Dell PowerConnect 7048 P reference stack Questions


I have two switches in L3 7048P I want the battery but I'm not sure how it works. The two switches have the same firmware.

1 must. the two have the same configuration running on both to make it work?

2. in addition, I created a VLAN (3) voice on the first switch with an IP address of I use the same IP address on the second switch in the VLAN 3 addresses or assign another?

Thank you!

There is a guide especially for stacking switch 7048 on the Dell page networking white papers:

Just search "Dell PowerConnect 7000 Series Switches stacking".  Page 16 will tell you how to add a new Member to the battery with minimum interruptions. Both can present the same firmware in order to stack.  So the answer to question 1 is no, the configurations do not need correspond to stack them.  Once stacked, both will look like a single switch, and you use only the IP address of the master swtich to the whole stack.  Therefore, treat the two switches as a single switch during Setup.  The guide provides more information on how it works.

Hope this has been helpful.


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  • Dell Powerconnect 5448 a reference on the vlan by default


    Just a question.  A Dell Powerconnect 5448 switch will act as a home if its interfaces are configured with 1 interface connection to a primary switch that has the interface is 'access to the interface mode' by default with a vlan?  It will work with all its switches on vlan interface of uplink or would you need to configure both as the trunks to allow access vlan to work and this switch uplink?

    The 5448 is a layer 2 switch, which by default has a VLAN native of 1 with all interfaces in access mode for the native VLAN 1. On the VLAN native all frames are frames unmarked. So now that your uplink to the other switch port, all the info will be sent without label, which means the other switch will receive the unmarked data and then place it in the VLAN that is in access mode. Communication should work this way.

    However, I think using a network connection between the switches. The trunk port is used to connect the devices up-to-date with the switches / VLAN together and allow several VLAN tagged fell on it. Looks like you already have several VLANs on the network, and having a network connection will allow you to expand on it. At the same time everything that is on the VLAN native is always through the trunk to the other switch and will stay on the VLAN native.

  • Reference Dell Powerconnect 5324/5424 STP Configuration Question...

    Hey guys,.

    I have a basic > intermediate understanding of networking. I recently loaded the research in what seems at first sight be an STP issue on our corporate network. Without going into too much detail, I think I found the cause of the problem. Within our network, we have our basic switching infrastructure and then a second pair of switches / second a lot, much smaller network that "needs" to be completely isolated from the base and core STP network.

    However, I have discovered recently that this second network / set of switches are not as isolated as we thought. The second, network supposed to be isolated was installed by a 3rd party company - their statements being that the network should be completely independent of our core network and the only link between the two must be access / management connection so that we can telnet to these switches in the network of base if necessary.  However, I recently discovered that these switches on the isolated network are part of our STP! Not only that, but one of these switches is as root (as it has the smallest MAC address). It is through the management / access ports I think of BDPU must be get sent and received. Is there a way that I stop BDPU being sent and received during these management / access of connections between these two networks - therefore isolate the secondary network and making it create two instances of STP - one for the main network and the other for the secondary. We always request the ability to Telnet to these core network switches - I just need to block/filter STP on Internet access / management ports.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and respond to this.

    With protocols spanning tree disabled on the port should not send BDPU frames.

  • Dell Powerconnect 3548P - a reference not rattling, or allowing access to the web console


    I wonder why we are able to access our PoE switch through the web console http, I can connect via the serial port and the Dell Setup Wizard, we have all the information and our ip address for that switch to with a default gateway of

    So if trying to ping so still times out, and if you connect to it and change the pc ipv4 parameter to point to him, he will not allow access via browser.

    Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    I've reconfigured everything ManageEngine OpUtils connection to stack Dell via SNMP v2c and the issue seems to be fixed: stack of Dell was to be online from 4 pm and noting happened during the many analyses of OpUtils SNMP. I think that the problem is resolved.

    For your convenience, Dell battery of newspapers (RAM and file those with the maximum detail level) show not record SNMP loss or drop.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Marco Dodi

  • Stacking Module - Dell Powerconnect 6248

    Hello. I have a Dell Powerconnect 6248. This used to be a secondary switch in a stacked configuration (total of 2 switches). However, the captain then descended down we unplugged and it became the master of the battery. It is always configured in a configuration of the battery.

    My question is this: can I remove the stacking module card when the switch is on and in production?

    The reason is that I bought a new 6248 and repaired the old master as well and want to stack these two because they are both on the latest firmware. What is the best practice for this that I don't want to take down the switch by disconnecting the battery module.

    Let me know if you need more information!

    Thank you very much for any information!

    Unfortunately the stackable modules are not hot-swappable. You must turn off the appliance to remove the stacking module.

  • Reference Dell PowerConnect 3524 - "SW3P_callback_rx_frame - arp - scrapped intervention."

    Hello everyone.

    The company I work for, I test switches to see who is good and who is bad. I've already marked the switch in question as 'bad' for these mistakes - but I've never seen this error before. My colleagues have not either. Therefore, I ask the community what kind of error is what it means and whether it is potentially fixable.

    My device is a Dell PowerConnect 3524. He is currently out of warranty.

    What I did: I have deleted the startup configuration and then run the Setup Wizard. I put an IP address, gateway, and password. The rest, I left the default values. This configuration works on all switches that I have ever tested, including this model, so I think that this configuration is not serious.

    Then I plug in an ethernet cable in all ports and the other end into a very small 5 port switch that also has other trendy items above, the phone and my main computer. They all get internet, I don't think that there is a problem.

    I plug another cable in another port of the switch and the other end in a laptop sitting on top of the switch (my laptop test).

    I start ping the local firewall and run it with the "-t" parameter so it does not stop.

    It is fine for about 5-10 minutes usually. I can trade ports and others and she'll pick up ping soon and do what it is supposed to. After plugging into the wrong port, (7 or 8), I get the error "SW3P_callback_rx_frame - intervention arp - put the scrapped." and cannot pass traffic. PuTTY shows that the connection is established and transfer, but the ping is not possible.

    I am only an intern, this switch is not vital and will be sent to the "cemetery" and all my business done with switches will be. I am just curious to know what it is. Anyone know what it is and what could be done to solve the problem?

    Thank you for your time!

    I couldn't find any relevant information on this error message. With errors that occur only on specific ports and a new configuration, it really sounds as a kind of material error. Will there be another message that accompany this message? If you haven't already done so, re-flashing the firmware of the switch can help ensure that the message is not caused by an image that has become corrupt.

  • Dell PowerConnect 6248 10 GB ports reference works do not


    We have recently installed a module SFP + (part # c107d) in our Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch. The switch does not seem to see the module because before install us the plug-in, it showed a port xg3 xg4, and after the addition of the module, it shows that these ports.

    So I have a few questions:

    Is the SFP + above compatible with this model of switch?

    If so, how can verify us that the ports are active?

    Here is the result of the port details:

    #show interface ethernet 1/xg3 in detail

    Port Type Duplex speed Neg Admin link

    A State

    -----  ------------------------------  ------  -------  ----  -----  -----

    1/xg3 10G - level s/o unknown Auto Up Down

    Port description

    ----  --------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Flow control: enabled

    Port: 1/xg3

    Belonging to a VLAN: access mode Mode

    Operating parameters:

    PVID: 1

    Capture filtering: enabled

    Acceptable frame type: no label

    Default priority: 0

    GVRP status: Disabled

    Protected: disabled

    -Other - or ITU (q)

    Port 1/xg3 is a member of:

    Rule of VLAN name evacuation Type

    ----    --------------------------------- -----------   --------

    1 by default not marked by default

    Static configuration:

    PVID: 1

    Capture filtering: enabled

    Acceptable frame type: no label

    Port 1/xg3 is configured statically:

    Output name rule of VLAN

    ----    --------------------------------- -----------

    Prohibition of VLAN:

    Name of VLAN

    ----    ---------------------------------

    Port 1/xg3 Enabled

    Status: Disabled role: disabled

    -Other - or ITU (q)

    Identification of the port: 128.51 shipping cost: 0

    Fast port: No. (configured: no) root Protection: No.

    Designated the bridge priority: 32768 address: 80:00:00:25:64:19:92:1 C

    Identification of the designated port: 0.0 cost of access road designated: 0

    Root regional CSE: 80:00:00:25:64:19:92:1 C CSE Port cost: 0

    BPDU: 0 sent, received 0

    Yes, this module is listed as compatible with the switch. It seems that you install in Bay 2? He may have listed these ports but they probably do not appear as active. Have you tried to make a connection with ports?

  • Reference Dell PowerConnect 2824 remove connections, odd led models


    We are noticed on some of our Dell PowerConnect 2824 switches that our devices are connected to the switch suddenly disconnected.  Our devices are a network of small size with the switch, where we connect up to 12 devices and use DHCP to assign IP addresses to the devices.  We also monitor the network with a Windows laptop.  We have also seen times where the switch itself seems to be restarted and shows amber LED light up successively from left to right on the top row of ports, then return on the bottom row.  I confirmed that we use version software for the switch in question.

    We have also seen situations where all, except one device remains connected, but when trying to reconnect to the device has fallen, it seems that the switch seems to completely ignore the device regardless of the port where we connect to the switch.  We tried other cables, but the problem persists.  It's the kind of behavior that I could wait if the MAC addresses are not unique, but all of our devices have all custom MAC addresses.

    Another issue is that we use a very short lease period of one minute.  I don't know if this will get us in trouble.

    If you need more specific information, I'll try to answer your questions.

    Thank you.


    Hi Bob,

    If it happens on several switches it is probably not a problem with the hardware switch. It could be a matter of Spanning Tree where it lacks a Hello and due to the lease really short DHCP is originally from the port to close before it can restore a link. You can try to turn STP or enabling quick link on the ports for end devices.

    Why do you have the DHCP lease on so little time for only 12 aircraft? It would add a lot of network traffic. You can try and have some machines on static IP and see if it still falls these ports.

  • Reference Dell PowerConnect 6024F get mac by ip with arp and more option

    Hello in the DELL community.

    I hava a little question, and hoping to find some answers here ;) I'm writing a small script, and in this script, I need to get the mac address is to link to Ip address of the ARP command. I am using telnet to connect to DELL. But the show arp command displays a lot of information, a huge list of ip. I tried to analyze, with the '' option and press etc., but it's a very slow procedure.

    Two main issues:

    1. how to get the mac address and link it to the IP by ARP command

    2 how to get rid of the option ''. I mean show cli without

    I thank the of to get answers.

    P. S.


    Switch: Dell PowerConnect 6024F

    # See the worm
    SW version (date may 5, 2008 time 16:33:30)
    Start the version (August 13, 2003 time 15:28:31)
    HW version 00.01.64

    Show arp? -> watch only

    Show arp

    Terminal Server? -> watch only

    Terminal Server

    He might have an OID you can pole for this info. all the OIDS are in the MIB that are included in the download for the firmware.

    If you do not find one in the MIB, you might try a SNMP walk on the switch to see if you can identify an OID that will provide you with this info.

  • How to change the time that stacks convergence on Dell PowerConnect 8164

    I have create a pile between two switches Dell PowerConnect 8164.
    But I want to know if I could change the time it takes for converges converges moment between them, I want to say... I have remove all the stacking cables (so no connection between no switches) and connect them then... something between 3-5 minutes for the complete convergence.
    Is there a customization here?
    Kind regards!

    There is no option of customization on the re-convergence of a battery.  It is basically kicking a restart of the operating system on the box.

  • Reference Dell 6248, 7048 or force S50N 10?


    We want to improve our switches ISCSI 5424 to Dell Powerconnect 6248, 7048, or Force 10 S50N toggle. The switches will be devoted to traffic for 3 en berries Equallogic ISCSI must be able to support a few additional tables.

    Any advice?

    Thank you.

    Ok thank you.

  • Dell PowerConnect 2724 managed Mode reference works do not?

    I recently acquired a dell powerconnect 2724 from a friend, and I can't find the web interface. I tried the default IP addresses and I looked on an application to register all IP addresses on the network, and the thing only dell was my PowerEdge R710. I made sure it was in managed mode and I tried to reset it. Suggestions?

    From the factory, the PowerConnect 2708/2716/2724 units have a default IP assigned. This IP address is assigned to the management VLAN 1. Be sure not to delete the VLAN 1 management or you will not be able to manage the switch. If the switch is unmanageable, and then change the transition to unmanaged and return to managed mode to reset the default settings.

    Remember that the client attempts to access the switch is also in the subnet. If the customer is not in the same subnet, it will be able to access the IP address. Check and make sure that nothing else on the network also has assigned.

    Keep us informed.

  • Reference Dell PowerConnect 2848 OID for CPU time and memory

    Hi all

    This is my first post in this forum. I searched all the messages that can solve my problems, but I could not find so if there is already an existing post and I couldn't find it please guide me to it.

    My case is. We have a few Dell PowerConnect 28xx switches in our network. We want to monitor things like the CPU, the temperature, the use of the RAM usage. We use Solarwinds IpMonitor monitoring tool. I downloaded the MIB, I could find the download of Firmware from Dell drivers and downloads page. I went through the entire MIB, but I couldn't find an OID for the foregoing.

    So if anyone can help me please what OID is used for usage of CPU and RAM temperature it will really help me.

    Please let us know in case we need more information on my side.

    Thank you

    Frank Moreau

    I did use SNMP on the 28xx but here are some various sensor OID, I used for the N-series, as well as some older models Powerconnect.  I don't know if they will work for the 2xxx, but you can try one or two and see if they work.

    N - Series (FW 6.2 and later versions) temperature OID

    62xx (3.0.x.x firmware or later-, some may also work with 2.x firmware)
    Temperature OID

    Are the OID to use CPU for N-Series switches (total free memory) (total memory) (table for the following...) (index) (name of the process using CPU) (% CPU used by the corresponding process)
    . (cumulation of all the activity of the CPU) (CPU utilization shows 5 s, 60 s and 300s).

    OIDs memory
    Power supply OID
    OIDs of fan

    35xx (2.0.x.x or later firmware)
    Temperature OID
    OIDs of CPU
    OIDs memory
    P.S. The OID
    OIDs of fan

    for old firmware - if the 35xx above does not work:
    Temperature (Celsius)

    I hope this helps.


  • Reference Dell PowerConnect 6248 several sessions of surveillance?

    Hi all

    I have a Dell PowerConnect and I need to set up two mirrors of port.  It seems that I just need to add a port mirroring session, but I can't figure out how to do this.  I read the documentation and may set up a mirror of port without a problem.  Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you

    Will be

    the switch supports only 1 session tracking. within this control session, you can have multiple source ports, but destination port only 1.

  • Reference Dell PowerConnect 3048


    I have a Dell PowerConnect 3048 I want to use it on my home network. For now, my network is small, but as the days pass, he has grown. The problem, I'm running, even after the request of Google, is that I have a hard time finding a way to be able to configure this option. The switch has the power, and I also have the DB - 9 to Ethernet cable from the console.

    For this particular option, the console port is the business end of DB-9 while the end of Ethernet connects to what I presume, a computer. Again, the problem is when I connect the cable from the console of the computer, the switch and use HyperTerminal or PuTTY, I can't speak to this switch. I don't understand what I am doing wrong?

    A lot of reading and watching videos, I understand that some switches have a console, but on this particular switch Ethernet port, it doesn't have such a port. Please guide me on how I can talk to this switch so that I can get configured for my home network.

    Kind regards

    The original cable was a db9 to db9 cable. You can try another cable, like a db9 to usb.

    The switch's default IP address is Then you could try a telnet connection too. See that you have a better success rate.

Maybe you are looking for

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