Departure of superelevation for the S5 - 1140d HP Pavilion Slimline series but has 5 amberlight with beeps

HP Pavilion Slimline series S5 - 1140d

Windows 7

No error message.
Has been changing my CPU to a new location, after move when I tried, the monitor shows nothing, but the cpu fan is running, however, the light to the central unit began with blue, then changes to light amber with beeps for 5 times followed by a pause and then the beep and light orange continues for 5 times again. I tried out the RAM and putting the back but it's still the same. Someone has an idea is coz the materials have been damaged or loose? My CPU is probably 11 months + old you.


CN, welcome to the forum.

I suggest start by checking all the connections inside and out of the case.  It could be as simple as a loose connection.

The beeps are called the BIOS beep codes.  Here's a guide to help you diagnose the problem:

There is a section at the bottom of the page that lists the Beep Codes for different brands of BIOS.

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