delete fromincoming email addresses

Remove incoming E-Mails addressed before shipment.


What e-mail program?

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  • How to delete old email addresses is more correct to people who have new addresses

    I don't see a place or a way to delete old email addresses of people who have new email addresses.

    Firefox send an e-mail, it's strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, let know us and we can move this thread to the queue of Thunderbird. This issue is currently in the queue of Firefox to get answers.

  • I had my hacked email. I deleted the email address on the SMTP server, but Thunderbird is not allowing me to remove the hacked e-mail address.

    I had my email "[email protected]" pirate. I deleted the email address on the ISP e-mail server and created a new email "[email protected]" - without the H immediately after John.
    Thunderbird, I added the new email address (see table).
    However, every time I try and send an email, Thunderbird ask again me the password to the original email.
    How to make the new e-mail, the primary e-mail address / default and delete old email marked in bold on the seal - which I suppose is the right course of action?


    John Halsted

    Enter the account settings.

    Select the new address to be the default.
    All at the bottom of the list of accounts in the left side is account Actions.
    Under this menu is to set as default.

    FYI: The display of your e-mail is that a public forum is the best way to provider of this info to hackers. I edit this info and refrain from publishing personal information in the future.

  • I'm unable to delete obsolete email addresses of mail. When I change a card email address Contacts outdated address appears at the top of the queue. Is it a problem of Contacts or a mail problem. How to solve this problem?

    I'm unable to delete obsolete email addresses of mail. When I change a card email address Contacts outdated address appears at the top of the queue. Is it a problem of Contacts or a mail problem. How to solve this problem?

    Have you tried to go to the recipients of mail/window/previous and delete e-mail addresses it?

  • If I delete an email address influence other programs implemented underr that meet?

    like facebook, I get unwelcome email


    Deleting an email address where, in a program or post online? Normally delete an email or the
    email address does not affect the programs.

    You need to contact Facebook support and assistance on harassment.

    Facebook - help and Support

    Facebook - Facebook Contact and support of Facebook

    Facebook - Forums

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • want to delete the email addresses to the list

    You want to delete the email addresses to send the list of e-mail messages.

    Click on transfer. Highlight addresses with the cursor. Press DELETE.
  • How can I delete unwanted emails address?

    I no longer use the Charter and want to get rid of accounts email Charter in my T-bird mail - the email of the Charter is grey and says default - how can I get rid of an e-mail account, I no longer use? I removed it in this file:


    hoping he would address Charter out of my Office T-bird list, but it's still there.


    I just read a doc T-bird that says even though the email address has been removed successfully, it will be always IN the list of email addresses in the menu for them

    Where did you read that? It is quite wrong, IMHO. Indeed, users have been known to 'clear' an account and then express alarm that she and all her messages and folders disappeared. I don't quite know why they are surprised. What one would expect to happen?

    What I would say is that remove Thunderbird account does not delete the underlying message store, the contents of a deleted or deleted account can often be extracted.

    When you have removed C:\Users\jantallent\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\fc9zhx97.default\ImapMail\ you simply deleted from the message store. This does not remove the account. Indeed, in an account IMAP-connected, that you just deleted will probably be restored when Thunderbird then synchronized with the server.

    How do you propose to save, then no doubt, restore these messages? I think you really need to understand more about the profile before doing irreparable damage.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones to delete an email address

    I need help removing an email address of my World Edition phone.  I made the mistake of listing the address of my PC and now I get these notifications day and night, I send.  I've searched and cannot find a way to remove, only put in place.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Click on e-mail settings-> put the username and password (if defined by you)-> sub service go to email accounts-> hitting the button Delete in the ID e-mail that you want to remove.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones to delete an email address of a mapping between a Blackberry device

    HI - hope someone can help

    We had a member of the labor force leave our company who has used his personal blackberry to receive emails from work on his handset. Even if he has left to join a competitor that it continues to receive our emails to sales.

    We know the email address (this is our address general sales)- but we do not know its PIN BB code

    Is there a way we can ask RIM to list the devices that access the e-mail account on a BB device and then ask a removal device?

    Kind regards


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    If this email account has been integrated into its BB via your company BES, your admins BES need simply to remove it from the BES console.

    If this email account has been integrated through BIS, then the thing safest to do would be the same thing that everyone should do every time that happens the turnover - change all passwords on the systems to which the former employee had access. Yes, this means that all users access this email account must reconfigure their interfaces, but given this symptom, there may be others who also have access to it? It is likely (IMHO) time for an audit and a reauthorization of only those users who need access.

    I don't think that RIM may even find the information you are looking for... Well, not just at least... would probably someone to do a little digging around to find it. Even if they consented to it, I'd bet that you would pay very very heavy for them to do. As this isn't anything within 'normal' support, I think your only option even ask about this is via paid incident support, which costs a tax just BTW even ask the question. But if you do not want to study, you can check it out here:

    Good luck!

  • I need to delete old email addresses in the address cache

    I need to delete old addresses of e-mail addresses collected and personal address books. What does not work (final deletion; addresses not back when Thunderbird is opened later): 1) right-click and delete; (2.) to write a new email... address list comes on the right pane on the left... click and remove the address e-mail. (3.) what has been suggested in discussion forums about this EXACT, SPECIFIC... with THUNDERBIRD problem. I'm running the 24.4.0 release version. Once more, how do I permanently delete unwanted messages treats (in an address book, "AutoComplete cache", etc.--pick you). Thank you.

  • I can't delete an email address that appears only in my list when I and rated ready to send an email. The wrong address does not appear on the regualr email list.

    When you attempt to send an email from my hotmail account I go to the list of contacts and get an e-mail address I would like to remove from my list.  This e-mail does not appear when I open a new message to send.  I would like to delete two items: (room Nakedfun) and (regular email1) these addresses appear only when a new email is open must be sent.  There is no message on my regualr so email list.

    In Hotmail,.
    1. Click on Contacts.
    2. Click on View invitations.
    3. Click groups.
    4. Click No, thank you to those who show themselves.
    5. Click on change settings of your invitation
    6. Select private.

    Hotmail has its own support at the Windows Live Solution Centerforums. Please address any questions you may have about Hotmail to one of the forums on the right side of this page.


  • How can I delete old email addresses

    That's all I need to know is how to delete old e-mail addresses that appear when I type in the name of a person?

    Remove yourself from your address books. It is where Thunderbird gets these suggestions.

  • Forgotten ID Apple or deleted e-mail address

    I have to give you the full story so that you can understand what happened.

    I broke my iPhone screen 5 a year ago. I used another phone since then, but today, I finally decided to repair it. At the time when my father it was a service guy, but it didn't fix it because I decided to get another phone instead. However, my iPhone had a bout 2 weeks in his shop.

    Today, after the replacement of the screen, the iPhone asks me to put in place all over again, even if I make a reset to the factory settings or anything. This would not have been possible from the phone with broken screen showed no picture. As I remember, the phone is connected to this ID Apple even as I write, which is on a Yahoo e-mail address. However, now it requires a Gmail account. I had an Apple on a Gmail account some time ago, but the problem is I deleted this email address.

    What can we do now?

    I bought the phone in an Orange shop a few years ago. Would they be able to unlock it for me somehow?

    There is no Apple store anywhere near my house.

    Unfortunately, unless you know the Apple ID, there is absolutely nothing that can be done, you cannot use your mobile device. You may be able to find your Apple ID to get your old and forgotten Apple ID

    Generally you cannot delete email addresses.

  • How can I remove a thunderbird email address

    I've looked everywhere & to cancel or delete old email addresses created

    It was actually very helpful, but the yellow star is behind my email address and not the email address which is the problem. How can I make the switch?
    Thanks again. According to me, that I'm getting real close to get rid of this headache.

  • My MAC friends tell me NOT to use icloud email address.

    My MAC friends tell me NOT to use icloud email address.

    They advised me that because they claim that icloud email address cannot be deleted.   I speak no deletion of an Apple or iCloud account. I'm simply talking about the ability to delete an icloud email address.

    They tell me to use Gmail, Yahoo or AOL, as these companies allow you to erase / delete an email address.   It just looks good to me. I'm trying to get the best advice.

    Thank you

    ICloud e-mail address is provided for you once you've created an Apple ID (which is the same as your email address valid)

    Your iCloud email address is also an alias of your Apple ID and Yes, you can change your username (email address) Apple

    Read here on how to change your Apple ID: change your Apple - Apple Support ID

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