DeskJet 2540: Cannot download the driver file

I need to reinstall my printer I changed the settings on my router and WiFi.  I tried three times to download the driver file - 2540_188.exe.   It seems to take some time every time that I tried and when I try to open it I first get a wanring of security of Windows 10 and if I by that and try to open the file I get a message "file corrupted".

Please can someone help?



Welcome to the community @brianardmore HP

I came across your post about problems you encounter when you install the printer on your system Windows 10 and wanted to respond to my suggestions.

I recommend power cycling network devices and a clean boot on your computer and then try to install again.

1. turn off the printer and the computer and unplug the router for 1 minute (do not press the buttons on the router).

2. plug the router back in and wait another minute, turn on the printer and the computer.

3. from the computer, start clean: clean boot instructions

4. download and install the printer here: printer install file

5 return to clean boot instructions and allow the start of programs.

Note: the security program you have on your computer may be detecting the printer as a threat. Try looking through the settings in this program to add the printer to the list 'allow' so that he knows that it is safe.

You can also try installing the printer using a different method, such as if you are installing wireless, try USB and then convert the USB wireless when you have completed the installation.

If you have any questions let me know the details. Good luck!

Hit the "accept as Solution" if we reached a solution and the "thumbs up" to say thank you for my help.

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    Here is the direct link to the file from the HP FTP site.


    I could completely download this file using Internet Explorer 11 in a few seconds (I have 100 Mbps internet service).

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    Nancy O.

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    It turns out that the guide is no longer relevant, and instead people must reference the resources with The help of Digital Publishing Solution. We just forgot to update this link, oops! It will be updated around midnight tonight to point to the new location.


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    better compliance

    For 5 years, Microsoft made it fairly easy for users of the Windows 7 operating system to get reinstall media. If you have lost your support disc or installation retail collection; either it has been damaged or defective; You can download a copy of the edition that you have licensed from a membership site called Digital River. More recently, Microsoft ended the availability to reinstall media that you can download as a. File ISO in Digital River, which is a digital reproduction of an optical disc.

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    I plugged my existing (and very good!) HP printer and tried to download the driver files.

    He failed.

    The new pc displays an icon of the printer, but the properties show that it cannot identify the manufacturer, or anything else.

    When I run the troubleshooter, it tries to download the drivers and then fails.

    Thank you!


    Please download the following package and install on your computer:

    Kind regards.

  • Cannot install the driver for Deskjet F4500

    I get the error message: "the system cannot find the specified file' where to install the driver for F4500 to a new race of ASUS ZEN widows 7 64 bit and install then fails." Everything works fine on my old Lenovo (also Windows 7). Help!

    You try to use disk or have you downloaded the latest drivers on the website of HP series?

    Here is the latest version of the drivers for your printer and the full OS features:

  • I can't download the driver of my series of 1510/1515 deskjet

    Whenever I have download the driver of my printer what he always says installation failed, the LoadLibrary 193 error code. I installed the driver once since I had a 32-bit os from windows 7, but when I upgraded to 64-bit, that what is happening, I really need help with this because I need to use my printer soon, please help, thank you.


    Please try the steps below...

    Click START > printers and other devices.

    Right-click on the icon of the printer 'DeskJet 1510' and then click on troubleshoot.

    I hope that the resolution of the problems should solve the problem.

  • Why the driver file cannot be "x 86"?

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    Hello chyao,.

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    If I understand what you're asking, you try to rename the folder i386 for x 86?

    i386 is a folder used by windows (one copy installation files) and cannot be changed to raise the questions you had. The file has not to be present for Windows runs correctly, but before maintenance and repair, it is used. In your case Windows was looking for a driver in the i386 folder.

    Hope this helps Chris.H
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    I have the installation CD, but when I use it it fails to install the driver. I put it in, follow the instructions in the wizard, the installation wizard where it is said so "of the control systems, the search for updates, download updates, application updates" then disappears completely and it stops before installation the installation is complete. He shows me a list of things it will do, including installing the driver, but he only puts out the first component before disapperaing. I don't know even why it checks updates until whatever it is has been installed.

    This process is repeated exactly the same way when I try and download the driver on the HP site, and I also tried to download the driver of basic with the same results.

    I don't know what to do as my phone tells me that I need a driver before I can use my printer, but I can't download a no matter how I try. I installed other programs on my laptop so I don't think that's the problem, and I checked that the driver is correct for my operating system (Windows 7 32-bit).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi hkp206,

    It seems that the installation is having some problems with the updates. Is there a way to disable the updates through the beginning of the installation. Once you get to the part of the facility where he asked to accept the terms, there will be 4 lines of text in blue up, which you will be able to click on. Click on the line that says "the use of Internet connection settings." Select 'No' to all options in this window, then click on 'Ok '. Now, launch the installation and let me know if you still have the same problem.

  • Windows 7 can't copy files on external hard drive and keep showing "cannot read the source file or disk.

    Windows 7 can't copy files on external hard drive and keep showing "cannot read the source file or disk" HELP me PLS
    I'm going crazy because of this


    1. What is the format of the file system on the external hard drive?

    2. are you able to copy or move files into the computer?

    You can follow the suggestions mentioned below and check with the question.

    Method 1:Delete CCG, prefetch files.
    Step 1: Delete Temp files

    (1) open the window run (Windows key + R)

    (2) type %temp%, and then press ENTER

    (3) delete all Temp files in the Temp folder
    Step 2: Delete Prefetch files

    (1) open the window run (Windows key + R)

    (2) type %temp%, and then press ENTER

    (3) delete all files in the Prefetch folder.

    Method 2: Run the tool (SFC.exe) System File Checker, try to copy the files and check.
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