DeskJet 3520: new splash black ink cartridge ink

I just replaced my 564 to 564XL black ink cartridge. I received a message that the cartridge has been installed correctly. but when I tried to print I got a blank page. When I looked inside the printer, I saw that inner right before the printer is filled with fresh touches of black ink.

I went on troubleshooting hp including cleaning printer head site and it did not help.


Hey @idogold,

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I understand that since the installation of a new black cartridge for your HP Deskjet 3520 e-all-in-one printer prints blank pages and you may have noticed some residue ink inside your machine. I would like to help you today to this question.

Now, residue of ink inside right of your machine is completely normal behavior. For more information on why this product please click here.

However, I'm concerned by the printing of blank pages. To begin troubleshooting can I please have you click here. When the support document opens can I please have cross you Solution three and four. This includes all sub-steps under two listed Solutions.

Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. Good luck!

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  • an another 3520 with no black ink printing

    Wow this is very disconcerting.  I have the same problem with a 14 months old hp deskjet 3520 - prints without black - or very light ink.  Cleaned print heads several times, tried a second new hp black cartridge.  Ugh, just bought 3 new black cartridges and 3 color cartridges.  It's not fair... HP?

    Hi pcardoza,

    I just want to give after the contact.

    Did you call telephone support as suggested by Ciara_B? If you did, what was the result?

  • Photosmart D110a: installed the new HP black ink cartridge and now the black ink does not print

    Just installed a new print 60xl cartridge to replace the one that was being ink. Now the black ink basically does not print. I cleaned the cartridges 4 times and run all Diagnostics pages. The black prints just a small piece of the upper part of the letters on the pages of diagnostics and in grayscale on the test pages.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope that you are @janmacwill,

    I saw your post on the black ink does not print your Photosmart D110a and I wanted to stop making you share my suggestions. See the link below to solve the problem and if the black still does not print, contact HP (below) to see about a replacement unit.

    Printer prints a blank Page or doesn't print black or color ink for the printer series HP Photosmart e-All-in-One (D110a and D110b)

    If you have trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

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    Have a wonderful day

    HP technical support are available by clicking on the following link:

    (1) once will open the support page please select the country in which you are

    located. Then enter your model of HP on the right number.

    (2) then choose the 'Contact Support' tab at the top and scroll down to the

    bottom of the page "HP Support - Contact" to fill in the form provided

    your contact information.

    (3) Once finished, click the "Show Options" at the bottom right.

    (4) Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ' Get phone

    number. "A file number and telephone number will now fill for you.

  • New 564 black ink cartridge printing gray and Spotty - as if almost out of ink

    I have a PhotoSmart all-in - One C309A

    I have Windows 7 64 bit

    It's a wireless connection

    I replaced the black ink cartridge 564 today and it does not work

    I don't get the error messages

    Can I change the font of document to another color (red for example) and it prints well

    If I try to print in black, the letters are gray and spotted - as if I was almost out of ink.

    The ink level indicates the black cartridge is full.

    Thank you-

    I suggest you start the troubleshooting steps described in this document.  If this does not resolve the issue post here can help.

  • HP Deskjet 3520 - why complete dump HP cartridges after putting in place new printer?

    I came across the question of printing black ink not spilled on my printer HP deskjet 3520.

    At first, unaware of this dysfunction, I inserted a brand new original cartridge HP 364 XL because the black ink level was low and I thought that it there was not enough black ink left black.

    It has not solved the problem. After looking around on the web and on this forum, I understand that it is rather a feature of these printers. So I called HP support.

    Although the warranty has expired by a month or two, HP agreed to replace it and sent a new printer (I appreciated!).

    When I want to set up and start this new printer, it refuses my brand new HP364XL and requires that I have insert the cartridges that were provided with the new printer.

    Why should I unload a brand new - just opened but HP black unused original cartridge?

    How can I get this new printer to accept it?

    I do not understand why it should not:

    -C' is a waste of my money: the cartridges are not cheap. Therefore, it is not really respectful of the customer.

    -C' is to lose material is environmentally irresponsible. It's not respectful of the environment.

    -C' is simply absurd that HP printer doesn't accept HP cartridge.

    Those are the values that HP really wants to convey?


    I'm guessing here - forgive the ignorance of the truth of the facts.

    HP stands behind its products - it has been proven time and time again that this is the case.  I am pleased to learn that you have received your replacement printer.

    I suspect that your new printer replacement wants you install installation cartridges required for initialization of the printer.  This is a procedure that is common to the new printers technology.

    Once this process is complete - a few minutes really, even if you could leave the SETUP cartridges in the printer, you can replace cartridges INSTALLATION with cartridges regular (expensive) HP that you want to use and continue life as you know.

    If this is the case, the cartridges that came with this new printer are indeed marked the cartridges 'Setup '.

    Your cartridges in a bag well sealed for a few moments and let the printer initialize correctly with its new cartridges.

    This can solve the problem.

    For later:

    If you seal these cartridges of INSTALLATION very well (after removing the printer), you might be able to use them later if the printer decides to restore in an error state and want to use it again.  It is rare; He arrived.  Just a thought...

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    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

  • DeskJet 3522 does no black ink print

    I got a new DeskJet 3522 for just a few months, when I tried to print a PDF file yesterday, black ink started to print very, very faintly, and then completely disappeared.  I guess I was out of ink, so I bought a new HP black cartridge.  When changing the cartridge, the ink level showed a black ink left, but in any case, I changed the cartridge.  The new cartridge does not print also.  He still has a lot of ink in the color cartridges and it shows a totally black cartridge.  Displays the level of the cartridge are generally accurate?  Have I not a new cartridge defective?  What is the problem?  Thank you.

    Hi, such that the printer is still under warranty I would definitely say contact you HP support by phone you may need a replacement printer. Can you please let me know how you go?

    Thanks, Ciara

    Do not print in black

    The contact numbers

  • HP deskjet 3520 all-in-one: ink HP 564 Setup

    I plug a new printer on 22/04/2016, HP deskjet 3520 all-in - one. but this printer is not equipped with ink of installation, which is used to initiate the printer.

    I returned it to the store, but the seller said it's a product of view shown on the plate, doesn't come only not with ink of the installation. because it is sold in promotion, he refused to give me the refund.

    I tried to ask for assistance from the centre to support hp several times, but they do not meet me.

    Very funny.

    So, how can I solve this problem? where to buy configuration HP 564 ink?

    I buy a new printer, but I can't use it.

    Hi @.

    Sorry to hear about your experience as well at the store, then with the help of HP.

    I will send you a private message (check the blue envelope right)

    Cheers, Ciara

  • DeskJet 1050 J410 no black ink will print.

    Recently, I changed my black ink cartridge and now the black ink does not print. It shows that the cartridge is full, and it's a brand new cartridge to the store. When I print, the book will come out with only one color of ink. I tried to clean the heads printing, but in vain. Can someone please?

    Try to reset the printer and check if that solved the problem.

    1. turn on the printer and open the cartridge access door.
    2. remove the black and color cartridges from the printer and close the door.
    3. disconnect the power cord to the back of the printer.
    4. wait for 30 seconds and connect the power cable to the printer.
    5. If the printer does not automatically, press the power button to turn it on.
    6. install the cartridges.

    Now, try to print and check for the problem is solved.

  • printer hp deskjet advantage 5: Hp black ink 670


    I want to know if the black ink cartridge 670 hp would be able to work on my hp deskjet printer 5525 advantage or only the black ink cartridge 670xl who would be able to work.

    Hi harvey-vail.

    All 670 size ink cartridge will work on your printer.  You can buy regular or XL.

    Here is a link to the documentation that lists 670 as your cartridge selection number.

    Good impression!

  • HP 3520: HP 3520 not printing black ink not

    My HP deskjet 3520 is not printing black even if the cartridge is new.  I have tried the cleaning tool print head, printer and on again, the re-sitting the cartridge, checked the vent, a partial reset of the printer, the resettled drivers.  Now, I'm just stressed!  Any thing left to try before tightening this printer and double pack of nine black cartridges?  Any help much appreciated.

    The message here is a troubleshooting document links to the Deskjet 3520.  If the steps it do not solve the problem, please contact HP Support, even if the printer is longer under warranty.  The Canada or the United States, call 1-800-HPINVENt, also see the document here to get our contact information.  If the foregoing is not satisfactory results so thanks for posting here.

  • Photosmart D7360: Photosmart D7360 with the new watch black print cartridge black color will be simulated

    When you install a new black cartridge HP the message "black ink cartridge empty. To continue with othe caolors pick continue. Black color will be simulated. I cleaned the contacts, clean print head, run test page, reset the printer. Still not clear. Any suggestions to solve the problem?


    Thanks for the info. The cartridge was not the problem.

    Problem resolved by reinstalling the program.



  • paper HP deskjet f2480 & fires of black ink. Has passed through the stages. new cartridge. Continues to blink.

    I have a printer hp deskjet 2480 all in one. The paper and ink lights flash. I went through the trouble shooter and replace the cartridge. Continues to blink. All the answers as to why and what next? Error code 095E76ZB.

    Thank you all for you answering my question on my printer HP Deskjet f2480 problem. Sorry for the late update, but I take care of an elderly parent and have been busy with appointments.

    The problem of the printer turns out be a problem of cartridge after all. We took it to a repair shop. The person told us that this printer is particular about the cartridges. He plays well with non HP cartridges or refills. We had been filling at Costco with no problems for a while. Costco has verified the refill cartridge and it checked OK. Go figure. After trying a few new HP cartridges, we finally got one to work.

  • DeskJet 2540: Failure of black ink

    I only use my Deskjet occasionally, when I tried to use it yesterday there is no black. Cannot be out of ink have only printed

    about 20 pages

    Success! I tried suggestions

    1 wipe the area of the jet black cartridge with a damp cloth. Only partially successful.

    2. turn the cartridge flat the bottom of warm water (1/2 ") down, for 15 minutes. Get out and dry. Who worked, printed on several pages of the music with satisfactory quality.

  • E-all-in-one printer, HP Deskjet 3520: HP Deskjet 3520 printer with black cartridge 364

    I tried to insert a 364 black cartridge in the printer. The 364XL black fits perfectly, but the 364 ordinary cartridge seems to be too narrow to fit.

    Am I stupid? Is there a technique for the Assembly of the 364 cartridge?

    Help please.

    The regular black cartridge must be installed in the center of the space, with an equal distance on each side.

    Additionally, make sure that you use the black cartridge 364 (with the symbol of the Pentagon) rather than the Photo-364 (with the butterfly or butterfly knot symbol).  The photos below show the 564 cartridge, but is the same for the 364.

    364 black cartridge has a Pentagon on the cartridge but a circle on the box...  The Photo cartridge has a butterfly on the cartridge and a camera on the box node.

    Figure: Ink cartridge Photo with the camera logo

  • DeskJet 3632: New account instant ink does not recognize identifiers

    I signed up for the instant ink through a pamphlet that accompanies the new Hp Printer - all confirmed received the first batch of ink but I'm moving in a few days and I can not get the account login. He always tells me that my account email or password is incorrect, but I know that's not so I'm worried that now I'll pay for ink that I can't cancel or receive because I moved house

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