Dell Powerconnect 3548P - a reference not rattling, or allowing access to the web console


I wonder why we are able to access our PoE switch through the web console http, I can connect via the serial port and the Dell Setup Wizard, we have all the information and our ip address for that switch to with a default gateway of

So if trying to ping so still times out, and if you connect to it and change the pc ipv4 parameter to point to him, he will not allow access via browser.

Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I've reconfigured everything ManageEngine OpUtils connection to stack Dell via SNMP v2c and the issue seems to be fixed: stack of Dell was to be online from 4 pm and noting happened during the many analyses of OpUtils SNMP. I think that the problem is resolved.

For your convenience, Dell battery of newspapers (RAM and file those with the maximum detail level) show not record SNMP loss or drop.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Marco Dodi

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    I have dell Powerconnect 3548p and I want to update via telnet and I was wondering what the commands are as I tried those on the CLI manual.

    I made a connection with success of my tftp to the switch and vice versa.

    I am aware that this is possible through the web management, but I would like to know how to do this via PuTTY.

    Thank you

    You can update the firmware and boot code by using the command copy. Here are the commands that will be carried out.

    Update the boot Code and firmware

    Console # copy tftp: / // image

    See the boot to console #.

    Start console system #.

    Console # copy tftp: / // boot

    Thank you

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    Kind regards

  • Dell PowerConnect 7048 P reference stack Questions


    I have two switches in L3 7048P I want the battery but I'm not sure how it works. The two switches have the same firmware.

    1 must. the two have the same configuration running on both to make it work?

    2. in addition, I created a VLAN (3) voice on the first switch with an IP address of I use the same IP address on the second switch in the VLAN 3 addresses or assign another?

    Thank you!

    There is a guide especially for stacking switch 7048 on the Dell page networking white papers:

    Just search "Dell PowerConnect 7000 Series Switches stacking".  Page 16 will tell you how to add a new Member to the battery with minimum interruptions. Both can present the same firmware in order to stack.  So the answer to question 1 is no, the configurations do not need correspond to stack them.  Once stacked, both will look like a single switch, and you use only the IP address of the master swtich to the whole stack.  Therefore, treat the two switches as a single switch during Setup.  The guide provides more information on how it works.

    Hope this has been helpful.


  • Dell Powerconnect 5448 a reference on the vlan by default


    Just a question.  A Dell Powerconnect 5448 switch will act as a home if its interfaces are configured with 1 interface connection to a primary switch that has the interface is 'access to the interface mode' by default with a vlan?  It will work with all its switches on vlan interface of uplink or would you need to configure both as the trunks to allow access vlan to work and this switch uplink?

    The 5448 is a layer 2 switch, which by default has a VLAN native of 1 with all interfaces in access mode for the native VLAN 1. On the VLAN native all frames are frames unmarked. So now that your uplink to the other switch port, all the info will be sent without label, which means the other switch will receive the unmarked data and then place it in the VLAN that is in access mode. Communication should work this way.

    However, I think using a network connection between the switches. The trunk port is used to connect the devices up-to-date with the switches / VLAN together and allow several VLAN tagged fell on it. Looks like you already have several VLANs on the network, and having a network connection will allow you to expand on it. At the same time everything that is on the VLAN native is always through the trunk to the other switch and will stay on the VLAN native.

  • Folders that I create in Thunderbird do not arise outside of Thunderbird (on the web client for my emails)


    It's my first post because I can usually find supported using google, but I can't see any advice on this.

    Lets say I create a folder and name it 'sites' in Thunderbird, I created a rule for every email I get from stores online on their promotions go in this folder, so they do not distract the important emails, but I can view them later if I want.

    When I then log in my account outlook through their web client or if I check on my phone (which is where I'm mainly going through emails), the folders that I created in Tbird, do not show on my phone or the email provider webclient.

    I tried logging in and out of my web client and Tbird but records do not update, they remain in the Tbird but do not show in the web client or on my phone, which means that I can not read the messages held except when I home on Tbird.

    I appreciate your response.

    When your problem has been fixed, please mark the thread as "resolved".
    Thank you.
    Have a complete backup of your profile folder is strongly recommended in all cases.

  • Firefox starts not desired and automatically goes to the Web site, I don't want to

    When I'm working on the pc, even when I did not open firefox, it opens automatically and goes to a website I did not. for most gaming sites. The name "Gameforge" caught my attention somewhere.

    even now, when entering this issue a new session of firefox (in another window, not in a separate tab) launched himself and went to, but it isn't always this site.


    I have avg antivirus and iobit malware fighter and iobit advanced systemcare 6 works on my pc.

    now I have installed hitman pro and TDSSKiller but found nothing.

    But I think this could do the trick. When I run iobit uninstaller and verified recently installed programs that I found: Lollipop. I searched on the internet and it is a program that generates ads:

    Then I uninstalled it. Pretty simple if you know where to look. I don't know even how it got installed in the first place.

    Anyway, problem solved.

    Thank you

  • Re-uploaded because there was no access to the web, and it is not yet. Opens in private browsing, no Firefox tab is visible, so I can't do anything.

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    The top line is blue background of Windows and said "Start Mozilla Firefox - Mozilla Firefox (private browsing) Page".
    Lower than that of the context Tan the usual File, Edit, View etc.
    Lower than a tab with: the image of Fox and the "Mozilla Firefox Start Page.
    Thaat below: arrow, arrow, box "go to a Web site", and arrears on the right a blue g and a tab drop down to search engines, down for downloads and the symbol of the House.
    bottom line usual Google that shows that my most used bookmarks
    The large area below that contains the symbol of the Fox in the Center above the search box (which does not). In the upper right corner is "mozilla" gray type.
    Crossing the lower part is a clear grey banner with "downloads, Favorites, history, modules, sync and Settings" with their symbols above.
    I had to remove PC Matic Supershield to get the download to work at all, and now after hours of tests, I am right where I started.

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in (permanent) private browsing mode.

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
    • Uncheck the box: [] "always use the navigation mode private.

    You can check for problems with preferences and try to rename or delete the file prefs.js and possible prefs - numbered # .js and a user.js file possible to restore the values all default prefs.

    Try to start the computer in safe mode Windows with network support (on the startup screen, press F8) as a test to see if that helps.

    One possible cause is security software (firewall, antivirus) that prevents or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container in the permissions list in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


  • tracert stops and times out to and will not allow access to a Web site

    Hello. I just had Qwest install internet in my house that my mother--brother-in-law can enjoy Polish television online. Excited, she immediately tried to go to his Web site (, to watch his shows, even when she tried to go to the site, there was an error: the connection has expired; the server for takes too long to respond. all the computers in my house got the same error message or similar, so I tried ping on the site, without entering. I tried on a whim to get the website using my phone as a lanyard... it worked, then I did a tracert from the site (by using the internet service of qwest) and it always stops at a specific IP and out of time. When I called qwest, they pretty much had me repeat steps, already tried in a session in case of problem, but it got us nowhere, however they belive it is something with the server of this IP address or something. (FYI, I'm still learning computers and I have only a few pretty basic skills and knowledge of the functioning of routers and how to trouble shoot minnor issues like these)

    Is there a way to change my itinerary so that we can access this Web site, or can I change service providers... or even changing ISPS will solve the problem? All suggestions are welcome and thank you in advance


    The route to []
    with a maximum of 30 hops:

    1<1 ms   =""><1 ms   =""><1 ms ="">
    2 20 ms 21 ms 20 ms hlrn-dsl-gw77 - 142.hlrn.qwest [ .net
    3 22 20 21 hlrn - .net [] agw1.inet.qwest ms ms ms
    4 ms 50 ms 43 45 ms dap-brdr - 03.inet.qwest .net []
    5 44 44 45 ms ms ms
    6 78 ms ms 77 77 ms []
    7 ms ms 77 76 ms 76 []
    8 ms 76 76 ms ms 81 []
    9 75 ms ms 76 78 ms []
    10 76 78 ms ms 78 ms
    11 87 86 87 [6 ms ms ms]
    12 82 ms 79 ms [63,24 78 ms
    13 112 ms 112 115 ms ms
    14 * request timed out.
    15 * request timed out.
    16 * request timed out.
    17 * request timed out.
    18 * request timed out.
    19 * request timed out.
    20 * request timed out.
    21 * request timed out.
    22 * request timed out.
    23 * request timed out.
    24 * request timed out.
    25 * request timed out.
    26 * request timed out.
    27 * request timed out.
    28 * request timed out.
    29 * request timed out.
    30 * general failure.

    Full trace.

    the above is my tracert with my ISP qwest at home

    All good suggestions, but by changing the IP address does not work. The Web server swear that they do not deny any address. I don't know what it could be. 1 million of laurels to the guru that find this baby!

  • not able to save or deploy the web client setup 5.5 plugin


    I am not able to save or deploy a web client plugin on 5.5 setup. Most confusing to me is this folder 'vsphere-client-serenity. I don't see any of this directory in the path of the directory of vmware. It's the path C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphereWebClient.

    This is the context of the extension.xml file:

    < extension >

    < description >

    < label > AB < / label >

    < Summary > AB vSphere plugin < / summary >

    < / description >

    < key > XYZ.ab com < / key >

    < company > XYZ < / company >

    < version > 1.0.0 < / version >

    < customer >

    < version > 1.0.0 < / version >

    < description >

    plugin < label > AB < / label >

    < Summary > AB Vsphere plugin < / summary >

    < / description >

    < company > XYZ < / company >

    vsphere-client-serenity < type > < / type >

    < url > http://localhost: 8080 / < / url >

    < / customer >

    < lastHeartbeatTime > 2012-07-21T 00: 25:52.814418Z < / lastHeartbeatTime >

    < / extension >

    What is this tag "type"? According to the documentation of the plugin deployment must have the value "vsphere-client-serenity. When I try to save this file extension using vsphere client to office (5.1) it registered successfully but in the State it is written "no download on the client side is necessary for this plug-in." All mentioned URL works properly.

    I'm just a beginner in the present. I apologise for any basic mistakes/misunderstanding.

    Thank you.

    now, everything seems to work. I had to modify the file in C:/programdata/vmware /...

    Earlier I had recorded the plugin using 5.1 vsphere webclient. Now, I'm going to try writing a utility.

    Thank you.

  • ESXi 4.0.0 not allowing access to the total capacity of the RAID (FREE)

    Hello everyone.  I'm new to ESXi, having installed just 4.0.0 on a custom server.  The hardware of the server is:

    Motherboard ASUS Z8PE-D12

    Asus PIKE 1068E SAS/SATA card

    5 x Seagate 1.5 TB 7200 RPM SATA drives

    2 x Xeon E5630 2.53 GH (Quad Core)


    Asus PIKE 1068E map uses FREE chipset to provide SAS/SATA RAID0/1/1E features.

    I have configured three hard drives in an array of size 2.0 TB RAID1E using the accessible FREE configuration utility for the system to start.

    I installed ESXi on another hard drive that is not part of a RAID array.

    AprΦs dΘmarrage ESXi, I launch the vSphere Client and connect to the server.  I'm sailing on the Configuration - & gt; Storage section, then click Add storage... option.

    I selected disk/LUN, then it lists the available devices.  I am able to see the FREE Serial Attached SCSI disk with a capacity of 2.05 to.  Then, I chose this drive to create a data store.

    On the next screen, it shows the FREE Serial Attached SCSI disk device (and a very long identification number).  Ability displays 2.05 TB but 'Available' only 47,47 GB.  He also says "the hard drive is empty. (SEE SCREENSHOT)

    "I can't find a way to increase the value of" available "to 2.05, which is the capacity of the disk. 47,47 Go is nowhere near capacity.  The program only allows me to create a store of data with 47,47 GB of space.

    Anyone have any suggestions for access to the full size of this volume to add to ESXi as a data store?

    It is not a driver problem, because the volume is properly recognized and the capacity is displayed correctly.  Not sure why it shows that 47,47 GB available.


    Thank you!

    I've attached a screenshot of the management screen showing the capacity and space available:

    Basically, the size of your drive is greater than 2 TB, you can only use the left in space after 2 TB to be 2.05 TB, so it would be 47 about 50 GB seems straight, you disc 2 to - 512 b, must then he can use everything

  • do not show status report using view the web document.


    I use oracle 10g and I've been running report using view the web document that it works correctly.

    I want that
    When I press the button then Server do not show report but report wil run succssfully in the server.

    any body can tell me that how can I do not show the status of the report.

    Problem have been sene using javascrip as follows

    WEB. SHOW_DOCUMENT (' (http://severname/reports/rwservlet?destype=FILE&userid=&desformat=PDF&yourparameters&report=reportname.rep&PARAMFORM=no); self.close ()');

    Published by: Hashim Raza Syed on January 6, 2011 23:37

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    Thank you


    You have a list of posts on this problem in these Forums,

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    Link above contains a list of your messages on these Forums.

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