Dell XPS 13 - Terrible wifi signal

I have a brand new Dell XPS 13 and the signal wifi is shocking, he bit a lot works than right next to the router.

There are 2 networks in the home and it is the same on both, in the same room as the router, but as soon as I propose in the next room signal is very poor. Often I'll be able to connect for about 30 seconds, then he cut.

All other mobile devices and laptops are great anywhere in the House. It's really annoying I can't use Wifi in the House on my laptop new flashy, it beats the type of object of the wifi if you have to be next to the router! Laughing out loud

Any ideas people? Thoughts and opinions much appreciated, thanks in advance...


This face a whole bunch of people with a new Dell PC.  It is caused by a parameter in the cmdlet power of control panel that everyone at Dell who is involved with the new PC should know.

I came across this a couple of weeks, when I bought a new laptop of Dell Inspiron 5559.  Here's what worked for me.  Deep in the power control panel applet, there is a little esoteric energy saving option.  Here is how you get there:

-> Panel-> Power Options change Plan settings-> change power avancΘs-> settings of the adapter wireless-> power setting Mode.  Change the battery and plugged into parameters for Maximum Performance.

How is deburred something deep in the weeds?  I can't imagine other settings save a significant amount of power, but they of course create a mysterious major PITA.    In any case, it worked for me. I hope this helps you.

Good luck.

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    Here's a tip for the user on the problems of Wi - Fi. Suggest from the top and bottom. Maybe one of them will help you.

    (1) restart you device.

    (2) resetting the network settings: settings > general > reset > reset network settings. Join the network again.

    (3) reboot router/Modem: unplug power for 2 minutes and reconnect. Update the Firmware on the router (support Web site of the manufacturer for a new FW check). Also try different bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and different bandwidths (recommended for 2.4 to 20 MHz bandwidth). Channels 1, 6 or 11 are recommended for 2.4 band.

    (4) change of Google DNS: settings > Wi - Fi > click the network, delete all the numbers under DNS and enter or otherwise

    (5) disable the prioritization of device on the router if this feature is available. Also turn off all apps to VPN and retest the Wi - Fi.

    (6) determine if other wireless network devices work well (other iOS devices, Mac, PC).

    (7) try the device on another network, i.e., neighbors, the public coffee house, etc.

    (8) backup and restore the device using iTunes. Try to restore as New first and test it. If ok try to restore the backup (the backup may be corrupted).

    (9) go to the Apple store for the evaluation of the material. The Wi - Fi chip or the antenna could be faulty.


  • Wifi problem 13 (redirect) dell xps

    Hi all. I bought Dell XPS 13 9343 and its wifi gives me problem. After all few minutes wifi disconnects automatically on its own. I did it after entering my code from help desk via the dell website, but nothing abnormal has been detected. My Device Manager shows BROADCOM 802.11ac network adapter while the site Web of dell THAT DRIVER WIRELESS DELL WIRELESS 1560 is shown. Please help me to solve the problem of disconnecting wifi. Thank you

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  • Dell XPS 8500 WiFi problem

    Dell XPS 8500

    Device displays Dell 1703 802.1 Wireless Manager b/g/n (2.4 GHz) installed and working properly.  Under parameter PC > settings it shows WiFi not connected and does not have a way to connect to the WiFi network. How can I connect to WiFi?  (I'm just trying to test the operation of WiFi systems)

    What happens if you disconnect the wired connection and restart?

    Your WiFI router broadcasts its SSID?

    The router and WiFi from PC card are supported the same 802.11 standards.

    If none of this helps, you probably should re-post in the Networking forum.

  • Terrible resolution on Dell XPS 13 model 2015 QHD problems

    With really bad resolution problems on Dell XPS 13.

    I use it for the University, and I'm doing a computer course and therefore the command line is an important feature. The text is completely zoomed out, I've went into properties and maximized the police nothing helps. Here's what it looks like, the image cannot do justice - I really have to squint to read it.

    Most of the other programs are like that too. Unity 3D looks really blurry, Sublime text 2 has the same appearance. Text looks similar to it has been enlarged on a few times so it adapts to the resolution and so you can almost see the individual pixels on the text.

    Here is another program: Malwarebytes

    It kinda feels a joke because the laptop is worth more than a thousand books.

    You may also need to change the resolution on your graphics card because NVIDIA has also been causing me problems.

    Updated, also check options in your INTEL graphics driver display resolution, make sure they match, don't no conflic t with the parameters of resolution on your Dell laptop. THEN, you might have to restart your laptop to see the changes on your screen. Lower resolution will make a lot of new/updated apps updated and programs are all looking mean, BUT your older programs designed for windowx 7-8, and less than 4 k resolution, must appear normal.

  • Dell XPS 8700 ceased to detect any Wi - Fi

    I recently purchased an 8700 XPS (Windows 10). He acknowledged my wifi router immediately during installation and was able to access the internet very well for about a week. In the last day or two, I noticed he started having intermittent loss of connection. It worked this morning, but stopped and I was unable to run for the last hour about.

    I rebooted the router and the computer. I'm typing this on a laptop that is able to access the wifi, so I know there is service and the router is working. Nothing has changed on the 8700 XPS (that I am aware, on the assumption that no updates background). The tower was sitting on my desk and not been moved or anything that could cut something internally. Yet he can't find any wifi network at all. When he worked, he saw my router as well as a few others in the building. Also, I tried to reload the driver from the Dell Web site.

    I also know the problem of software not supported VPN with Windows 10, but the difficulty of the command prompt does not work and, as the computer came with 10, as opposed to an upgrade, and it worked for a week, I don't think that's the problem.

    What I have is: Dell Wireless - N 1704 802.11bgn, 1 x 1, 2.4 GHz + Bluetooth 4.0

    Hi Todd,

    It seems that the solution is proven to be something much more prosaic... I had an external drive, sitting at the top of the Tower of 8700 XPS indentation that is supposed to be for the load of accessories and a pen Caddy temporarily sitting at the back of the upper part (I reorganize the Office to adapt to this new material!). I opened the side to check that the wireless card has been inserted and there is no defeated cables. Everything was fine, but I've seen the two sons of packaging around the fan and disappearing upwards into the roof of the chassis. That stuck in my head and I started to wonder if they were connected to a receiver for the wifi signal and if everything I had on the top might have been interfering. Then I took the drive and caddy stop Friday night, and the internet has been working well since.

    Someone on a Windows forum said that the sons are the antenna, so it makes sense. I'm out to do his Carbonite backups (first time on the new machine, so it takes a while) and am wary of play with anything. But when it's done, I'll give each element and see if it causes the same problem. I'd be surprised if it was the drive in that indentation is supposed to contain things like iPhones and other (there is a USB charging). There is a smoother rectangle plastic textured near the back edge of the top, next to the service tag, which was once the caddy. So I wonder if this isn't where the receiver would be?

    In any case, unless it was all a coincidence, apparently being of something so stupid to have stuff on top of the box. I'll leave the thread open until I can confirm by replacing the items. But for now, at least, it seems to work again!

  • Satellite L775-15 q - low or no WiFi signal


    My brand-new Satellite L775-15 q seems to have a huge problem with the WiFi signal. I've studied him a lot and it seems that many new Toshiba models have this problem, which is rather disappointing.

    The thing is the signal from the laptop is pretty awful, especially in my room.
    To be honest, my room is the furthest way to the router.
    But still, we have 3 other laptops in the House: a Toshiba 4 year, a Fujitsu 3 year and a brand new Dell; they all have a perfect, complete, 5-line signal in my room.
    Even my horrible cell phone Ericcson has a fairly decent signal from 3 lines.

    The new L775-15 q has 1 or 2 lines or most of the time no signal at all.
    Even at a distance of 4 meters from the router, it doesn't even have a signal lines full 3 or 4!

    The router firmware is up-to-date. I've updated the WLAN drivers and still nothing.
    The power settings were already at the maximum.
    If 3 more options in these forums do not work.

    Any ideas?
    It's a laptop good and I would not return.

    Do you use a laptop with battery power or signal strength is too low no matter if you use it on battery or power supply?

  • Need advice to download the drivers for windows XP for Dell XPS M1530 model.

    I formatted the model dell XPS M1530 with Windows XP, but facing difficulties to find the drivers for the same. Wireless, video, audio, nothing works.

    Hello Husna_naim,

    Try this driver.


    Audio driver:
    Description: Sigmatel STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio. Worm: v., A03 Date: 6/13/2008 size: 8 MB

    Video driver:

    Description: nVidia GeForce 8600 M GT

    Wireless network drivers
    Description: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, WiFi Link 4965AGN Network Connection Ver: Date: 8/1/2008

    Network driver
    Description: Marvell 88E80XX 10/100 Ethernet Controller worm: v. Date: 2008-04-29

    Utility remote control function keys, connection Wi - Fi Catcher,.
    Description: Dell QuickSet worm: v.8.2.20, A09 Date: 3/27/2008

    Bluetooth driver
    Description: Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Module Ver: v. & FW216, A00 Date: 26/01/2007

    Hope this helps you.
    For additional references on laptop drivers associates.
    Thank you and best regards.

  • Dell XPS 2710 all-in-One will not start, the totally blank screen

    Hello. This is my first post on the forums and I hope someone can help me.

    The Dell XPS 2710 all-in-one I bought for my 10 year old 15 months ago (Yes, that means that the guarantee is expired) will not start. No no post, no beeps, nothing. Just a brief spark of light on the screen, no words, nothing. The machine gets occasional use, and there is nothing to indicate what could have caused the problem. I have not upgraded the BIOS recently, is not as if it was a bad BIOS update, or whatever it is. I tried to hit the F1, F2, F12 keys delete during startup. No results.

    The video works. I know because I can connect my laptop to the HDMI-in port and I can see the desktop of my laptop very well. So the question is NOT the video. My son uses this machine for occasional movies and homework in his room. I want to fix the computer, if I can. I am handy with computers and built several machines from the outset in the past.

    I believe that the most likely scenario is that the motherboard has went wrong; There are several posts around the internet about motherboards 2710 AIO being unreliable. I saw an ad on the forums of Dell from a guy who said Dell Tech Support replaced its motherboard 2710 five times. I see that some of these motherboards are selling on eBay for around $200. I'm toying with the idea of getting a. I watched the service manual for the 2710 and I'm pretty confident that I could replace the Board of Directors.

    Someone had experience with permutation on their motherboard on a 2710 AIO? Or someone has any ideas on what could be the problem with my son's computer? I appreciate all the advice/help anyone could offer.

    OK, I have removed all the RAM from the motherboard (there were two sticks) and unplug the connector on the SATA hard drive. Then I turned on the machine and got two beeps very strong, but still no video on the screen indicating any form of activity of the POST. The sound signals have been first sounds I've ever heard during the procedure of boot on this machine. I put the RAM back in and re-connected the SATA cable. The way he has been, no video, no post, no beeps. I'm a bit at a loss for what I've decided, this means that the motherboard works technically and that another device on the machine is at the origin of the problem? Have I reason to assume that if I hear two beeps, then I should have the certainty that the motherboard was bad? Given that this a sound signal, the solution becomes cloudy, I guess. I can't help but feel that somehow the BIOS on the computer is damaged. Don't quite know how that could happen, however, because I have not updated the BIOS in over a year. I don't remember what BIOS version I have, but he had been working well for a year with no problems. Thanks for any other help/suggestions you can provide.

  • Dell XPS 8500 needs new motherboard; All recoverable parts?

    Okay, it looks like my Dell XPS 8500 which is only 2.3 years needs a new motherboard.  I was quoted $350 to fix it (90 day warranty) by Dell.  I asked Dell how much it would cost to return the warranty once I fixed it and it is $ 200 per year.  Not sure I'll go along with this.  A local technician gave me his estimate and it's $250 parts and service which includes 90 day warranty.

    Rather than take the option repair, I think to recover the coins for my next computer purchase.  My XPS 8500 has 12 GB ddr3 sdram [1, 600 mhz (2 gb x 2) + (4 x 2 GB)] and a 2 TB hard drive and the hard disk of 1 TB (from 8000 of my XPS Studio who died after 2.5 years).  All other recoverable parts here?

    All models Dell that are compatible with the latter?  8000/8500 are no longer sold.  Dell sells XPS 8900 8900 SE using DDR4 Rams.  I don't know the compatibility of the hard drive.  Dell Outlet still sells XPS 8700 expandable up to 10 windows, which uses ddr3 chips and is is compatible with the hard disk probably.

    Should not be XPS.  Actually, I prefer not to buy another XPS because I had this terrible luck with them.  I think maybe like OptiPlex business models which can have options of compatible extension of hard drive and RAM.  Anyone direct me to the configurations of these models?  Thank you.

    Some confusion here. There is none of these models as Studio XPS 8500. Amazon is the inscription incorrectly. There's a XPS 8500.
    The 8500 XPS and Vostro 470 use same motherboards =.
    XT4TM = card mother NW73C, DPK for Windows 7
    TXKR9 = card mother NW73C, DPK for Windows 8 home
    CTJCD = card mother NW73C, DPK for Windows 8 Pro

  • Subwoofer popping in Dell XPS L502X

    Hello everyone! I am one of those lucky owners of the Dell XPS L502X, which boasts of perhaps the best pair of speakers for laptop in the world. I was very happy with n my laptop performance especially his great until he's terrible. :( On one fine day 6 months ago, I was watching "The Minority Report", a classic movie starring my fav Hero Tom Cruise. Everything was fine until a decisive moment, one of the cogs in the film cries "Ruuuunnnnnn!", but which unfortunately meant my subwoofer before running to paradise: P there was a sound burst at the end of subwoofer from there my XPS has never been the same... He trembles on high volume n bass... it sounds terrible at the same time. He needs rehab. Can someone help me on this? Thank you!! :)

    Hello. Looks like a hardware failure. You can see suggestions in the sections L502x and L702x of the FAQ Audio Choppy/jump, but seriously if re - install the Realtek audio driver not corrects him then I think you need to replace the speaker.

    If you are still under warranty Dell will fix it. You can contact the technical support.

    Or if you want to fix yourself, you can get a replacement speaker. You can download the Service Manual which has instructions to tell - assemble your laptop.

  • Dell XPS 8500 - start not at all - motherboard problems?

    I have a Dell XPS 8500 I bought in January of 2013 and of course, is now out of warranty. I have not had too many problems with the pc, but last week, I was copying some video files on the SD card in the card on the hard disk drive. My wife told me that supper was ready, so I left the system to finish copying the video files on the HARD drive and ate with my family.

    After we finished eating, I went back in the Office to discover that my computer was turned off. I tried to turn it back on and got no answer to it at all. I held the power button down and still nothing. After unplugging all devices still do not get response. I unplugged the power cord that goes into the food and green on the back of that flickered as I unplugged and plugged in so I thought I had my problem properly diagnosed as a failure of the power supply. I ordered a replacement PSU and installed today but I'm still no response from the computer when you try to start it. I have all the cords of the PSU properly plugged into the HDD and the dvd player and the connector 24 pin to the motherboard as well as the connection of 4 pins so.

    The ONLY answer I get when trying to turn on the computer is that the fan in the power supply and fan to the rear of the case against surges momentarily and return to the stop. They are not even a half of a revolution, and that's all I get.

    Any suggestions would be wonderful! I wonder if it's a motherboard problem and if so, where to find a replacement motherboard. And if not the mobo, what else it could be.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

    Matt in South Dakota


    Has worked for me - everything seems to work very well.  Thank you.

    Is there anything else I need to do after clearing the BIOS?

    No, you should be all good...

  • Dell XPS 15 Audio cracking network card


    I get audio cracks, stuttering, delay on all programs, all the time, when I have my active wifi. I pin pointed the device using the DPC latency. I tried the update audio, video, and network drivers to the latest versions and roll back to the previous ones, no results. Any ideas, or do I just bring my laptop to the service center?

    My laptop is Dell XPS 15 L502X, NIC Intel 1030 N.

    well, disabled funtion Malware Bytes Antivirus Web site blocking, it seems ok now. Antivirus programs are crappier every day.

  • Dell XPS L702X with Nvidia 3D Vision - HDMI problems


    I recently bought some Dell XPS L702X 64 with Nvidia 3D Vision (NVIDIA GeForce GT 555 M).

    1. it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and I've upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit Utltimate.
    2. I downloaded the Version of Windows 7 and I've changed the language to English, French.

    Everything works like magic with the exception of the exit HDMI from the PC to the TV (Sharp Aquos HD Ready - 2005 model).

    The TV recognizes the signal between PC and it displays 768 WXGA and immediately the computer laptop & TV Pale white display screens.
    To return the display on the laptop, I need to get out of the PC HDMI cable.
    HDMI works fine on my TV while he receives an input signal of the «TV decoder»

    Waiting for your valuable contributions.

    Kind regards

    Please update your NVIDIA graphics driver, the latest version for GT555M is 340.52, hope this will solve your problem

  • Laptop Dell XPS 13 L322X: 8 beeps start after replacing the screen

    Hi all

    I have laptop computer Dell XPS 13 L322X (serial number: CC2YVW1).  I use an external monitor because the screen is flickering with vertical lines and ghosts of the colors. I've updated the Bios and the driver video and tried the diagnostic mode (power and the D - key... and) without success.

    I just bought a new replacement compatible screen but the I cannot start using the new form and meeting the 8 beeps are heard. I tried to start with the external monitor and using power on the laptop with the D key, the new screen of the laptop began to switch colors four times and return the sound signal.

    I tried to disconnect the battery and the AC power and maintain the power to drain the left stored energy from capacitors without success.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    In this case, return the set of sieves of replacement - it's probably the cable is bad (but since it is an integral part of the screen, the set should be replaced.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error device basic system for my Satellite Pro A300

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