Deletion of images of the collections or objects

HI - there doesn't seem to be a way to remove a background image or article/collection.

Any chance you could add a check box to "Delete Image"

Thank you!



I'll leave the PMs the request address.

In the meantime, I keep an invisible png file for just this situation. Charge it to erase the previous image.

I use an invisible png 100 x 100, I think it's easier to find than a 1 x 1 invisible png.


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  • How can I delete several images in the Finder at the same time

    How can I delete several images in the Finder all at once rather than one by one

    Click on an image and the successive images to press the SHIFT, or command key by clicking on the image to add it to the selection. Then Ctrl-click (tap two fingers) on any icon and choose to put in the trash. If the icons are in an easily selectable column or online, you can click on the window that contain, and then drag around them for a multiple selection.

  • Adding images to the Collection of books [was: Blurb book Question]

    I'm doing a book with Blurb from a collection of photos in LR. I've added two pictures to the collection I wanted to add to the book, but they do not appear when I pass 'Library' to 'book '. How can I make it appear? Thank you!

    Hi sunlovinggirl,

    Once you add the images to the collection of books, they appear on the film when you return to the book Module so that you can add them to your book pages.

    You should look for them in the film.

  • bulk collect into the collection of objects

    create or replace type typ_obj as an object
    (l_x number (10),)
    l_y varchar2 (10),
    LZ varchar2 (10)

    Create the type typ_obj_tt is table of the typ_obj;

    / / DESC insert_table;
    c_x number (10)
    C_P number (10)

    temp2_table / / DESC
    doJir number (10)
    c_y varchar2 (10)
    c_z varchar2 (10)

    procedure prc_x (p_obj_out ON typ_obj_tt)
    cursor c1
    Select t1.c_x,
    insert_table t1,
    temp2_table t2
    Open c1;
    collect the fetch c1 into loose in p_obj_out;
    Close c1;


    raises the error

    can you tell
    How to enter data in this object of type of output table

    Thanks in advance... any help will be much appreciated...

    PL do not spam the forums with topics in double - bulk collect into the collection of objects

  • Adding images to the collection

    I'm doing the simplest thing, without success. I have created a collection and want to add twenty images to it. In the grid view, I select my twenty photos, but can not drag and drop them in the collection folder. I right clicked the folder, looked in all the menus, but can find no reference to adding photos to an existing collection. Obviously, I'm missing something very simple, but I don't know what it is.

    Thanks in advance,


    You must drag from the center of the images in the collection. Gray no surrounds.

  • Deletion of images of the catalogue and the hard drive during a Collection.

    I have problems with deleting images in the catalog and hard at the same time in a Collection and I would like some advice on the best way to do it.

    It seems that there is no problem of deletion of images in folder mode - this is mostly what I do - but quite often, I'll see the images after that that they were put in a Collection.  Then I'll find one I want to remove from the Collection, the catalog and the hard drive and I have trouble identifying the means to do so.

    I can remove it from the Collection, but then I have to find the image in the folder or use the option all of the photographs of the find.

    So, I tried to use the flag rejected, but it's only local to the Collection - in other words if you find the folder or use all photographs and filter for rejected it does not show.

    The only thing that seems to work, so far, is to give a colored flag and then go to all the pictures and the filter on the color.  It seems long-term for me, then, are there other ways that I'm missing.



    I have problems with deleting images in the catalog and hard at the same time in a Collection and I would like some advice on the best way to do it.

    CTRL + Shift + Alt + Delete (now it's a shortcut!) - removes from anywhere.

  • Add the action to the node root of the collection of objects in vcenter Internet client sdk


    I mentioned the plugin sample of chassis-user interface of the web client to vCenter SDK 5.1.

    I want to add actions such as 'create a chassis' to the root of the Collection object, and not on the subject "chassis" itself.

    My code is the same as that provided in the samples (chassis-ui plugin).

    Then, I use mainly vsphere.core.inventoryList.ObjectCollectionTemplate.So using the plugin, I'm able to get stocks on each of the created frame object. But if there is no object created, stocks are not considered in the "Object" of the collection of the Node.So root tab I want actions on the root node, on the object.

    Help, please.

    Thank you very much.

    Global actions as you request are not supported in 5.1, but this problem is fixed in the next 5.5 SDK.

    If you need your plugin to work with the Web Client 5.1 you must put your global action according to another, for example to create objects.

  • Deletion of images when the external drive is disconnected.

    I shared my images between the local storage and 2 TB external hard drive.  If I delete a picture when the external drive is not connected it will erase the image next time the reader is turned on?  If this isn't the case, I guess I'll have images that are not in the catalog more on external hard drive if it was not connected when I press DELETE.  Thank you. Ian.

    Hi IanLivesey

    Lightroom keeps a catalogue of your pictures stored somewhere on the network no disc. If you delete an image you can delete in the catalog or the catalog and physically. To remove an image physically physical storage must be fixed.

    If you only remove the images from the catalog, they will remain on your hard drive. You can remove these images subsequently with the tools of the operating system.

    Kind regards

    Daniel (from Switzerland)

  • How to export the images from the Collection as a catalog and then merge with another catalog?

    How to transfer a version edited photo in a single LR catalog to a new LR catalog that has no editing.

    Tip! The Lightroom Catalog is a database file and contains no actual photo files, all it contains is information about the files that you have imported and info on the work you have done with the original image file.

    Please provide information on what you are trying to reach.

    The normal workflow is to create a catalog of the original files and then you can have virtual collections, smart Collections, Copies to make alternative options.

  • doubt about the collection of object type

    Hi all

    I'm a newbie!

    I tried an array of type object index, as follows.


    type ty_tab is table of the directory index ty_test;

    v_tab ty_tab;

    v_tab (1): = ty_test ('ashok', 1000);
    v_tab (2): = ty_test ('rashmi', 2000);
    v_tab (3): = ty_test ('baby', 3000);

    for me in v_tab.first... loop of v_tab. Last

    dbms_output.put_line (v_tab (i));

    end loop;



    While running the script above, I got the following error message.
    ORA-06550: line 14, column 8:
    PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in the call to "PUT_LINE '.
    ORA-06550: line 14, column 8:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    Can anyone suggest me where I'm wrong.


    DBMS_OUTPUT. Put_line argument is a scalar value. It does not composite types. You should pass the individual attributes. Assuming that ty_test is:

    SQL> create or replace
      2    type ty_test
      3      as object(
      4                name varchar2(10),
      5                val  number
      6               )
      7  /
    Type created.


        type ty_tab is table of ty_test index by binary_integer;
        v_tab ty_tab;
        for i in v_tab.first .. v_tab.last loop
          dbms_output.put_line(rpad(v_tab(i).name,11) || v_tab(i).val);
        end loop;
    ashok      1000
    rashmi     2000
    baby       3000
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


  • delete all the images in the Lightroom mobile, but those in the collections


    After using Lightroom for mobile on my Apple TV, I realized that, other than the images I've grouped in collections, all the photos I took with my iPhone are available under the "images" tab

    I don't want that, so I disabled the feature to add.

    How can I delete all these images from Lightroom on mobile?

    I want to only keep those in my collections. Also, I don't want to delete the pictures that I took with the iPhone from the mobile, only from Lightroom.

    I hope someone can help,

    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you once again, Mohit.

    I thought... a work around in Lightroom, I created a collection called mobile DELETE... so I went to all the "Lightroom Photos' and choose ' copy in...» »

    I then could quickly select hundreds of photos at once and have all those I want to deleted in the new collection.

    Finally, the desktop version of Lightroom, I can select all the images in the collection DELETE and get rid of them.

  • What is the collection "Images Lightroom" on Mobile with Lightroom?

    Every time I synchronize a collection with my Android all synchronized seem to be automatically added to a collection/folder (?) called «Lightroom Photos» Even after I stop a collection of synchronisation all photos will remain visible in the section 'Photos Lightroom'. How can I stop this? Being given "Lightroom photos" is not a true collection (and also not visible in the desktop application but only on my adroid) I can't remove it or do something else with it. All the options I have are "add photo" and "Start slide show".

    Mobile Lightroom is just an opinion and should not be confused with the Collections.

    Try to add an image to your desktop in a collection that is also synchronized with mobile phone.

    You should find the image in the collection on your mobile phone once synchronized, and it will also appear in the display of photos of Lr.

    ~ ~ Assani

  • Possible to remove the indicator/indicator images on the website?


    I use Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. What I would like is a feature to flag/delete images in the collection on the Web site.

    I can hide/show the flags, but I have not found a way to DEFINE the indicators.

    Thanks for help


    Flag on the Web site setting is not available. Maybe in the future.

  • forcing the drop of object type in a create statement

    Hello everyone

    We are about to upgrade our customer database with some ddl scripts and to not worry what types of objects (nested tables) are new and which is old (where a drop of water is necessary), I'm looking for a way to do it all in one

    CREATE or REPLACE the STRENGTH & lt; Type & gt; AS AN OBJECT (...);

    In any case, when there is a type of collection for objects that I get < em > ORA-02303: cannot remove or replace a type of load type or the table < /em >

    I thought that the FORCE option will just delete and recreate? I don't want to delete anything manually. The collection type will be updated later with another script.

    Thanks in advance

    You don't have what I posted.

    Ok. Let me explain.

    You cannot drop or replace any existing object if it refers to any other type.

    So, you I don't think you can do in a simple process.

    You should know first of all the type of load on all objects. Then, you have to drop the first types that refer to these objects. And only then will you be able to upgrade your object.

    You can find the dependent objects like this->

    satyaki>create or replace type sas_demo as object
      2      (
      3        v_nm          number(8),
      4        v_det         varchar2(45)
      5      );
      6  /
    Type created.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.29
    satyaki>create or replace type sas_rec as table of sas_demo;
      2  /
    Type created.
    Elapsed: 00:00:04.44
    satyaki>exec dbms_utility.get_dependency('TYPE', 'SCOTT', 'SAS_DEMO');
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    Elapsed: 00:00:03.27

    Made me?

    Kind regards.


  • If you create a collection, you name it, you can export a complete file of this collection, or only the thumbnails are in the collection?

    Also, when changes the main catalog, when they appear in the collection?  And how would additional photos in the collection?

    A collection is simply an additional link to the same image. It allows you to images in different folders together. Collection points saw the same image that is referenced in the file display. So everything that you do to an image in the collection is stored the same as any other point of view of the same image.

Maybe you are looking for