Delete, to the Server Option blackBerry Smartphones

Until a few days ago, I had a few personal email accounts on my BB.  Whenever I deleted a message, I was presented with two options - remove and remove it from the server (or something like that).  I joined a new company and the phone was put into service for the BES.  Now, when I delete messages from the personal accounts, I can only delete them on the device, that is, I'm not presented with the option to delete the server.  The e-mail from the company account balance very well with the BES.

Any ideas?

If you check under Messages | Options | Send the reconciliation can change you to your personal email account and see if you can change the setting remove on to the command prompt?

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  • Crash the server of blackBerry Smartphones! Compensation?

    It is now 3 days without full blackberry service and I wanted to know everything as most users want to know is also RIM will offer compensation for the loss of services. I lost my emails for work and was not able to do my job properly.

    Who is that you regularly pay your services?

    Talk to them, probably your mobile operator, because they take your money.

    If they say you need to call RIM/BlackBerry, you must ask them a telephone number.

    It is a community of users support forum. We are not employed RIM, but volunteers who enjoy helping other users.

  • Problem with deletion for the folder of blackBerry Smartphones

    I try to organize my main screen to make that less cluttered. I created a new folder to store some of my apps in and called "Social Networking". I then he assigned an icon. I tried to move the YouTube app in the folder, and it reproduces itself. I can't remove the duplicates. I have restarted my unit, renamed the folder (which is only created yet another folder with the new name I could remove, but the troublesome file is still there) and I tried to move the folder. When I try to access the folder, nothing happens. I have 6 and updated OS up-to-date shortly after obtaining the unit on Halloween a few days ago. I got the camera from Sprint.

    Fixed it myself.

    1. Turning the phone off.
    2. Removed the battery.
    3. Waited a few seconds.
    4. Put the battery back in.
    5. Phone restarted itself. (Some phones may require you to do it yourself.)
  • messages are deleted from the server, even if I "Leave messages on the server" selected.

    I use Thunderbird 24.4.0 to download my mail via the POP3 service. My messages are deleted on the server when I erase it in Thunderbird. I have Thunderbird set to "leave the message on the server" and I checked "until I have delete ' it worked for several years with no problems. something has changed in the last week or two that I can't understand. Can you help me.
    Thank you
    Jerry Laufer

     Application Basics
       Name: Thunderbird
       Version: 24.4.0
       User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/24.4.0
       Profile Folder: Show Folder
                 (Local drive)
       Application Build ID: 20140316131045
       Enabled Plugins: about:plugins
       Build Configuration: about:buildconfig
       Crash Reports: about:crashes
       Memory Use: about:memory
     Mail and News Accounts
         INCOMING: account1, , (none) Local Folders, plain, passwordCleartext
         INCOMING: account2, , (pop3), plain, passwordCleartext
         OUTGOING:, plain, passwordCleartext, true
         INCOMING: account3, , (pop3), plain, passwordCleartext
         OUTGOING:, plain, passwordCleartext, true
         INCOMING: account11, , (pop3), plain, passwordCleartext
         OUTGOING:, plain, passwordCleartext, true
         INCOMING: account12, , (pop3), plain, passwordCleartext
         OUTGOING:, plain, passwordCleartext, true
       Forward, 0.18, true, [email protected]

    I think the problem might be the option "when I delete them. That tells Thunderbird to reach out and the cops messages on the server when you delete them in Thunderbird. Instead, check the box to leave messages on the server and clear the check boxes under that.

  • Project files not deleted from the server

    Thank you in advance if you can help.

    Application: Robohelp6/Server6 and earlier versions. Don't know about 7 or 8.
    Output: Webhelp Pro

    Reminder: whenever I delete a topic to the editor and the Publisher a project to our server, this topic htm file is not deleted. I started calling them 'ghost' files because they should be dead and buried. Some users access these files after a direct URL where providing outdated information. They are not normally appear in the results of search of the application but the hyperlinks to their work until the file is deleted.

    I tried different publishing options for their removal. Check to delete the files and republish the entire project. The only way I found to get rid of them is to remove the file from the server manually. Another option is to remove the project from the server, and then republish it.

    Can question: Anyone explain what is happening and if there is anything I can to make sure that they are automatically deleted when publishing.

    Hi Captiv8r,

    Posted by: Captiv8r

    I do not believe that anything it either in the edition of RoboHelp erase files. It is my experience that any file that needs to be deleted from the server must be done manually.

    I think as the responses above in the quote from my question. I guess I was looking for confirmation on what I saw.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Whenever I sync my calendar on Lightning, I get a message "accept changes and update in any case" on several occasions, even though the event is deleted from the server

    This repetition of message every time I sync, therefore can freeze the Thunderbird application after 3-4 syncs

    Right-click recycle the message to the next synchronization
    Left button instantly recycle the message

    Event deleted on the server, lightning and by Organizer

    Disable Google provider problem ceases, but which makes unnecessary lightning

    TBird reinstalled, updated all modules

    Tried to download the image, but no luck...

    I deleted the event to my calendar and was the Organizer to do the same thing.

    What Organizer?

    I have the latest updates from each of the three

    Once again, what are your versions of Thunderbird, Lightning and the provider add-on?

    and charging each of them...

    I mean you don't have to reinstall Thunderbird, then it was a waste of time.

    You can try to remove the calendar in lightning, restart Thunderbird, and then recreate the calendar.
    Given that the calendar is a calendar of network no data will be lost.

    That said, it is always recommended to have a recent backup of profile.
    _ _FAQs_:_Backing_Up_and_Restoring

  • emails disappear when deleted on the server even though the checkbox 'keep emails from this account on this PC' is checked


    I would use my account in such a way that, when an email is deleted from the server (limited space) there is still on my computer.
    It did not work for a while, but since I have a new PC, I was not able to set it up again in this way.
    I use the IMAP protocol.
    Any toughts?

    Thank you very much


    If your mail acted as you claim in the past then it has set up a POP account and not IMAP. POP and IMAP are email standards and work of the same thing all the time. No e-mail client changes which.
    It is possible to have IMAP email account and configure the client as POP with some providers.
    Local folders is a standard account in all installations of Thunderbird.

  • Confusion of reconciliation for the email to blackBerry Smartphones


    I have a BB Curve (8330) with sprint.

    I have BIS (not BES).

    I have a single e-mail account IMAP via a 3rd party ISP (not GMail, Yahoo, etc).

    I send the value delete on the server, and BB, I have a reconciliation with wireless ON

    the BB and I Syncronize deleted items checked on my BB email account

    Web interface.

    What I notice is when I delete a message on the BB is on the IMAP account deletions

    Server immediately. It is very good. BUT if I delete an email that is sitting in my BB

    List messages directly from the IMAP server (by anything other than the BB)

    It can take hours before it is removed from the list of messages in BB.

    Sometimes it takes a much shorter time, but it is not fast particlularly.

    Even if I do a "reconcile now" messages previously deleted directly from the

    IMAP server are not removed from the list of messages in BB. They will be eventlually

    are deleted but only after an apparently random time.

    So I guess my question is the simplest form would be "when do IMAP server."

    the messages are deleted directly on the server IMAP removed on the BB?

    Like I said, they get deleted but not instantly, but rather after hours sometimes.




    You cannot control this. It is based on the priority at the time your email provider as well as in BIS - and this function are a priority lower than other functions, and competition for priority is not just your email account, but all accounts e-mail on your server, as well as all lines of e-mail via BIS. It will happen as you see it and you can't control it.

    Hope that helps!

  • Options of the device of blackBerry Smartphones?

    I can't find the options of the unit ANYWHERE.


    If you have a Blackberry 8520, look on your home screen for an icon indicating Applications. If you click this icon, it will open and there will be several apps housed, which will be the terminal Options. In addition, even if you have the icon of the Application open, press the Blackberry key. A short menu is displayed, search for the word Hide. If it is checked, clear it and other hidden apps appear. Hope that helps! =^)

  • Frozen to the software update blackBerry smartphones

    I have a Blackberry Curve 9360 and it is frozen all by doing an update of the software (progress overall backup 13%).  It has been like that for the last two hours.  I tried to take out the battery, but it just goes back to the same screen when it restarts.

    Can anyone help please?

    Two options to try:


    • Open Blackberry Desktop Software & connect your device with the PC using the USB cable, without inserting the battery.
    • You have three Retry option, update or cancel, and then click Update.
    • Once it is at the stage of the "initialization of pocket" update, then insert the batteries.
    • If this does not work, and you get stuck on the safeguarding of social data feeds, go to the second method below.


    • Start your BlackBerry in safe mode.  Article ID: KB17877 how to start a mode BlackBerry smartphone without failure
    • Connect to the BlackBerry Desktop Software and allow handheld to connect. If you are prompted to update, cancel the upgrade for later.
    • IF you can not connect or your desktop software does not recognize your device in Mode safe, please follow the instructions here to force detection: Article ID: KB10144 how to force detect the BlackBerry smartphone using the Application Loader
    • Go to device > delete > SELECT DATA > select this option to remove the Social flow and smart card data bases and follow the rest invites you to complete.
    • Now, you can go back and click to update the device through the Desktop Manager, or restart the BlackBerry in normal mode and continue on the upgrade of the air.
  • Problem installing the update of blackBerry Smartphones BB App World

    I have a very old BlackBerry App World build my torch.  While I wait for a Z10/Q10, I try to update.  For some reason when I update to to I get a Setup error.  Any suggestions on how to do it?  I don't see a way to remove the BlackBerry App World and reinstall.  Thank you.


    Hi ericschiff

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    What model of torch you have! If you encounter a problem with the update you can try to re - install BlackBerry World. For which first of all, go to Options > device > application > locate and remove BlackBerry World of this list.

    KB10040 : How to view or delete an installed BlackBerry smartphone applications

    After deletion to perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery in your device is on.  After you restart your BlackBerry browser go to and download the most recent version. Perform a restart after the installation.

    Try it and tell us if you feel any problem.

  • Problems of the mail of blackBerry Smartphones

    Not sure if this is a problem or two. The two are related e-mail.

    On my curve (AT & T network) my emails come from three accounts: blackberry by default, a hotmail and a business account.

    Previously, when they arrived, I had three options, I could 1) remove unit, 2) remove the device and the server it comes or 3) cancel.

    Now, I have only two options: 1) delete or cancel the 2). This reflected what he said to me when an SMS arrives.

    So, when I choose the delete, it isn't clear it from the server, and I have to manually delete the emails of my accounts and get essentially the same message twice, once on the handheld and once in my email box.

    Is it possible to restore the options remove?

    Second, I can receive, but not send e-mail messages from my handheld.

    What can we do?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    No data will be lost when you do the following: remove the battery while the device is activated.
    Remplacer replace after one minute, let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is corrected.

    If this does not work:
    Go to options advanced options, host Routing Tables, click to enter. DO NOT CLICK on any list.
    Press the menu key and select sign up now.
    You will receive a verification email. Then go to email settings and send service directories.
    You will receive an email by account. Repeat the battery pull and see if the problem is

    Thank you


  • Installing TB31.3.0 on a W8.1 workstation; I want to delete the messages on the user agent of TB, but prevent deletion on the server. Where is the switch? When to install


    I have already installed a TB user agent on my workstation 'primary': I can create, read, and DELETE messages ON the workstation and the server.
    I want now to install a user of TB on a "secondary" workstation agent, where I can create, read and DELETE messages on the workstation. But I don't want the secondary workstation to delete messages on the server. (In short: I want that the function "delete" ONLY allowed to my primary workstation).
    Is this possible? Where is the switch ON / OFF? (For example, this feature is available on the agent on my WindowsPhone).
    When I install it?

    Thanks for your support!

    Using Thunderbird on your second workstation - the only option would be to create a Pop email account
    so before you download anything, you must configure the account settings to "leave a copy on the server.

    Tools > account settings > account for Pop mail server settings.
    Menu icon > Options > account settings > server settings

    • Letter: look for the e-news at startup
    • Letter: arrival of new messages every xx minutes
    • Select: automatically download new messages
    • Letter: Leave messages on the server '
    • Click OK

    E-mail POP accounts can only download the mail from the Inbox server.
    This will allow you to remove off the coast of the secondary workstation and leave it on the server.
    However, Pop cannot see or download other folders on the server: IMAP only can see other folders these are read remotely. But in IMAP because records are a same as server, removing in TB will remove also off server.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 not saved the network of Blackberry smartphones


    I have Blackberry data services with my provider of Meteor, and that they worked with my previous Blackberry 9900. I had to replace it and bought a second-hand 9900, which was a feature of company on the Vodafone network. I have unlocked it and I am able to use the SIM for calls and connect to the internet via wifi, but I'm unable to activate Blackberry internet services. Host Routing Tables are empty and I can't save. In addition, in the e-mail settings, I get only the ability to create a company account.

    I did a full factory reset and I tried to save the Tables in routing host several times but nothing happens.

    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Start here please... you did some, but not all, these necessary things:

    • Article ID: KB05099 Steps to take before selling or after the purchase of a used BlackBerry smartphone

    In addition, please check this:

    • Article ID: KB30076 How to check for an it on a BlackBerry smartphone policy

    If there is a COMPUTER policy, please will then this:

    • Article ID: KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    Finally, after all that, with a strong network carrier (for example, not only WiFi), I suggest the following steps, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message from your BB... Please wait just before moving on to the next step):

    1) register HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • Please wait a 'registration' message reach your Messages application

    2) Remove and return Service books

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • If you do not have access CMIME, continue deleting
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    • Please wait "the Activation' Messages, one per already configured e-mail account, arrive in your Messages. If you have not already configured email accounts, please wait 1 hour.

    3) restart

    • With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes.
    • See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! If this isn't the case, then again please contact your mobile provider for formal support. Please ask him to check very carefully as to why your BB cannot receive BIS of their network. There are several possible reasons (e.g., lost or stolen), and you will have to convince them to 'dig deeper' to understand why. Be aware that only they can do this research... nobody here has any access to this research.

    Good luck!

  • Connection to Outlook Web - another of the problems of blackBerry Smartphones

    I'm not the only user BBY desperately struggling to connect to my email via Outlook Web... that's why I have a BBY is told by the way!

    I spent a lot of time with our manager network and we tried a number of combinations for the connected BBY, nothing seems to work.

    Of course, my network provider (Orange EN) say that they are unable to help, it's to do with BBY.

    Before I have to abandon bin and my BBY (after all these years of use of BBY) and get a more friendly user Smartphone, can someone help me solve this problem?

    Thank you


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Here are a few things to try:

    • KB03133 How to integrate an e-mail address to Microsoft Outlook Web Access with a BlackBerry Internet Service account
    • KB18567 BlackBerry Internet Service cannot connect to an account, Microsoft Outlook Web Access using Microsoft Exchange 2007 or Microsoft Exchange 2010
    • KB04804 Error message when you try to integrate a Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2010 account
    • KB02858 Unable to integrate an e-mail address to Microsoft Outlook Web Access with a BlackBerry Internet Service account

    In addition, sometimes it's just not possible to configure via the interface for device... and your BIS carrier, from a PC/browser, Web site may be able to do so... here a partial list:

    If you can't find your carriers, you would need to ask for the URL of it.

    In addition, since your BB browser, you can try this url:

    There are some limited circumstances where BIS cannot integrate properly in OWA... but this is usually a mismatch on the server side (for example, ISA) rather than anything else.

    You can also ask your network admins to check this:

    • KB11036 Requirements of connection and firewall for the BlackBerry Internet Service

    Finally, if something does not work, details will be much more useful... "nothing seems to work" provides us with nothing to diagnose any and so maybe you better frame. Step by step of what you try and exactly how each step results is always more useful. In addition, if the present error messages, the content accurate and full of people is extremely useful.

    Good luck!

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