DeskJet 460, cannot use the Toolbox Windows in Windows 7

Just bought mobile printer HP Deskjet 460 take traveling with the new laptop, which will no doubt be Windows 8.  Installed printer on my computer running Windows 7.  Installed automatically when I plugged it in.  Do not have installation CD.  Downloaded Windows box to tools on the HP site, but when I try to use it I get message cannot use it because the printer driver is not installed.  Tried the solution I found in this forum to run the Toolbox in compatibility mode for Vista and that caused a window to open it by saying I need to align the cartridges, but the Toolbox then basically hangs and will not function.  How can I perform the functions described in the user guide when they say open the Toolbox?

The printer prints large so far, but I have a feeling I'll need Toolbox afterwards.

Is this printer just not completely compatible with Windows 7 or 8?

Is there another way outside the Toolbox to align the cartridges or clean them or what is in the box at tools?


Hi @KathyAtHome

There is no complete software driver for the 460 Deskjet which is compatible with Windows 7 or 8, instead, you use a driver in OS and features.

With the - OS driver, some of the buttons on the product do not work, and some of the advanced features of these products are not available. For more information about your driver in the OS and see workarounds for lost features, go to the frequently asked questions section.

You can see, " ", "workaround solutions use following HP Toolbox when you install the product using the driver in Windows 7. "


You can use the print HP and doctor Scan to perform this maintenance like cleaning the print heads and to check ink levels.

Click here to download and run the print and Scan Doctor >

If you need help, let me know if this resolves the issue, please let me know by marking this message as "accept as a Solution. Thank you.

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