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My emails disappeared when I cancelled my account. Is it possible to recover?

This depends entirely on what type of account it was and where the messages were stored, and perhaps, exactly what you mean by saying 'cancelled' account.

If the used IMAP account, then it is very likely that all your posts have been stored on the server of the provider of the e-mail. Their rescue now would depend largely on the goodwill, the e-mail provider, that you have just separated. You might get a few recent messages by following the link below.

If the account used POP then the good news is that your messages may still be stored on your computer.

I'm still a bit puzzled by people to delete an account and then be surprised that his messages go too. If you have an account that contains Inbox, smells, Trash, and other folders that you have set for yourself and these files are all contained 'in' an account, what do you expect to happen if you delete or remove this account?

To keep messages regardless of any account they were from, you must move or copy on the special account of the local folders in Thunderbird, which is independent of any specific e-mail address means messages are separated real and related email addresses folders for the account.

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  • can I delete email on mac accounts and retain their remaining icloud?

    can I delete email on mac accounts and retain their remaining icloud?

    I'm looking forward clean my OSX and I wondered if I delete accounts on mac, along withh records, etc., do I still have access to them in Icloud. (I don't know which way the sync works)

    Unless the e-mail accounts are based icloud.  That is to say, they end in, then without removing the Mac not keep them in iCloud because they are not in first place.

    You should always be able to access through their respective clients to Web Mail however.

    If they are based, then Yes you can remove form Mac and they are accessible via by logging into each account there.

  • receive the message: the operation selected in thunderbird did not trying to delete emails

    When you try to delete e-mail messages, a message came:-l' selected in Thunderbird operation has failed. The e-mail server for the account of [email protected] responded [TRYCREATE] there is not (Gmail) / bin.
    I tried the suggestion in aid to not be able to delete emails, but I have done it wrong or it did not. Any suggestions please.

    Thank you, Toad Hall, I found the subscription folder and everything has been checked, but when I went to tools > account settings was not there, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Unfortunately, I am not computer and find it hard to understand certain things, when I left the school that they had just spent the abacus. I appreciate your time and assistance but trying to find tools > account settings > server settings, I think I must be looking in the wrong place. The only place where I found tools was clicking on the three bars in the upper right corner of Thunderbird, and account settings he had only undesirable parameters not a bin folder. As I said I am not applied to the computer, once again, thanks for trying.

  • Thunderbird slow to delete emails with attachments

    Using the version of TB 38.3.0
    Thunderbird so slow to delete emails with attachments.

    Did a comparison test with same jpg attachment in Windows Mail. Instant deletion.

    With the help of TB, takes 15 to 30 seconds or more.

    What I tried to solve this problem:

    1. disabled modules
    Result: No difference

    2. disabled my antivirus program (using MS Security Essentials)
    Result: No difference

    3.. .and oh, I forgot to mention that I tried this: ... e-messages

    Result: No difference

    Help is appreciated,

    T in THE (Lethbridge, Alta.)

    Excellent. You can then mark the thread as "Solved" Please?
    Thank you.

  • Why did - it still deleted emails that appear in the box on the reopening of Thunderbird?

    Every day, I check my emails and delete the ones I don't want. A red X appears with the message, but when I open it again later in the day Thunderbird is always be listed. Then, quite unpredictable, deleted emails will disappear the launch next Thunderbird.

    You must have set your account * brand * deleted messages (called the model "mark as deleted") and write them off when thunderbird stops. Maybe your server is not really delete these messages until the next day

  • I can't delete emails from my Inbox

    I can't delete emails from my Inbox

    Confirm that the "Deleted" folder is empty.
    Right click "Deleted" (which might be called "Trash") folder and select "Delete empty."

    It is a POP or IMAP Inbox email account?

    As we know not if there is no corruption on the Inbox, please create some duly named folders and move all the good emails sought in these cases.

    Then, when the Inbox has that unwanted emails - no you don't mind to lose - just right-click on the Inbox folder and select "Compact".

    Assuming that you haven't lost any email, try to remove them.
    Right-click on an e-mail in the list, then select 'Delete Message'
    Select an e-mail so that it displays in the messages pane, and click the button 'delete '.

    Report on the results and INFO.

  • Blocking of Thunderbird, 38.1 and 38.2 "(ne répond pas)" when clicking on delete email CAUSE: Adblock more? "

    Upgrade to Windows 10 Thunderbird was blocked when selecting (clicking) the delete button to delete emails.

    Launch thunderbird in safe mode

    Problem disappear?

  • My iPhone 5 and Mac Office e-mail accounts are linked, so when I delete emails from my phone, they are also deleted from my Mac.  How can I change this?

    When I delete emails from my iPhone 5, same emails deleted from my Mac desktop.  There are a lot of emails that I want to keep on my desk that I don't want to keep on my phone, for reasons of capacity and convenience.  This link happened recently - before that, I could remove the phone without deleting the computer.  How can I change this?

    This looks like what an IMAP email account made by design. This isn't a matter of Apple.

    Is what email provider? How do you account set up?

    Get help if you have any questions using a POP email with multiple devices - Apple Support account

  • How to permanently delete emails from my computer?

    When we remove the trash on Thunderbird emails, are they removed and replaced (such as Secure Empty Trash on a Mac), or are they still recoverable from somewhere on the computer? If the latter, how can you completely delete and overwrite the deleted emails from the Thunderbird trash folder?

    Thank you


    Simple: compact your trash folders after deleting.

    You might close Thunderbird, ferret on his profile and remove garbage files, and of course you are free to use all of the 3rd party utilities for scrubbing erased files.

    I read users who run Firefox in the batch that deletes all the files that can store data in the session after Firefox has been closed. You may be able to adapt and adopt this approach too.

  • Can not delete emails after update to Thunderbird 31.2.0

    After update for Thunderbird Version 31.2.0 today, I'm not able to delete emails. Just nothing happens. Even the folder "Papierkorb" disappear. Can anyone help?

    Try to rebuild the troubled folder index file.
    Right click on the file - properties - file Repair

  • After adding a new account, I can't delete emails from the Inbox for this account.

    I just added a sixth account to my installation of Thunderbird. There was no problem in adding the account and I can send and receive emails without problem. However, I can't delete emails from the Inbox. What should I do to correct this?

    OK, then compact Inbox:

    Right click on Inbox - Compact

    It is recommended that you enable automatic compaction. More information on the compaction in this article.

    I don't expect more problems with deleting messages after compaction.

    If you still have problems, follow these instructions.

  • try to delete emails but point only circles and the clouds upward the entire page?

    try to delete emails but point only circles and the entire page of the clouds upward in the Inbox, and even in the Recycle Bin and sent box

    contact their people chat with your problem and they will fix it.

  • Cannot delete emails, grays out screen, message Inbox Mozilla (not answer)

    System is not responding. Removal of e-mails causes aging out of the entire screen. Sometimes it is non-gris, but it doesn't always. Cannot delete emails, or does it very slowly - like minutes later. I was recently deleting emails by holding down the SHIFT key, so I can remove a lot of emails at a time. Maybe would it cause a problem? Even the attempt of X on Thunderbird causes the same message "Inbox - Mozilla (not responding)" appear in the upper left corner.
    That's happened?

    I totally disconnected and restarted. I was in safe mode (according to instructions) and then completely disconnected for you ensure that I was not stuck in safe mode.

    I still have non-response.

    Thank you for your help

    Windows Defender. I checked if some application installed McAfee or Norton, but they do not appear in the Panel.
    I have Windows Defender, it is updated.

    I have all the updates of windows 8.1 64-bit.

    Tuberculosis is 24.4.0 (says is up to date)

  • Why can I not use Yahoo mail? It will not delete emails. Google chrome does right. Fix it or you will lose our business

    Yesterday, August 22, Mozilla has undergone a massive rupture and complete in the treatment of Yahoo. Initially I thought it was a virus. I immediately passed to Google Chrome & worked on it without difficulty throughout the day. Yahoo was to push all the data/items on the left side of the screen. Who set to date, August 23. HOWEVER, with Yahoo mail problem. Out of the blue, it is impossible to delete emails Yahoo on Mozilla. If you single click to select a list of deleted emails, they automatically opens. There is no "delete" at the top of the screen to get rid of. It is very annoying. Someone is playing with your system (alone). Google Chrome & Microsoft Explorer works great all day. FIX IT!

    You can also go to reminderfox options... > file > import and orient them to the calendar files in your \reminderfox folder in the old data of firefox on your desktop

  • delete emails on iMac and they come back - even on iPhone and iPad.


    Delete emails on iMac and they come back - even on iPhone and iPad.

    From the Mail menu bar, you select

    ▹ mail preferences... ▹ Accounts

    Select one of your accounts, IMAP in the list on the left, and then open the behaviors of the box tab, uncheck the box marked

    Store the deleted messages on the server

    Do the same thing in your other accounts IMAP. Save changes when prompted.

  • delete emails from all devices simultaneously

    How can I delete emails on my iMac and remove them from my other devices (iPhone and iPad) at the same time?

    only the mail IMAP and Exchange providers are supported if your pop3 it cannot happen but some email providers offer more a system

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