Dell C6100 reference: Beginner complete


I was going to set up a cluster, using several desktop computers, when I came across the poweredge C6100 XS23-TY3.

At first glance, this would be much cheaper with faster rendertimes (according to the scores of cinebench). But I don't know if all the hassle of catching a C6100 and running, worth it.

While I'm a total newbie when it comes to cloud servers, I have several questions about the c6100.

(1) when it comes to Windows OS, I guess I have to use Windows 2008 R2 or 2012? What is the best/most reliable option?

(2) I guess I have to install Windows on each node?

(3) and windows enough to make the C6100 upward and the race, or do I need other software as well?

(4) as the C6100 has a sata controller, can I use an SSD instead of a SAS drive? And if so, is it also Plug'n play like in regular jobs or is it more than that?

(5) if I have to install the software on each node, is possible at once, without access to each node separately? I am aware that there renderfarms, which consists of 3000 nodes or more. I can't imagine they have to the remote desktop of each node, in order to install a new plugin.

(6) any known problems with the C6100?

Thanks in advance!



Here is some useful information about the C6100:

  • 1. it supports Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 x 64 SP2
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 and HPC Server 2008 R2 x 64 SP1

Citrix® XenServer
VMware® ESXi

2. Yes, you install an OS on all nodes.

3. it will be functional with any operating system.

4. are there available SAS RAID cards that will allow him to use SAS or SSD drives. You will need to create a RAID array.

5. in general, a large like this environment using Vmware and you would deploy virtual computer images for all systems and can manage a single image.

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    I have read the information you with a previous customer about the C6100 and found very useful.  I was wondering if you could answer more questions for me.

    I'm considering the purchase of one of them.  My goal is going to be different, then what's next for.  I would like to build 4 separate systems into a single box.  Is this possible?

    I read that in order to install operating systems, only the on-board intel ICH10 would not work. To do this, I need get the raid card to divide. My next question is, how much can RAID mezzanine cards I put in the C6100 Dell?  I read, can't remember where, that the c6100 is home to only 2 mezzanines RAID cards?  Is this true?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi, if there is one installed Mezz propably the LSI 2008 Mezz. You cannot use the ICH10. It has a different internal wiring.

    With this configuration, you can run individual nodes.

    Please be aware, the systems, the offers of the seller are service @ Dell or a Dell Data Center Solution broker system that runs for a long time. So please check the servicetag with your local support first, before buying the system.

  • Dell C6100 HyperV Core reference and the Raid management

    I searched on the internet these days, trying to find and to shed light on certain issues, that we realized that we're not totally sure how to solve after the application of a C6100 Dell with HyperV on its blades.

    We have all the blades running with 4 drives, including two in a raid 1 configuration. We run HyperV based on all of its blades.

    What happens if one of those drives fails? 6100 raid configuration utility is in the BIOS, so it is obviously not an option. Since we use Core and have no GUI, other Dell RAID utilities are not going to work.

    How can you check the RAID health, other than just an orange flashing on a failed drive?

    Clrv salvation,

    The C6100 and the other cloud products are based on the IPMI 2.0 management standard and can have alerts sent using SNMP for drive failure or other errors.

  • Update the BIOS of Dell C6100

    Hello, I bought a used C6100, and as I feared is not a C6100, rather one of these customized.

    Is there a way to make sure this isn't a C6100? I tried the serial number and it is not found.

    I want to update BIOS and firmware BMC, one of the nodes has a bios of the 09 (eeek)

    Any comments would be great

    (They have updated the bios on other nodes, so they got the bios from somewhere, but I'm afraid it's a contract between the original company and the dell and dell will not help me)

    Thank you

    Hello astroproxy

    Yes, it is a DCS system. I wouldn't recommend updating the BIOS or any which firmware on the device. I suggest to use the system as-is. Unfortunately I don't have access to information on DCS systems. They were supported by specialized groups and information on them were kept in these small teams of people.

    There is no path of support within Dell. The only way you will be able to get information or support on a DCS is through the dealer.

    The best way to know if you have a DCS system is to enter your number of service. If the serial number is not then it is likely a DCS system. It is not 100% reliable, but it is the simplest method for verification.

    Thank you

  • Dell 810 reference does not print


    I know that similar topics were launched but suggestions to solve the problem do not work, so thought I would start my own.  I had to wipe my pc and so then reinstalled my printer using the disc.  According to the pc, the printer is all good to go but when I press print the icon appears, but then nothing happens and he disappears again.  Have updated the drivers, who have completely removed and reinstalled, you run the troubleshooter (no problem), have checked the port is USB, have tried printing from Notepad, did you check the spooler service is started (and stopped and he did it again) and when you restart the pc it always starts).  I'm completely out of ideas.  Can anyone help?  Thank you


    Try reinstalling the printer by following the instructions below.

    First run, delete print jobs to eliminate any print job stuck in the queue.

    Unplug the printer.

    Download and run the patch (cleaning printer utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer.

    Restart your computer. Make sure that the printer is deleted. Driver Manual printer removal

    Download the 32-bit drivers for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 32-bit Vista or 64-bit Vista for Windows 7 drivers, 8 and 8.1 64-bit. Install the Vista drivers in Vista compatibility mode, you will get a message, the printer is not connected. Connect the printer at the moment (power on).

    You will find links to the patch/drivers to...

    All-in-One printer, Dell 810 owners thread

    Don't forget the virus progrgrams and firewall will block communications.


  • Dell Optiplex gx620 helps complete tour!

    I need a floppy Panel drive before replacement insert to cover because the disks are obsolete. If you have an answer I could buy it so you can put it on ebay. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Hey clj3100,

    I did a quick search on your Optiplex GX620 mini tour and several black plastic numbers Reference Dell, floppy drive covers:

    • J9061
    • D9940

    Dell spare parts sales are available from 07:00 to 7:00 CST Monday to Friday.  Call it 1-800-357-3355 and say "parts"as the menu option.   You can also search these numbers on Google or eBay to find other sellers.

    Here is a link showing how to remove the cover GX620

    I hope this helps!

  • How can I get my Dell Win 7 go completely asleep after awhile w

    Desktop Dell with Windows 7 Home is not always completely asleep.  The fan or hard drive never here down.  I tried to adjust the power to alternative options and the monitor turns off, but the unit does not totally quiet, unless I have press the button.  Can I get a notice, that it is not shut down properly. I use my screen saver and a backup external hard drive.  I thought when you chose to close all the components of the whole unit would die.  Any thoughts?


    Sleep and stop are two different things.

    About sleep, have you updated the various drivers from Dell support, specific to your tag #?

    With regard to the judgment, if you click on stop not do a review on the screen: currently in use or similar programs?

  • problems of reference onPlayStatus Complete and scene

    Recently, I went from a to an object FLVPlayer ordinary to read the VOD rtsp stream.  But for the event "play.complete" at work I had to jump through hoops for days.  This code works well, but I still have questions.

    Issue 1. to get the stream to throw 'complete' you need you a class CustomClient which defines onPlayStatus

    VIDEO1 is already on the scene
    on the main timeline
    Stream = new NetStream (connection);
    stream.client = new CustomClient();
    VIDEO1.attachNetStream (Stream);
    Stream.Play ("MP4:MyVideo.MP4");

    Then set in the class
    public void onPlayStatus(info:Object):void {}
    trace ("onPlayStatus: code:" + info.code); output NetStream.Play.Complete

    Question:  In fact, which calls the method onPlayStatus and intersection of information: object? What is the NetStream?  If the flow already knows the name of my method, why isn't she defined in the NetStream class first?   I do not understand the purpose of the allocation stream.client

    Issue 2  The CustomClient class has no access to the maintimeline.

    On the maintimeline, I define a variable and a function to manage a playlist

    main timeline
    var nowPlaying:Number = 0;
    function change_video (playListNum:Number) {}
    play another video fron the playListArray

    But when the CustomClient class call the complete method the maintimeline elements are not available
    class CustomClient
    public void onPlayStatus(info:Object):void {}
    1120: access of undefined property nowPlaying
    1180: call to a method may be undefined change_video

    I tried to use the scene, but the scene is also not defined in the class
    trace (stage.nowPlaying);
    1119: access of a nowPlaying property may be undefined, through a reference with static type flash.display:Stage

    Finally, a reference to the stage of the maintimeline stayed to the CustomClient class
    from the main time line
    Stream.client = new CustomClient (this.stage);

    class constructor
    private var _main.
    public void CustomClient (several) {}
    _main = _stage.getChildAt (0);  first scene is mainTimeline
    trace ("_main:" + _main); ' returns ' _main: [object MainTimeline] ".
    public void onPlayStatus(info:Object):void {}
    _main.change_video (_main.nowPlaying);
    } / / This works!

    Note that several in itself is useless.  It contains none of your business.  _stage.FirstChild is the maintimeline

    Questions:  Why are they not variables and functions available for the class below them? (I'm new to OOP)
    Why the scene is not accessible within a class
    Why things not available on the scene?  You must use stage.firstChild to access the schedule.  I have never seen it mentioned in any of the AS3 documentation.

    Thanks for your replies


    You can have complicated things for yourself. With AS2, customer of the stream was implied to be 'this' and so things like onMetaData events and others, could be trapped by the features that are right there next to your other routines. If your video creation AS3 lines are in the maintimeline, you could say:

    Stream.client = this;

    and then the functions could also be on the maintimeline, where they would have access to everything you mentioned.

    For the general problem of a class to know the maintimeline, you can either pass in a reference when you create the class, for example, if you have a customer class customized to manage your maintimeline flow, you might say:

    Stream.client = new CustomClient (this);

    and in the CustomClient class, you would store stores the reference passed in. Or you can most of the time you just watch roots. Like this (within the class):

    var maintimeline:MovieClip = MovieClip (root);

    maintimeline. DoSomeMaintimelineFunction();

  • Dell server reference


    abbiamo ST UN server: G376KY1 con 3 door. Sopra ogni porta usually e accesa una lucina verde. Da yesterday, due sopra door, the lucina verde e ad where Reed arancione.

    By he restaurant non abbiamo altri if. Copy the ha effettuate senza if.

    Volevamo sapere di cosa if is is not e UN guasto oppure.

    Grazie, saluti


    Come scritto privatamente,

    who can find all the information by guasto he diagnosticare.

    In particular Può utilizzare he Dell Diagnostics online by low una diagnostica brain sui



  • Dell lost reference

    I lost my dell inspiron 1525 2 days back.i have its ip address... is possible to follow? If I register a complaint to the police that they find? or dell will help me to follow?


    I lost my dell inspiron 1525 2 days back.i have its ip address... is possible to follow? If I register a complaint to the police that they find? or dell will help me to follow?


    Unless you have LoJack installed on your laptop, then you're probably out of luck.

    If the laptop is stolen, you can report it to Dell, here:


  • Dell P513w reference does not connect to a wi - fi connection

    I have a printer Dell P513w I can't join the wi - fi and I can not find the cable


    Dell support team published an article based on the knowledge that explains how to connect the Dell P513w printer to a wireless network. Please visit this link and follow the steps.

    Kind regards.

  • Dell T710 reference - was USC essential?

    One of my clients has a T710 server which works OK as a server but there are problems with the USC and this feature is not usable, unless I fix it. Some time & effort has already been spent on it, but before we go any further, I just wanted to confirm that USC is essential to the normal operation of the server - as far as I can see, this is a useful feature that did not have many other servers. Obviously the client don't want to spend money on getting a fixed non-essential feature.

    The server runs FreeBSD, so the usual Dell Linux & Windows tools are not usable - iDRAC6 that enterprise normally works well that stuck at version 1.11 as the failure of the attempts to update via the interface web iDRAC.


    Hello Andy

    No, USC is not necessary. It is now referred to as the cycle of life or the LCC controller. Some also call the ECA for improved lifecycle controller.

    "LCC" is an operating system that runs on iDRAC. The two are interdependent, but the features "LCC" offers to the iDRAC are not required for the features.

    The old DRACs are controllers for remote access. IDRAC is also baseboard management controllers, so the old DRAC is not required for the feature. New iDRAC is little needed. If the iDRAC does not work then power systems and performance will be properly managed. It will take place at lower voltages and the speed of the fans higher to compensate. This will keep the system running at optimal performance.

    While the CDC is not necessary, looks that you are experiencing problems with both iDRAC, and which is necessary for maximum performance of the system. I recommend you all the issues with the iDRAC. In the process of fixing the iDRAC you will probably solve the problem with "LCC".

    Thank you

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    If you do not have recourse to an owner here, you can try this site:

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    After restarting the client, I get a prompt if I change oder ignore the previous command.

    I need a solution to clear the password of HDD without being invited.

    Is there a solution?

    Thanks for any help.

    This is the current solution and requires manual checking at the moment.  We are in discussion with the teams of HARD drive to see if we can do it anonymously in a future release.

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    Hi sediqueh,

    Please repost this in the forum Office help.

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