Deleting the photos off phone but not out of the clouds

Is it possible to delete pictures on an iPhone without deleting them also out of iCloud/Photos?  I tried to turn off the photo stream, but it does not work.


You must save the photos to the computer like any other digital camera.

iCloud/Photos is intended for your Dresser to synchronize with your other devices, it is not intended as a storage device.

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  • Delete some photos from mac but not iCloud

    If I unlink my mac from iCloud, then delete photos and videos of mac to free up storage capacity without deleting icloud?

    Open system preferences, and then select the iCloud. On the tab, you will see a check mark next to Photos. Click on the check mark to uncheck the box and you will be asked if you want to remove photos from your Mac. Say Yes. The photos remain in the cloud.

  • Help! I did a movie with pictures on Movie Maker, played very well. Now, it's just to show Xs red in the photos of some, but not all. What I am doing wrong?

    I did a movie with pictures on Movie Maker and played very well.  Now, it's just to show Xs red in the photos of some, but not all.  What I am doing wrong?

    When you save your project, and then rename, move or delete a photo next time you open your project, you will see a red X where the photo was. Just a click with the right button on the X and select Remove then import your photo again under the new name or location and click on save project on the file menu.

    In the menu task under finished film click Save to my computer tracking instructions and your project will be saved as a movie.

  • I can't delete files to clean up existing files. I can my phone, but not my PC

    I can't delete files to clean up existing files. I can my phone, but not my PC

    Hi hugob,.

    You should still be able to delete the files in your account (and receive a confirmation message "delete file" when you do. If this isn't the case, please clear the cache, and then open a session in When you select a file to delete, you will see a list of options at the top of the list of files - on the far right, you will see the delete option.



  • I can connect to my 2nd account gmail on my phone, but not in my office. I get no error message, just nothing.

    My main gmail account, I'm trying to open my second account, but when I click on it, it's what I have: & = 0 #Email = redacted authuser

    I can get on this e-mail account on my phone, but not on the desktop (from Firefox or Safari). Any ideas?

    Edit: personal information removed for your safety (philipp)

    Close the first account before logging in the 2nd.

    Or use the MultiFox...

  • Imported photos of phone does not appear as expected in Windows XP

    Original title: importing Photos from phone

    I took some photos of my son's birthday with my phone and used the highest resolution for a clearer picture.  Now I tried to import pictures into my computer and the pictures looks OK in the album, but when I click on the photo, the part of it is missing.  Any suggestions on how I can remedy this.   I didn't know that if you took a photo of high resolution it will not download correctly.

    Hi David1116,

    (1) what application you use to see all the photos?

    (2) how did you import the photos?

    (3) is this problem limited to only images that have been imported from your phone?

    If you use Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to view the pictures then you try Method 2

    Method 1: You can try to import images with the software that came with the phone and then check

    Method 2:
    you can view the steps mentioned in the article below that addresses this question

    You cannot view the images using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in Windows XP

    Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • remove photos from phone, but did not gain storage

    I downloaded all my photos from my iPhone to my PC.  Then, I downloaded this file to Dropbox.  Once I was sure they were all in Dropbox, I deleted all the pictures on my phone.  They removed, but I did not win in any storage space on the phone.  This is the reason for this.

    I missed a simple step of hope!

    Thank you.

    Did you also remove them from the "recently deleted album?"

  • iPhoto/photos in iphoto, but not imported from the HDD to the library


    I chose and took some pictures of files in an external hard drive and copied manually in iphoto. It seems that the pictures were not actually copied to the iphoto library. If I locate the disk we see on my hard drive. That's why when I eject the disk, they are impossible to open.

    I don't want to go back on my hard drive and copy each individually, it should always be. I tried to use the double function but it duplicates only hard disk, once AGAIN.

    Then I selected all the photos in question and used the import function. It leaves me only to import the entire folder of the external drive that cancels obviously efforts of choosing.

    Is there an easy way to transfer selected photos (which show when my hard disk is connected and vanish once is not) in my library - permanently

    Thank you


    Are you running a Managed or referenced library?

    A managed, library is the default setting, and iPhoto copies the files in the iPhoto library during import. The files are then stored in the library package

    A referenced library is where iPhoto does NOT copy the files in the iPhoto library when importing because you have made a change to iPhoto-> preferences-> advanced. (You unchecked the option to copy files in the library to import) The files are then stored wherever you put them and not in the library package. In this scenario, you are responsible for the management of files.

  • Memory micro SD card works on phone, but not on the computer, Please HELP!

    Help, please

    (1) I got a 8 GB Micro SD memory card, it worked fine for two years and then became corrupted, I formatted and it worked fine for about two months before, she has become corrupt again
    (2) this time when it became corrupt my phone always accepted, but the computer could not detect, weird, I decided to not format and continue to use on my phone
    (3) I decided to buy a new memory card and an adapter and then transfer the stuff over the old to the new, but I was shocked when the NEW memory card and a NEW adapter did not work and continued to say needs formatting, hmmm...
    (4) I decided to format it, but it says that it cannot be formatted... WHAT!
    (5) I put the new card in my phone, it works and I have format it on my phone instead... IT STILL DOES not work! Help me!!!

    I still think you should get a new card reader.  The adapters are not likely to be the problem.  On the other hand, I had a player go bad and yet still be "recognized" by the computer.

    It is possible, but probably not - IMO that reinstall the driver (if available; in general, however, these devices use drivers that come built-in to Windows) or a firmware update (if available for your drive in particular) could solve the problem.  What is the brand and model of your card reader?

    At the very least, you should see if you can find someone with a SDHC card reader and then see if you can read and format the card using your cards.

  • Discoloration video, but not out in the video clip.


    I need to run a video that I can turn over any other flash content.

    Since I also have to add sub titles, I decided to import the video clip into a clip. The clip now has as many frames as the video.

    I added subtitles to keyframing a line of text in the video and synchronized it upward with the film. (it was not really easy...)

    I placed an instance of the clip on my main stage in frame 10. I added an on and and STOP simply would take you to a framework later without the movie clip instance and return to frame 10 once again if you want to see the video again. It worked well.

    To book the elegant transistions I wanted to fade video in and out. So on the main stage in the frame of 10 I placed this action script:

    (+ gave my movieclip the instance name mc)


    Import mx.transitions.Tween;

    Import mx.transitions.easing. *;

    var myTween:Tween = new Tween (mc, "_alpha", Strong.easeIn, 0, 100, 2, true);

    well which mitigates the video when the playback head to frame 10.

    There is another part of the script that should be able to tell the end next to the clip and it melted:

    myTween.onMotionFinished = function () {}

    new Tween (mc, "_alpha", Strong.easeOut, 0, 100, 2, true);


    This however, I can't work:

    (1) if I place this code in the frame of 10, the video goes first but immideately faints again.

    (2) I tried to put 15 images of code at the end of the clip, and that did not work.

    (3) I tried to put 15 images of code at the end of the clip and add _parent.  and who does not.

    It is possible to work and if so, how?

    If this isn't the case, please let me know if you have any other approach proven to suggest.


    If the first interpolation works in the timeline panel, and then in the same timeline in frame of whattever close to the end you just create another interpolation there.

    myTween = new Tween (mc, "_alpha", Strong.easeOut, 0, 100, 2, true);

  • Hello, I was able to import contacts stored on the sim card from my old phone, but not the short messages. How can I do this? Thank you!

    In addition, I was not able to receive MMS. But I can receive SMS.

    Currently, Firefox OS doesn't have the ability to import SMS from sim card. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • JavaScript works on my wife's cell phone, but not on my desktop - all parameters have been defined, the same.

    Both using Firefox 4.0.1. Test site is, select a product and click on the different tabs for example "overview of products', 'Technical Specifications', etc. Laptop select the tabs and the underlying info. OK but my office has no effect!

    This seems to indicate a problem with the clock Windows system, or ability of Firefox to read:

    The certificate is not valid until 27/05/2011 02:22. It is currently 05/09/2011 09:19.

  • deleted reception for windows buy but not print product code. How can I get the product code of return

    I bought a code produced, printed at the front desk but the product code does not print.  How can I get the product code of return?  I have the order #.

    Please see: key product & downloads

  • Windows 7 powering off randomly, but not when you use it.

    Hey all,.

    Having a strange problem where my computer behaves quite normally when I use it, but when I stop, it will often (maybe half the time), stop at random. I don't know how long it takes - in one case, that he died in about 20 minutes, but again, he ran for more than 8 hours. This is a new installation on a new hard drive, but the rest of the machine has been about and works well for several years.

    A few things I've tried - (plan) event viewer shows no consistent event prior to the shutoff valve. They are all still "Information" rather than "errors" or "warnings". After I turn it on again, I have a 'mistake' telling me that the previous stop valve was not planned, so I know that the machine does not turn off. In some cases, I have entries in the newspapers of the applications that have been dated later system then saves, but that doesn't tell me much.

    I have an ASUS motherboard so I was check the temperature of the processor, they never seem to cross as 50 C (and besides, when I use the machine never turns so overheating does not seem likely). I have installed the hard disk Sentinel to control the new player, but the health of disks are all 100% (I have an old drive to 40%, but there is no file system on that). I am running MSI Afterburner to check the graphics card, but the fan seems to run and off properly so I don't think that.

    This dual computer starts in Linux, and the problem has not yet arrived there. Although, I do not often use this partition, so I can't guarantee it is independent of the operating system.  I reinstalled the RAM once and done little compressed air works for the computer is clean enough. Since the system is pretty cool, I did all the updates, but all those recommended are made, I have only those in option on the left.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can follow this problem? What kind of logs could be able to use or what kind of tests might be appropriate?

    EDIT: File system asked (I tried to make sure the cursor thing, but I didn't know exactly which part of the window, I wasn't supposed to to move on).

    System Information: here

    Observer of events (System): here

    In doing so, for the sake of future questioners... I found the answer.


    Powercfg.exe /Hibernate

    Apparently, during any day or something, hibernate gets broken. I mean, I turned it off in the menu, but that apparently is not doing the job. Power of was to run it as admin, but anyway, the problem seems to have disappeared.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off phone but still use other applications?

    Hi, I would like to know how to turn off the phone on the storm, but still be able to use the games, etc.  Is this possible?  Thank you!

    Hello! Yes. The icon on the main screen, titled 'Manage connections' will allow you to turn on the phone and bluetooth radios and switch off.

Maybe you are looking for

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