Delete the double tab ONLY in notes


I'm new to GREP, but probably I need to use it to save tons of work.

I am page a big book (1000 * pages) and I have to

(1) delete all the double tab at the beginning of the references (see the first photo, black circle) <- and only the tab double early references, so that I can't use find it normal...

(2) delete the tab all at the beginning of the paragraph (see the first photo, red circle) <- and only at the beginning of the paragraph so... can not use find it normal.

find the first problem that I tried to use this code: ~F+\t\t replace with: an empty space and it kind of worked, but unfortunately it erases the reference number too (see photo 2, black circle)

Any help?


Any help will be appreciated, thanks a lot

For notes you can use (?.)<=~F)\t+  (which="" will="" find="" one="" or="" more="" tabs="" after="" the="" marker)="" or="" you="" can="" use=""><=~F)\t{2} to="" find="" exactly="" two,="" or="" modify="" to="" suit="" yourself.="" the="" important="" part="" is="" the="">

To your other paragraphs, use ^ \s+ to remove any white space at the beginning of a paragraph.

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    < cfif QNE isDefined ("session.ezform") and session.ezform "" > "".
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    < cfset session.ezform = ListAppend (session.ezform, >
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    < cfif QNE isDefined ("") and "" > "".
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    < / cfif >

    <!-I don't know what to put here once you click on the button delete that will remove from the list where litm is equal to the variable list->

    < cfif IsDefined ("deleteprod") >

    < / cfif >

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    < a href = "ezform.cfm? deleteprod & litm = #litm #" > remove from basket < /a >

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    Used in conjunction with ListFindNoCase(), you can do the bite of this:

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