Deleted product key

The product key at the bottom of my laptop is dissipated. Is there a way to get this key? The label says Windows 7, but installation was windows vista. I bought the HP laptop.


Hi Iamfedupofvista,

About your product key, please contact HP:

I hope this helps!

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  • My hard drive is damage and the deleted product key sticker how can I reinstall my windows vista if I don't even have a cd/dvd to reinstall?

    How can I install windows vista on a new hard drive?

    I have a toshiba satellite L505D-S5965 my HDD is damage and the deleted product key sticker how can I reinstall my windows vista if I don't even have a cd/dvd to reinstall

    In this case, it is preferable to contact Toshiba support and discuss the issue with them. They may be able to send you DVD.

  • I want to know the details of the laptop computer containing HP (deleted) product key

    Dear Sir.

    I bought a laptop HP pavilion g6 series containing

    (deleted) product code
    I want to know the details of the full description of the above product code
    How many GB?
    What is 1200 tx?
    Expandable up to how many GB?
    and other details.
    Please help me.
    With respect,

    Never send your product key on a public Web site.

    I suggest you go on the site of HP support for your questions.
  • Replaced the hard drive and when you try to re - install Windows XP, it says that my product key is not for the USA?

    Old disk hard d800 NG,.
    Replaced hard drive should now load all components.
    XP Pro key = * deleted product key * says isn't for the USA?
    Replacement needed cd?
    All the programs and components and where is the best place to get them.
    Thank you

    original title: D800 REACTIVATION XPPRO

    Hi JohnWillsXB,

    I recommend you contact Microsoft customer support for assistance Service team. They will help you to validate Windows.

    For more information, please visit: how and when to contact Microsoft and support Customer Service?

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Disable the deleted VM product key?


    As a noob, I activated a product key Windows Server 2012 in a virtual machine that I used for testing purposes. After screwing up the configuration, rather than go back to a snapshot or reinstallation of the OS, I deleted the virtual machine and created a new. Now I wonder if it is possible to disable the key so that it can still be used? I know there are ways, but everything I have found require me to have access to the machine, I did not...

    Any help or advice are appreciated. Certainly not a mistake I'm going to do it again any time soon!

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN

  • I have the windows product key sticker, but some of them are deleted. I really need help to send a photo to show him what it's like.

    Original title: product key


    I have the windows product key sticker, but some of them are deleted. I really need help if I can send a photo to show him what it's like. I formatted my laptop and he asks the authentic copy. I really need help coz 2 days left to activate.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

    You can extend the activation period of 30 days by running slmgr /rearm since the Admin command prompt.

    Then take a picture of your COA sticker with your phone, blow as large as possible to try to detect all the characters input for Activation.  You can also use a magnifying glass.

    If you can not use the key to product then you will need to either the order of the restoration of the factory of the manufacturer of your PC media, or if you have a C:\windows.old folder you can try to reinstall the factory to SLP activation file.  However we do not support this so you will need to search on your own.

  • Email deleted with the product key. How can I get the product key?

    Original title: windows product key 8

    I bought windows 8 on the internet and got my email with the product key, but I deleted the email with the product inside key.  I do not have a cd or something like that, is it possible for me to find my key product somewhere?  I had installed windows 8 on my computer but had to uninstall for professional reasons

    Thanks for the reply but my fault I forgot to include a few key information in the original question.  I had installed windows 8 on my computer but had to uninstall it for professional reasons.

    Option 1:

    Go to the order summary page, you can find your product key:

    You can download it from there and use your product key to upgrade:

    Option 2:

    Here are four utilities, which can display your product keys if they are still there:
    Belarc Advisor:
    (He did a good job of providing a wealth of information.)

    and RockXP: which has additional features

  • I downloaded Windows 10 and it deleted my Adobe Acrobat and several other programs. I need to download again, but does not have the product key.

    I downloaded Windows 10 and it deleted my Adobe Acrobat and several other programs. I need to download again, but does not have the product key.

    Hi Dean,

    To locate your Acrobat serial n refer to find the serial number of your product Adobe quickly

    Download Acrobat X, see Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

    It could be useful!


  • Virus deleted the product key

    I recently had a virus that has handled a large amount of damage. It was a kind of fake antivirus protection. I managed to clean my computer, but now Win 7 says I'm not more authentic. Unfortunately, it happened the same day as my computer scientist me to update to Win 7 Pro Win 7 Home Premium so now the product key at the bottom of my laptop does not work as it is for Home Prem is there a way to restore my Pro product key or return to the Home Premium and use my old key?

    If I have to wait a few days for my computer, the same Pro key it will work?

    In addition, unfortunately I couldn't do a system restore because there is no restore point.

    Thank you

    You can get the product key Windows 7 Professional from your computer programmer who upgraded your system, or if you have the disc to reinstall the original operating system, Windows 7 Home Premium, you can do a clean install of the operating system and use the product key on the bottom of your laptop.

    If you purchased Windows 7 Professional from your computer, it should have left both the installation disc and product key with you sticker.

  • Help! My Windows 7 updated and deleted from my product key

    Last night my previously genuine Windows 7 update, this morning, it prompted me to enter my product key code.  Of course, I don't know where this piece of paper is gone.  I tried to go back to a previous one except point (and uninstallation of the update).  But always required the key code.  Help!  I'm not ready to move to Windows 10 again.

    When you upgrade, what will happen is that (your PC) hardware will get a digital right, a unique signature of the computer which is stored on the Microsoft Activation servers. Genuine Windows 7 Professional license will be exchanged with a key to the diagnosis.

    Whenever you need to reinstall Windows 10 on this machine, go just to reinstall Windows 10. It automatically reactivates.

    Give it a few days and it will activate automatically.

    How to find your product key after the upgrade to Windows 10

    If you have problems with activation, contact support for chat:

    Activate your Windows 10 license with Microsoft Chat support

  • part of my product key is deleted / damage how can they send me the key by e-mail?

    I just got my laptop fixed and now it tells me that my windows 7 is not genuine.  I have my product key, but some of its parts is rubbed off.  Can I ask Microsoft to send me my product key?

    Option 1:

    If the COA sticker is damaged, you must use the recovery partition to reinstall Windows 7, it will be exempt from the need to use the product key to activate your installation of Windows 7.

    Option 2:

    If your recovery partition is not available or damaged, you must contact the manufacturer of your computer, and request that a defined recovery disk you can use to reinstall Windows 7. They could practice a small shipping and handling. This will exempt the need to also use the product key.

    Option 3:

    If neither options 1 or 2 is possible, then you will need to invest in a new license of full version of detail.

    New computers coming often pre-installed with Windows 7 have what is called a recovery partition. This is used to reinstall an operating system in the case of a system failure. To access it, you need to start when you start your computer by pressing a function key. This can be either F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 key DEL or tab. See the manual that came with your PC for instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

    This is how the recovery partition is accessible to most popular brands...

    For Dell, press CTRL + F11 directly after switching on the device

    For HP, press F11 directly after switching on the device

    For LG, press F11 directly after switching on the device

    For Toshiba, press and hold "0" BEFORE and during the power upward

    For Acer, press and hold ALT + F10, as soon as you see the logo

    For Asus, press F9, as soon as you see the Asus logo.

    For Samsung, press F4 to the power upward...

    For Fujitsu, press the F8 key directly after the power

    Advent, restart your computer. Then, press F10 repeatedly until the message "Starting system recovery"

    Sony VAIO, reboot and press "F8" or "F10" repeatedly until the screen "Advanced Boot Options".



    Online order





    1-888-678-3688 or


    Reference Dell




    Entry door 1-866-539-3901









  • When I perform "All delete and reinstall Windows" Windows 8, it will take the product key of Windows 8?

    I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE P850 with 8 windows pre installed. There is no Windows 8 key at the back of the laptop. Thus,.

    (1) I like to use 'remove all and reinstall windows' own 8. It will take the Windows product key? If so how do I get my windows key?

    (2) I want to put up-to-date then Windows 8.1. After the windows 8.1 update, my recovery partition will be windows 8? or 8.1? If windows 8, how will replace the recovery with Windows 8.1 partition?

    The key is embedded in the bios. It is not necessary for reassembly. Your recovery partition will always win 8 after update to 8.1. You are unable to update, but you could reinstall 8.1 if you ever have to return to the factory settings. Do a recovery drive of the new facility on a flash drive. See all recovery options available in Windows Help.

  • Satellite C870-1JV - how to get the product key of Windows 8?

    Hello people

    Is there a way to find the product key windows 8 that was originally installed on the laptop that my laptop is not the windows sticker anywhere. I reinstalled windows once I deleted the partition by accident and now its asking me for the product key which I do not know.

    As far as I know, product key used on the original recovery image can be used if you use the version of the OS. Even with the key to the sticker, you cannot enable clean version.

    If you want to have the original version of Win8 (Toshiba recovery image) you must order the Toshiba restore disk and you can do it on

  • If windows does not start. If I remove and reinstall windows - do I lose my product key

    My windows 10 plays up and can not be connected. If I delete the application of boot camp and reinstall windows will it take me a new product key or can I use the same

    You can simply reuse your product key. The product key is related to your hardware. You can reinstall as often as you want as a result.

  • Satellite L500D - invalid Windows 7 product key

    Dear experts,

    I deleted the old partitions and tried to install Windows 7 on my empty disk. When I come to the point where I enter my product key, I get the error invalid key. I use the Windows 7 image that came with his laptop computer in the file temp on C. I entered the product key on the label at the bottom of the machine.

    Can someone please tell me what to do to get out of this nightmare? Satellite L500D


    The product key on the lower side of your laptop belongs to the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba. This key peut t be used with Windows 7 normal disks, because it touches s an OEM. If you install Windows 7 on a normal Microsoft disk, you should use the key supplied with the disc.

    > I use Windows 7 image that came with his laptop computer in the file temp on C
    What temp to Windows 7 to download on C you mean?

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