allow the videos to travel with them on their iPhone.

The problem:

These segments are stored in the Photos app. I have chosen some of these segments and chose an image poster - it works. I right click, choose sharing to iCloud, photo sharing. The file appears in a newly shared album, but the poster frame is returned to the first frame of the video. In the case of the VHS, it's a blurred image, or a framework that does not clearly show the content (for example, a sofa, or heaven).

Right-clicking on a video gray shared on the option to reselect a poster frame.

What you need to do is clip from the first few frames of video in PHotos. Double-click on the video to open it in read mode.  Click on the speed on the right button and select Trim.

Turn the left side of the yellow box to the right to remove foires executives

Click on the button on the right.

Now try to add to the shared album.

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    Need not do anything. You can suggest improvements here

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    Sharing albums and Photo library iCloud iCloud different services and are stored independently from each other.

    When you create a shared album and share with your friends, you will see the shared album and photos in your photo library, but you can remove the originals from your photo library, as long as you do not remove the shared album photos. In the shared album photos can be slightly smaller than your original photos, because there is a limit of size of pixels for shared photos.

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    (Maybe wrong), I assumed it would just automatically happen, and I wouldn't have to worry about filling my memory of iPhones.

    If you use iCloud photo library and if you have settings > iCloud > Photos > Optimize iPhone storage enabled, optimized for the smaller versions will be kept on your phone "If your iPhone is low on space" (this quote is from the screen of the settings above). Does not the validation of the amount of free space on your phone, but optimization can not occur if space is not needed.

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    It must just be better worded. It references only the shared albums as separate from your actual film association. It removes nothing of your camera by activating / deactivating it turned off.

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    iCloud photo sharing creates copies of your photos, if you turn it off the originals will always be there as long as you have not deleted or they aren't someone else first.

    If you disable the iCloud photo sharing, you can reactivate again and will return all pictures that have been deleted.

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    -If not, what is the new equal to that with the possibility of transferring these journals?

    Thank you

    No they are not really the same thing and you can't convert one to the other. When / if you update, you will simply lose your logs. You cannot influence other available photos of the order appear in

  • I tried to add photos to an album in iCloud photo sharing. Add very well, but older latest pictures will not.

    I tried to add photos to an album in iCloud photo sharing. Add very well, but older latest pictures will not. Help please!

    Try the settings/iCloud and remove the synchronization. Wait a few minutes and then resynchronize.

    Try to go into System Preferences/iCloud and stop synchronization. Wait a few minutes, then recheck the timing.

    Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then reconnect?

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    You must provide the details that we cannot see you

    My photos on this computer are in a shared file with another user on the same computer.

    Please explain this - exactly what you are doing? Photos has no multiuser functionality


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    Tried to empty the cache memory in PPro CC2015, closing body and remove all files from the cache, you re-create the subitems without result.

    Does anyone else know this?

    Click the menu drop down and uncheck the photos show the applied effects.

  • Photos transferred via USB use optimize the functionality for iCloud photo library?


    I recently transferred 1000 files to my mac via a flash drive.

    I want to have optimized photos and not actually be fully downloaded on my mac and I'm currently using iCloud photo library with optimization turned on.

    Does the work automatically? Or y at - it another way to make this work?

    Thank you


    When you import pictures to Photos on your Mac and they download to iCloud photo library they will be optimized on your Mac if space is needed - you cannot control what is optimized or when - it is dynamic and automatic


  • How to choose the poster frame for websites like YouTube or SmugMug?

    I have a video ended up in first Pro CC, when I export it automatically selects an image to use as the thumbnail on the front of my video. I would like to manually select the thumbnail displayed, how can I do?

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    Reason: Please do a title more short

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    The site chooses at random the poster frame.  YT does the same.

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    Dear community,

    I encounter this problem on my iPhone 6 (64 GB). Especially when I selected pictures and videos.

    When adding Shared Pictures folders in iCloud how is the transformation that is happening? I was wondering if my original photos are stored in the clouds and I add to a folder shared, the command is recommended to use the side Server - I mean copy photos in a shared folder in the cloud, rather than download to my local storage of phone because it stores only the optimized versions of the originals.

    So if this whole process happening this way, then how is it is stuck in my local device? : S

    Could you please give me some clarification on this?

    Thank you in advance,


    Please ensure that you have a backup of your current library. Launch Photos while keeping the Option + command keys. Select this option to repair your library database.

    If this does not resolve the problem, the problem could have been moved from your iPhoto library. In this case save, then fix the (same method) iPhoto library and perform a new migration into Photos.

    If you need choose the right library when launch, hold down the Option key.

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    You can view sharing photos without an Apple device, if you share your albums as a public web page and send the link to anyone without an Apple device, see this help page:

    iCloud, sharing photos - Apple Support

    You can even share albums with friends and family who do not use iCloud. Just open a shared album you have created, go to the people tab on your iOS device or click on on your Mac and turn on the Public website. Your photos publish on a website that anyone can see in an up-to-date web browser.

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    You can ask Apple -


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