Dell custom ESXI 5.5 update Manager software


I installed some Dell R710 server custom Dell ESXi 5.1 Version.Now I would update this ESXi 5.5 servers (Dell Version)

Question: Where can I find as a Dell of ESXi 5.5 custom Version for VMware Update Manager (.zip)

Thanks for help

What about Peter

Hi Peter,.

You can download the ISO from Dell here:

Be sure to upgrade your vCenter and Update Manager 5.5 before trying to download the ISO (under ESXi images).

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  • using vmware update manager to update Dell M630 ESXI 5.5 update 3

    I use put vmware update manager (VUM) up-to-date Dell M630 ESXI 5.5 updated 3. The Dell build was published on 11/13/15.

    The results of the baseline VUM are attached. I was surprised that some older patches from 2014 are suggested, and even complete full update and 2 update 3. Is a common practice to just update with whataver MUV said, or is it best to get VUM to apply the patches after the date of release of a version of the seller?

    If missing the update you must certainly apply. I'm just going by what suggests Manager Update and apply all the patches.

  • I have a question about the ESXi upgrade using Update Manager...

    This is probably a stupid question, but I've never played and update ESXi using Update Manager.  We need to update ESXi ESXi 4.1 4.1 servers before vCenter 5.0 U1 from U2 (there is a known issue where the ESXi 4.1 servers receive the GROUP after upgrading vCenter to 5.0 U1).  We used HP ESXi image to install ESXi on our servers for new installations.  This image contains ESXi.1 U2 as well as the drivers of HP and CIM.

    4.1_U2_Oct_2011_ESXi_HD - USB-SDImgeInstlr_Z7550 - 00241.iso

    Can this same image HP ESXi 4.1 U2 that we used to install to new ESXi servers, be used to upgrade our 4.1 4.1 U2 ESXi servers using the Update Manager?  Or, upgrade package should be used for the upgrade?  Also, if an upgrade package must be used, is it OK to use one provided by VMware, or will be losing our HP specific drivers and CIM to do this?

    Thank you


    You can import custom HP ESXi 4.1 U2 ISO in Update Manager (don't forget to use the latest version of June 2012, available here: and update the hosts with her.

    In a second step, you can then import the last custom HP ESXi ISO 5.0 (available here: and update the hosts again with her.

    To be on the current ESXi 5.0 patch level you finally apply the latest patches from VMware via the Update Manager.


  • ESXi upgraded via Update Manager can now access data store.

    I had an old (Dell Optiplex GX620) office that was running ESXi 3.5 U1 maybe? (It was installed just after the big deal on the closing date set for esxi).  He had a store of data on SATA drive mount, which worked very well.

    After updating to the latest version of ESXi through Update Manager, he can no longer see theVM on the data store...

    I get a warning that says "VMware ESX Server has no persistent storage", but when I look at the disk in the storage of the configuration tab section, he clearly ShowAs seen a VMFS to 144 GB partition.  When I have the Browse, it seems to show a few newspapers files and nothing else.

    Is it possible to return these VM?

    They are not critical, but it would be good to know how to save files from a VMFS partition...

    Welcome to the forums.

    Same thing happened to me when I updated to ESXi 3.5 U3.

    The ICH7 chipset is now supported differently.

    You will need to edit the oem.tgz file to include the Intel ICH7.

    Here's what I did to solve the problem.

    See you soon,.


    Jase McCarty

    Co-author of VMware ESX Essentials in the virtual data center

    (ISBN:1420070274) Auerbach

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  • Reference Dell custom ESXi 5.1 u1 broken link


    I am trying to download the iso of esxi Dell custom from 5.1u1, but the link is broken.  Is there somewhere else I can get this from?

    Thank you.

    The link and the download works perfectly for me! You have any restrictions for your browser.


  • Og ESXi 4.1 Update Manager


    Godt nytar.

    VI har 10 ESXi 4.1 server. NAR jeg vil saette Update Manager op til at vise opdateringer der er til ESXi 4.1, kan jeg ikke finde esxi, men kun EmbeddedESX? Why er der ikke ESXi?

    update manager.PNG


    Hej Alex

    Embedded ESX ESXi =

    Hvad skal undre dig er der I mod er in the ikke kan vaelge EmbeddedESX 4.1.0 kun 4.0.0. Prov. to vaelge "Any" under patch seller og is om hvad der er resultatet.

  • ESXI on Dmz & Update Manager

    Hi, I am facing a problem, I have 6 esx servers vsphere 4 (esx 4 & vc & updatemanager) in the LAN & ESXI 2 in a demilitarized zone, no problem to update the ESX 4 in the local network, but the ESXI I DMZ fail with 'Scan host entity is unable to download files from the VMware vCenter Update Manager patch store.  "Check firewall configuration and network connectivity and verify the logsfor details.virtualcenter VCENTER esxupdate" clearly, some ports are missing, but I did find something clear.

    If you can help

    Thank you Paul

    Hi Paul,.

    ESX is unable to download the patches himself. VUM downloads which is necessary to its repository and then sends the ESX patches. Thank you for the assessment of my answer.

    Thank you


  • Is the PowerEdge R610 Compatible DELL VMware ESXi 5.1 update 1 recovery Image?

    Hi all

    Does anyone know if the R610 is compatible with the recovery Image VMware ESXi 5.1 update 1? It is not on the compatibility list, but the r.620 is there. We use two servers in our VMWare environment and I want to upgrade to 5.1 U1.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Lee,.

    The long wait has its result.

    Seems that it's a typo. Engineering has responded that it is supported.

    Let me know if you encounter other problems.

  • ESXi 5.5 Update Manager-> groups of building?

    I've implemented the upgrade Manager a few days ago.
    Is it possible that I have create VM groups that create a link to grassroots groups?

    Thank you

    Any group of your virtual machines in a folder.

  • Update Manager fails during upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5 ESXi host.

    Nice day

    I am trying to upgrade to 5.0 and 5.5 ESXi host using Update Manager. However, when I scan my host I get incompatible error. When I click Details I get the error "unsupported configuration.

    Update Manger newspapers show that SANE_ESX_CONF is not in the host logs see below:

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: "SUCCESS", the planned test of "PRECHECK_INITIALIZE", "version esx.conf" found "version esx.conf".

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: 'SUCCESS', 'SUPPORTED_ESX_VERSION', wait 4 5' found '5'

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: "SUCCESS, test 'SPACE_AVAIL_ISO', expected '347872773', '347872773'.

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: "SUCCESS, test 'MEMORY_SIZE', expected '4261412864', '34357448704'.

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: "SUCCESS, test 'HARDWARE_VIRTUALIZATION', expected '3', 3'.

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: "SUCCESS, test 'CPU_CORES', expected '2', 4'.

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: "SUCCESS, test ' 64BIT_LONGMODESTATUS', wait 1', found 1' «»

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:219 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: ' SUCCESS, 'NXBIT_ENABLED', '1' expected, found test 1'.

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:220 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: 'ERROR', 'SANE_ESX_CONF', expected 'True' to test, found 'False. '

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:220 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: 'SUCCESS', the test plan "UNSUPPORTED_DEVICES", ", found"

    [11-01-2013 13:40:18:221 'HostUpgradeScanner' 3544 INFO]  [scannerImpl, 473] PRECHECK script test result: 'ERROR', 'PACKAGE_COMPLIANCE', test

    I tried to reboot the host but still no luck. the search file is the esx.conf file. When I ssh host I find the file here.

    Any help/thoughts is appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Give UUID uppercase. This is not the result we are looking for. It should give the UUID or raise an error.

    Review the allocation of points for answers useful/correct

  • How to use the Update Manager

    I'm going to update ESXi 5.5 hosts my cluster but I know Update Manager component, so I ask if it is possible to host unique patch so that I can test VM on it and then to extend the update to the other guests.

    Can you offer me to apply all updates or it is usually to give priority to the security updates? I use Vmware image of HP because my hosts are server blades Proliant.

    How can I start? You have to suggest the quick start guide?

    Update Manager downloads the list of patches available from To configure the frequency of the update of the repository, click on House. Click the Update Manager icon. On the Configuration tab, click Patch download calendar.

    To view the scheduled task Patch download, click Homepage > scheduled tasks > VMware vCenter Update Manager Update to download.


    • To manually run this task, right-click the task, click run.

    • When you run the task, see task Download Patch definitions in the these last tasks.

    • If the download Patch definitions task fails, make sure that Update Manager can reach For more information

    To set baselines to the ESX host:

    1. Click home > hosts and Clusters.

    2. Highlight the ESX host, you want to update, and then click the Update Manager .

    3. Click on Attach. Select host patches critical and not critical host patches of baselines, and then click attach.

      Note: to create basic custom lines click home > Update Manager > planning and groups > Create.

    To analyze the ESX host for missing patches on the repository, right-click on the ESX host and click find updates > patches and Extensions > Scan.


    • Scan progress is displayed by The entity of Scan task in the recent tasks.

    • The analysis of the host does not affect running virtual machines.

    • If parsing fails, make sure that the ports between Update Manager and the ESX host is open. For more information, seerequirements of ports network VMware Update Manager (1004543).

    • When the analysis is complete, you will see the number of missing patches on the ESX host. If some patches are missing, you see Compliant.

    To restore the missing patches to the ESX host:

    1. Turn off all the virtual machines or vMotion them to another ESX host.
    2. Place the ESX host in maintenance mode. Right click on the ESX host, choose to enter the Maintenance Modeand click on Yes.
    3. Right-click on the ESX host and choose clean > host patches critical and not critical host patches of baselines, and then click Next.
    4. Choose which updates or patches to install, click Next > Next > Finish.


    • Progress of sanitation are illustrated by the task of the principal remedy in the recent tasks.

    • This task could take some time as Update Manager starts to download the patches to the website.

    • If the restore fails, ensure that Update Manager, ESX host, and ports are open. For more information, see requirements of ports network VMware Update Manager (1004543).

  • The ESX host could restart after complete rehabilitation.

    Also, you can check out the link below to watch the video and more on

  • Update Manager e riavvio manuale host aggiornato

    Buongiorno a tutti,

    Sto using UPD Manager per aggiornare degli host-> esx5 my al esx4 ends dell'aggiornamento, the line host a che deve essere confirmed riavvio da console per tramite... questo e he message:

    his tell qualcuno e suggerirmi is è a modo per evitare the intervento manuale?

    Ciao Luca.

    Ho tried a cercare ed effetti seems to che Upgrade non possa essere 100% unattended, proprio a causa dell'ultimo per.

    MI viene da say che "filosoficamente" being no una patch di voglia di evitare una attacking VMware application upgrade from basic ad a cluster e lanciare procedure Laurette.



  • Download the patches and the stage manually in the Update Manager?

    I need to perform an orchestrated to ESXi upgrade using Update Manager, however, my server vcenter and client computer for Update Manager are on isolated network segments that are not allowed on the internet. How can I download the patches and their step manually in the Update Manager? That is to say, I want to download the patches from a computer that has internet connectivity and then upload to Update Manager.

    Please help!

    Thank you very much.

    You can use the Update Manager download service to download your updates and copy at VUM in isolate network,

    Following the documentation and the Ko with description for this case:


    VMware vSphere 5.1


    Kind regards

    Joao castro

  • Cisco ISO Custom - VMWare ESXi 5.5 Upd 2 - VMware Update Manager still shows update 2 required

    Hi all

    I just updated one of my guests with the latest cisco image provided on the vmware website (Vmware-ESXi-5.5.0-2068190-custom-Cisco-  After the application as an upgrade of the host and then doing a scan against the host in the Update Manager, it shows that ESXi complete update 2 is missing?

    I know this is maybe more a problem of vmware, but wanted to see if someone had run into this?

    This thank you for the quick response.

  • R710/R720 - Dell customized Image of VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2 - megaraid_sas version specific?

    That I improve a R710 and two v5.5 (Dell image) to v5.5 U2 ESXi ESXi R720 using the image of Dell here:

    The documentation "Upgrade Guide to ESXi 5.5 using Dell customized Image" here:

    indicates that a specific version of the megaraid_sas driver must be installed.

    Is the version megaraid_sas that installs with the image of Dell U2 v5.5 not the right version?

    I just ran the upgrade on a R710 and it's the megaraid_sas version installed:

    ~ # vmkload_mod s megaraid_sas | grep Version
    Version: Version 06.803.73.00, build: 1331820, Interface: 9.2 inspired: August 22, 2014

    Thank you.


    It lists the R720 and R710 systems supported and both link to the same page, so the customized version is the same for both servers. Is the version listed in the reference guide for A02

    megaraid_sas - 06.803.73.00

    Page 5

    This is the same version that he shows for your installation on the R710 so that seems correct.

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