Designjet 110plus: hp designjet 110plus

I can't print a pdf of the plan of action. When I send the job to the printer, it will only print images such as numbers of electrical box or what I assume to be pictures added on top the rest of the drawing. The printer seems to completely ignore the passage of architecture drawing... which is the biggest part of it. I am currently using Nitro PDF, but have access to Acrobat and Blubeam. If anyone has faced this before or knows how to print the complete design, I'd greatly appreciate advice.

Thank you very much


Open the file in Adobe Reader

Select file > print > Advance > select print as Image > click OK > printing

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  • Designjet 110plus mac OS 10.9.3

    I can't get my 110plus print Mac OS 10.9.3. The window defaults to USE 'Generic PCL Printer'.

    In the configuration of the printer, I don't see a driver for 110plus nr, but I do not see "hp designjet 130nr. If I set up a printer that is named "HP designjet 110plus (C7796D)" and choose to USE 130nr then, so far, the printer looks like printing normally. Is this a good solution or there at - it problems on the road?

    HP will be issueing a update driver 110plus 10.9.3 and same 10.10 Yosemite over time?

    Thank you

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    The last driver that was released for mac was for OS 10.8.

    I don't think that there will be an update of the driver.

    What you can do is download the driver Package Apple on your mac and install the printer in the same way that you do.

    The use of the driver for the 130 is a good workaround, you shouldn't have any problems with it

    You can still use the old drivers on the new os.

    Best regards

    Mike G

  • Designjet 110Plus NR: HP Designjet 110 Plus NR Maintenance Utility does not detect printer


    I have a Designjet 110 Plus NR printer that prints, but when you use the maintenance utility, it does not detect printer. I downloaded the latest version H.06.0 and am able to install it. but when the search for the printer it will not find it, and I have no way to pinpoint it too my printer. I have the printer connected to my computer via the USB port on a docking station HP residing in my laptop (Elitebook 800 G1 win 7 pro x 64). Also, it is connected via a parallel to the NIC dongle to make it available on the network for everyone to print too so. All can print, I can print but the Cyan is not always print and before you buy new print heads, I would like to clean and align with the Maintenance Utility. I tried to use the printer in the dock station, plugging directly into the laptop and the network to connect, but won't find printer. I tried the alignment of the front that I found in other forums, and it did not work. Whenever I went to the printer, I uninstalled all drivers and and the computer and rebooted system maintenance utilities. I installed the drivers from the HP website, from the disc initially supplied with the printer and our network, still no change print server. Am still able to print but not to run diagnostics or alignments. I've scoured the forums HP and all the "recommended" patches have never someone who in fact confirms the
    'Fix' worked. Can someone help with this problem? It has been about 4 days that I'm looking into this and frankly it's kinda ridicolous saw that it's a plug-and-play printer. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

    Well, the network adapter has failed. I managed to install the software, but he gave a generic IP address of the printer and gave me the same mistake of not being able to communicate with the printer. So, I pulled up an old laptop XP downloaded the drivers from the HP site, rebooted, printed the test page with success and installed the system maintenance utility. And WHOLA, I saw the printer immediately in the USB of Maintenance section and was able to run the diagnostic page and determine our problem. Thanks again for your help Mike!

  • HP Designjet 110plus nr. Printer fails to power on when turned on

    I have try all these steps here and I see in photo 8 my green light is on what that means? supply of power gives power?. and how can I test my new offer the power used is working? I bought used original aliexpress... my conduit to the role of diet does not work and I buypass it afer put the power cable in ploter as see you in figure 6a and b.

    What test do I fint my problem if it is the Board of directors or power... or else

    I can't hear any sound such as fan or blink from the inside...

    video of ploter ploblem I try to fix it with internet... found .i burned rollfeed noise and a corrupt CRONOTERMOSTATO .i try to change it tomorrow and I'll see then... Sorry the forum is in greek

    I repair myself .with aid i forum ... .the first problem with fuse t800ma I have change and it works and the second s468a of CRONOTERMOSTATO of Burn and replace it with Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifier


    Foto and video how to solve this problem in

  • Designjet 110 more ink problem

    I have a Designjet 110plus, model #C7796D. I use Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I'm having a problem with the icons of ink on the display screen.

    When I try to print, the magenta icon flashes and empty bed even if there seems to be a lot of ink still in the cartridge. I installed a new magenta cartridge and the complete play icon, but when I tried to print it changed again to blink empty.  I changed all the print heads and the test came back spent with a cheque in the lower right.

    In searching the Internet, anyone else had this problem posted in 2009 with no resolution of the problem.

    All the help online, that I could find, the problem may be with the ink supply station.  When I removed all the cartridges, there is some spring loading white tabs at the bottom that appear after removing the cartridge. One for the magenta doesn't appear.  I can remove by force the

    tab, but it falls right back down. If I change the ink supply station, can I still get the part and it would be a plug-and-play solution that can manage an average handyman?

    Thanks again David for advice.

    I bought a supply of ink online station.  Followed the instructions you provided and replaced the unit with no additional parts or screws left over.   And 'Voila' it works!

    Sort of.

    The screen still shows power of magenta ink as empty. I ran a test print head alignment, all the colors print fine and it passed.  At least not flashing so that now the printer prints the whole page without stopping. YES!

    I consider the problem solved!

    Thank you for your help,


  • Designjet T120: HP T120 error BA7F11E0 designjet

    We have a HP designjet T120 when power on/off, this (BA7F11E0) error message appears on the screen immediately.  No movement of transport or initialization is performed. Just the error and nothing else. Pls help.

    Thank you


    Try to isolate the printer, remove the printhead, inks, connectivity cables and turn on the printer.

    If the error persists, it may be a problem with the APC hand.

    Best regards

    Mike G

  • DesignJet 130nr: canvas print Designjet 130NR

    Print on canvas of sheet (13 x 19) on Designjet 130NR works very well. Called HP Support asking if there are 24 "canvas rolls that work. Told me and it makes sense, the tool can not handle the Cup fabric.

    Someone at - he found and printed successfully pre-cut large canvases for the 130NR? I've got a good big letter opener, but as anyone who uses the 130 know, it rejects easily paper cut perfectly.

    Thank you



    Strawberry is not really designed to cut the canvas. Is too thick

    You can still use it, but you will need to replace it more often.

    If your knife used to work, you may need to replace it now

    Here is the part number Q1292-60064 Media knife

  • Designjet t125: designjet t125 blue screen error B332347C


    I was ask to get this error:

    When you feed the plotter that blue screen appears with this code: B332347C

    I can't find the service manual for this, if anyone can help me?

    HELO try this solution
    You need to replace hp designjet encrypted t520 chip on the motherboard inside the plotter
    You can buy it on ebay

  • Designjet t520: designjet t520 error b3d73738

    HP Designjet T520 36 inches gives b3d73738 on the screen, never seen that before and isn't anythong on this subject,

    the printer does not start or let me take any operation

    need urgent hepl on this issue.

    Thank you


    Try the following

    -Replace the power cable

    -Connect the printer to a different outlet

    -Isolate the printer, remove the ink cartridges, print head, cable connectivity

    If you still have problems, you may need to replace the APC's hand

  • Designjet T520 36 inches (CQ893): Designjet T520 36 - in

    My tracer: HP designjet T520 36 inches (CQ893) start.

    The screen is blue, B87E7114 error code

    Turn off and turn on probably. Power button 15 seconds and powering button 50 seconds also.

    If push yellow power light. power on no beep error.

    End of warranty: 2015.02

    What is my error code?

    Thank you

    Sorry, but your post is very confusing.  You've got an ok error code, after that I do not understand what you mean by switch / stop and seconds.  First thing you need to do is to unplug the plotter of the power source.  Wait about 30 seconds and plug back in and if the power does not turn on by itself, use the power button to turn it on and tell us what appears on the screen.

  • HP Designjet T1300 error 08:04


    I have a T1300 Designjet, a few years old (2010 I think) and I have printed a few rolls of paper on it. (5-6)? There are a few firmware updates he has begun to show 08:04 error message. He asked me to update the firmware, if the problem persists (does it well). I have the new firmware (?) IG_04_00_05.2.

    Sometimes I have to reboot 10 to 15 times before I can print. Sometimes it goes to error if I don't use pace for an hour or two. Sometimes he goes to error in the middle of printing, or just by turning or when ever. Sometimes it starts immediately and I can print all day with no problems.

    Any ideas?

    Now, I checked again for the new firmware. the printer says there is new firmware, but he went to 08:04 error mode in the audit.

    Now after 4 restarts, the printer started to install the new firmware. at the end of the installation program stops and when restarting, the printer starts at 08:04 mode.

    Restart the printer again and again. Allways 08:04 code. What is 08:04 code means?

    OK... updates history:

    Today first MS_01_01_23.1 was installed and after this IG_04_00_05.2.

    No newer firmware available.

    I will update this if it doesn´t enter the error mode more...

    Today, I finally had the time to print again. The T1300 always happening in error mode 08:04.


    I've never seen an INVERTER causes a hardware failure, but I saw them will interrupt power.  I unplug it and try it this way for a test.   Can you connect a computer directly to the printer without going through your network and see if it starts and prints normally then?

  • DesignJet T2530: T2530 selection automatic Roll Correct

    We recently bought a DesignJet T2530 to replace our old Gestetner requiring parts that are no longer available. We've had for about a month now and we had questions make him print the good roll all the time. We have a wide roll 36 '' loaded roll of 1 and a 30 "wide roll to roll 2. When printing the drawings AutoCAD or a PDF Adobe, 24 "x 36" designs would be to print in portrait mode (24"wide) to 30' wide roll instead of landscape (36" wide) to 36"wide roll." Also, 30 "x 42" designs would be automatic selection of portrait print (30' wide) for the 36"wide roll instead of 30" roll. " We called our service contract provider and they came out, looked through a bunch of settings and finish the download complete driver with PS drivers and HPGL2, set a custom. PC3 for AutoCAD file to force the printer to print 24 "x 36" designs on the 36' roll after we say from the printer, and everything has worked for a few days. " Service came out again, changed a few extra settings in the printer properties, ended up needing to replace the touch screen because it was just bad out of the box, and again once it worked fine for a few days. More recently this week, it started printing the 30 designs "x 42" 42"wide on the 36" "roll, cut 3" on each side of the drawing. " Service came out yesterday again, was here for about an hour, has insisted that it is absolutely not the machine and it must be a problem with AutoCAD and Adobe (which seems strange since it has the same problems of each program), tried a reset of the printer without result and basically said it's just not to the automatic selection the right to ride , so we will have to change the settings in the properties of each time that we print something. Then, after the left, custom. PC3 file, put it in place before (as previously mentioned) has stopped working properly and the 24 "x 36" drawings started printing out on the 30' wide roll again. " As it is now, when I print a drawing, I have to go into the properties of the printer in the print window, select the correct size paper, select the correct role and select the correct orientation so that it can print correctly. I put just customized. The PC3 in AutoCAD files for it so I do not always go through this when printing from AutoCAD, but I must still manually change all these settings for each picture I print from Adobe and I don't know if these custom. PC3 settings will decide to stop working again like last time.

    Someone else has had this problem on this model printer and, if so, have you found a solution so he can get the correct width for automatic selection?


    Go to the printer Embedded Web Server and select the option use the exact width of the roll.

    Also, make sure that the drawing was generated landscape as the application will replace all the settings on the driver and the printer.

  • HP designjet T790

    hp designjet t790 22.0.10 error code pls help...

    This code is important when someone replaces the star engine and when reinstalling the electronic module that they mix the large 2 connectors on the main map.

  • DesignJet 200 C3180A: Lost printer driver-DesignJet 200

    I seem to have lost the driver for my DesignJet 200 C3180A antique during the upgrade of Windows 10. It worked two months ago (on Windows 7), and the only change I made to the computer - I think - is the upgrade. Now when I go on the list of printers it just isn't there. I tried to search the Internet but nothing seems available after Vista. I'm at a loss as to how I had it works on Win 7 now! Any ideas where a Windows 10 driver is not found?

    I connected via a parallel adapter / USB and the port was virtual USB001 (or was it 002?) and he has worked in the past connected like that.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


    Try this other driver for the DJ 430 & swLangOid = 8 & swEnvOid = 2100

    Hope to work

  • Designjet 500 proposed purple colors AutoCAD printing gray

    We used the Designjet for years and have several colors put in place to print gray and projected (252, 253, 254 and 25).  They have recently started with purple print.  I have run all diagnostics and calibrations and alignments available, and they are all good.  I looked at several troubleshooting sites and had no luck.  I use AutoCAD v 13.

    Assuming that the print heads are out of all the colors correctly, try this:

    The printer HP Designjet 500 and 800 series printers have a fix that was implemented in the version of firmware A.02.08 and higher. This hotfix provides additional media profiles that prevent blue to mauve color output change. This fix is only applicable to the series 500 and 800 and only if the printer has a version of firmware of A.02.08 or higher. Once the firmware has been upgraded, follow the steps below to make the appropriate changes in the Panel menu front printers:


    Highlight the menu paper icon on the display on the front panel of the printer and press ENTER.

    Scroll to the paper type and press ENTER.

    Highlight Enhanced colors and press ENTER.

    Select the type of paper there and then press ENTER.

    Press the Menu key to return to the normal display of front panel

Maybe you are looking for

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